Energy Update: From Heartbreak To Inner Badass

By February 2, 2019 Energy Update

You may be feeling anxious…

But you may have also forgotten the part where you’re a bad-ass.

It’s time to op delaying the deeper stuff, like your heart and to rise, my love. You ready to move these mountains?

Then don’t shrink for who or what doesn’t fit or understand you, because these mountains are ready to move, whether you’re ready, or not.

Powerful breakthroughs are afoot so connect within to your truth and put yourself into practice. Your choices are important.

Look into the heart of what you are most afraid of and “do your work” anyway or show up in the moment anyway.

Show up from a place of possibility and love – even when you don’t feel like it.

Not giving yourself the sacred time you need or putting off powerful movements forward out of fear only creates unnecessary entanglements and setbacks. No more distraction from what you know is real inside you.

It’s time to do the things aligned with who you really are, and what you really want to do in your life.

You may feel like you’ve been dilly-dallying away from your truth and you will keep finding challenging situations that continually challenge you to feel stuck, misunderstood or at a standstill.

However this is the process and sometimes our lowest points crack open what we couldn’t see before and creates a magical vortex right straight through our own being and expands our capacity for perceiving what’s possible.

This is where we’re practically forced to surrender and trust the universe, because if we can trust, we can release the need for control and our “bigger” journey unfolds.

On the inside, we’re going to really understand, and deepen our understanding, of how powerful our insights and intuition are, and how important it is to stay true to ourselves.

Right now you are being reminded how important your own needs are, and what focuses you ought to be giving your energy to.

This means finding the value in taking a STEP BACK, observing, and waiting quietly as we connect to our inner knowing. This means slowing down and and melting in the world around you.

Waking up excited about what you get to do for the day … taking risks, falling in love, calling yourself UPward on shit in order to grow and allowing yourself to receive more, making every day an adventure.

This means taking care of yourself before you take care of others and deriving from a sustainable place. This means knowing yourself and what to put your energy into.

Say yes to what terrifies your heart to express and BE and practice saying no to what’s not for you without feeling bad about it. Take better care for your inner space, body, soul and nervous system and don’t second guess or apologize for it.

Go ahead and make the time you need to exercise, self care, create, meditate and just be. Or set the date and time and make that adventure.

Reach out, gather people who resonate with, create more intimacy, instead of overthinking. Spend more quality, intimate, meaningful time with family or within your own divinity.

Celebrate more. Go within more. Create more. Go into nature every day. Sit inward to source more often and take those classes you’ve been wanting new skills in.

Make that purpose driven thing you’ve been building for years — that business, career or dream COME alive into a bigger picture — so much bigger than you that serves the world in some way.

It’s time to answer the call your soul has been revealing. No more evasion. You now have the intuition and wisdom to facilitate your own deepest healing and move forward with confidence.

The guru is inside you. Especially if you have been attracted to my messages lately, know you are an awakening channel of some kind.

Learn to always bring your focus back to yourself and to you as the generator of joy and creator of your ship.

Don’t give anyone the power to direct your happiness.

The energy now is showing you how to empower you through a difficult challenge that is restricting you or has been draining your life force for a karmically long time …

If you have experiencing frustrations, blocks or confrontations with others lately, it’s a sign to slow down and see beyond “the small” and into the whole.

What is this allowing you to see? Instead of why is this happening – what is this trying to help me see?

Even what looks like rejection or disempowerment now, is something that’s truly calling you into your power.

We are all being continually tested between the old and the new — between our old trajectories, beliefs and patterns and our new ones.

What do you choose?

Know that in every moment there an energetic choice between you arriving closer to living your dreams and expanding and you moving farther away from your dreams and shrinking back into complacency.

What must we clear and stop working with in order to choose the new?

Slow down from your body and see your energy. See what spirals you down and what spirals you upward.

If you don’t see what you physically want to expand around you, then you haven’t cleared and made the room within yourself.

If you have done the work, then trust that physical changes are already on the way.

You have cleared and made the room (physically and energetically) and therefore you can hold the frequency and actions of the new.

A heavy January of eclipses practically pushed us to look deeper within our heart as we saw the depth of truths we may or may not have been facing, to clear.

Also Mars in Aries this past week has been squaring Saturn and Pluto (in Capricorn) making us face and transmute unattended karmic business that we haven’t already worked through yet.

However, the energy almost demands us to remove what’s still blocking our way of stepping up higher into self love, growth and reception.

Remove what’s still blocking our way of realizing our own clarity and direction, abundance and self honor.

It’s time for some nitty gritty “tough” self love. It’s time for embodying our truth. So no matter what, for your higher good, these are challenges to be met and corners to be turned.

You must follow through, straight through, all the way. Your heart break is the key.

Sometimes our greatest loves in life or in others are actually our love teachers showing us the parts and spaces in us we didn’t love so that we CAN love, teaching us HOW to love better, both yourself and others.

You may be already realizing this. Have you been taking sacred time for yourself since the Solstice and aligning with your divinity more?

If so, you may be feeling pretty balanced, even when with others drama and chaos around you.

Have you been showing up, doing the work, focusing your energy and applying new practices to your life that is giving you direction and clarity?

If not, go within. This is the cause.

You are being tested with the grit that gives you the traction you need to move straight through and tests the purity of your HEART.

It’s cracking your heart open time and fully meeting yourself within.

You can’t avoid it anymore.

Are you here to do what your soul is asking for?

Or, are you going to keep ignoring these nagging soul urges, stay complacent, and continue the war within?

The energy right now is like a force of nature, a volcano erupting, can you break through? Is what you’ve started years ago going to build, prosper and flourish?

You now have the tools and wisdom if you are just willing to open your heart and “exist” like a baby would.

Powerful insights and awarenesses are striking during this massive fork in the road for many, so keep your present mind open for guidance.

We are all trying to move mountains, working to transform and transmute something “painful” in some way..and as we deepen, we rise.

Be patient. Make sure you’re taking care of your body. Also giving your bodies energy to the right focuses and knowing your energy.

What fills yours soul verses what drains it. What is for you brings out the best in you, what isn’t for you brings out the worst — that is how you know.

This doesn’t mean escape what’s “painful” as what calls your soul at the same time may also terrify the shit out of you … so that doesn’t mean to avoid truth in your heart that is scary .. but rather that you “trust the next chapter because you know the author” …

Know what expands you, what gives you energy and know what shrinks you, what taps your energy.

Know your energy. Knowing the hidden spaces inside you during the storm, when scarcity tries to trick you into believing you’re not as abundant as you already are.

This way you live “as already whole” even when visiting old territories and wounds that used to stop you from becoming.

Practicing gratitude in the moment of frustration can really be a game changer as a grateful heart and mind begins to really see the “message” in the mess.

You got this. KEEP going and show up. SHINING as you light up the dark.

‪I know so many are experiencing true soul exhaustion right now, and this is showing us how to REGENERATE ourselves from within.

If you feel this kind of lethargy and adrenal fatigue, it’s otherworldly and sleep does not always cure it. Rest and unplug.

You need to take care of yourself. This is also a message to unplug from looking at others, from comparing outside of your own soul and expanding into YOU beyond society expectations and rules.

We are working towards a powerful new moon on February 4th so it’s a great time to plant your seeds what patterns you are ending and which patterns you are beginning. This is the first new moon for many in a while that will actually feel like a new beginning.

After all the realizing deeper truth, shifting and healing brought on by the winter solstice and eclipses, we are now finally ready to move forward with what we have learned and apply it in the physical world.

And now as we head into February after a fiery week (Mars square Pluto) last week, the energy invites you to deeply Mother yourself within.

It’s time to self care and pick up your soul mission that you set out to offering / learning / advancing from as you have the grit and heart you needed then, now if you choose to breakthrough.

Now is the energy of transmutation, of breaking through and the pressure required to turn one substance into another, like a diamond.

Yes. It’s time if you are reading this right now and wondering if this is speaking to you. It is.

Where in your life do you need to you need to develop a more powerful position in your soul or accomplish something that takes devotion and self love?

You are stronger and wiser now, so use the tools your spirit and soul has given you up to now.

What you couldn’t do before because have the awarenesses of or didn’t know how, is now possible.

(Tip: You can begin from a blank slate of abundance and owning your power.)

When the lower stuff creeps in, find ways to purge the feeling of unworthiness through simple connection and soul practice.

This can be as simple as walking outside, in nature, dancing, playing, laughing or sitting in silence routinely energy day.

In order to truly embody your higher self and embody more of your heart, you have to walk it, feel and own it when no one is watching.

Always bringing your energy and focus back to you from a place of regeneration and celebration. Even the loss. Even the death.

Don’t give anything or anyone the power to direct your purpose or happiness.

Is your heart willing, like a small child dreams?


Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Hi….I’ve read a few of your messages and my apologies for not responding till now, I have a stand still in this stupid marriage for the past 17yrs..cant divorce..financial situation..I’m not in love..I miss being romantic..I live with the enemy..there is no sexual attraction..BLAA still alone cant get a date cas still married..women no this..I dont have any women friends .none…cas of being married….soooooo what is a way I could have a windfall of good fortune so I could and would move on..and start being happy again

  • Antonella Mastroianni says:

    Dear… It seems you know me since I born … I don’t know what to say. Is exactly the process I’m going through… Its really seems you’re talking about myself and my life.
    Thank y for your words, exactly what I need right now… Somebody telling me I’m on the right path… I’m not gonna give up.
    Much love

  • Hi Crystal I feel as though you have read my thoughts,I woke up at3:40 a.m with the urge to clear away all the clutter around me and to do stuff that I have been putting off for another time Thank you for the inspiring words.They have given me more confidence in myself.So once again thank you.


    I FEEL THE LOVE WITHIN ME, IT BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES I STILL AM UNABLE TO CRY, but it nice to feel life within me. It stops at my throat, so still need to open more. Last night was beautiful, my daughter and I walked to school playground after dark, I am able to spin and control the swings while swinging very high, I pretend to be attacking the death star in star wars. With my daughter on my lap. We laughed and had so much fun, I use to be this much fun everyday. Somehow I had the energy as if I was young again, I am lonely been here for 4 years. The young adults watching use play CALLED us over and gave me there number! We stood and talked , I miss people so much. It was another miracle I am grateful 4 Thank u greater good, mother earth, and spirits that quide and protect us all! May I please have the strength to embrace and return the favor. Special thanks to ur human messengers for their very important role in this transformation, it takes a lot of your energy, and not giving up on us, I been stuck 4 years. I LOVE ALL U HEALERS AND RESPECT U TOO. Crystal thank u I mean it your important, your fight with co worker was bad 4 u but awakened me, I felt it, the energy was not the same . I missed u. And wondered if I find some one like your energy, I craved your emails. Than you were back! I was impressed that even on the internet I had the intuitive ability. I started to believe in me again. With any negative there is always a positive.
    SINCERELY YOUR FRIEND Latease Coddington-Wardell

  • Anjanette Williams says:

    thank you me and my oldest daughter needed that

  • Hi Crystal
    I have been through so much in my life.in 2017 I had to bury my oldest daughter who for years suffered from lupus.i have 2 other children who needs me but sometimes I really don’t want to be in this world because the pain is too much to bear.ive been divorced for 12 yrs.5 yrs ago I broke up with the guy I was dating, ever since I have been celibate.every ready I had said I will get back with my ex yet a few months ago I found out he had gotten married to someone else.i would like to have a chance to start over.i don’t believe in anything anymore.will I ever find love and peace?will my financial situation ever improve?

  • Jamie says:

    Everything you’ve said is an expanded version of what I have been told in some way or another over the last year to six months. It is nice to hear this from you as it confirms my chosen path is correct. It’s not all easy to hear but truthful & therefore I am receptive.
    Am I to move on from my current relationship or keep rolling forward with an open heart & mind? Theres been a lot of heartbreak & misunderstandings; I have had many messages telling me I’m misreading him & that I need to let it happen instead of forcing things due to fear of being hurt.
    I am so confused. Please help.

    Thank you,


  • J. says:

    Thank You for all thw Wisdom You share… I’m doing well after this breakup however I cannot get this person out of my mind ans believe Me I am trying to think of any and everything except him… Will this go away soon or is it a meeting od minds that we are thinking of one another… Strange but hopefully I’ll be back to my usual soon❤❤

  • Ron says:

    Crystal, thanks so much for your messages. Rather than enter some lengthy reply, I would say from reading what others have written that Rosette seems to sum up my feelings and experiences very well. I also appreciate Andrew’s situation, as it is similar to my own. It is nice to see a guy or two comment here as well, because your messages apply just as strongly to men in the midst of struggle the same as they do to the ladies. Keep doing this; you are truly a light of deep wisdom, a welcome channel. In fact, I read communications like this several times in order to pick up the many layers and subtlety of what you are really saying. Each Soul knows the voice that calls it, and yours is surely one that resonates. Ron

  • Grant says:

    Thanks for the positivity.

  • Agnes M says:

    Thank so much for your message.

  • Dorina Costea says:

    Thank you Chrystal!
    Will try to use your wisdom. Just now I feel lost. I feel trapped in a midle of nowhere without any power to change something.

  • Denise C Coleman says:

    Yes, I have been feeling like that for a while now, and I have made preparations to start doing things for myself using energy for myself, to make a long story short your words wowed me. Yes I am feeling this.

  • Fredy Chiteta says:

    I appreciate.

  • Denise says:

    Thank you again. I truly appreciate your readings. Every sentence takes my breath away.

  • Dawn says:

    This blog couldn’t have appeared at a better time! I just broke up with someone and am trying to learn from that situation.. trying to discern what he taught me, and why I responded the way I did.. it wasn’t a bitter break-up but painful none the less and I feel rejected even though I knew it was coming.. looking inward is the most difficult part.. thank you for giving me hope and direction!

  • Milly says:

    Thank you Crystal, your words touched a deep understanding within me. One that needed to be reminded of who we are and what we are here to do at this time. I am grateful for your wisdom.

  • Sarolta says:

    Thanks. I liked to read what you wrote. I would like to be happy, in love with my first love who wrote me an emailin 2016 and we were in connection fo more thn a year. We could meet once in 2018 in March 26 for 4 hours. but since then no reply arrived.. I want to continue speaking to him, but s unitl now I coudnt succeed I hope for the best and try to write him again.

  • Thanks so much for everything you do. I just wish I can be happy one day. I love him but don’t knows if he’s loving me the same. I’m so tired I wish I really know what to do.

  • Terri says:

    Will i get pregnant this year

  • Pjasam says:

    I love how you summed up. Everything! I agree but it’s so hard to get over someone you know loves you….

    I can’t believe the pain,the Heartbreak an the deperession. I never thought at my age I would fall in love an have my heart and soul ripped out an ripped apart!.I hope the ends soon ,crying trying to figure out how to get over this pain….I know he loved me and I feel he still does but he has lot of baggage an he is not as good at talking things out.I love him and always will…

  • villajoie says:

    Thanks thanks, with all my heart to find that shining light in this world of darkness… you know what you are talking about.
    May your words resonate in many hearts of persons for the best .

  • JoyMoleta says:

    Thanks for the message ,i love it. It give me insights and feelings of reflection to my self. Its really amazing..thank you so much.

  • Narapan says:

    I love your reading , Like saying the truth that straight to my heart. Thank you so much. with love.

  • Shauna Froman says:

    I so do love you! I’m so amazed how much you have opened me up to owning who I really am. I have gifts and want to help heal others, but I have to heal me and stop my self doubt. I second guess myself alot and you help clarify what I already know. Thank you so much for showing me, that we as healers need to be our true selfs.

  • Heather says:

    I really needed to read this. Thank you so much! Wish I could read more and learn more. I have a million questions. This is crazy awesome.

  • Shirley says:

    So many of these have been spot on for me. Thank you for your words. They help to put life in perspective at this point and time for me and have been helping me along to my awakening that I know is there and has just been waiting to appear!

  • Josie Beard says:

    Crystal,. You are 100 percent accurate about my life thank you so much.

  • Tess says:

    Do you know Karen Armstrong in Vancouver British Columbia Canada?
    I’m taking a Akashic record spiritual class with her and she is saying these exact things!
    She said the yellow mansion on the water I’m care taking is meant for a spiritual retreat… she mentioned a crystal so I m wondering if it’s you…
    So crazy…. all this synchronicity!
    I’ve been having a lot of stuff happening and you have been sending me stuff for ages which I have totally ignored until this week and I’m like NO WAY!!!
    This is too much!
    So please respond if you are part of this!
    Thank you!

  • Brooke M says:

    This resonates with me on so many different levels. Life has been a roller coaster over the past 6 months, found the love of my life, took care of my grandmother until right after christmas when she passed, just moved me, my fiance and our 3 children into a hotel to get away from the violence and severe negativity of my uncles battling over her estate. Trying to find a place to rent within the kids school zone has been a nightmare. All of this chaos and drama were really starting to get to me, so I decided to take 30 min every morning and just mediate and listen to the universe. The universe is working on something big for me I can feel it. I just need to be patient and keep focused. Thanks for this reading I needed it.

  • Cherita says:

    This message was the inspiration i needed to find my inner strength. I am facing terrible heart break. I feel so anxious and haven’t been able to focus. I am going to read your message over again until i am able to work through my fear and step out on faith.

  • Milos says:

    Excelently written 🙂 Well done 🙂

  • Tammy Rabinek says:

    I am trying it’s just hard sometimes. I am working on it. Thank you so much.

  • Tash says:

    Very touching

  • Deb Presnell says:


  • Linda Sabourin says:

    I read your message but I feel so lost because I have a man I have never met and he vows his love to me but he thinks I should save him from financially difficultly. I can’t give to a man I have never met. Am I being used. I feel used, but I feel feelings of love for him. Please help me to make a choice.

  • Dixie says:

    Awesome Reading from you again, as usual!
    I truly am seeking everything that makes me brighter, stronger, knowledgeable. I look forward to your readings.

  • Michelle Bolton says:

    Thank you for this message. I have felt everything said here. I am ready and mov injng forward in my endeavors. I feel the energy and am moving forward towards my vision. I am doing my best to stay focused on the projects that I’ve set forth. I look forward to a prosperous journey. Your words are spot on and I look forward to expressing my progress.

  • Rosette says:

    I am always beyond excited to see yet another email sitting inside my inbox! I make sure upon opening them to sit down in a nice quiet space to take in all your beautifully inspiring messages. Which for the most part always resonates at such a deep core level for me and there are quite a few messages that literally move me to tears. Thank you for not only sharing your gift, but for being that voice, that connection…that not only acknowledges with pin point accuracy what is currently transpiring within so many hearts out there, but for also providing guidance through this much needed process! I have had some really difficult days where I have truly struggled and I find myself calling out to the universe asking for feedback of some sort and I am always pleasantly surprised when what I receive is one of your messages, you are an earth bound angel & an absolutely beautiful blessing ❤️

  • mawa Darbey says:

    I am absolutely Gobsmacked.. as i am in the middle of turmoil at this minute then read your message.. i have been strong for a very long time absorbing all the shit life is throwing at me in love, finances etc.. i am afraid i can’t go on like this..There is no strength left in me.. i will read your message again until i find a way to free myself… Thank you x

  • Andrew says:

    I’m so tired of my pain, and broken heart.
    I know of a man named jake 2/11/80 who thinks of me from time to time. Can he be my true love someday!!?? My dob 12/08/64. Thank you

  • Barbara says:

    Thank you, I have been putting my self last alot its habit and part of myself. Work, kids and grandchildren have been my main. Have not looked out for me. I have been putting stuff off for when I have time, like self time, doctors ect. You helped thank you

  • Krisy says:

    I was exactly here and needed to read this message. Thank you, Crystal!

  • Leidjane Costa says:

    It’s amazing how we are all connected, it’s mesmerising and inspiring. Thank you for being this source of light and power, thank you for helping our souls to find our way back. All of your posts move me and they all have something big to teach me. But this… This is mind blowing. I will use your wisdom and guidance to move forward with every dream I have for myself. Having downloads and epiphanies are not easy to handle, specially when you’re being awaken to a new spiritual path in life. Thank you once again for sharing your gift. You’re an amazing soul ❤️

  • Sonja says:

    Wow – from the first sentence you had my attention.. amazing how you reflected how I am feeling .. and confirmed my feelings of needing self love earthing and quiet times which I am about to start thank you for your kind words

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