Energy Update: Making Love To The Moment

By November 30, 2019 Energy Update

Hello lovely human,

How are you?

So much fiery energetic intensity lately with the extra urge to liberate us from our “little boxes” as we soften into our greater expansion …

Allowing IN more naked expression, freedom, love and truth into action during this powerful rebirth!

I feel like we’re all taking a leap of faith, trusting the vision of our souls and into the unknown in some way!

Yes I feel it’s “faith walk” time…

All that challenging confusion and upleveling in recent years or long months is now turning into massive clarity and direction—know the light within you is already victorious to all the karmic gunk and blocking programming!

It’s just up to you to consciously release what’s in the way, remember your own light and recognize your inner union!

And amongst all this crazy holiday sharing, I hope you’ve gotten some time alone to spell out your intentions for the next decade, like I mentioned in my update over the New moon.

NOW is the time to make a clear message to yourself and the Universe that you are open and ready to receive exactly what your own subconscious and nervous system has been trying to show you…

Yes, what IS happening right now is perfect and on a soul level and what you NEED.

I’ve been so deep in my own transition lately, that I realized the Thanksgiving email didn’t go out to you yesterday, being all in the moment, so just in case you didn’t see my post yesterday on Facebook…

Happy Thanksgiving beautiful soul!

I am so very grateful for you…

You just being you and showing up, on the path, your journey, sharing your being with me…

I love you and I am very grateful we get to exchange and connect here together.

Thank you and I honor you, love you and appreciate you…

I hope you were able to give some amazing time to yourself, or with loved ones, family and soul family…

Even amongst rapid change and the “up leveling” of it lately, I felt such immense waves of gratitude wash over me periodically throughout me lately…

Even if you didn’t have the most awesome time on Thanksgiving for whatever reason, there’s still magic to behold in it!

Breath …

If you’re reading this right now, take a deep breath, or two.  I am breathing deep too, in this timeless moment writing this.

Slowing down…

I want us all to appreciate the fact that we’re breathing, our hearts are beating out electrical frequencies and that we actually exist, right here, right now.

Because our being, when fully soaking in, is so powerful.  Just like being grateful.

I feel all too often, we take this presence, for granted.

This magical space of creation, possibility and response-ability is truly our biggest gift.

This magical gift that is available in every moment…

(deeply remembering this at this time being knee deep in creation of 4 separate projects and overwhelmed, yet only needing to see the bigger picture…)

And over the last couple of days I was reminded to sit quietly, with my biggest dreams and scariest fears, from the place of my own gut, truth and naked heart.

Seeing all the places I am bypassing my pain or dark and turning on my own light and owning it (after little thrashing around in the dark of course lol)

And seeing how the underlying truths are coming together to show me a better way.

How to love myself deeper in ways and to the things giving me the MOST PRESSURE.

And how to love myself in ways where I trust myself to stop “doing the old ways and things.”

Perhaps what we avoid or try to skip over and get over, is ultimately our biggest key to freedom…

Yet we have to SLOW down and curiously investigate.

Maintain objectivity, curiosity and a certain degree of curiosity and innocence—from grounded being and love.

We have to ask ourselves new questions we haven’t asked before…

Investigate with unbiased eyeballs—what’s at the root of this?

Even in the breakdown, how is this an opportunity for adventure?

How can I fully make love in the moment in a way that gives me an opportunity to expand?

How can I expand my awareness around this pattern—my self understanding and consciousness?

Instead of reacting from fear and old trauma—how can I seek to understand?

How can I find deeper truth. Investigate and ask myself:


This means feels all the way, freely straight through, yes.

This also means making a new decision from a place of True understanding and your (shadow) wholeness.

What is in me that keeps attracting this situation or being attracted to this thing or drama?

Because this is truly the only opportunity to GO IN, understand and heal something!

Yes, you can face what is and still receive what you are changing into…

You can consciously choose to begin shifting away from the ego grasping, demands and false power—and choose to stoke your deeper, hidden, soul driven desires into embodied self love…

Creating what you want in the world by Being the gift.

This is where you drop into the body and make love to the moment with your TOTAL BEING, staying in your natural state of abundance and power…

Your own inner coherence is where your truth, integrity and clarity comes from—and it’s also where you stay present in your higher heart as old distortions clear as you stay rooted, even when challenged.

This energetic coherence or ultimately your chakra and entire nervous (and endocrine) system is the place you consciously release and also consciously “create” from.

It’s where you can listen and receive the voice of your soul as you open up new insights, options and depths that shift your awareness and subconscious patterning.

This is the place of creation as you witness with your mind and make love with your body—your mind and body coherently being ONE.

Yes, even when the pressure is intense.  You can drop in and trust.

You don’t need to chase, fix or force—only magnetize from within as you move deeper into your own alignment.

No more demanding, shaming, running or bypassing.

Even bypassing with the spiritual stuff or “tools”, missing the point of existence.

For example, practices like Astrology, Tarot, Yoga or things like sound healing or sage are powerful resources or energetic rituals, yet they can’t save you.

Your being and embodiment outside the practice means everything.  Yes these tools can be powerful, useful and life changing—yet you are the magical conduit! Your body and being IS the gateway.

Sure, chanting “OM” is wonderful and the vibratory power of sound very powerful—yet without self awareness and response-ABILITY it’s only a hollow “spiritual decoration” feeding your lower self…which keeps you stuck in masks/overlay desires (which in return stands in the way of you manifesting your True soul desires and the gifts you came here to use)

The truth is YOU are the ONLY one you’ve been waiting and looking for!

And I celebrate you EVERY MOMENT that you choose real self love and true response—ability for being here in this lifetime, in this body.

So if you’re feeling the pressure to step up—know it’s a sign to choose YOU.

And choose love.

What if you perceived pressure as a way of literally forcing you to love yourself?

Forcing you to love yourself in more truthful, real and grounded way that literally helps shift the whole of this planet?


So allow the pressure to make you go deeper within yourself.

To cultivate a love that glows from within and reminds you to dance in the dark, which almost effortlessly brings in more gratitude and wisdom to create from?


Opening up a whole new world of being and seeing, as you make space for the new?

Wow the energy has been intense lately…

Like I mentioned in the last Moon Update, everything that is happening right now is bringing you exactly what you need on a soul level.

And, what’s ahead in 2020.

All happening to expand your perspective of yourself and everything in your life so you can see things from a new way, if you’re willing.

You are the universe and the universe is you; so like an evolutionary mirror, the universe is always moving around YOU so that the energy, situations and people are exactly what your soul needs.

It’s helping you choose the vision of your higher heart and take the leap because you can’t keep doing things the “old way…”

And you know what I mean.

The old ways and patterns that are screaming the loudest are also inviting rebirth. Like little children, honor these fragments. Remember and return them home.

The question is what must you listen to within, explore, curiously investigate, discover, adventure, open up, feel, receive, liberate and breakthrough?

In last months lunar cycle (Scorpio new moon) post, I said CHOOSE YOU, choose love and trust your own unique calling and path because it’s time to blaze new trails forward!

Now here we are and we’re all being given that extra cosmic “push” to continue collapsing the old ways of doing things and take flight in the new ways.

To no longer entertain what isn’t working so that we can move forward fully aligned with what is.

And since the season has moved from inner water to external fire, we’re being given a profound “tap” on our shoulder to see if we’re paying attention.

Yes your expansion and growth is directly tied to your willingness to lovingly investigate, observe and see what’s underneath your wounds, behaviors, patterns and thus choose a new way based on what you DO want and want to be.

This means taking the leap and walking into the unknown, dancing and making love even as the old crumbles in your conscious awareness!

Yes, even through chaotic change, you can step into your magic and flow…

The energy as we head into 2020 is asking you to know your field, your own self worth, and set the table for your own needs, your own contribution and “being the change” from ease and flow.

Yes there’s lots of foundational work ahead, but knowing your own nervous system makes things a lot easier as you learn to integrate, release and flow.

Right now you’re being invited to FULLY leap toward your soul desires as you GET CLEAR with your intentions and what you are choosing to focus on.

So like I said in the Sagittarius (Centaur) New Moon update, make sure you make space to intentionally be clear with what you are dissolving/transforming and calling in.

Jupiter is moving out of Sagittarius on Dec 3rd, so get dream it up and get clear right now.

Use all of this years expansion, lessons and greater learning or understanding to flow into your vision and write all of your intentions for 2020.

As Jupiter moves into Capricorn (it’s downfall sign) for 2020, you’ll feel the need to apply this expansion and soul wisdom in a more ritualistic, step by step way that is committed to the practical realization of your goals.

This is where the structure you set up and hold up within your inner alignment and flow is crucial instead of “grinding out the work” or doing what isn’t working.

So bottom line, get clear with what is no longer working.

Also soak up every last bit of this expansive energy regarding your biggest dreams and capacity before Dec 3rd as we head into a more structured energy for the rest of 2020.

Also with all this liberating Sagittarius direct energy along with Mercury and Neptune direct (will write about later), you’re seeing through all the illusions and the bs holding you back.

It’s too exhausting to numb and hide away anyway, you’d rather be more aware of what makes you feel alive and soul connected!

You want to know what is kinking your abundance hose—blocking you from your own freedom, truth, self trust and money…

You are desiring what is authentically real and you want to stabilize within what’s true for you from the core root.

I see you clearly envisioning your dream and taking a leap of faith into the unknown in some way.

Yes, there’s always new ways to see and actions you can make right now, even in the unknown, uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

MAGIC happens when you dance in the dark and make love with the moment—whatever is…

Yes you can trust your gut, body level knowing and soul and allow the ego (and the stories you no longer need to tell) take a seat.

Your mind doesn’t need to know exactly what’s going on or what it’s getting into when it comes to surrendering into a new way.

Embrace that you can CHOOSE to respond from a new place.

You CAN allow yourself to get out of your own way, surrendering control and flow…

Willing to trust and create…

Willing to make love straight through to the solution; from the whole.

Willing to choose love.

Willing to trust.

Willing to be the gift…

Willing to give yourself love in those dark or unfamiliar moments of breakdown and “still creating the new…”

To END old ways of doing things not serving you?

To end the participation of what is enabling you to drain your own life force?

Are you willing to no longer give your energy or space to what goes against your *lived* embodied soul level values?

Are you willing to say no when it’s feels truthful to do so?


Making love and pouring your energy into what to DO want.

No more giving your energy to what isn’t serving you…

You no longer need to hide, run, or escape to the old sabotaging ways.  You can get curious RIGHT NOW and give yourself permission…

You are worthy of self discovery and this “unlearning process”…

You are worthy of peeling the moment, memory or trigger back to your true core essence (natural abundance) and deciding what you DO want from here.

All you need to do is choose love.

You can let in more presence and curiosity in those raw moments of loss, death and breakdown…

You can ask yourself new questions.

This too, is letting LOVE IN.

Yes, you can even bring your curiosity to your pain, your felt compassion to your physical pain and it will speak wisdom (and lesson pain) if you’re truly coherent in your being.

Yes dear creator, even in the fear and resistance…

Even in wound, trigger, feeling and sensation…you can slow down and explore why you are responding this way and see what’s underneath.

You can consciously connect and authentically feel is ALL as you move towards what you DO want.

Are you trusting your soul, choosing self love and dancing in the rain?

Are you creating light in the dark?

Are you rewiring how you think and how you speak to yourself?

Are you letting go of the old ways of doing and seeing (story telling) things?

Like I said in the Sagittarius New Moon update, letting go is more about MAKING LOVE TO WHAT YOU WANT AND CHOOSE.

It’s more about being the artist and PICKING UP THAT PAINTBRUSH, focusing on each brushstroke that you are turning your backdrop into…

It’s about fully showing up, present and opening up to everything that arises in your experience…

It’s where you drop in, fully inhabiting the body as the doorway in—out of the mind.


Yes, surrendering again and again and again, stepping into the void.

Which is really about embracing.  Embracing the unknown.

Which is what real love (ego death) truly is.

This why there is magic in embracing the unfamiliar as we choose to let IN love.

I feel like we as a human species are remembering how to make love after a long time of collective amnesia…

We have been living in deep forgetfulness and many in this lifetime are slowly remembering who we are, all at once…

And we need to be giving ourselves permission, to be free from our own “little boxes”…

Free from our own cage.

Staying rooted even when challenged and making love to the moment—whatever is.

This is what letting in love means.

You are the creator, so create!

What do you want to make?

When you pick up that paintbrush dear creator, what do you want to create?

Do you want to recreate pictures of the past?

Do you want to stay stuck or do you want to move forward?

Are you willing to let love in?

Are you willing to trust yourself to create that fresh energy that you need?

Can you see what is happening is asking you to focus on things that are new?

To focus on things that are fertile?

Things that are fresh, things that can grow?

So what do you want to do moving forward, as you pick up your paintbrush?

Do you want to stay stuck or feel straight through?

Do you want to curiously dance in the space “in between” as you investigate new questions?

CHOOSE to move forward creating brand new fresh energy?

Yes even amongst anger, change and irritability—you can consciously release…and choose.

Ask your soul and trust the answer:

Why is this showing up for me?

What’s beneath the surface at the core?

Am I choosing love?

Your soul already knows.

I’ll say this again as a follow up from the New Moon update, nothing is happening to punish you, only to help you see what’s truly possible, even if things are not going as you wish.

It’s happening to help you see things from a different perspective …

It’s happening so that you can see how you stop abandoning yourself…

It’s happening so that you can see how to let love IN and allow it …

It’s all your perception as the world is as dark or bright as you choose.

So love, please take comfort that you are being shown a better way for you.

If you are facing loss and deep truth—know you must listen to your inner soul’s voice above all else (no matter how scary) and trust yourself to follow through…

Life wants you to get curious, investigate, discover, notice, give attention to why things are showing up for you …

So even what you think isn’t so great, find new ways to see it and be grateful for what’s possible.

Everything that’s happening is helping you remove the blocks you need to…

And it’s helping you see the pattern…

To witness, release…and to make love.

Yes know old collapsing patterns will intensify until you surrender.

A pattern will make the biggest ruckus when it’s asking to die out and it’s also when you’ll face the most fear and resistance choosing love.

This is your nervous system rewiring as it finds a new way.

Allow it.

This is the process.

Trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it needs to for you to gain the wisdom you need to receive the life that is in your heart.

So if you ever don’t receive exactly what you ask for, likely because it’s not fully aligned yet with your own being and field…

Or maybe never because what you are asking for, isn’t coming from a purely authentic place.

And until you get more aligned with your True core desires (not false ego overlays and masks) your whole attention will be split.  Your conscious and unconscious need to be on the same train.

So trust.

You are receiving the exact information you require at this time to develop the self or spiritual understanding you need to shift your perspectives in life—especially regarding your wounds, self permission and inner expansion (love, embodied).

The pressure is only asking you to love yourself deeper.  To trust yourself to show up—just being you is enough!

See the pressure asking you to love, investigate, and pushing you to make a decision.

Yes, stop waiting!

Make the decision of choosing love and you’ll automatically let go of the old ways, keeping you in shackles…

Yes you can be intelligently aware (without judgment) what’s kinking your hose or hindering you—as you simultaneously make love to what allows you to flow!


You are not doing it wrong…

Trust you are right where you need to be.

Be grateful.

Stop finding things to think about going wrong (actually stop thinking, period lol!)

Because there’s nothing “wrong” with you—with the core of who you are.

It’s more about the conditions and patterns to unlearn…

It’s more about the new behaviors you CAN embody, and the new ways of seeing; wounds naturally healing on their own.

It’s about unlearning generations of dysfunctional patterns of harm…

And the process of making love and remembering love.

Yes, trust the process and journey.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass or chasing demons away.

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Making LOVE with the moment—whatever is…

Trusting you are right where you need to be and grateful.

No longer needing to label things experiences as  wrong, yet being curious and holding it all with intelligent arms.

This is how you get out of your own way when the shadow pop up…

And your deepest shadows only pop up after your deepest awakenings…

So play and dance as you make your shadow conscious.

Be grateful. For its only when your shadow comes to light and is within your point of awareness that you have the opportunity to transform it.

Again, the world is as dark or bright as you choose—what is this new beginning be for you?

If you don’t know, it’s okay to sit in the dark and have no idea what’s to come…

Just set your deepest heart filled intentions and get clear with yourself as you head into your next major life chapter.

The energy of now and the fires of Sagittarius are helping you renew and begin again.

You’re realizing that being your own worst enemy, demanding, stomping feet or overthinking is sabotaging.

Maybe getting in your own way isn’t the answer. but fully EMBRACING why you do so helps you create a new playing field.

Also with Mars opposing Uranus, Uranus forming a quincunxes to both the Sun and Moon, along with Jupiter trining Uranus all at once for the new Sag moon made for some fiery intensity and frustration!

Yesss something is shaking you out of our comfort zone, out of complacency and into deeper magic.

Yes, it’s okay to see what you’re doing now or the way you’re doing it is currently is not what you want to be doing, especially in the future moving forward!

And this is okay, as the process has given you intelligent information, even if it’s giving you unexpected change that is challenging you to do life differently…

Keep in mind the energy has been intense with potentials swinging on many levels and some opposing levels to help us see from all angles greater HEART CLARITY.

All happening for you to see yourself and embrace YOU.

Nothing is out to get you EVER, although it may seem like that if things do not go the way you want.

But ultimately, it’s about meeting yourself…

Letting yourself out of your own cage and taking flight, and you release the shackles that once bound you…

Showing you that you don’t have to hold on to any story or projection that used to define you if it’s holding you back from exploring the depths of why you are here in this body, this lifetime and what this needed transformation asks from you…

So pay attention, as there are wonderful opportunities afoot that may be disguised as a crisis.

So like I mentioned in the Sag New Moon update, sit with “neither fortune nor a misfortune” …

And remember there’s always a blessing in every curse or crisis—and a curse or crisis in every blessing…

Everything holds the potential for light and dark—and it’s up to you what you choose to behold and create!

The world is as bright or dark as you choose.

You have self permission to listen to your soul’s intuition and map as you follow through with your vision, intentions and actions.  .

You don’t need to abandon your soul or dreams because of others or because of the mind.

You are the author and you can write (or rewrite) anything if you embody and make love (choose love!)

Yes, abundance is FULLY here with EASE when you are fully present in the moment.

Hold the vision. Call it in. Trust the process. Do the work.

It’s time to align with your truest soul intentions and take the leap on creating the long awaited changes your being, body and soul has been asking for!

You can trust the process.

No more demanding and stomping your feet when you things don’t go the way your ego expects.

Loosen up and move into your body.

Go to your edge, soften and become wildly tender!

Soften your belly when you feel and allow yourself to find a way to consciously release…

When you live from your intuitive core, your belly, your heart—when you let your soul speak to you—your spirit guide you, your entire external world, actions, people and situations naturally unfold to the beat of your own drum.

Choose to nurture your soul and take care of yourself right now and let things clear out of your life.

Don’t hold onto what needs to exit. Don’t force anything to stay the same.

It’s all about change and growth.

Release and let go.

It’s amazing what we can do for ourselves when we get out of our own way and “tune into” what we truly need on a deeper level.

All of what you see is YOU.

YOU are everywhere—it’s all you.

All of it happening to bring you back home.

And it’s up to you to listen.

Or repeat the same cycles.

Yes, you can surrender the ego.

Trust your soul.

Make love to the moment and blossom through the unknown creative potential arriving to you…

Yes you can speak from loving awareness and still be fiercely truthful as you rewire the stories you tell yourself…

Your voice is key as you create and embody the new.

Your communication with yourself is just as important as your embodied state of BEING.

Think of them as the same.

And be impeccable if you want to realize your own self worth and manifest your dreams.

Yes, like I said over the New moon post, clean up how you feel about others or situations you’re in—because again, everything is happening as your own cosmic wake up call.

Knowing what is aligned with allowing IN embodied LOVE…

And what supports false narratives (ego stories), conditioning, fear and trauma-based biases or situations?


Yes, consciously releasing and witnessing is part of the process and can’t be skipped over if you want to be coherent (subconsciously and consciously, aka being able to manifest…)

Yet the other side is your own VOICE, being and how YOU make love to the moment…

Even in the fall, it’s how you speak from love, possibility and choice.

This is your gift, your response-ability, your magnetic energy prowess…

This is how you access your power even during major transformation and change.

For example, like I’ve been saying this week in previous posts to the awakening collective, BE mindful of the words you are using!

Are you aligned with them?

This is getting your house in order…

This is what the word impeccability and INTEGRITY means when it comes to your own heart clarity.

And the more aligned you are with your CORE authenticity and embody your own truths, the more you’ll clear all that old dense energy in your heart chakra that is ready to leave…

Speak from love: your energetic body, cells, soul, spirit can hear you.

See from love: remember those who test and trigger you are those sent to you, to show you to break free, move into deeper inner alignment and to trust yourself!

Yes, to learn to trust.

Not your ego or your history..

But trust your soul’s voice.

Rewiring it all physically in your nervous system so that you are “programmed” for love, instead of old, repetitive trauma.

Shifting those old stories, trauma, narratives and thought patterns into free magic, is all about your intention, perception, voice and embodied being.

Yes your body, voice and inner alignment is the gateway.

I’ll give share these examples again because I’ve had so many conversations lately about this exact message!

The ego may tell you things, but go deeper…

Ie) YOU are not rejected, alone or without anyone to love you…”

Rather your soul knows the ones NOT for you—didn’t leave you—your higher self moved them out of the way because YOU ARE NOW READY to go where your energy is honored, lifted, celebrated and appreciated. You choose to enjoy your own company and you’re selective with who you choose to be around because you’re attracting only deep, worthy high-vibe soul connections.”

Ie) You don’t have to let your dreams die because of “sacrifice or your role or duty” in life …

How about, following your truth and dreams IS how you be the example and give the MOST to those you love because you’re fully EMBODYING and living as love itself!

Ie) “Everything that’s reliable or good in your life isn’t being taken away…”

How about telling yourself … “I trust whatever is removed from my life is showing me where my ego is fully exhausted from living that way. It’s also helping me make room for bigger things. I am thankful to lose these false crutches keeping me from accessing my own greater power, self trust and faith in my own worth. I trust there’s more for me. I am grateful to make room for my own awareness and awakening.  I choose love and what’s possible…”


Only you recognize who you really are—outside of the programming…

And your WHOLE being is here to help you.

Your higher mind wants to witness and observe.

Your lower body wants to sensually make love with and create.

You can blend both dancing in the dark, investigating what’s real and choosing to contribute, offer and make love to the new, all in the same place!

It’s your choice.

Fully being you, trusting your soul’s voice and making love in the “unknown and unfamiliar” moments.

I adore those beings who strip themselves down to their bare soul and can stand in front of the whole world wearing nothing but their unique f-ugly truth, even with shaky hands and voice, and yet still making room for more love.

Even through the fear you can take all those skeletons in the closet and use them to chime the melody of freedom, self love and self trust in the wind!

You actually become stronger by just being you, flaws and all, as you stay in your open heart and CREATE what you want…

This is how you “let go” …

You focus on making love.

Yes you likely heard me saying all year, especially since summer videos—letting go is creating the new…

This is what I mean.

Letting go isn’t an action step in itself, like the mind wants you to believe.

Letting go isn’t a “doing”, by in and of itself.

Letting go is ultimately the process of surrendering to the whole and making love to what you DO want, by impeccably b-e-i-n-g it…

Letting go is creation.

Fully offering it, dropping into your body, AS it.

This means means showing up, curiously merging…

And inquisitively opening up to everything that arises in your experience…

And thus “letting go” happens on its own.

So again, PICK UP THAT PAINTBRUSH dear artist paint your masterpiece with each brushstroke.

You are stepping into creation; into being the GIFT.

Fully inhabiting your body, as your magical doorway in—out of the mind.

Surrendering again and again and again, stepping into the void.

Yes the void = where you step through the old conditioning and into the new and unknown.

Your shadow is a useful source of intelligent information; not your enemy.

So let’s stop making what’s wounded or unknown “wrong”…

Again nothing is “wrong” …

That just the ego making up little boxes that keep you stuck and frozen in time.

And all you need to do is to dance!

Dance in the dark.

In fact, the fastest, cleanest, most joyful way to break out your own prison “boxes” is by dancing. I mean dancing with abandon—not just “swaying side to side, trying to look good” kind of thing…

But FULL ON dancing—dancing in a way that is wild, deep and so full to the beat…

Dancing as if that’s there’s no-thing else..you are nothing but the flow, the dance, the rhythm, the beat and the heat…


This is where your magic and power lies—in your full total somatic experience…

In the magic of your responding nervous system…

In the moment of your presence and sacred awareness.


Let it flow in.

The more you clench they less it flows.

Stop pushing.


You are OK.

Explore and investigate and step into your truth.

Honor the process—ALL of it.

Honor what it takes to remember yourself as you make and authentic connection and bring yourself back home.

Knowing you are enough, just being you…

I see you…

(YES I mean you…)

You’re doing it!

You’re here reading this!

You’re here making the steps and discovering your truth!

I want to acknowledge you and your process of awakening!

You’re clearing out, cleaning up, you’re taking flight!

And you’re sooo worthy to receive more of what truly exemplifies your core soul values.

I see you getting “heart clear” with what you’re calling in over the next decade…

I see you’re giving yourself permission to break free!

I see you consciously witnessing and rewiring your narratives, your nervous system and responses to life…

I see you intelligently holding, dancing and bringing curiosity into with the moment— into the wound or trigger screaming the loudest!

I see you receiving profound insight as you remember your own heart and bring it all home!

I see you investigating and going to the root as you face truth and let in love…

I see you showing up in your worth, doing the inner work even when it feels terrifying and walking through your own inner authority fire, setting yourself free!

I see you seeing the bigger picture of why things went the way they did and how it’s all serving you…

I see you consciously releasing anger, grief, sadness and dense energy out of your heart and trying new things…

I see you breaking out of dysfunctional patterns and making new decisions…

You are clearing out, cleaning up and making more room for a greater foundation, deeper purpose and love in your life…

You’re seeing how life can expand in ways you were not fully considering!

So trust this call to adventure is leading you into a whole new chapter…

Again if you feel restless and full of anxiety, take it as a sign that it’s time to leave and there’s other pastures to explore…

It’s a sign you’ve outgrown where you’re at and even though this chapter has served you (you’ve gotten everything you could from that situation, space, connection, old way, location, relationship or job) it’s time to move on.

If you are stuck—then take is as a sign that there’s stuff you are not openly feeling or being truthful about.

When you are “heart clear” and sitting in right relationship with yourself, you’ll know what is being in integrity with you, and what isn’t.

Yes, can you be fully guided by your own inner truth?

Truth that is LOVE, embodied and lived?

Truth is your guide.

Even following your own path which others may not understand?

Yes it’s time.

It’s a call to restructure your life and wherever you feel disempowered so that you can make a difference.

Be thankful for it all.

You are doing it.

I see you…

Repeat after me…

“I allow my body, my nervous system and the universe to receive greater heart clarity…

I trust my voice and words matter in vibration to my own body and my existing life as a whole.

I give myself permission to explore and fully embrace all of me…and give myself permission to be free and whole.

I invite unconditional love and light to infuse every layer, texture and fiber of me—moving my blood and bones and through my atoms and cells with this vibrational light of Love.

I choose to travel, explore and adventure into my own embodiment deeper, as I rewire my nervous system to embodied self love.

I choose to confront the parts of me that fear being loved and LET LOVE IN.

I no longer need to affirm my fears or sabotage the good that is possible and I give myself permission to be free from seeking “what’s wrong” or from seeking the evidence of trauma or pain in order to validate my history and fears.

I can breathe deeply into fear and bring it through my heart to be seen clearly and released.  I can give myself space and room to breathe when I am triggered. I can allow myself distance in between my thoughts and past associations.

I am trusting moments when there’s nothing left to grab onto.  I surrender and realize this isn’t about the mind or what it thinks—it’s about trusting my own present being and rewiring my own nervous system to match the voice of my True self and soul. I choose to let myself OUT of my own way so I can create magic!

I know I can reprogram my own nervous system with my soul’s voice, from a place of discovery, full being, trust and inner coherence.

I trust my own subtle bodies, auric field layers, nervous/endocrine system and chakras respond to my heart-will and rooted being.

I cultivate true power when fully embodied with my words, knowing this holistic being within, actually impacts others in the world (electrically and electro magnetically).

I surrender my mind and drop into my own body, with practice, at will. I trust my soul’s voice asking me to leap and embrace what’s uncomfortable or unfamiliar with tender love.

I am ready to make more room for what I love inside me and within all of life as I release what I no longer need.  I am open and ready to receive abundance.

I give up freely what is no longer serving me yet I can still curiously look at the root of my belief systems. I choose to consciously find ways to release that work for me.

I am patient because I know my abundance is coming to me in Divine timing. I have full faith and I surrender to the process.

I set the intention now to raise my vibration, seek Divine support to maintain this elevated vibration, and ask all that which is intended to lower my vibration to be eliminated from my field.

And so it is!

Angel Adams

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  • Elsa says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I’d like to thank you from the true bottom of my heart all your that you have written has had a huge and emotional impact is this journey… The way you write and help guide is the most amazing thing ever… you have a magical way of comunicating which fascinates me. Thank you and I am truly greatfull for all your readings. Lets hope I am capable of doing it all as should be . Namaste

  • henry says:

    hello crystal, so good to hear from you again, i read many things about what is going on at the moment during this forever changing No3 year that we are having, from numerology, full moons and new moons, tarot readings and especially the deep inner soul body messages from you crystal, lots of changes have already happened to me, as i’m a life path No2 in a No3 year, and so 2+3 = 5, all i have been experiencing is changes, as No5 is all about changes, i have lost many people now, either by me moving away from them, as i’m reaching a higher state and raising my vibration and they may have to move away against their will due to unforeseen circumstances, universe playing a hand in this, i feel that the universe is preparing something new for me to come into my life for the better, but i do know one thing for sure in my mind and that is, i now know a lot of things about myself thanks to you crystal being in my life path journey, you have helped me understand many things within me, mind, body and soul that are changing during all of these events that are happening thru out 2019, you explain them well in your messages that you put out to people in this world, i hope that they are benefiting from your messages too, just like myself,
    as for what i wish for in 2020 ? well i’m a taurus with a life path number of 2, i have a very big heart, but for many years my heart has been empty, people say i’m to different from everybody else, that i’m not normal, i don’t think the same as everybody else, my ex wife even said the same things to me many years ago when she left me, she and her friends all agreed that i’m just not like the rest, so once my divorce was finalised, i was left abandoned, there was no one around me anymore, i eventually gained custody of my two son’s and i raised them, i switched off my personnel wishes, and concentrated on taking care of my son’s, and so as the years moved on, my son’s have grown up and now i’m ready for my life to move up to the next level now, my vibration is much higher, i’m more grounded that ever before, i follow a spiritual path, and with the help of your messages i feel that i’m more ready than ever before to now make that wish fulfillment and that my wish for 2020 is to meet that special someone, someone who will love me for who i am, someone who will appreciate me as the human being that i am, she will want to be with me, share her love with me, and i will do the same for her, we will share our hearts between each other, vibrate on the same level, reaching up higher than ever before and moving into the 4th dimension together, that is my wish,
    and so i would now love very much to share something with you now, something that i know will help benefit you, i give these away to people who i meet and think will help them move their thinking and thoughts and help raise their vibration up wards, i also want you to know that i wear this crystal every day and night, it is called “pietersite” it is also called the “tempest stone” it is the crystal for transformation, it’s made up of four different crystal elements, yellow tigers eye {strength & protection) blue tigers eye (third eye & communication) red jasper (confidence, courage & balance) and quartz (healing & cleansing) it helps to protect against technology & computers, protects you during storms, cleanse’s the aura, discharges negative energy, enhance’s meditation, allows spiritual journeying, access to the akashic records, visionary and telepathic powers, it helps the solar, sacral and brow chakra’s, i would love to send you a bracelet of this fantastic crystal as a thank you for your help love and support that you have gave me thru your messages and connection, i know that pietersite will help you with all the energies, new moons that are affecting everything around you now, if you could send me an address that i can send it to you would be appreciated, i’ll be waiting for your next messages, but for now,
    take care and my love to you always,

  • Patrick Auger says:

    I would love to know my immediate future, to know where my life is heading (career, home, family etc) But what I would like to know the most is to know if I ever will find true love. I have been in situations where people have acted negatively against me and I have lost many occasions to find love because of it

  • Jeanette says:

    Hey sister ,i wounder if my youngest girl will make it .Am i ready to meet mr R .
    Do i make the farm on my own ,to the retret center i thought of ?
    Will i ever take of my head and only listen to my soul .I like what you wright .Bless you hmm sorry not so god at English

  • Seble says:

    Hi crystal I need to know my future

  • margret says:

    Hi Crystal,
    I just read (six o’clock in the morning) your message. I saw my cards, they are always very good, so I have to trust in what is going to happen in my future. I want this future wil happen, I desire it will come true.
    I also feeling very grateful for all your words, for all the wise messages you sent to me. You learn me to love my naked natural being. That’s my poleposition to start every thing in my live.
    And, besides, my english is getting better and better! thank you.

  • Keith Stamer says:

    I need to know, Crystal. If I’m with the right woman? My heart is not feeling the way it used to be. The connection is severed, shut down. She is not my soulmate. That’s what’s on my mind.

  • Chuol says:

    I need money most more than any other things that I need at the moment because when I get the money every other thing will be okay.

  • Mercedes says:

    Hi my name is Mercedes and I only want somebody that treats me like a person and not use me only for what guys want and I haven’t had any luck with man I just want that to fall in love to have a child that my only desire I want for this coming year.

  • SVJETLANA says:

    I need money to buy a flat for daughter and me, and a new love, as I feel ready for one I love you and your writting… tana

  • Shari C Stogdill says:

    Crystal, i am basically a very positive person and I know all that you have been writing to me about is so true. I do love myself, others and know when negative things occur that I can use them to strengthen myself and choose to bring it into a positive. I have came to the understanding that some negative things could be in my way of becoming prosperous and being able to manifest what ever I so desire and lines up with my being. I have thought really hard and brought up many things from my past that could cause a blockage. I have overcome childhood hurts from the good old school days and into my teens. Took me a while but I finally realizes those thing that happened, I can not change them nor are they productive for a better life for me. I worked hard to overcome that self-doubt and self-esteem issues it created. I now know who I am and I am very happy with Me! I really love me as I was a creation and masterpiece, one of a kink with so many talents and gifting s that I out shine most people. I am not saying this because I have a huge issue with ego but because I am so amazed at my creativity and gifting’ s. Now I am so thankful for just being who I am and I am well pleased with me. However, something happened that I m having a hard time dealing with. June 10, 2014 my husband passed away. We were married for 36 years. His death is not the issue as we all will pass away sooner or later. What is so hard for me to over come is the fact my husband passes away from Lethal doses of Potassium Poisoning due to the drugs the doctors insisted that my husband had to take because of some made up diagnosis. After two solid years of trying to get the doctors to find out why my husband had symptoms going on and we wanted to know why. The lead doctor dignosed my husband with out medical evidence to back it up. All my husbands symptoms were listed in Lethal dose of Potassium Poisoning. I just happened to take my husband by ambulance as I could not get him to the van by my self. he had became so weak. This lead him to the ER and without knowledge from the lead doctor. It was the ER doctor with one simple test that found the real reason for my husband having so much problems, however, the doctor told me that it was not caught in enough time to save his life. One and a half days later my husband took his last breath. It been five years now and what happened still feels like it happened yesterday. I try to put it out of my mind, but it’s constantly there and haunts me I wake up with night mares over it at times. We both tries so hard on our own to find out what the cause of all his symptoms were by research and we did not uncover the problem. Now, I fight against disliking medical doctors and I have no faith in any of them. Of course this has me very knowledgeable about alternative medicines and how to care for ones body. But this is no use to anyone but myself. Family and friends all think I am a little strange and a little off my rocker when I tell them they need not to take what the doctors tell them as a fact and they need to do their own home work and take their own life in their own hands. Mean time, I am stuck with a really bad dislike of the doctors that treated my husband and feel they knew what they were doing to my husband and they even wrote on his death certificate their diagnosis as the cause of death when it was not so. Yes, I think I would of felt better if I had taken the doctor to court but that would not of brought my husband back. My question, is do you have a suggestion on how to over come such a dis-justice? I want to get rid of the hateful feeling towards another human being. It serves no purpose nor good for my life. How can I move past this?

  • Waheed oluwasegun says:

    I want to have enough wealth that I will use to cater for myself, kids lover and alot of people in this world, want to be very healthy, famour and travel around the world from now on. And live old

  • Rena Leslie says:

    I would like to pay off my debt of $18,000.00 Have a extra $10,000 to travel and have my love from Nigeria be with me

  • Peter D Bam says:

    Hi Crystal , its been a fascinating time and experience for me. However I am having a hard time trying to sort out my inner possible blockages as far back as from my childhood days ! I would like to send you a bit of my background and ask your advise ?

    I do not want to do this on any of the open social media programs where almost every other person has access !!

    Do you have a private E-mail or for your eyes only place that I can send it ?

    Many thanks

    Best Regards


  • Omolola says:

    Where do you see me in my relationship, career and finances in 2020?

  • Monica says:

    Do u see me having a child and I’m 35 yrs old

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