Energy Update: Frequency Upgrade (Aquarius New Moon)

By February 5, 2019 Energy Update

Have you recently felt like a snake shedding its skin? As if you’ve upgraded your frequency and now you see life differently?

Just yesterday, we experienced a very receptive new moon starting us out on a completely new phase …

Can you feel it?

The energy is strong, potent and insightful about what is REAL for you. It’s asking you to be radically honest about who you are up to the point, what you truly desire in life and what is true for you.

It’s time to see your soul for what you truly are and then paint the picture around you that matches what you’ve discovered. The power is not outside, it’s within you and rising.

Don’t make yourself fit into places you have outgrown and don’t compromise yourself to belong.

Now is about understanding who you truly are and carving out the lines of life outside you, wielding from the inside out.

Can you stay and be open to who you CAN abundantly become?

Whenever we are in a huge energetic cycle of growth we do this things where we distrust the process and begin to doubt ourselves – especially when we come out of a period of deep growth or learning.

We can tend to look toward the physical spectrum and have a lack of faith, feeling we have a disconnection to our own divinity and we feel separate; powerless.

That’s one of the things this new moon and next few year cycle is trying to heal is our connection with Divine that’s always been there.

(Remember: The power of your Trust and Will to “allow” in what you do not know determines your connection to the Divine.)

This is the first new moon in Aquarius we have had since the change of eclipse cycle from the Leo/Aquarius axis.

While the recent full moon eclipse (last eclipse closing leo aquarius cycle) was about your rebirth, it was also about closing the doors and chapters in your life filled with focusing on fixing, helping others, healing, purging and understanding trauma to clear. The foundation has been set.

You know where you came from (and it’s given you a key of discovery and strength) and you are finding out like a new baby from your heart, what you truly want!

This new moon invites you to stand on that foundation, and ALLOW what you want to come to you, from a place where you are already capable, abundant; already whole.

This is a time of seeing your awareness and self love grow. This is a time of expansion, not recovery. Of growth, not healing. You are healed if you choose to forgive and create.

You are ready to grow beyond the limitations of your past and your mind.

What will help is if you can allow yourself to go into these expansive states where you connect with your already knowing you can more easily apply a new energetic focus where what you want shows up with ease.

Can you be OPEN to who you can become and move beyond what you think you know?

A new flow is here and happening and is one of the most powerful transitions of owning one’s power that I have felt since 2009.

The time now is calling for open minded heart liberated activation and to fully release what is not is full alignment.

The Power To Let Go Of What Is No Longer Yours

Do not be scared to let go of the situations and people outside you who no longer match your inside state of being. You have to let go to the physical circumstances that used to mirror the unhealed parts inside you, as you heal within and visa versa.

You need to learn to remove yourself from the external spaces which don’t fit your soul desires anymore otherwise your vibration aligns with the frequency of not enough or not receiving because you are not honoring what’s real inside you.

This is the time to open ourselves what what’s possible as you remove what isn’t true and goin the same direction as you.

What we thought wasn’t possible is available. The love, the passion and creativity.

The connection to Source and the Divine. The sacred inside you.

Can you trust you, and love your own inner beloved, even as you unfold?

Yes we’ve died, lost our identity and still we are willing the new — lean into your heart and you’ll know what that is.

Trust the flow, allow the shift and vibrate out of the situations and people because they’ve lost alignment.

Trust your inner knowing and make room for what truly aligns …

OWN Your Full Power.

Don’t twist and lie to yourself from ego about what you seek or want as this is a time to be most truthful so that you can truly remove what’s not right and allow new space within your life, body and energy field for what’s birthing through. Don’t compromise yourself to belong, but dive into inner belonging wherever you go.

It’s time to crack open and trust more than ever before as this pressure shapes your will to be made into a diamond.

It’s time to make your dreams tangible and you do this from the inside out in the most effortless way.

Sounds impossible? Keep reading.

You are in the driver’s seat now. Be willing to create your life by leaning into your heart and only tapping into the situations that are fully aligned with the person who’s waking up inside you.

Can you feel the energy asking you if you can just feel open about where you are expanding?

Can you allow yourself to open up for what comes next that you cannot see right now?

Can you FULLY live life in the meantime like a happy FREE baby would?

Can you allow for more love, more deep convos, more playfulness and celebrations and powerful projects to begin in your life?

You have spent a lot of energy the last 6 months – 4 years looking back and letting go and it’s time to stop looking over your shoulders and create from within what’s here and Now.

You may be feeling even if you are still exhausted that there’s new wind in your sails.

Even if it still hurts you are beginning to see in ways now have the tools, the wisdom and energetic strength that you needed to receive the happenings in life you have wanted for a long time.

Being ready in your heart energetically is everything when it comes to creating “the new” in the physical world.

Are we ready to remember more of your light and uncover it or must you keep learning from the shadow, what your light is?

Can you transmute and forgive and allow what you couldn’t see before – to show up so that you can expand beyond what you think is possible for you right now?

Are You Willing To See How Far You Have Come?

Sometimes our greatest victory isn’t what we initially thought. Our self-mastery wasn’t found in running away from a space of chaos or deep vulnerability – but in letting it play out until there is actually nothing left to be resolved.

The evidence of our mastery is found there -precisely where it was once unbearable to be- as we get to see that we’ve eventually become neutral, that we aren’t destabilized in such space any longer, that we’ve become stronger than the wind.

Being in it and seeing that the triggers are gone, that the spaces of hurt and tears have dissolved. That there is nothing to re-enact. That the traumatic loop is over. That we’ve become untouchable, unmovable by what would have shaken our beings to their core, once.

This, is when we are actually ready to organically move out of it. This, is when a karmic loop has fully vanished, found completion, dissolved, healed. Not from force or speeding it up. Just organically.

Yes even if you are still exhausted and need to rest you now have the lessons, wisdom, insight and strength you need to make your dreams and mission happen.

If you are willing to clear and release or you’ve already been doing your purging, clearing and tough self love work this year you may be feeling a sense of liberation lately …

Almost a feeling of a possibility to love or be loved greater … or perhaps after a long time of you feel an itch to be playful and lighter again and to experience a flow state of being happy more often.

We are dipping our toes into a completely new energetic landscape of how we see the world and ourselves in it … can you allow yourself to play and rest inside this profound and powerful new energy?

Can you not ask “how or why” and just step into creation?

This creation energy I’m talking about is less about focusing on old barriers and less about focusing on what you are releasing …

And more about leaning into your your heart, leaning into activation, vision and stepping forward beyond what you think you know …

The Time For Creation Is Now

This is about allowing the pressure to move you to places you have never been and seeing what you couldn’t see before.

It’s time to look forward from a center place of ALL … there is no good or bad, black or white as it ALL lead you here to give you what you needed for our soul to further awake.

Yes the “high” is not better than the “low” and the “low” is not better than the “high” — both is the process.

If you are still judging one as better than the other, you are still driving from polarity split consciousness.

We are all being called into your hearts and to see from the whole of BOTH high and low meeting in the middle = unity consciousness.

Many may may be feeling the intense pressure or breakdown, others may be feeling the process of the breakthrough or like a diamond being shaped from these forces …

Release. Stop Holding Tension.

Feel and soften your tongue in your mouth and allow your shoulders to drop as you are being more aware of your breath. Slow down and come from within you and the answer will show up.

Finding flow didn’t have to be hard, acute, defensive or prickly. We don’t have to try hard or “alway do something physical” in order to shift in a BIG way.

Flow can be strong, softness can have power, magic can build, art can be a foundation, rocks can be vulnerable, depth can become the rising, and masculine & feminine energies can blend within.

This is about getting into your flow and trusting SOUL beyond your thoughts, your conditioning and your past trauma.

Remember: huge shifts that up-level your life massively doesn’t always have to be physical, sometimes it’s choosing to be soft instead of hard.

To respond from the heart instead of reacting or to allow ease instead of force, grace instead of anger .. is when we remember in our souls that the moment we try to control love is the moment we forget how love works.

Sometimes the most seemingly subtle difference of HEART can change the entire direction of creation.

It’s time to take a quantum leap into the creation of our hearts and stop thinking we have to “fix, change or force” from the outside.

On a collective level the narrow and logical belief that you have to physically “do something” in order to make a huge shift happen is being replaced by the understanding that your vibration (your inner being state) must match the alignment of something in order for it appear in your reality.

It’s no longer about wrapping yourself in your own spiritual bubble of BS, avoiding all the “low vibration” people as you ascend MORE, faster and better.

Because, the first month of this new year is now over.

It’s okay if you don’t have the answers right now, or if you feel lost or “at a loss” of something or someone.

Clear and make space and realize this is only happening to support the movement in the direction of our dreams, even if you are not fully aware yet of your own subconscious and heart.

Use this powerful time to visualize exactly what you truly want at the very core essence of your soul. What does it yearn for?

You are being guided in 2019 to merge with soul more than you have ever allowed or trusted in this life up to now.

Remember that all planets are direct now, and even if not everything will happen within this window, much can be imagined, set the intention of or planned already. Lightworkers are called to more presence in the physical. The spectrum of what each of us can do is so wide

Changes are not always black and white – sometimes they also speak of the deepening of a calling/path, or of the reallocation of our gifts/knowledge to a new form of creation. Keep going with what brings the greatest sense of authenticity, uniqueness, inner power, aliveness and joy

We’re reminded that our lives, our interests, our work, our missions and joys are supposed to find reconciliation & integration within one only thing – which is becoming the embodied version of Who We Are.

Time to say that yes all this crazy stuff that’s happened — from loss to death, it has opened us.

We’ve died, lost our identity and still we are willing for the new. This is the gift.

Time to open ourselves for what comes next, and start looking forward

Less trying less forcing … Less tension less… homework less tasks

More creating from inspiration and imagination. More soul work …

More connecting within to bigger picture and be open to what insights come in.

More. YOU.

Visualize it and feel it take actions one by one from your heart and gut. Don’t ask how you are going to get it (and poke holes) – just tap into what your soul wants allow the universe to begin expanding it around you by claiming what you truly want and owning it in every action and way you live life.

Like a baby would …Let yourself have the fantasy.

Screw what society says … what other people want you to be or do. It’s time to be who you are.

‪Don’t bend your boundaries to appease other people. Stand your ground. Follow through with what feels right. When the universe tests you, stay strong. Do not waver.‬

The way others treat you (and you allow them) reflects your inner state of being so it’s all up to YOU and who you are to yourself.

Free your inner child. Love him or her through this powerful visionary and creative time as you do what it takes to raise yourself to where you are the light you seek and the happiness you desire…where you already ARE the love you feel is missing and already are the abundance you crave.

Trust what has vibrated out and lost alignment and allow the shift from knowing what you truly want.

Allow yourself to receive what’s REALLY GOOD.

Taste it from inside you and trust your inner knowing.

You’re making room for your best life.

Don’t worry about others. Just be you.

You are loved. Feel it.

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Shauna H. says:

    As always Crystal, every word I read continued to move me and lift me higher to a place of love and peace. Its as if you’ve been right next to me living my life’s thoughts and feelings and documented all of them to summarize them for me now. You are truly amazing and I’m beyond grateful that our paths crossed. I can’t imagine having a more powerful guide of light and love to inspire me along my journey. You don’t just have many gifts, “You are truly a gift all of your own.”
    Thank you!!!
    All my love,
    Shauna H.

  • Daniel Stainless says:

    Thank you crystal your insight is really amazing. Right now I feel like my life is stagnant but I know and believe that things will change soon.

  • Ron says:

    I have to agree with Stephanie that your insights are very powerful indeed! 100% spot on! I can hardly believe how accurately your channeling reveals the new energies we are experiencing. Most are yet unaware that mankind has turned a new corner into a new age like none before. Even the earth itself is now in a place in the galaxy where it has not been before with people on it (225 million years)! When I even mention to people I talk with that great change is upon us and gloom and doom should give way to hope and joy, I am stared at as if I am half crazy. One almost suspects they secretly wish I could be taken away from them in a strait jacket for even mentioning the horrible word “change”. Well, it is finally here, and I love it. An old Soul like myself came early to the party as a pioneer. New generations will reap the harvest from what I have sown and continue to quietly sow. I don’t have to prove a thing; the future will prove itself. Than others will know in reality what the “raving lunatic” was trying to tell them. Deep Peace and Blessings to All………Ron

  • Stephanie Wood says:

    OMG, I am so moved by your insights, this one and the one before, are extremely powerful. Your sight is so clear, and it is helping me follow in the right direction and to move with grace, love and positive attitude.
    Thank you ever so much for being.

  • Lanette Michelle Demps says:

    I’m feeling that I’m not were I need to be. And people around me are not being honest. My sister Cynthia is the reason bad things has been happening to me. I know in my soul she likes to me.. Your words let me know. Trust myself and all will be well. Thank you for being my friend.

  • Dear madam,
    I have gone through your entire message.
    Kindly tell me how can I be guided in 2019 to merge with soul as communicated by me. The relevant paras of your communication is reproduced here under and I request you to tell me how the break through can be achieved.
    You are being guided in 2019 to merge with soul more than you have ever allowed or trusted in this life up to now.

    Remember that all planets are direct now, and even if not everything will happen within this window, much can be imagined, set the intention of or planned already. Light workers are called to more presence in the physical. The spectrum of what each of us can do is so wide
    with kind regards
    ghulam hassan nakash

  • minnie tillak says:

    Kavita, I feel the same way at times.
    You will learn in time.
    I am wise with understanding and LOVE.

  • keith madow says:

    you are fabulous Crystal Aryana. thank you so much for all your wisdom!

  • Kavita says:

    I am feeling lost and out of sorts don’t enjoy anything

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