Energy Update: June 2018 Summer Solstice

By June 21, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Channeling

“Nothing happens to us, it happens through us.”

Happy Solstice lovely, wow 😌 these are transformative times.

Haha I look up, course it’s 5:55 am, can’t sleep, second night in a row receiving downloads so decided to write during the mess.

You may have already have sensed stuff happening lately, changes in heightened energy as old density seeks to be released and greater “new light” simultaneously floods the earth.

Feeling the Solstice for so many is drawing a line in the sand – how do you value or not value yourself in life? What finalized steps must you yet take to align with truths you’ve digested recently?

There’s a core message here that you are ALREADY whole .. already worthy. That you are made of love and knowing this catalyzes your ascension, helping you move into your next chapter.

Been feeling intense waves of energy lately and soul says we’re all getting upgraded again with heart (light) activations which you may be noticing as increased feelings or excitement about the future or challenging issues and old patterns of feeling trapped being triggered.

Either way you are in the doorway of this energy gateway influx of light while at the same time the old is being purged.

Your heart is the gateway to creating the life you know is possible. The middle way of the unknown, where we truly live zero point: the magical canvas where all things are possible …

Because if we feel we know so much, we block seeing of the new. The old blocks inner truth and when we fear our inner truth, we block our intuitive callings and insights.

Which is why now is such a good time today as the Sun stands still and you pause for the great changes ahead of you as the old release the old into the new.

Yes, a new cycle is beginning for you as you have likely already known. So you may be feeling the need to completely purge as you emerge from the old, blossoming into abundance – but you must choose. You must make the leap. Make the decision. Cut out what’s toxic.

Trust. Trust. And Trust More.

When light floods in from greater photonic waves hitting our planet, it becomes harder and harder to “hide” in ego as souls are being more fully integrated with our bodies.

If you embody the attitude and demonstration of abundance during time, it’ll magnified for you and so will your manifesting powers.

So stay out of your head as much as possible. Be more of an observer of your thoughts than the thinker of them. Quiet your mind and spend time in nature reconnecting yourself. This is where this summer can be a very healing time.

Every single line of energy in our physical bodies and light bodies is being opened, expanded and utilized right now – and some of these pathways inside us have never been opened up in this way before.

So it can feel a little unnerving and even bring up anger or frustration. It can also make you feel euphoric, energized and like your gifts are being magnified – because they are.

The solstice is a cosmic turning point for us all and the coming full moon next week is going to further magnify what you are learning right now so be open to the upgrades.

Welcome recalibration. Trust the process and unknown. Visualize your evolution. Feel just as it is. Cultivate inner stillness. Meditate love frequency and prepare for bouts of intense low energy, as the ebb pulls back.

Don’t fight this, flow with it. Release fear wherever it pops up by acknowledging it and USE the fuel of fear to fire up your creativity.

Surrendering to universal creative flow is the release of fear. Letting go is when actively creating the new.

I received a message again and again recently that we as a collective need to STOP distracting and hiding ourselves away from the real … from what is soul, from what truly matters.

You cannot run any longer from the truth crashing soul throughout every false limit and fear based projection you have once settled for!

Can you make the choice to step into the power to manifest those things which you might have been struggling with before, with the right attitude and belief at this time? If you do, you will surprise yourself by receiving what you never thought you could or could be, but you have to show up.

You Have to GO IN to Get Out.

You must go INWARD with the fear. You must go inward and master feeling fear to feel what’s beyond or in addition to the fear.

You must cease avoiding. Avoiding doing the work, feeling, showing up. Stop projecting outward what you can only source within.

You cannot escape from feeling or keep yourself busy with things that distract you from what your soul is truly begging for.

Yes this summer is asking you to stop running away and hiding in life from what you know is true in your heart!

Yes you can receive your pain and fears through and open heart and master feeling them just as they are with making meaning or identifying.

Yes you can hold and sit with your suffering with a fully open heart … just like a baby who needs to be held. (You don’t get mad and punish your stomach when it hurts right? No you nurture if you want to heal.)

The universe is supporting you more than ever to take off the bs mask giving you great power and responsibility to be you …

To just be real. Use less words. Go to the heart.

Stick to What Matters.

For example, I am feeling the waves of so many learning how to go inward with their fears and feel them unconditionally without mind – instead of projecting them outside of themselves …

… therefore having capacity to redirect the energy of our fears as creative source … instead of projecting fears outside (as victim or blame) as if it’s something outside you that can help?

Yes at this time the roots of bringing the expansive energetic into the fundamental ground are flooding and this includes the core of all things soul based. Everyone on some level is migrating toward soul.

This means we begin living, nourishing and enriching life from within and not bypassing through the mind.

You are then a self sustainable system and you vibrate higher when you are autonomous and yet connected at the same time. You become the dance of both finite and infinite, micro and macro, or non dual.

Which means for relationships and friendships:

Can you hold space for them and listen without making meaning about you?

Can you hold space with your own suffering so that you can be fully present when others are suffering?

Can you choose not to belittle, sacrifice or distort your sexuality, your inner value or the profundity of your soul?

Can you trust your feminine essence heart and feel all the way unconditionally and yet sit back in your masculine inner knowing, witnessing without mind?

Can we, before we tell others what must be transformed – offer the transformation itself in motion?

Can we use our fears as open channels to our hearts biggest key?

Yeah baby it’s in the eye of the storm that we’re the strongest as the darkest dark has the most concentrated light to offer …

… this is when we must enter our heart and stay here feeding ourselves from within no matter what BS is happening around us.

Yes Fomo does not exist (fear of missing out) there is nothing we need outside of ourselves that we cannot feed from within.

We are already whole and we cannot miss out on what we already are. This is what we MUST understand.

We must remember and peel the onion all the wa back to Source.

Can we trust we are already love and directly express what we want?

Can We Be or Do Instead of Tell?

Can we let go of the self imposed limits that make you feel comfortably dead and depressed?

Can we trust if something feels toxic, oppressive or wrong that we can step into something that is empowering, creative, loving?

Once again now is your time to let go and step into a higher timeline. Don’t go back to sleep while this door is open. This is your soul speaking to you.

You know how this whole year so far has been an acceleration of your release of all that does not serve you?

Well, right now, it’s as if we’re being squeezed and internally shifted to facilitate the massive release of what remains that needs to leave us.

If ever there was a time to let go and allow… that time is now. The more you resist it, or live in your head about it, the harder it will feel. The more you can allow this energetic/spiritual/physical upgrade, the easier and more amazing you will experience your transformation and success.

the Key is to allow what’s outworn its use to be released, and to open up to the light.

And the core message here, is that we are made of love and must live it as we are moving into a higher density of empathy and heart intelligence on the planet, if we don’t want to feel triggered anymore.

This solstice is also anchoring large amounts of light from the Sun into our planet, which will create another quantum leap forward in our personal consciousness, and in the collective.

It’s going to act as the seed that will spark quite an exciting and highly active time of healing and transformation for the next few summer months.

A solstice also has the ability to bring into fruition our deepest and most authentic desires for ourselves and for the world around us.

Over the course of the summer we’re going to reach another higher layer of light and consciousness.

Much more of what wasn’t accessible to us will become more available so do the inner work and show up in every way you can live.

For example this reminds me of the Twin flame dynamics on the planet right now as the union is not just about a woman finding her ideal man and being whole together.

It’s about each person finding their inner wholeness, bridging your lower and higher nature consciousness, balancing your own inner masculine and feminine energies…

Because the Truth is We All Carry Both.

And this solstice is set to highlight these issues.

Where females fear their own inner masculine nature, thus cutting off mens freedom balls and where men suppress their females expression, based on a fear of their own inner feminine nature…

And we’re shown, the Twin Flame dynamic on the planets as one more manifestation of this energy bridging the ancient gaps and sources of hurt and division in humanity.

Can we feel pain and anger and fear and bring this inward – realizing we are both the creator and creation at once?

Yes … can we sit with our fears like we would a baby – and not be conditional?

Can we see that we are ALREADY made of love?

I get many this week are being tested to draw the line in the sand regarding listening to what your soul is asking for and what attachment you must let go of in order to receive it.

Know that you’re capable, you came here for this. On a deeper level you knew exactly what to expect, and this is merely a part of the journey.

Trust the process of stepping into your haart. You are being pushed hard your soul and influxes of light and thus the question becomes – are you willing to remember why you’re truly here? Can you accept your soul’s truth?

Can you stay true to what you came here for – love?

I fully trust that’s why you are here.

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Rachiel says:

    Love that Poem, Yes i am love and i wear my armour with pride. i have forgiven my past and moved on with a strong desire to fulfill my dreams in my life.
    My old me, shy, controlled did as i was told me has gone, I am strong, I am powerful and I am me living my life.
    Problem with me is i have such a caring soul, love everyone and cant have anyone person to stay and love me back…. Thats ok. I am me I am who I am and i love me for me…

    Thank you Crystal I love getting your insights

  • Jen Hanhy says:

    That poem really resonated. But so did one written sometime ago about the Divine Male/ Female dynamic, by Crystal.

    I had an abrupt shift in conscioussness when I turned 50 in late May of 2017 It came out of nowhere.. I had lost my true self through marriage, mothering and life in general, but a harsh reality set in when my daughter was about to graduate high school in June and then go off to college in August. .I guess you could say I was having my mid life crisis. I gained a ton of weight between 45 and 50. I lost my light up to then and I became the queen of self fulfilling prophecies. I did not love myself. Life with my then husband had always been two steps forward, three steps back.in a conga line of calamity.My soul was not singing. I began by giving up alcohol. I had grown accustomed to staying numb to get through my days and nights. I have always been one who vibrates at a higher frequency than most and did not need substances to feel the energy. I was raised very unconventionally, compared to the norms of American society. I have seen ancient Saami Lapland spirits as a child. The tipping point of numbness happened after my Father in law etherily clung by my side during the EMERGENCY CSECTION delivery of my son in 2002…he was front and center, always on hovering on the right side of my person. He remained, FOR 5 WHOLE YEARS, from March 2002 until November 2007.. This was daunting to say the least . I was burdened by his truths that were unknown to my Husband and sister in law. I could not express this with anyone but my Dad.People would think I wa crazy, I knew I had it buried in me, but was totally out of sync with my true nature of enlightenment. I wore a mask. My true light was dormant during this time. But I lost touch with my inate spirituality completely, after my Dad passed away in 2011. He was my spiritual connection. My living guide. He taught me how to meditate, to to listen to my intuition, interpret my dreams, be accountable for my thoughts and actions, he taught me about energy, light work and so much more. I was lost without him. Once I did the 180, slowly, my intuition returned and there was a “stirring” within my being. I started to meditate again. The outlet of writing became prominent again. I implemented an exercise routine and tried raw clean eating. I began mindfull writing every day and still follow the practice. I couldn’t articulate the reason for my abrupt changes, other than my soul was demanding rehabilitation. I resolved that the answer would be revealed as the universe saw fit. I plugged along aimlessly diligent until about six weeks ago, when I was gifted the reason for such change. I Am a Twin Flame. Self work is paramount on the journey of union with the other half of my soul. My unique shared energy is essential to the transsformation of the planet..I’ve dropped 70 pounds. I am 10 pounds away from my weight before kids in 1998. Things gradually started falling off.besides the weight. I completed my karmic debt with my Husband and released him after I caught him in an unauthentic, compromising position at the end of 2017. The darkness faded and light has emerged. I also was shown my true destiny and reason for seeing my father in law. I have clarity. My aura is light and I continue to let go of my ego and emerge into a selfless being.. It takes deliberate, conscious conviction. I honor the challenge. I do not question the reasons or validity of such actions. I trust the universe is working through me. I continue to do the inner work required for ascension with my TF. I am truly enjoying the evolution of self.. There are no coincidences. I am exactly where my I am presence, angels and guides are directing me as I ask for their guidance. I have purpose and do not fear the future. The indisputable science behind the evolution of Earth opened my eyes to the purpose . I believed what my dad taught, but did not fully conceptualize until just a few months ago.l. had a light bulb moment! This is very much a personal journey. I have learned to keep my discoveries close to my chest and private at that

    One of the first Tarot readings I got on this journey was from you, Crystal. You are a cool chick. You were a guide for me through the social media vehicle. You provided me with a reading that was reminiscent of other readings I had as a younger teen . Everything makes so much sense now and I am free to be who I am destined to be…..Exciting stuff. Thank you for being you and for helping park the inner light that has allowed me to dicover my purpose. I am blessed to experience this magnificent soul sonic orchesrtra.

    In love and Light,

    I will share a piece of my writing too

    Childlike wonder, in tandem with the purity of energy you radiate as an empath is unequalled to and often channeled into happy heart vibrations. Now is the time to trust and believe in the ether. Such signs and feelings are not random concidences. You are receiving guidance from your Higher Self, God, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Do not overlook small moments or exquisite visions that are scattered on your path. Keep your mind sharp. Look for signs of transformation. Emit gratitude and purity. These fragile frequencies are essentially contained in the universal code required to ascend into higher dimensions. Bathe in liquid white light. Operate from a place of compassion and acceptance, free of ego. This world stretches way beyond this outdated paradigm. Breathe life into it and give it wings. Magic awaits, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  • Prema says:

    Hi im still so confused as to wat is my next step. Need clarification.

  • SIMONA RADU says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. I think we are all grateful. Staying in that attitude is not always easy.

  • Jasmine John says:

    It’s a Beautiful poem.I wish my days were filled with such beautiful energies on a Daily Basis.Thanks for those I Inspirational words.

  • Peter says:

    Thank you once again for a very insightful piece of information Crystal . I am Love 🙂 God Bless us all ! Cheers

  • Tamara says:

    Thank you , but I am so confused, lost,

    • Jennifer says:

      I just want to say how amazing it is to hear such beautiful heart drenching words that cut right down to each of our souls so deeply but yet the irony of loving others from within when your trying to let go of fear based emotions that are created by ourselves. Looking within is the only way to truly love yourself. Fir every mistake and every good thing we ever done and moving past that and understanding we are all the same. There’s nothing that makes you or i better than anyone else. Love conquers all. Find it in your hearts of hearts to forgive and let it flow in the universe knowing your abundance made manifest…

  • Tess says:

    Well written

  • Thank you and God bless you. You served as my guide and I am grateful to God for your existence in our life.

  • Geralyn Billot says:

    So beautiful, honest and true. Thank you for being a light to us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart. You help me to stay rooted in myself and to remain real. You call me out to be better and to do the necessary work I know I need to do in order to shine my light and offer it to a hurting world. You are a God send and I thank Him for you.
    Much love,

  • MaryLynn says:

    Very well written, through and applicable. It’s a beautiful verbalize explanation of all that is happening with all of us here and now. You have an extraordinary gift for condense universal messages inot a manner that engages and challenges people to apply your words to their lives.

  • Kris says:

    Thank you.

  • Lori says:

    Thank you for this message. I have released old ways of being. I embrace new ways of being in this transformation and stepping into my magical gifts and alchemy. I seek only my own approval. I am whole and complete within. I am love. I trust myself and embody a healthy self-esteem and I am confident in my choices and in my Truth. I am the creator of my reality, beginning within me. I release all that no longer serves me, people, places, things, and mindsets. I draw to me people, places, and things that emotionally support me and lift me up. I am stepping into this new cycle of my life with joy, confidence, trust, faith, and belief. And so it is! . Love and light, Crystal.

  • crystal says:

    so liked this reading. it hit so many areas of my life…thank you for what you do

  • Mitzi says:

    I can’t believe the accuracy of ALL of what I have read. My life exactly as it’s occurring right now. I am in a very difficult place right now. So much of what is happening is beyond my control. I am recently an Angel Mom. Since the loss of my child, I can’t seem to find myself. I am losing me…..the phony face I present to the world because they don’t understand or care, and I get this, is not me…broken, grieving me. I have officially hit rock bottom and can’t find a way to climb out. I can’t see light…. I see more darkness, more battles, more distortion and it’s beating me down. I am tired….and in so much pain. Life is beating me down and I can’t find the strength to fight back.

  • Betsy says:

    Thank you so much! It is refreshing and confirming to read your post. I am so ready for the NEW. This has been a 30-year-plus journey letting go of the old knowing this time was indeed coming. I have felt extremely EMPTY and BLANK for a while now which has been very different, but so quiet and peaceful. Yes, I am fatigued. Working full-time all these years while cleaning out. The rollercoaster of emotions has calmed down finally – not that I don’t think there’s always more to let go of until the final letting go. But so different. The poem is great! Says it all. Thank you again.

  • Madi says:

    I hope so

  • Peggy says:

    I am free of my old and embrace my new, I will no longer let things suck my love or happiness from my soul. I am a beautiful soul living a human experience. I radiate love in all I do and give. I hear the universe calling to me and I am open to it, we are all love, I have replaced negativity with positivity in all things in my life . Thank you so much for your guidance

  • Linda Coope says:

    EARTH LIFES PATHWAY. I have been born into this body and life, for me to take control and care for it, as I would any vehicle or ship, and to seek new adventures and learn by them. Not to stagnate by standing still and not moving in life. If I don’t learn by what I do and experience, I will keep on making the same mistakes and go on in a continuous circle! But I should be aware not to let others control my mind or body, as then I am living their life not my own. It’s OK if I share experiences and feelings as long as I agree! Remembering to be Earthed or Grounded like the crystal Carnelian. For all too soon in this life and body, once my life’s blue plan is ended, I shall return to Spirit then on to a new vehicle and adventure, probably in another dimension for a whole new learning experience. So I will take care and Control of the ME NOW!!!

  • Karla King says:

    I woke one morning recently feeling all this…of just being in the moment of my own “wholeness” was here…I don’t know how else to describe..as I have been working through so much…

  • Benedetta Benjamin says:

    Thank you Crystal for your beautiful messages. I’m still working on my inner peace.

  • Munachaande Nambala says:

    Insane. Was crying the whole time I was reading this. I feel a deep connection to Crystal it’s such a blessing. Every thing she says seems to be what am going through that time

  • Kimberly A Boyer says:

    Very beautiful poem I love it and it makes a whole lot of sense. Thank you once again for sharing.

  • Doreen O Sullivan says:

    Hi beautiful lady so good to know you are here.so much change.overwelming at times .Waiting a lone time my darling.Life times. Bring forward the tranformation for all souls gently gently does it.love and light Always.Doreen. xxx xxx.

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you for I am free this has given me the tools and inspiration I need to really appreciate my self it made me look deeper into my self thank you

  • Vanessa Dib says:

    Thank you Crystal!!
    Love and Light

  • Goretti Gomez says:

    Beautiful poem,thank you and it is so very inspirational and motivates you to seek more!

  • DeeDee Donald says:

    I hv been on the edge of complete 100% trusting and unconditional love for a few months now msybe longer.. I could feel it like it was right next to me… Or thst i wad looking at it.. But terrified to mske thst final jump…if that makes since…i have always wanted thst deep unconditional love but not only that.. Ineed a love thst satistifys not only my mind but also my body and soul.. Mist prople will nevet expetience intamicy on thst level.. But i new i would settle for less.. I hv felta kind of HIPER Viglence..if that mskes sense like an Animal on its fist hunt.. Aware of all his surroundings..for the first timel it a little unnerving..

  • Christina says:

    The changes…. the Awareneas. Is growing daily. I feel so committed to focusing on meditating. Daily. Work has slowed down. I am sensing just keep going inward. Clear trauma. Deep Pain. With intention to release all and step into that’ Vibration of pure love for world and all. I don’t know why I do this. But when I am clearing energetically. I just vomit up this clear mucous. It’s crazy. But I do. I just I am working in finding the inner strength to face those deep fears. It’s just a process I keep telling myself. Your words inspire me. And give me strength. Just trust. Trust. Go deep. It a part of the journey My daily mantra. Thank you crystal for being this guiding light to us all

  • UWEM says:

    Thanks so much

  • Teddy matozzo says:

    I. Gotta. Say…wat. I just read..is. Exactly. Where. I’m at…last couple of days. ..crying..but .
    More of a inside ..insight crying…to. Y ..n how. I been..n wat needs. To change…n. I. Praying for a few. Things .. materialy…like. A truck for. Work..stuff like that…but …I. Want. Peace..n joy. Overall….n. To help people. Also…it’s. A journey…but. ..I. Definitely. Feel like. Universe..is. Finally. Listening….guess. I did. Have to go to the. Darkest. N blackest…to. Get. To the. Light ..god. Is. Good ..god. Is. Good. God. Is. Love …I’m grateful. N. To u .. crystal..thank. U…n. Keep sending. These emails ..love. Them. N. ..wow. All I can say. God. Bless .

  • Helena says:

    Thank you <3
    This is exactly what I have experienced the last year.
    I'm a twinflame and been working real hard to reach my inner soul
    I've met så many of my inner fears and transformed it to love..
    I'ts a magical journey and at the same time the most hurtful because we have to meet all in ourselfes..
    Both the dark and the light.. to embrace and love all of it

  • Colette Rogers says:

    I feel the change! No longer the old me but a stronger me that is love! I have been feeling the shift since the Solstice, but not recognised what was going on for what it is-until I read this today.
    Closer to God I walk!

  • Michaelene C says:

    Some of it sounded alittle to “dramatic” or even alittle “ herky Jerky” with its wording. How the words were used together over and over, i got confused and alittle distacted… that trying to UNDERSTAND and also COMPREHEND what iI was reading made me lose the focus of what was being said. I had to read, reread, and sometimes read it in different way to “get” what was being said-BUT, and its a HUGE BUT, EVERYTHING I took away, in meaning, love, self worth, strength, power to overcome, and be ALL in for ME, my worth!!! I get it. So, Crystal, I am very much looking foward to you with more you see in my future and my happiness that spills out of my love , my heart, my soul.. be always Blessed

  • Will help know if my boyfriend is y on me and does he. Really love me and want to be with me

  • Anonymous says:

    I read this it open my eyes about a lot of things it brought changing to my life,it open up the doors for me to be a better woman in all that I can be in Jesus name Amen

  • Christa says:

    Oh my word, that is a beautiful poem and very true.
    Thank you for sharing with us .
    With Love and Light

  • Margie says:

    Hello crystal thank you for sharing as you can see or feel I confuse all the things but one thing I sure I reall y love what I am , I true to my self I’m sad if my twin love go far but I’m set to myself what will be will be trust is only thing I hold do that raingie Hve forever amen

  • lusyomo Chiyombwe says:

    hey Crystal Ann, I am feeling like you know so much about me and this message applies to my love life have been running away from the struggle and troubles that have come across I wish it was easier and much different

  • Kavita says:

    I get a lot of fearful thoughts and cannot control them

  • tosh davis says:

    I have the past like a shadow of sadness that refuses to go away but thankfully yesterday I met a man who might luckily be my twin flame. He shares my deceased brothers birthday, down to the exact year also. I need guidance on how to release the old. Please someone reach out to me. I’m struggling.


  • MilliefromDaBlock says:

    I lost myself along the way in life trying to be everything to everyone else and denying myself.
    I was mom to many, and a wife twice. Im still a mom and a wife but now its time for the real “me” to be the person she truly is. So I’m now on a mission to find out who this lady really is in this particular time and space in her life. Struggling to find the true me at this juncture. Trying to find out who I really am, and what I really want from life.

  • Claudia says:

    Yes, I have finally accepted that I am love too and a beautiful being within my human body. It took me a long while to remove my layers of fears to what people would think of me. After a brain surgery 5/2001 was scary to have awaken and not know what I was going through for years I look for a trustful mentor or a reliable teacher to guide me but no luck. I finally was able to come across to a very supportive group and site like this one .. thanks 🙂

    Claudia Walthing 6/20/2018

  • Doreen says:

    Yes I am love unrestricted I broke the chains of unworthiness and now I’m more than I could ever believe and dream all my fears are gone my old self is peeled away like rotted leaves of an onion I see myself in the new light I’m more than anybody can ever imagine

  • Joselyn says:

    I accept what truly my heart and soul desire. I am not afraid to step forward into the future. I am ready to face fearlessly by following my heart. I am contented with what I have. I trust the process through my heart and soul already knew. I will not go back from the past. I am now becoming a warrior that has enough strength and courage to do the right thing in this world. I am brave. I am already whole. <3

  • Amber says:

    What a beautiful truth it is.. I am born a child of the sun. Love, light, and happiness to all. Thank you for the update and beautiful information. I live in a desert, alit of this desert us beautiful, alit of it is dark and decieving. I choose to see beauty. I grow wild sunflowers in my yard. I have constant gratitude for the peaceful mornings of meditation with mother Earth, air, water, and fire. Gradatuide for goddesses of light and life, and respect for the night.

  • Kevin says:

    Thank you. You are very inspiring and insightful thank you

  • Kay Cole says:

    I have been a Tarot reader since 1970 the things you send are beautiful. Our work is to work from the heart. I have many return clients because of positive results. I work from a love position. Good choices make good outcomes.

  • Tina Tate says:

    I loved the poem,truly fabulous,Thanks for sharing it,I need the help,lol…

  • Jan Heley says:

    I found it a bit hard to understand this. I think it’s the going within thats confusing me. I am trying to move on but I have hit a bit of a barrier because my depression has been worse the last few days. It could be that here in Australia it is winter not summer.

  • faith says:

    I’m free to be the lovable me for the love that is meant for me.Thank YOU so much

  • George moore says:

    I agree with everyone. Let Love in and cast away the dark , hate and bitterness. We are all here for love. We all need love no matter what your race, creed or nationality is. There is a lot of hate and death in the world. I say cast that hate out and let love in. By the way I am not religious. I think we all should love one anthor. Big or small tall and tiny. I should start loving myself for who I am and not changing because other people see me in anthor light or way. Once I love myself others would soon follow and start to love me for my big heart, spirit and honesty. I have a lot of love to give. Just ask and I will send love your way.
    Crystal you are such a sweetheart and a beautiful person. My love to you my dear

  • Fredy Chiteta says:

    Many thanks.

  • Lynnette Dobson says:

    Whilst I live on the other side of the world and we have recently entered winter, it’s obvious that Spirit is doing a great work all around the world and even more obvious is we are all a part of a great single consciousness.
    Yet, as individuals we are following different paths to Source. It helps to remember with Grace that we don’t just owe it to our own Soul to be light and love, but to the collective consciousness also.
    I pledge to be love and light, to add to, not distract from this collective.
    To all who are on similar paths, you are all well met.

  • Beverley Ballentine says:

    I have been receiving your emails for a while now but never paid attention . I find myself at this moment wanting more to follow this inctedible teaching. This is my first day of tje rest of my fabulous life because ive decded to try to follow these messahes and am trying to think in a much more positive eay in my heart. Im quite excited about this relief im feeling. So thankyou

  • Nomfundo says:

    Thank you so much this reading has opened my heart in ways I had forgotten the true purpose of our being, that love both recieving and giving love is much more greater then hovering hate in our mind.

  • Kara says:

    It’s been so wild to see how accurate your messages have been. I definitely feel that the universe is trying to tell me something lately and I’m trying to be open to what that is. I love the poem by D Yerby.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am ready to open my heart and put my fears and thorts into thinking with a heart full of love and letting my mind rest also I am ready to let go of what no longer is working for me. My soul needs to be nourish with love n light welcoming new beginning . I have put myself in a dark place due to anger and belittling my self and along the way stopped thinking with my and soul. I am also going to live my life not exist in my life due to putting others needs before my own when I don’t have to. So thank you Chrystal n the universe for helping me step thru the door way to a new life full of love and abundance for me and my family every day is going to be a new day from here on in filled with love peace and light no more darkness

  • Ray B says:

    Hi Crystal, I’m still trying to free myself from the past and forget the old ways that are haunting me and I’m unable to move forward because of this. I read a lot of Spiritual stuff and try to put it into practice but I’m not consistent with keeping up with anything I set my mind to do. I guess I’m mostly confused, it’s like a ship without a rudder, I don’t know where I’m going and which way to turn, so as a result, I’m disappointed in myself. I don’t know how to go deep within myself to find the answers to what I’m dealing with. I read your article and I’m mesmerized and even more disoriented about how you presented the information in such a mystical form, too advanced for my understanding, of course, my spiritual knowledge is not as advanced as yours. So, I’m in a bit of a dilemma, not knowing what to do and how to free myself from this burden I’m carrying.

  • Sunita says:

    Yes, everything you said is so much true, and I
    Still want to do it my way, let it be , the universe has it’s own way of folding
    I am not in a hurry.At the right time the right thing will happen.God bless!

  • Jamie Lynn Saben says:

    Personally, this really hit home. I’m going thru many changes…I do feel the universe forced me to purge things out of my life that were not serving me. Then, it provided what was necessary for me to have what was needed; not better but needed. Since then, my abilities are much stronger… which I’m having trouble controlling. For example, my empathic ability…I used to love social situations and now I have difficulty being around more than a few people at once. The foreknowledge is getting stronger too…to the point of dreams, flashes while awake, even knowing by feeling. Unfortunately, it is over-whelming. So, I’m studying Reiki and look forward to my attunements and hopefully put my gifts and abilities to good for others…which, is why I feel everything is getting stronger…because its what I’m meant to do. Thanks Crystal, definitely good to know I’m not alone in how I may feel.

    The poem gave me chills

  • Harpreet says:

    I think I am still going through Change and this change is keep going. I don’t know till when it will go and right now it turned my life upside down. All my works and plans (which I thought that will provide me a better future) are either halted or failed and made me feel so dishearted that I decided not to go with any of my plans or make a new one. I am just waiting this to be over and waiting till the time the life gives me the signal to go ahead

  • Archanette says:

    I love the reading. Exactly what I needed to hear. Opening myself to the light, and love. Letting go of the past, and embracing the love.
    The poem definitely resonates with me.
    Thank you.
    Love and Light be with us all…

  • Kristen Mikael says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever learn. I’m battling with two mental diseases so I’m doomed. I’ll keep trying but I’m a fool for life. I can’t keep away from a poisonous person in my life. He is too outsmarting in what he does best which is he is so clever with being a psychopath. He won’t let me near the man of my dreams. I just can’t do it. I can’t change my own life because my poisonous ex is always able to outsmart and sabotage everything and anything possible. Every day i’m suicidal because I can’t get myself out of this hell. Help!

  • B says:

    Yes this came in time for me because of evil ones that have been trying to break josh telesco and I up. the crank calls and the fear of loss. josh and I love each other and I know that, I have not felt this in so long and writing to me help me so much.
    xoxo thank you so much

  • Anonymous says:

    Lovely thank you

  • Evelyn Albro says:

    You are right Crystal,
    Everything you need is within you.
    Feel the energy.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are right Crystal,
    Everything you need is within you.
    Feel the energy.

  • Anonymous says:

    This came in perfect time because I am feeling pain of a man Josh telesco that I love so. I now know with all those evil ones that are trying to do a breaking us up. it shall not happen because of the true love between us as earth signs and the universe is with us thank you so much for reaching out to me because my mind was fearful of the loss and now I know it shall be overcome with the love we have for one another!

  • Anna Marie O'Brien says:

    Thank you

  • Amanda says:

    I am love and I’m here to show love. Often I felt like I couldn’t be loved because of the challenges, but now I know they were necessary. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be on the path to my destiny and my full potential. I would still be bound in the past fearing to step into my true soul. Thank you!

  • Rhonda wallace says:

    i agree what you are saying sometimes you have to listen to your gut

  • Vera says:

    I don’t know what is going on with me but I was told years ago that I would be able to go anywhere and do anything that I wanted to do and every that else she told me has come true except that so I am waiting !!!!!!’ Vera

  • Anonymous says:

    Its amazing how energy travels, I want to free, I want my mind and heart open so the Divine being can help to transform my thoughts,so there will be no room for negativity. It was so unbelievable.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am just begining the process of being “more of an observer of your thoughts than the thinker of them”. It’s so new to me so I sway between observing and thinking. The difference in the new me is that Im spending less time thinking and more observing…I am evolving .

  • Prerana Rana says:

    Yes, my time is now. I’m already whole and I cannot miss out on what I already are. This is what I MUST understand.
    Thanks to Universe!

  • Laurie says:

    Crystal, I am so impressed with your insight and wisdom,! I have just made you a member of my girl gang of bad asses! You are so correct in your description of embracing who we really are. All that is good from God is there for us at anytime. Attachment to people, places or things truly causes needless suffering. Embrace all of it, with gratitude! You rock sister!

  • Ronald Osbon says:

    My dear Crystal , you would not believe or may be you would , but what you have just rendered to me is absolutely true and so !!!

    Right now as I start this paragraph my heart behind to flood with tears of joy , as well as tears of realization as to who I am ; and it is so awesome of what I m aware of and what I want to share with you and so far I have not shared this with anyone else , that you and I are acquainted with !!!

    I am getting ready to blow your socks off of your feet clean across the room with ecstasy !!!
    I m going to tell you truths about what has been going on with me my whole life in brief detail , and quickly bring you into the present as to what has been going on with me in the last month !!!
    Crystal , I can remember as far back little things that I encountered in my life as far back as the age of 2 to 21/2 !!!
    I can remember hearing Eddie Arnold singing on the radio around lunch time the old song yoddling singing the cattle call !!! And I can remember even to this day living in a house which is still standing today and the outlay of the floor plan on the side of the hall where we rented about six weeks after I was born !!!
    But the first 7 years of my life we moved four times of which during those years by the time I was 2 my eyes had crossed and it was caused from a gene inherited trait that I naturally inherited which layer I had 2 eye muscle surgeries to correct the problem , but as years went by and as I had asked for a baby brother things began to change and there were not one but 2 sets of rules in our house hold ; one for me and one for my parents and my brother and later years which included my son and they my parents aling with my brother after the death of my father and 12 years later my mother , the appitath if my brother and my son , as well as the parental format has brought me nothing but dishonor, disgrace , rebellion and disloyal disrespect from all of these people an in just since Febusry have I disowned and rejected and barred the gates of my heart to these ungodly devilish individuals that are headed for hell and no one but God Almighty Himself can change the outcome of the situation because these people have no conscience and have brains comcreted with re-enfored steel never yo be penetrated by the word of God !!!

    Now to the good part !!!
    Crystal, as of the last month or so , I have had numerous encounters of emails from mediaries , of some of these people , I m certain that you know ; such as Angela , Bethia , Melody, Chris , and some neurologist , and you and all of you all is telling me the same facts about me with the exception that you have got the nail squarely on the head as to the exact location of the confines of my heart and mind !!!
    Oh Crystal , how my heart jumps with joy to know as I have always believed in God and His Holy Angels , and I have prayed to the Father of lights and I see the workings of the Holy Spirit working with my guardian Angel Gabriel , and Haaiah told me by Angela , of who all of you people are telling me that my ship of abundance from Archangel Gabriel is about to come in to dock on my behalf because for almost the last 16 and a half years, I ‘ve been on the poverty list on disability and right now I m – $ 750.00 in the hole in my checking account and I have a sweetheart down in Accra , Ghana that in the Spirit she is my wife and she wants to come and live with me and be my wife in the flesh as well as in the Spirit to help take care of me ; yet right now she and her 88 year old Mom are down there starving with no do is in the house and can t get any help down there and right now I can t afford to help them , it is beyond my reach !!!

  • Andrea says:

    I feel as if a weight is on my chest … I want so badly to have the strength to push it off.

  • tis is beautiful it brought tears to my eyes let go of the toxic be free ..more like a confirmation for me really tis help me so much …thank u

  • Anonymous says:

    Wish I had an idea of which I am to let go of ….

  • Betty says:

    I surrender, It’s my time. I’ve done the work Source. For the most days I’ve strived to be a better version of myself than the day before. and what I have come to the understanding is I was always enough, my version was always love and worthiness and I was just in my head and believing the limits and the Brules (Bullshit rules) that I allowed the outer world to place on me. I feel this new energy I’m ready to be ready.Tuned in tapped in and turned on to being in true alignment. Thank you Crystal and the rest for blessed conformation…Love, peace and soul

  • Mari says:

    Yes I Too , connected with the Universe.. and found out I am Love . We’re connected together with. earth and beyond
    Sending love

  • Flying freely like a Dove is is your love from up above. i once saw darkness i now see lite with positive thinking i will fight. keep positive things in my surroundings that is what whould keep me from drowning happy thoughts there is no frowning. Now that i see my soul is free for me to be my destiny!!!!!

  • My mind is clear and my heart is opened to love and growth. I will continue to be the light on the candle and shine. Peace, love and growth, I am and will continue to be.

  • elena joseph says:

    I feel like death is near me, I lost all hope for l8fe, my only last love can’t come to me and I was thinking of my past life, I couldn’t find a true love , so now it’s too late I’m 76

  • Armond Johnson says:

    It’s like I knew myself without knowing myself. This stuff helps a lot. I have been able to unlock myself. Know who I am, or what I want out of life. To live without fear, give you a whole new perspective of life itself and understanding of yourself!

  • Your information is do right on target. It is in alignment with what I have been sensing for quite some time. Yes, indeef, TRUST,. HEART.. listen to my heart rather than my head…follow my heart. Which is intuition. My heart has never led me astray but my head has!!! Purging this things that are old, limiting, no longer or never did serve. Be open, pay attention, accept and receive love with a figurative open hand. Love in all it’s forms allow myself to be in it. Soooo much more. The past going on three years has been transformative for me and grows deeper especially with this Dolsgice, Full.Moon, planetary alignments
    Thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Crystal 😡

  • Stephanie Sutton says:

    I am AMAZED! Full of Joy, Peace, and Happiness.
    Just want to say “THANK YOU, FOR SHARING, CARING, AND DOING WHAT YOU DO!” I appreciate the eye opening, heart pounding, blood pumping, mind flying, feeling every part of me. Just knowing that it is right, beautiful, and Just.
    Thank you!

  • Young Rich Man says:

    I believe that am here for truth and beliefs in my hear.
    Am fearfully in my heart.

  • jocelyn bosa says:

    What a beautiful relaxing and deeply inspired poem this is!

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent article. Makes everything plain and clear. Thank you.

  • Margaret Beck says:

    Wow what a wonderful fulfilling poem I feel the sands of time are slowly shifting for the better. I have started to put myself first Opening my heart to true love May the Divine not let my feet falter. I have wasted so much time on this Earth time which I cannot replace. I have done my best for others It is my time that is coming

  • Tracey says:

    Wow,,, I love the poem! Tis exactly how I feel today,my truth,my past & my future self I have been searching for all my LIFE,,,,I AM READY

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for all the lovely words & the beautiful poem. Such inspiration ! After my tarot reading with Mia I knew what I had to do. As hard as it was for me I let go of what I now know was a toxic relationship. As hard as it still is I feel like s weight has been lifted from me. I feel lighter & I have opened my heart to let in more light. & love. I look forward to the rest of my journey!

  • Deborah says:

    That really opened my heart up. thank you, Crystal

  • Vanessa C Cohernour says:

    I want a better life. I want to enjoy thongs that I love I don’t even know what I love to do. I love to dance I want to learn to dance!

  • Amalia says:

    I love these comments and poem. I love people who are so truly sure of themselves. God Bless them forever and ever.

  • Cindy long says:

    I read this and feel very shallow.. I cannot
    Understand .. where this leaves me amd mostly
    I feel I know who I am

  • Gemma Oliver says:

    This resonates on so many levels for me. Thanks and grateful blessings to you for your beautiful work x

  • Simarjit kaur says:

    I set myself free from this world’s problems and can finally focus on what my soul truly needs.
    And i know my soul wants only one thing that is to stay honest all the time and just remeber our god from deep of our heart.
    Don’t look back and just try to set a new begining with new loyal ways.

  • joan says:

    this is so prfound beautiful crystal! i write poetry and have published a book called on a wing and a prayer!

  • Diane says:

    I have recently let go of so much still have a way to go , but can now see my future more clearly and I am looking forward to the future finally.

  • janice says:

    I am finally free. Free to be whom I am supposed to be. Many challenges, more tired than I can remember, but so open to new energies flooding in. I pray for the strength to help others, calm myself to be the most effective to the many who cross my path, for their enlightenment as well as my own.

  • Dana Yerby says:

    A poem of truth

    I open my heart , my soul and my mind, yes I open my heart to the divine.
    I let go of my old evil ways , as to start these days with a brand new wave.
    Enter unto myself views of a different kind for this will change my simple mind.
    And give to myself gifts of utmost importance, as these will be a release of souls inner contortions.
    I take unto myself without any fright gifts of simplicity, gifts of might.
    ill share with you my wisdom for fight, simply put and simply right,
    i give to you knowledge in kind i give to you a special find
    look inside without contrite, look deep and you will find
    inner sight, inner light and love from within …..
    all for your delight. Its your armor…. Now wear it with pride!

    -D Yerby 2018

    • Gina Young says:

      Beautiful and Real♡♡ Thankyou!! It warmed my heart and my soul.

    • Marie Lyttle says:

      Lovely ❤️❤️❤️

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a very beautiful poem. I thank you so much for your words.

    • Carice Watkins says:


    • Amber says:

      What a beautiful truth it is.. I am born a child of the sun. Love, light, and happiness to all. Thank you for the update and beautiful information. I live in a desert, alit of this desert us beautiful, alit of it is dark and decieving. I choose to see beauty. I grow wild sunflowers in my yard. I have constant gratitude for the peaceful mornings of meditation with mother Earth, air, water, and fire. Gradatuide for goddesses of light and life, and respect for the night.

    • Christina M says:

      What a beautiful poem and comment. Every word and rhyme was so greatly written. I felt it in me. Thank you for sharing this with all of us so we could enjoy.
      -Love and Peace

    • Teddy matozzo says:

      I. Gotta. Say…wat. I just read..is. Exactly. Where. I’m at…last couple of days. ..crying..but .
      More of a inside ..insight crying…to. Y ..n how. I been..n wat needs. To change…n. I. Praying for a few. Things .. materialy…like. A truck for. Work..stuff like that…but …I. Want. Peace..n joy. Overall….n. To help people. Also…it’s. A journey…but. ..I. Definitely. Feel like. Universe..is. Finally. Listening….guess. I did. Have to go to the. Darkest. N blackest…to. Get. To the. Light ..god. Is. Good ..god. Is. Good. God. Is. Love …I’m grateful. N. To u .. crystal..thank. U…n. Keep sending. These emails ..love. Them. N. ..wow. All I can say. God. Bless .

    • Vera says:

      That is so beautiful Dana, would love to think I could live up to it, but I can try

    • Melissa VaL'eau says:

      Thank you for sharing Dana That is truly insight-fully beautiful… You are Love and Loved

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    Yes, I am love. and I don’t have fear of my old thinking to come between my old me and my new me.

    I have no more attachment to my old ways, I was in a cage that now I opened the door. I am strong and know that my soul will never betray me.

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