Energy Update: June Full Moon – Adulting Overload

By June 28, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Channeling, Energy Update

You are the roots of the tree, captain of your ship, sculptor and it’s creation dear lover and beloved …”

An Energetic Channeling By Crystal Aryana 

As I let go, reorganize and “adult” some of the structures in my life I felt called to share …

Divine time is so funny, I started writing these notes downloads the other day and the energy didn’t come up heavy until now.

Now it’s 5:55 am after staying up all night unable to sleep with this stern calling of the moon.

I feel it’s a profound time to rule adulting in our lives by taking responsibility for who, what and why you are alive on this planet.

The door is open for a new life and has been open since May, are you doing what it takes to step into this new timeline through to the other side?

Are you willing to see that everything you need to take this leap is NOT outside of you – but only within?

We have a Full Moon illuminating our roots with the last little bit of quiet to reflect before we head into the life changing storm lasting for the rest of 2018.

This full moon in Capricorn is traveling 1 degree away from Saturn, sounding the call for a solid plan.

Also with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, AND Pluto all in slowed-down retrograde at this time you should be sure to retrace your steps and patch up any cracks in the foundation before moving ahead!

Keep in mind that seeing from the bigger picture also means not forgetting to celebrate what has been accomplished since the year began!

If you look back over the past six+ months, you’ll see your evolution, even if it’s arrived with painful truths so appreciate the whole illumination.

The breakdown leads to breakthrough and this is a time of shining a spotlight in life on all the places you’re holding yourself back, feeling bound, restricted and limited by the way life is organized.

You’ll also notice where you are binding, restricting and limiting others.

If there’s an imbalance in our lives between inner and outer, the objective and subjective, the practical and emotional, we’re likely to see it reflected back to us through the situations, encounters and events playing out right now especially since the June Summer Solstice.

Where can you face areas of rigidity and unhealthy structures, by gently exposing them through your awareness, bringing them up and out of unconscious shadows?

We are being called to illuminate what has previously gone unseen, so expect your eyes to be opened wide by the forces calling you back home.

What is your soul’s purpose and are you fully living it?

Mission. Passions. Goals.

Get in touch with them. Where do you want to go from here and create for the rest of the year and beyond? I realize there is some challenging energies right now and maybe it’s easy to look at the glass as half full.

But turn it upside down and use this energy to plan out your win by giving yourself the healthy and sustainable structure you need to succeed.

What is blocking your inner faith and trust that must you get rid of completely so that you can get specific and clear about what you want to create and live?

It’ll help to reflect on what your relationship with structure looks like …ie) did you have too much structure in your life as a kid? Not enough?

Now you must learn how to give yourself the structure that you need to fulfill your hearts fire.

Expect to be challenged as you are being called to step beyond the confines of your pre-programmed expectations and habitual responses, keeping you locked away from accessing the life you know exists – the life waiting for you to drop the bullshit and show up whole heartedly in.

So make sure you use this quiet time to reflect how the time is heralding new transformation for you during our next three Moons with intense life altering eclipse action.

What has been hovering just below the service that you want to bring into new reality, but you have been skipping over?

What have you been working towards that wants to come into greater alignment but has been blocked lately?

What Do You REALLY Want?

Let in the intense manifesting energy window that is open right now, and crystallize the new reality you want to be soulfully living at this point of life.

Allow this window to show you that by structuring a life you love and getting specific on what truly makes you happy – you can truly have anything you want!

Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck by the people, places, things or words that are keep you limited and small?

Maybe you’ve been pushing yourself into corners that don’t truly exist and don’t serve you or others?

Maybe you doubt if you are really cut out for the leadership roles life keeps bestowing upon you?

Perhaps you have been feeling where you are operating from fear and anxiety verses embodying truth and faith?

This is not to make you feel bad, this is just only about pausing and taking a moment to reflect on the structure of your life so you can write your story differently, dear author.

Instead of passionately feeling, envisioning and taking inspiring action in what you want, where are you sabotaging yourself by hanging onto what is toxic, useless and addictive – distracting you from what truly matters?

For example where have you been writing and cheating yourself out of a life of greater happiness, love, money or new life chapter or adventure you could already be living RIGHT now?

Yes, the full moon is highlighting that any form of resistance doesn’t help so being hard on yourself is not going to make you more worthy. It’s true the destination is not where magic is, the magic is along the way.

This means it’s about the journey and trusting the process along the way. However again in order to step into this role of inner alchemical power you must get rid of what is holding back your energy, perception and heart frequency from expanding and grounding.

Where are you going through deadened motions because its easy and familiar instead of taking a new unfamiliar direction into the unknown?

Where are you spinning your wheels, wasting time in areas that you will never get the answers, truth, success or feelings you want?

Yes of course we have to “go in to get out” and all experiences are valuable in the sense that we must sit with things for months maybe even years to come all be way through to the other side before we can come out it.

So sometimes we have to go through and trust the entire process to fully embody the gift and lesson of our suffering.

And other times we are just holding onto a thing or way that is a total illusion and will not help us to keep re-living.

Which is what I mean by spinning wheels and wasting time by holding yourself down feeling trapped by some sort of illusion or false limit?

Where are you giving yourself away that’s not working anymore?

Where are you holding yourself captive within situations or with people … within stories and thoughts?

These are the kinds of questions you begin asking as you release yourself from prison of what others think and what you think of yourself.

Who cares anymore about getting someone’s approval or attention when your soul is pouring down on you asking you for it’s felt recognition?

Yes you must let go of control of others or having to make something right or be a certain way in order for you to arrive into your power.

Let go of false mindless auto pilot tendencies for controlling life around you needlessly.

How you can set yourself free from obsessing over that which doesn’t serve you?

Another context could be what pressure are you putting on yourself that isn’t even real?

If you choose set yourself free from “always being in control” you automatically free your mind of needing to obsess over these things and thereby open your heart up for manifestation of what you DO want…

Yes it’s time to mind your soul and your own business and not fret over anything or anyone outside you.

It’s time to value YOU and your already wholeness and see from the whole picture without bias or judgement.

Where do you feel like you are imprisoning yourself in story lines that have to work out a specific way in order for you to feel powerful or validated?

This is about actualizing your worth and value from an already whole and inner sustainable place, where you begin and end, accountable for the magician you are.

Even the magician must know itself so where is your center point and are you operating from your truth or are you still entertaining complacent bullshit? Again, where are you valuing or under valuing yourself?

Perhaps maybe you are holding onto and waiting for something?

Are You Wishing for Outside Love or Approval?

Because this is a perfect full moon to stop placing value on other people or objects of love outside you.

Everything is being illuminated right now, so listen up and watch. See what the spotlight is trying to show you regarding your center point in life as you are the captain of your ship – both the lover and beloved and it’s UP TO YOU to live the life you know is possible in your soul.

This isn’t a time to over think and trying fix what no longer works … this is about going inward and seeing from the whole picture, bringing closure to what you have been perceptually struggling with that must be released so that you can transform this space and energy into something new.

This could also mean for you that now is your time “going in to get out” as you complete a huge cycle in your life.

Trusting the process affirms the importance of honoring the process rather than chasing premature outcomes or “feel good bs” that is like swallowing rotten candy over digesting real soul food.

This goes back into the eclipses in 2017 and whatever you were doing in Jan as you were asking for what you wanted but you were not truly ready for it to manifest instantly.

Because now is the time to feel intentionally and visually align with what we want before its time to take deliberate action in July and August.

This is why we must be thankful where we are, as we are. It’s about the process and if we enjoy it we receive grater insights, celebrations and understanding of the journeys magic along the way.

This is a very good check in point to know where your center is in life, and that this center is where you truly value yourself inside and out.

Since our last full moon we’ve been seeing the bigger picture of what our heart and soul has been waking up and asking to come alive in the physical world.

And for this to happen you must also look at what you’ve been avoiding in order to prepare for what is ahead of you.

Because there are things that you won’t see coming in that are on their way right before this time of flux and a lot of unknowns.

This is why clearly seeing the full picture of what you MOST value right now and want more of will help you before the eclipses begin.


The door is open and a new beginning is possible for you as you step into bigger shoes, and stop wasting time on looking for answers from wrong sources.

We are experiencing this moon right next door to Saturn within one degree and at the same time in a square with Chiron meaning this is huge time with a lot of grounded illumination happening with a significant, challenging and transformational call to your internal depths.

Can you face your inner wounds and churn them into gold by being responsible for how you know thyself light and dark and what you create?

Resistance does not get us where we want to go and right now we’re invited into an alchemical experience of turning the most wounded parts, the most painful, least desirable, most hidden parts of ourselves into true gold, true forgiveness, true self love if we accept the call to this journey and trust the process without demanding instant results …

Now is not the time to divide and separate but to see the whole beyond the “us” and “them” mentality. You can get ahead by taking responsibility for what you happening inside and around you, as above and so below. You begin and end inside you.

What areas of life are you still not trusting soul or your worth or capacity so you instead have you been over thinking, bypassing, hiding and holding yourself back with confusion, lack and separation?

What MUST you let go of that is ultimately keeping you from realizing your true worth and life potential?

The time is asking you to sit and observe all that highlighted right now that will help you shift something significant in how you see your value in the world.

This is shift in now you value yourself will make a WORLD of difference in how the upcoming eclipse season goes for you (in July & August).

We are all being called into trusting soul and all things unseen from the middle way of the heart.

All things empathy, soul, feeling, being, intuiting and somatic energy are waking up causing you to see where your not trusting what you feel and know inside you?

For example how are you assuaging yourself with rotten people or things that are you know won’t help you, but you go after it anyway because it distracts from the truths that rattle you?

What areas of life are you disguising yourself from seeing what truly matters to you? This time can feel like a reality check of where you need to change things up.

What place or person do you keep coming back to, continuing to look for answers and results you know is NOT the place to get those answers and results from?

What walls do you keep meeting because you are not willing to strip down into naked awareness and see yourself as you really are?

Where are you under valuing your inner magic, your inner truth and intuition?

What parts of life is calling your heart to step forward even when you feel not ready and unprepared?

Now is the time to see and feel that you are already whole, already worthy and have everything you need if you can PREPARE yourself for what is ahead and visualize how you want your life to unfold from here.

Use this calm illumination period to see the whole before the rest of this eclipse season uproots how we manifest the rest of 2018 and beyond.

What are we truly culminating or giving our energy to in our lives from here forward?

Feel into all that you’ve learned up until the Solstice last week (see past Solstice update – ill repost it) about recognizing your inner power.

Who are you under the masks and layers of stories you have taught yourself to believe and where l do you have false expectations of happiness?

Where does life have to be a certain way in order for you to feel happy or blossom?

It may be time to drop where you think things or people must be a certain way in order for you to exist and get the kind of life you want.

Where can you take actions and move towards what truly fills your soul, instead of having a judgmental attitude towards yourself for not having it yet?

Because only you can fill this sacred cup and only you are responsible for your reaction to things or how you feel, practice and act in the world.

You are being shown that your Soul directs your life experience and the more you center within your inner Divine, the less likely you’ll feel victimized when life shakes to wake you.

Can you see where life is showing you to step up into the role your heart has been asking for and take emotional responsibility to end the complacency?

Yes words and thoughts must take a backseat to our inner knowing and soul. Yes we must stop using words to write stories that are prisons and see this wisdom our soul is shining reality on.

In fact, there’s is SO much wisdom available in the light of this Moon. Are you ready with eyes wide open to see where you’ve taken the lesser route, side-stepping responsibility and your inner truth in favor of an easier road or more naive approach to matters of gravity.

No heart traveler. No more feeding yourself poison. No more side stepping here.

If you have been stagnating important issues in your life, living too long in an emotional rut, staying too long with a toxic person you just may get a knock on the door with a subpoena to show up for some lessons in setting some adult intentions and clarifying just what you really want to create and live in your life experience, while you set some new boundaries about what is and is no longer acceptable.

Sometimes we must simply walk through the flames to reach the other side, for they are purifying and strengthening, even as they burn through our egoic trauma and distorted templates. We have to go all the way through the get out.

If you’ve tried to rise above and skip over the tough stuff rather than journey straight through them, this is going to be your time to get your feet back on the ground reminding you that you must walk to where you are going and learn along the way. We have to go through the limits to find out “what is” unlimited. This is the breakdown to breakthrough and they are both the same two side of the coin.

If you’re being rewarded with blessings at this time, feel it deeply because you deserve the moment, so fully soak in the rewards you have sealed with your commitment, grit and refusal to back down to what you know you are worth.

This is about truly valuing our inner world and all things you can’t see if you want to unveil the magic you have been mistrusting or misjudging lately.

You may have read this in my last energy update around the Solstice as everything that we went through then is now being highlighted in an even bigger way.

This means how can switch the people, things and places that are not giving you the nourishing food you need at this time with pure inner soul food?

How can you structure your life outside you to meet who you are becoming inside?

Where are you valuing or undervaluing yourself in life is going to keep coming up for us all as we rewire our life to match the upgrade of our heart.

How can you transmute feelings of lack and wounds using them as source fire … as potent channels to our hearts biggest keys and dream?

Where are you finally drawing the line knowing that addictions, co-dependancies and attachments to “outside love” can’t bring you the nourishment and fulfillment you know only comes from within?

In other words what is asking you to love itself as a complete whole, instead of you obsessing and co depending outside of you through things, excessive thoughts or people?

What do you REALLY want to live and feel everyday and contribute and create?

This of course means you MUST STOP focusing on what you do not want or giving any energy to fixing or changing what is not working.

Many who are coming to me lately and even myself can get pretty impatient with the big results because they want to see results happen right NOW in their lives …

So be prepared to trust the process and show up anyway – especially when don’t feel like you are enough.

Yes you want that big thing you’ve been working on to come through…you want the growth or attention or answers and insights; you want the change, movement or happening you’ve been waiting for?

But you gotta be honest with yourself. You are within able to sit back and enjoy the journey as you heart fully envision what you DO want?

Are you able to surrender the walls that are holding you yourself back and get honest with where your not yet complete with the process of being ready to trust and believe in yourself?

Yes … Already Ready, and Whole.

Where are you still looking for things to be a certain way outside you before you can align?

This information is key to unlocking how to create what you want from a place of already whole.

There is a core message that seems to keep coming up of trusting the journey. You are not racing to the end, missing the point of existence?

Can you be happy along the way of creating and building your dream through truly living it?

Can you let go of what your clinging too yet is standing in your way of you fully living your dreams?

Can you trust that what is highlighted right now as not working is what you are meant to no longer use?

Everyone seems to want instant manifestation but can you enjoy the process and journey of seeking it out?



Choose to realize that you do have immense value, and you can welcome in what’s truly meant for you.

Feel like you are enough. You want it? Be enough. Value yourself. This doorway is open for you to look bigger beyond the BS and write your life based on what is possible.

Yes those who take time to bake the cake – get to eat it.

Take the time and trust the limits meeting the unlimited, gather your thoughts and tune into your heart through the process.

Choose the option that scares you the most and keep walking forward. Yep, seriously because you’ll grow the most.

And this is where trusting the process of letting go is so sacred because we get to creatively redirect our addiction of validation and authority into our felt direct experience, thus learning who we really are and what we truly want beyond the mask we wear to ourselves and the world.

As soon as you release looking for answers in areas that are disconnected from your soul, you’ll welcome in new things you can’t even see yet which are to unfold for you this summer.

What if you enjoyed the feeling of the unknown and patience?

What if you enjoyed the feeling of integration?

What if you enjoyed the journey and saw yourself as already whole along the way?

Yes dear lover and beloved, creator and creation, pen and paper .. you begin and end inside you.

Only you can feed, nourish and continue taking the leap, trusting what your soul already knows you must do.

It’s powerful to keep in mind that the very structures that can hold the space and release our fullest expression and creativity can also be our dead end walls of a prison.

It’s up to what we choose to accept in our lives and what we choose to mold from what using what limits we have.

Walls have the power to shape us into better humans: to inspire our actions through the spaces we get to act inside of. Or they can oppress us, minimizing hope and openness and freedom.

Use this calm illumination time to see all of these things, both constructed on the outside of you and innate: where you are supported and where you are not.

Where the system has integrity and where it’s lacking. Whose “fault” any situation is doesn’t matter when you see how this only serves to further separate us.

Responsibility on the other hand, belongs to everybody and becomes a powerful method for moving forward together.

Allow this time to poke at the abandonment issues you possess as you discover how to drink sacred nectar within as you get clearer and clearer on what you want in life.

See how how separations of both past and present, that have left scars, ruptures, and openings for a new understanding of how your heart works and what your love needs.

This portal before our summer eclipses reflects the need to make important choices in your lives in order to bring these deep dreams and desires forward.

If you have been on the fence about something, it’s time to see the whole picture!

The universe will reward you for not looking in the same dead end soulless places for new life and instead looking to cultivate the life you are already worthy of and can be whole from, within.

We are all carrying some form of baggage from our earlier years and when we release this stagnant energy, we move lighter, more free, and with far less chance of repeating the same toxic patterns or recreating similar types of dysfunctional relationships that do us far more harm than good.

Like I have been saying for two months NOW is the time the universe will support you more than ever to shed what no longer works but you must listen up and see what is being illuminated and shown to you at this time.

You are about to move into the second part of the year and toward a transformational manifesting stage so now is your chance to release the tension you’ve been carrying that’s been holding you back of creating and external life that truly matches your soul; your inner world.

To do this you must recognize who and what is working with and for you and who and what is not by working against you.

I promise by the time you reach the next Capricorn new moon on January 6th, 2019, we will be astounded at you have envisioned, created and achieved.

Here’s What To Do:

Trust the process and your inner knowing. The soul knows where it is going.

When you let go of the BS and operate yourself from a place of inner trust and already worthiness, the universe supports you greatly by providing the insights, answers and power you need already inside you.

Stay rooted and grounded in who you are so that you can aim and reach the top of your very own mountain as you bathe in this strong willed and determined energy to see what you want from life.

You are going to be reminded of your ability to keep climbing even when life gets tough.

Trust yourself and trust what your soul is gravitating towards (will scare the shit out of you, but a good scare) and allow where you are.

Just like the earthy goat trusts its footing, we too have to trust that wherever we are is exactly where we need to be.

And at the same time be willing to face whatever lessons the Universe sends, including saying goodbye to something painful to open up room for the magic.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Sometimes we have to push past whatever is stopping or holding us back, and find our heart courage despite it all.

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Annette says:

    Omg crystal that is a real wakeup i m weeping its all true

    • Annette says:

      I still feel stuck even though. I do know that I must let go of all negative hurt sadness I don’t want to feel like this its unhealthy for me

  • Krystal Harley says:

    Omg Crystal this hit home in so many ways Thank You so much ! Thank you for the beautiful set of poems you have sent me they opened my eyes with my current situation with my husband It also helped me realize my true set of needs that I’m lacking in with my marriage my true fear is that all who is around me is lying I feel my husband has cheated on me emotionally or physically even both also his family knew of things and stood quiet …. I still have an open heart and keep the light in me shining bright but my main stressor is my visions of him with two different women that keep popping up in my mind in a vision and I don’t want to let that into the universe it pains me to even think about it but I need to know if he has or plans to do it I need to make a choice I love him with everything in me he is my world I don’t want to loose sight I love my path I love my husband to no end I love me !!! And all that I am ….

  • MJ Brienen says:

    This message was wonderful. Thank you. I am slowly awakening to me.

  • WONDERFUL job dear sister! Forces are no doubt moving and causing effects in our everyday let us all pray for each other and all families. Praise our father for he sees the divine plan and we will not always understand i trust your gifts will lead many dear sister and that is a beautiful , amazing gift. all my love and blessings and peace. Shalom

  • Stormy L Newell says:

    WoW! I Your words echo the intervention of every life mine has touched desperately concerned with worry filled pleas and cries shouting and rattling the cage I’ve locked my mostly numb parts possibly dead everything else just terrified in a frozen panic self in… Very well written…very well indeed. Thank you for sharing!

  • Szilvia Csaki says:

    I felt it was absolutely about me here and now. I wanna get back my dreams, love and life. I have been living as a computer for so long…Szilvia

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Hi Szilvia, it is wonderful to meet you! Am grateful this message came through clear and intimate. Can feel your heart asking for expansion. Please get into practice of some kind. Yes awaken your senses and feel your way somatically – get into practices that help you “un-numb” and you’ll gain capacity to redirect the energy behind your feelings for what YOU want to create. We must feel life as it is, not how we want it to be. Sending you heart energy.

  • Florence says:

    Wow wow nice reading awesome worth reading.
    Thank you Crystals for opening this up.

  • Karen Dawn says:

    Thank you for your insight, it is helping me to be patient and helping me to understand why I am feeling the way I am… Karen Dawn.

  • Janet Heley says:

    I have only just read this and I thought you were talking directly to me. I have had the worst 3yrs of my life and have had severe depression and tried to end my life twice. I have just discovered that I am suffering from borderline personality disorder and waiting to go into psychotherapy. Your reading has given me hope that I am on the right track and I will be happy one day. I just don’t know what I want out of my life!! To be happy yes, to have someone who truly loves and cares about me yes, but I must have a purpose. What is it, can you help me? Thank you for your reading.

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Hi Janet, can feel you, seems you are on a journey of discovery and letting go of the old in a big way.

      Sometimes we have to trust the process of going through the limits to find the unlimited. We have to go through the process of not knowing ourselves to know thyself. We have to go through what we don’t want in order to find what we DO want. There’s a very sacred balance to the contrast of the whole.

      Most mental issues can be healed through a clean body and a feeling heart that understands how to release trauma (somatic releasing). You don’t need drugs love, you need to feel and eat clean, simple foods and use your creativity to CREATE what you DO want.

      You must go on this journey of knowing yourself and it is time love. It’s time to learn what self love and knowing thyself beyond your mind truly is.

  • Antipas ben says:

    Really a touching write up..

  • WOW. Spot on.these past few weeks/months I couldn’t figure out what was nagging @ me and now I know. Thank you

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      You are welcome lovely Sherry! yes, since May 5th life again has been in constant flux. And July and August are even bigger calls for us to get grounded in our heart truth for us all. I look forward to seeing you in other comments sister!

  • Badass shit! Spot on!

  • Kara says:

    Thank you, i felt like it was written just for me. Trying to find the courage to stick up for what i want and knowing my worth. Bless you Love &Light

    • Helen says:

      Thank you for your assistance, sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind it’s so weird to feel my head vibrate and tingle like it has been doing. So much energy and emotional movement makes me feel a little drunk sometimes. I’ve been feeling like I’m in the twilight zone, being shunned out of place for several years. Finally understanding it all

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Wow Kara, you have a very potent energy and you shine quite naturally when you feel seen is what I feel? Yes lovely, to know you are worthy just as you are. To feel sensations in the body .. life .. and feelings just as they are, gives us understanding of “already whole.” You do not need to “add” a bunch of things to you love, it’s about removing conditioning that limits you from remembering soul. I believe in you to already BE what you want and take inspired action from this intelligently felt, intentional place.

  • António Conceição says:

    Thank you for All your words. I am in a process of change deeply. I felt it 6 years ago… In my life nothing ever happen without a reason and if I let go the universe always kick me and force me to move. Sometimes is to painfull and hard but pain gives you enlightenment an strength despite some times hard to deal with. I all my life helped others still do but I never take decisions for them. I point some direcctions but decisions is up to them.. I lived many life’s in one life and I had it all. Normal people have normal lives others may risk to live the extraordinary . Is our call but me must be prepared to lost things, people and comfort zone… I do and right now I am in the painfull process before the dawn let’s see what the universe is sending to me to pick

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Hello Antonio, can pain be a tool for wisdom, alchemy and creation? Yes. If your heart is open and you have a full open nervous system that feels back to zero point. Otherwise if we feel with a closed heart and through attachment and ownership/addiction/making meaning, we will nurse the pain and suffer forever.

      I’m feeling to mention this, so I am going with it. Are you willing to openly feel your pain without judgement or making any meaning? The universe does not happen for you — you are always speaking to the Universe through what you embody – not what you think, want or say – but what you are.

      I trust you will walk into the unknown and feel your way first. Your soul already knows. <3

  • Thankyou for your enlightening, beautiful words – I’m inspired.

  • Alicia Fenick says:

    You are really fantastic, thanks

  • Sheila says:

    Wow that was very intense and enlightening it gives a lot to think about l will certainly take this advice to heart thank you so much Sheila

  • Randy says:

    Namaste to all – My name is Randy, and yes a Guy. Somehow I got on this site and the live lead was with Crystal. I understand that this site is more of a “”Ladies Blog” .. and that is quite fine. I do acknowledge my feminine side — If you understand life and death then you will see that we have all been both Male and Female. Many lifetimes of expansion and creation. I am a “Life & Healing Coach”, and a Reiki Practitioner. (Not a Healer, just a channel of Life Energy).

    I wish you all well on your Journey, REMEMBER HABIBI’S — YOU are a Spiritual Being having a “Human Experience”. So, when you realize that you have chosen your Life Experience, have total control, and are accountable – because you have FREE WILL – or did you forget that?

    Thoughts are Things – choose the good ones and learn about the LAW of Attraction. It is a Universal Law and whether you believe it or not it exists. Bottom LIne – “What you think, (focus on in your thoughts), you get whether you want it or not. The Universe does not know so-called right from wrong. It responds to you thinking and desires.

    Be well by choosing to be Happy! Not that hard really — fortisestveritas777@gmail.com

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Hello Randy, I appreciate and love you being with us! No this is not just ladies blog we just barely started!
      I appreciate you being here and your beautiful words of wisdom. I want to mention to you that my blog is brand new and we’re just getting started with our content, please also look out for our Masculine content coming out shortly!

      I love that you spoke up and YES dear brother, we are both masculine and feminine, anima and animus, right and left brain, thinking and feeling, doing and being, soul and flesh, mind and heart. I would love your participation in the future when we put out masc/fem content! I have been a student of masculine and feminine (polarity many energy healing modalities) practices almost my entire life circling back in some way so I can’t WAIT to bring you guys this content from soul. ie) Barbara Brennan, Diane Stein, Adyashanti and David Deida were close mentors for years and I have given basically my whole life to the understanding where both essences lie inside me and how to balance light/dark feminine with light/dark masculine without and without.

  • angelita ortega says:

    Oh girl I have been lost need to fine way back IAM not doing to well I need fine myself can u help me it going to be hard old habits letting bit go but I really want to try I’ll scard

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Hey Angelita, I know you can trust yourself. No need to tell yourself what is or isn’t going to be hard. Just be present to what is.

      You CAN do this and feel into it with your heart even when you are scared and bigger wisdom will come that will show you.

      You must let go of what is no longer serving you so that you can make room for the new that wants to come to you. Feel fear and do it anyway .

  • Maria says:

    I read the whole page and it made me cry the whole time it resonates with me so well, i am going thru so much in my life i sometimes feel i cant take anymore, lifea always been so unfair to me and all i want is to get this negative cloud off of me and find happiness, juat wish someone could live a day in my shoes…

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Maria, you are beautiful, trust that it is truly time to let some of this stuff go that dims down your shine. If you want others to feel you more, feel yourself from a truly raw (somatic, no mind) place and practice this every day for 30 days. You will begin to magnetize people to you who are more empathetic towards you and wanting to “see” you. I feel you are powerfully moving through this time – use the dark and make it conscious.

  • Heather Carr says:

    This channeling is super relevant and spot-on! Crystal, this is another masterful interpretation of the current cosmic vibes. Thank you for sharing your downloads with us. WE are thirsty to hear this! <3 <3 <3 🙂

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Aww iam very happy to hear this beautiful soul, you are so welcome and thank you so much for your loving support. Grateful you are here ♡♡♡

  • Lynn says:

    I have a feeling that this article just changed and saved my future and my very life!
    Thank you!

    • Crystal Aryana says:

      Lynn, what a powerful statement, wow am so humbled and thankful for this .. I would like to learn more in future comments as the next weeks unfold? sending you Love

  • chedish Kumar says:

    Your tarot reading is worthy enough to make us happy. All you have said made me stunned as almost everything going on this way and I can feel what is going to happen in my future. Your reading show me the path in this dark night of sorrows. I’m very obliged to you for your great work and time spent on my profile. Thank you so much

  • Amina says:

    Thank you so much for this insight<3 This article is spot on and it helped me realize more about who I am as a person. Thank you for sending me such lovely readings:) Blessings to you

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  • Harpreet says:

    Lately I’ve been going thru too much that I feel like my life has been turned upside down dispite of me trying to control several things in life. Now after reading your update, I am thinking of letting the control go and see what will happen next. Thanks for the update

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    The words are so true that its my time to rethink and consider about every event ahead in time of the whole period.

  • Beatrice Anike says:

    Thank you for the advice!!!! It’s informative and enlightens my path

  • Deborah says:

    I Deborah, enjoyed all of it , it just confirmed what I have been going thru and how to move forward with a greater understanding of self. Thank you much!!!!!

  • Jackie says:

    I have been feeling the magic in my journey for a number of weeks now & can resonate with all you have said Crystal. I am actively pursuing my soul’s mission & truly believe in a higher purpose for my life. It is extremely encouraging to read your words and identify with them, thank you for sharing.

  • I got a hard journey to get when I’ve got two today I do believe that this is the year for me the first 6 months of being a struggle but I can see the light at the end of that tunnel been so many different avenues in my life hopefully they’re all coming to an end starting with the fact that I’ll be moving very soon to start the new page of my life forget my past and living my future and very proud of what I Have Become I am a Capricorn and 50 and I’m proud of me and for the first time in my life I can say it and really mean it thank you love and light

  • Giselly Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for the poem of love you sent me it has touched me dearly and i needed to hear those words.

  • Charles says:

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  • Jan says:

    Thank you so much this is enlightening! My life has brought a lot of changes and losses lately. I feel a redirection and I just have to trust the universe on this process..lots of love to all:)

  • Gemma Oliver says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words. Given me strength in a time that feels uncertain.
    You have a beautiful gift. X

  • Glenda Green says:

    Thank for you for this marvelous insight and support that you have given me!

    • Deborah says:

      From: Deborah,Thank you! Needed that!

    • Andre says:

      Thank you so much and what you said is so true I am living it and your advice is amazing ,Andre

    • Anonymous says:

      Crystal…can u tell me where I’m going ?? I mean really. ..in my life..I feel big things coming…n r good. ..just …
      Wat exactly?? If u have. Any idea…please. ..I beg. ..give me. 1 good hint…..thank u sincerely. Teddy ..u. R. Amazing. N blessed. I c … Please. Give me a good hint ..I need something…

    • Teddy matozzo says:

      Crystal…can u tell me where I’m going ?? I mean really. ..in my life..I feel big things coming…n r good. ..just …
      Wat exactly?? If u have. Any idea…please. ..I beg. ..give me. 1 good hint…..thank u sincerely. Teddy ..u. R. Amazing. N blessed. I c … Please. Give me a good hint ..I need something…

    • Robin Hadley says:

      Thank you Crystal. Your words are so positive and uplifting. The encouragement that you put out there is what I need to hear. I’m a very positive and a great listener for others, but it is a nice feeling of getting for myself for a change
      Thank you Crystal. Robin

  • Gülay says:

    Dear Crystal, what i’ve read is totaly alligning ! Also this full moon was so intense that i couldn’t sleep till morning which was unusual . As i was trying to go to sleep , i was sudenly getting up,going to the balcony and staring the full moon as if there is an alert inside me and getting me up instead of going to sleep :-). I remembered the C.G.Jung’s archetypes and stuff like that as i was stairing at the moon. It was a almost like an alarming full moon for me dear :-)))! I hope we the ciitizens of planet Earth wake up to deep down what the soul is telling us and wanting from us…Love and blessings from the moon and back everybody!

  • Annemarie Slee says:

    HELL YEAH!!! Thank you, just what I needed to let go of this illusionary imaginary boyfriend that I have been believing in for way tooooooo long! Muchas gracias! Annemarie, the Netherlands, Europe.

  • duncan mcnee says:

    iv gota thankyou,, espeacially if this really is written by you at the extremeties im used to being stuck in, but i really appreciate your time here for me,,in that this all rings true, so i hope this helps in just confirming,, what i already knew, but obviously,, needed to rehead/learn///
    thankyou so much,,
    i cant empathise how much it means to me, every other site just uses a computer readout,,, thier getting better,, and real fast too these days,, you really cant tell the difference all to often,, or at least,, its certainly gona be that way all too soon

  • Andrea says:

    Dope reading. Felt so on point all the way through. Thank you! I Am Ready ☿

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    Thank you Crystal. I know now that I can hold on and do this!

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    Thank u so much for the advice…u give strength and hope.

  • Angelique says:

    So spot on, I know what I need to do I just don’t know how but I thank you for this because it helped me see that my instincts n feelings are telling me I have no choice no matter how hard it will be

  • Sarita Tang says:

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  • faith says:

    Nothing is stopping the inner me now

  • Anonymous says:

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    Thank you dear. You give me hope for the furture. Thank you for your time. Love you. Be blessed.

  • Jane Woolway says:

    Thank you this message is so spot on – It felt like you were talking directly to me . I have been holding on to a relationship hoping things would change with a narcissistic man.

    • Joshua Anidi says:

      Sometime whom you love,love another more than you.This energy update we help me alot in area of who i am what i want in my life especially in relationship,financial purposes e.t.c.Thanks to Crystal

    • Annemarie Slee says:

      Same here Jane, I have been trying to let go of him for months….and I now see that the whole (haha) ‘trying to let go’ idea is identifying with the illusionary self… but still… it has been a pattern in my life for a long time. Reading this (after doing ten thousand rituals, burning stuff, screaming, crying, holding on to fairy tale endings) is the last push/ kick in the ass that I needed. Good luck, we will become even stronger (while nurturing our vulnerability) than ever before.

  • Michael says:

    Thank you for that touching stroy it touch my soul and heart to let go of things holding me back .Im going to take this Journey in my life and do what my heart and soul is asking of me and the universe trying to tell me .

  • Verónica says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this! I really needed to read it, and be reminded of all the work I’ve done, all the magic and wonders around me, and all the joy yet to come.

  • Lori Starkey says:

    Thank you for nice reply to me. But, there is something going on in my life I need help with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today, 06/29/18 it has been 1 year & 28 days since my youngest daughter-Brittany has had any contact with me & the whole family because of my ex-fiance-Chad Christian Casto who brain washed my daughter-Brittany for years and by talking to her on the phone to leave June 1, 2017 and then he married her on June 2, 2017 to keep himself out of trouble!

    So I hope and pray someday we will have our mother/daughter relationship we used to have before my x-fiance-Chad Casto took it away! I also hope she will be able to have contact with the whole family also! WE LOVE & MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still working on getting my youngest daughter-Brittany away from a cruel husband and his family who excepts his actions of marring a so called step-daughter!!!! A REAL PARENT WOULDN’T STOP! I WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL I Die =TO HAVE CONTACT WITH HER!
    I did all legal stuff with women’s victims “Jessica Musser” 06/06/17 who said, “Brittany was ‘Brain Washed & has Stockholm Syndrome” and sent me to cop station to do a case & I did. I also called FBI, Child Services & USA Child Endangerment. I also sent letter to: President, OH Governor & OH Attorney General. I left a message with Channel 8 News I-Team, Dr. Phil, a lot of rock/country singers & no contact from them. FBI and attorney’s from cop case said, “She’s over 18 years old and married to Chad.
    Hell, what happened to the “Judicial System”? It was happening before she was 18 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If anyone has anymore suggestions “PLEASE LET ME KNOW”!!!!
    Lori Starkey (C#1-304-904-5770)

  • Dana says:

    I am Thankful for the words of encouragement, I really wanted to give up,but in my spirit this is not where I suppose to be. Being in a relationship for 9yrs that hurts so bad, sister died of cancer July 11 of last year, reaching out to him, with he came, the worse thing I could have done. It still hurts,I do forgive him ,for me. I made it, despite what I went through, I AM STILL HERE!
    Thank you!
    Be blessed!

  • Stella says:

    This is a step in the right direction once I see the the direction I’m heading

  • willie smith says:

    Wow everything I just read is being spoke of me. I really appreciate this message. I have been going through a lot for the pass 7 months, and the anger and rage is what’s been holding me back. So I really really appreciate this message.

  • Anne says:

    This has really resonated with me. It seems to be carrying a strong message that seems to apply itself to my situation. Thank you

    • Joanne says:

      I totally resonate with everything in this message, thank you for giving me the strength and courage to take the steps I need to in my life for the new chapter to begin 🙂 xx

  • Nidhi Sohanapl says:

    your free tarot reading is useless as the reading (written material) is always partially hidden. why so? how will anyone be able to read it if it is not shown complete.

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you been st the same job for 33 years and they are making us reapply and split up
    Or could get my walking papers been thinking about a whole different job or
    Moving and my sister just passed a few months ago unexpectedly and I am in a funk with this also

  • Muito bom, preciso ter essa coragem, que está muito difícil, mas esse texto serviu muito para eu

  • Bernadette dixon says:

    I understand what u saying but I want to let go of my relationship with this person. But I keep on getting pull back in.i know it’s toxic for me please help.

  • Lillian says:

    Wow, that was awesome reading and a lot resonates with me. I guess the big question for me at this stage of my life is, who am I?? I mean really, that for years of having to wear so many hats and so many roles, you spend years as a puppet to so many.. now I am left trying to find who my true self is.

  • Iola says:

    This is awesome. This message has opened my eyes to many things. Wow thank you!

  • Kawaitty Ramlakan says:


  • Samantha Henise says:

    Thus blew my mind seriously!!! So much insight knowledge wisdom into so maby accurate paets or thinhs in my life thinhs i am travelling the journey to change or positively manifest learn rebuild grow. Such deep deep messages truths ah ha moments. I needed to read this truly i struggle to truly whole heartedly love within and find i have all the power the answers i struggle to trust the process and look beyond the now. Thank you so very much i feel so.much change already. Letting go of negative energy thoughts obsessions people that cause harm block n hold me back from living the life i want. This was amazing!! Thank you truly

  • Kerry says:

    This is a truly inspiring read for me atm. Thank you. X

  • Darlene Moore says:

    I’m willing to do the work so I can turn my life around for the better, I’m tried of my past getting in the way of my future….

  • Monica nakyeyune says:

    Crystal, you can’t imagine how much I needed to hear these words you alived into my life right when I needed you the most your transforming my world into something beautiful thanks for the support I will move foreword and trust the process I appreciate what you’re doing for me your heaven sent.

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    This is very informative. I understand what you are writing about.

  • Kathrine Barnett says:

    Ty this gave me some great insight and comformatiom

  • Debirah says:

    Dear, I’ve never been where I am now. I lost a automobile, but I’ve gotten another, I feel very blessed. Since I’ve started my social security and aging. I fine out I can’t keep up. Everyone else is in their own world. I’ve learnt to do what I have to do. It doesn’t please my daughter. But her boyfriend lead her life and I get the rebellion end of it. See I have to depend on my daughter to live. He dosent like me. And always angery abiut me. His jealous of anyone that is close to her. Including her kids. I feel the the frustration, from him. All I want is to live my life without outside negativity. My daughter hasn’t learnt to be herself. She wants to please him and when termal starts, she don’t want to deal with it. They have been gone for a month, I feel positive with my life. But time coming well bunch up again. Lord help me. It’s hard being quite. I try not to cause extra trouble. Enough about me. I want the rest of my life to be in pease.

  • Silvia Lipatin says:

    Muito obrigada pelo carinho

  • Iveta Palmer says:

    Aryana, I wish make always play with your cards, please, it is only navigation, what I must to do .I told you of my problem, I have a love who is from Amerika, but he is very reach man, because he does try find correct woman for his life, but it does hurting me so so much, that during 1,5 months he has got 3 girlfriend and still he came back to his 4.th girlfriend, he does suppose that he can buy me with money…yes, I do wish have a nicer life, but for me is very important his inner beauty and I have feeling that because he has got a money he does suppose he will have each woman at all the world…I do wish he will think of his behaviour because I am 6o and very wise and reasonable woman, I want him back for each reason, but I won’t take him back to time he will understand d himself he won’t play with my heart like this, I am very intelligent person…Love you loads Aryana, I hope this American will be once mine but not to time he will change uterelly completely for better man, money for me doesn’t mean nothing, absolutely nothing and I wish have really nice husband in future…..IMP

    • Shamila Karriem says:

      Iveta,dear, you are a beautiful soul. You deserve much better than this man. I undestand what he means to you, I truly do…I will suggest you read Aryana’s message to us again …this time, read slowly, absorb the message, feel it in your soul…you will see why I say you deserve much more. You were definitely not born to be a lady in waiting…that cannot be your purpose in life…try and break fee from the chains that bind you to the idea of “maybe one day he will be mine”…truth is, dear Iveta, he won’t. I’m so sorry to burst your bubble, you will hate me for this today,but trust me, it is for your own good.
      He does not value you as a beautiful soul. He sees an opportunity. You are not an opportunity. You are Iveta. The woman who transforms from waiting on his love to the woman whom love waits on.
      Be strong. Be Iveta, the free woman. Break those bonds. Be the beautiful person you are and love, acceptance and everything good will follow you, not the other way around.
      Blessings, dear Iveta, I pray that one day you true love finds you and breaks the chains that bind you to the ideology of a man who is not worth his name in mud. I pray that he sees the error in his ways, and stop using women and start appreciating them instead.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. Felt like you were speaking right to me. ✨

    • Betty Kamler says:

      Well I would realy see thing they say is true but so far nothing came true and I am glad I didn’t waste money on it

  • Latifah A Akram says:

    Thank you so much for describing confirming and clarifying my oh so clear journey. I appreciate your insights. Thanks again.

  • Evelyn T Roberts says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    This was a most profound article. You articulated everything I have been contemplating in regard to what a definition of genuine love , Very well written and now it’s time to put all this into practise.


    Joanne Messier

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    Thanks to you. You give me hope that what happening to me right now. Keep on praying with me.

  • Anonymous says:

    This was so enlightening, I loved it and I’m getting ready.I know I was put here for more and my Soul is starting to fight against my mediocrity state that I’m currently in.. Thank you so much Miss Crystal…love and connected vibes

  • Teddy matozzo says:

    Unreal…I’m going thru. Exactly. Wat this says ..I just. Want happiness..to b stable..to have a beautiful girl..a good job..to help people I love…n it seems like ..wat. I’m trying to let go…it keeps coming back ..I want it out !!! I. Begging for. It. To get out !! Doesn’t god listen to my heart ?? I want it out ..so I can b n do good. Simple …where. Is my. Love partner ?? Where. Is she ?? Uugh !!

  • Helen Nabbi Bally says:

    That about the best advice I got for this whole season so far thank you and I did not have to buy anything

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    To day I know that I love myself more than ever after yesterday night. I trust myself, I know my goals and want to achieve them, My heart was already open but now after reading your piece, I feel that I arrived somewhere and I can see it is illuminated and see it is open in front of me.
    I am not afraid and the walls that were stopping me are not there anymore.

  • Dr Binayak Kumar Jha says:

    Hi! Crystal Aryana,
    Thank you for a thought provoking insight..
    It’s wonderful.

    I am wishing to have your kind support and insight into my horoscope since I powerfully feel to go into business and trading, tour and Travel industry even though I have been a Health Professional for 20 years
    There is A strong urge to change my path…Will it be a right decision as per my horoscope

    Name Dr Binayak Kumar Jha Male
    DOB 15TH MARCH 1967
    TIME 2.29 PM

    I would be more than thankful and would be happy if you could enlighten me with your intuition and help me also grow on journey as an intuitive person, as you may know better…

    Waiting for your insight…

    With Warm regards and love,

  • Tania Brown says:

    Wow so much to do but I am enough and I’ve already started just got to keep going

  • Betty says:

    Why do all of you write page after page?
    Can’t you just give the facts? I do not
    read long drawn out literature.

  • Diane Humphrey says:

    Omg! You have identified everything I have been doing that is holding me back! I have been lying to myself on so many levels and not listening …. to my soul… and I can’t do this anymore. I need to force myself to choose out of louvre and not fear, or lack, and I need to see through the bullshit and use my voice to state what I need and deserve. I pray that I have strength to do this. My whole life I feel that I have always put others first because I thought that would bring me live or recognition, and it hasn’t. I pray to the universe that I can see this through. Thank you!!!!

  • Milana says:

    Thank you

  • Victoria Cornett says:

    Very true all of it, my life has changed so much this year I have made huge steps moving forward towards my dreams,to help myself and family financially. Now all I need is another child to full fill my dreams.

  • thereasa says:

    ok…when i first started reading this something inside said put it down and go take a shower..roll a smoke and slow down..i have been cleaning ironically under shelves and outside around a tree..that being said i truly believe inside,outside..you clean one the other kind of follows..i took 2 years and focused on the gentler me..i had anger issues and loved to fight..so that was my end goal..to become softer and more gentle..my now ex husband wasnt happy…i mean he didnt say that at first but the crazy spark that he felll for was gone..so he would irratate me and bug me till he got a rise…i sadly am back to that angry,frustrated,lost brat..my husband and i were together over 20 years..in the end i finally opened my eyes and seen him for the monster, but by then he was degrading me in front of people because of his own guilt and shame..i was a counselor..a kick ass counselor that figured out how to integrate all aspects..now i cant hear peoples stories..i cant im full..my divorce was final June 6th 2012
    and im in an empty well

  • Pamela Gutierrez says:


  • Paula A Talley says:

    Does planet x have anything to do with this new life after we let everything go? Ive been shown something and i believe that i am love. I believe everything that my heart desires will come cause all my life ive shown nothing but love and ive been mistreated and abused and done wrong and forgotten and i didnt do anything to anyone to deserve what ive been through and still i love. Please tell me im doing the right thing

    • Itsa Mystery says:

      I don’t know answers pertaining to Niburu, but I do know from middle of July to end of August all major planets will reside together on same side of sun. No doubt that is/will affect earth and all inhabitants.
      As far as being love by always giving and/or showing love…hello and thank goodness you are here !! Please do not ever stop teaching by being the living example. Yes, it is difficult and painful at times, but we all are here to learn and grow. I’m sure the good has been outnumbering the not so pleasant. And more like us need to stay the course. Everything is energy. Love is a powerful energy much needed. All energy creates ripples (think water displacement) that can manifest exponentially…and also return to creator of ripple

  • Tina Jones says:

    Thank you I’m ready for my destiny ❤️

  • Maggi McGrath Gasemy says:

    Thank you for this!

  • Tanisha Hopewell says:

    I am just so lost as to what to do right now. I want to stay and fight for everything I have built so far but is it worth the heart ache and pain? But your words are absolutely on point though!

  • Renee says:

    You gave me a lot of comformation
    I will take you advise
    Thank you for wakeing me you again

  • Michelle Coomer says:

    This was very enlightening for me! Thank you so much I need more it has been very therapeutic for me

  • Gary Evans says:

    Thank you for this. I’m really glad I read this. I needed to see this.

  • Marie says:

    You are spot on and right on time!! As a recluse, not really speaking to anyone on such deep levels, this was like a conversation, everything you wrote resonates with me. Thank you..Sending love and light

  • That is very touching. For several years now, I was in depression and having heavy anxiety attracts. While going thru this process, I was scared. My life was about everyone else. This month I have looking my self in the mirror saying what about me. My children it feels are the only ones returning the love back. My body was begin to shut down, it was hard trying to balance my mind and heart. I miss smiling. Now that I make my self go outside besides work. I’m feeling peace, strength and able to smile. Finishing school and working on my finances is what my problem is, and biggest burden. So I’m pretty excited. I had to close the door on a lot of people in my life. But realizing it’s the best thing for me to grow and be happy with my self.

  • Fredrick Rickman says:

    Nice writing…I’ll come back and read the rest(I did not get to read it all). You sound extremely knowledgeable. thanks, Fred

  • Donna Bodaly says:

    Wow truly amazing and needed that reassuring as life gets tough at times thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    ikow what i want
    1)total health
    2be a top scientist in math and economics
    30a good novelist/author
    yes whereas i ám 76.
    this man is an idiot.

  • MaryAnn says:

    Thank you very much for the encouraging words but at this point my life is at such a low point I pretty much feel that it is just over. Happiness and love I just don’t think are written in the stars for me right now I just wish life would end I have been so emotionally battered and bruised that I have honestly given up and wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus loves you, your HIS baby!! It’s called walking in faith not sight! Your turn to show him how much you love him and that thinking ain’t the way baby.

  • Audrey says:


  • Helen says:

    I agree you have to let go of the things that hold you back and go forward even if you fail. but at least you are not stagnant

  • Rahat says:

    Can I get back my live this year or next year?

  • Robin nicole Bell says:

    THIS is wonderful information, very powerful, very enlightening

  • Zenobia Green says:

    Alot of GREAT Points.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this. I needed it. I have been through a very hard time over the last six months, severing a friendship that once meant the world to me, selling my home that I loved in order to make someone else happy (it didn’t work) and leaving an area that felt nourishing to me in a way that my present location does not. I feel so depressed and unsure of myself, my ability to make good decisions, and have felt utterly railroaded by much stronger personalities and energy all around me. I am exhausted physically and emotionally, and I wonder if I will ever feel good again! I want to return to my former geographical location, but it feels like that door is closed to me now. I closed it. But now I am sorry that I did and feel uncomfortable. I miss my former friend so much, but I closed that door too and that door will not open again to me. I am pretty sad about that and wish that I could turn back the hands of time.

    • Chrissie says:

      If you want to get your friend back then try and be humble sometimes the smallest gesture can help at least you would have given it all you got always look forward and learn from your mistakes we are all only human and are always learning without the bad there would be no good only you can change your life so go for it better to try than never to at all don’t regret just do

  • Graciela Lara says:

    I am so confused about what exactly I am supposed to do. I’m stuck thinking about how little money I have and supposed to get my own place. Living with someone not knowing when things will go wrong. Talking to a man I wish would step up but I know I’m the one sabotaging the relationship. Talking to psychics giving advice and me paying. Anyway. What do I do? I bought a set of tarot cards with a book and praying I get things right. I thank you and I know everything you said is true but it just scares me even more.

  • Good morning. Thank you for several words of wisdom imparted which I come to absorb and appreciate. Truly it awakens my heart, mind
    and soul to also love myself and stop some unhealthy illusions for they hinder the productive process in me and negates the intended outcome and imprison my whole being in helping the world around me especially my love ones who depend on me for survival in a healthy
    process and ways and block the good impression I have started with them. I thank the Providence by giving you the direction to enlighten the way that I had been traversing and go straight with confidence in myself and trust in the gifts that are bestowed on me. Love you my

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank u so much nobody has ever made things so clear to me as I just did. My eyes and my heart is open and I never felt so great in my whole life. Thank u u we’re just what I needed. I’m grateful bless u

  • Patricia J Pappas says:

    I wish it was that easy ! SO much responsibility for family, kids, grandkids, I know i have to put myself first at some point. But how do i put what is most precious to me aside ! I know at time , my generosity is being abused ! Plus the fact that I am disabled. I Don’t know how to move on without feeling guilty!

  • louis lanuza says:

    thanks for the advice.its enlightening.

  • Jaynie says:

    I lost the love of my life a year ago due to a rear end accident. He was a pilot with AAL and did their commercials . He was a beautiful soul inside and out. I have so many wonderful memories but they keep me chained inside imaginary walls. If only I could continue the climb of the perfect life I have had throwing off the shackles that keep me bound and deter my continuing upward cimb. Jaynie R.

  • Trish says:

    Wow! Really feels like you are talking directly to me! So many abandonments over the past three years that I have become totally isolated… I understand that the Universe is preparing me for something big, but I can’t see it. Or maybe I refuse to. Because saying goodbye to my dream is beyond my comprehension and I am unable to envision a new one,
    Maybe I will try that for size tonight.
    Love and light to you. Thank you.

  • Dimitra Moustaka says:

    thank you…you give me strength and hope….

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