Energy Update: Equilibrium Aftershock

By September 30, 2019 Energy Update

Hi love,

I hope you are keeping your heart open…

You’re going to be watching things click into place very soon if you haven’t already as you’re leveling up, be patient.

This reminds me of my own surrender, even struggling to get this update out on time instead of today.

Yet I needed some time to just be; to hold space.

Not just what I felt collapsing and transitioning in the collective but also in my own daily structures that rapidly shifted the past few days.

It’s been a unity mirroring, holding space trigger, feeling, rewiring, timeline collapsing and moving forward kind of time!

It’s true, you can’t “mindset” your way out of feelings or old trauma…

Nope, not yours or anyone else’s.

You can hold space, anchor your space and breath…

You can witness and feel the energy in the body flow freely, rise and fall.

You can choose to surrender, open and unite the pieces back to the whole.

Keep your heart open through the pain..

Through the resistance of the old practiced, the “safety of the old trauma”…

And into seeing the bigger picture and co-creating a new way, from love.

Love is the only way and the keys are inside you.

Separation or “problem consciousness” only begets more separation and problems.

So as things happened around me lately I realized the war between my own little girl and my inner loving Queen was going to need to support each other better and merge, so that I can step into my own inner King (my own sovereignty, inner space and new structures!)

That my own inner King, pillar, (space and stillness) can penetrate my “little girl chaotic bs” and that my little girl can safely step into her Queen, going deeper into loving myself where she needs.

Embracing the uncomfortable and facing what needs more truth, integration and connection as I go into uncharted territory.

And in the midst of a painful crisis on Friday, I chose to stay open.

Only this time, right afterwards I received some very surprising news about the company and just like that—it’s all turning out for the better!

It’s amazing how beautiful things can turn out when you surrender and allow the process and receive the gift, even the heartbreaking lesson.

I am grateful to be shown how to love, deeper, even in the twist and pressure.

Yes, the energy we’ve been feeling all year has reached its breaking point!

The refreshing Libra New Moon is helping you to reset the balance in your life, even if it’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone!

You might be asking yourself…

How am I taking care of my inner child right now?

How can I pause and receive in presence (no mind) feelings arise and fall?

What does the child inside me need to feel or hear that she or he didn’t receive?

What do these parts inside me need right now?


You can stay true, gentle and wildly powerful in your heart even in the bloody mess and when the familiar, crumbling, old is collapsing around you.

Let the weight of the world wash over you. You are safe, even in the unknown.

Can you lay down your sword and tend to your own deepest inner parts that need attention and love as a whole, dear beloved?

That’s what this time asks of you.

New Moon In Libra: Rebalance And Renewal

This New Moon finds the Sun and Moon in the sign of Libra, the scales.

A new cycle begins.

This illumination in Libra calls you to ask yourself what is balanced and harmonious in our life, and what is not.

Your external world is a mirror of your inner world.

Also this New Moon is joined in Libra by Venus, it’s ruler, as well as Mercury, the messenger opposing the wounded healer Chiron.

It’s quite a lovely gathering except these planets (Mars too, entering Libra soon) are all squaring Saturn right now and then Pluto.

So amidst holding ancient wounds, karmic rebalancing and skeletons, is a new light …

You may be feeling a call in some way to lift your spirits as you realize what’s possible when the scales are balanced back to neutral.

So consider this energy an ongoing set of checks and balances in your affairs, perhaps bringing a contrasted reality to situations you thought were otherwise smooth sailing.

You’re also being asked to commit to the deeper work before the final reward, and move through fears directly with an open heart.

This is also connected to being in unity with yourself—even feelings, wounds and shadow so you can free yourself and LIVE your life long dreams.

Feel the triggers and bring them home into the heart.

Don’t think shadow. Don’t obsess shadow.

Just honor whatever shows up when you as you focus more on what you love.

Yes even the sh*t that comes up when you are trying to heal, celebrate and receive IS doing the work.

So honor it.

And get back to playing.

Honor the shadow but don’t get obsessed with it.

Cultivate a more harmonious relationship with yourself.

Everyone and everything is your teacher and lover this way.

Do what you love and see what areas of your life need more balance.

Are you taking heed to what your own soul (all the universe) has been trying to communicate to you or have you been resistant?

You may be feeling called to take responsibility for yourself in new ways, and even be rewarded for the inner-to-outer work you’ve put in.

With Saturn direct energies in south node holding strong along with Pluto turning direct in a couple days, it can feel like a lotta contraction and expansion.

Saturn has clashed with this moon as we all reset into what matters most.

Overall a rebalancing of energies in our relationship to self, to others, and to our fears, pain and inner emotions.

Yes, it’s time to release relational wounding and focus on your own soul retrieval and inner child healing.

It’s time to tell yourself a new story and show up for yourself through self love and compassion and embrace all of you.

This is a time for BALANCE.

We are all healing and reuniting on so many different levels right now between the mind, body and soul!

It’s important now, to remember that…

All You Need Is Within You

Staying rooted in the NOW.

Find peace within.

When you find peace within, everything falls into place.

If you’re triggered, be with it.

Stop trying to avoid the dark, or trauma or avoid the pain.

Be with it, rise and fall in the present moment.

Being neutral is about mastery. It’s about awareness of the whole—it’s not about “only trying to be positive”…

Nor is neutrality trying to “not be affected” or avoiding the dark (like I said in the last update)

Being neutral is holding a non-polarized view that is present moment to moment.

It’s a practice of openly feeling ALL in your heart without attachment or judgment.

It’s about calling up even the deepest dark, the wound, the memory, it’s voice, the fear, the label, the inner child and allowing yourself to integrate what “it” needs from your own heart.

Your cells are alive and can hear you from a scientific and energetic standpoint, so realize your voice, sound and energetic intention is powerful.

Stay rooted, express core needs and use your intuition.

Come from love and don’t carry what isn’t yours. You are stronger than you know.

You are worthy of truth and love without doing anything—even just your being.


Instead of disconnecting and withdrawing, share openly and stay true to what is at your core.

Yet nothing can truly be done without your soul agreement.

You must call what you want in. Make the new decision.

Where you “feel most stuck” is usually where you are divided within about what you want.

So the universe only mirrors what you show it from within you.

You must get clear with yourself about your “core drivers” motives and desires.

You are the co-creator. The Universe IS YOU.

So this is really about separation consciousness meeting its own whole; or unity consciousness awakening, within you.

You are not here to fit into the world, you are here to transform the world.

You are not here to “try” to love…

You are love.

Be You! Be Love

You here to simply exist what you are.

Your tribe will show up the more you are true to who you really are. Express your soul and being.

Be thankful to those who resist and challenge you, they are helping see yourself too.

Embody love and truth silently (giantly) in a way that soaks into and lights up the environment around you….

Remember you don’t need to “try”…

Just be. Recognize you ARE, the whole.

It’s your living being.

You’re not here to make others love you, happy, prove, manipulate, control, beg, sacrifice or conform…

You’re here to just, be!

You’re already whole and worthy.

You’re here to uncondition and unlearn all that isn’t truly you, by exploring more and more of what is!

You don’t need to do anything to offer love; only exist and “spill over” onto others.

This is how you change the world.

You Drink Your Medicine

There’s lots of contexts I mean when I say “drink your own medicine,” yet I generally mean finding your own way inside your own heart by fully surrendering into the unknown.

Your most potent medicine isn’t pretending to be light, or to know it all.

It’s just being open about being in the dark, and turning the light on anyway.

Even when things are intense, energy is ramping up and issues come to light—you can keep your heart open, even when it hurts.

The medicine isn’t in hiding your truths or needs, waiting for the right moment to speak, begging, needing to be right, exerting false power, putting people in their place or calling them out…

The energy of this next major 100 year cycle is not supporting that anymore.

Lay down your swords love and tend to your own heart.

It’s time to belong to yourself again dear lover, beloved.

Confront the parts of you that fear being loved and allow love to flow in these places.

Until you do, you won’t be in the right headspace to receive the blessings as they show up.

Yes, no more pushing away and focusing on shadow.

Drinking your medicine is NOT about focusing on the shadow.

It’s about letting in the good, being penetrated by truth and love —even during the reaction, fear, resistance and collapsing of the old.

It’s choosing love even when you don’t feel like it the most.

I feel too many are focused on the shadow and missing the point of existence.

Instead of expressing compassion, presence and self love…

More playing, nurturing, singing, exploring, adventuring, dancing and creating!

More freely flowing, rising and falling …

Even when the pressure of pain or “old patterns” freak out in your nervous system, you can still turn it all around.

Keeping your heart open is one of the most powerful lessons you can learn when channeling painful, rough or negative energy into golden nuggets of wisdom and real love.

Yes, you may feel tested and like you’ve had enough!

Good. You may be absolutely FED UP and ready to make this new shift in your world.

Stretched—on the brink of rebirth…

Tossed fully into the unknown…

And it’s all perfect timing.

This Is Sacred

Keep telling yourself what you truly want and why you are here.

No need to cling to the old that screaming that is collapsing…

No need to judge it.

Just keep creating, going, dancing and doing your thing.

When resistance creeps up into your space, just observe it and watch it fall.

Practice presence and your heart chakra.

You can collapse any old timeline just with your grounded embodiment, intention, presence and awareness.

You got this. You already have what it takes inside your own energy system and body.

Remember that your soul asked for this evolution and information. You wouldn’t be reading this.

Somehow and somewhere you asked for this next step…

…a deeper understanding, love, purpose and change.

Like my last couple updates, I joked and said “you chose truth and so the delusions of duality are coming for you” …

Because this is the process.

That means any distortions inside your own mind, energy field and nervous system are going to get louder in your outside environment around you until you take ownership.

The only toxic relationship anyone truly has is with the self—everyone is a reflection.

So yes it’s not about cutting others out. It’s about witnessing what others call up and out in you.

Whether you are fighting for or against something, you’re still at war.

It’s time to make love.

Love these forgotten and left out pieces, they are your sacred truth too.

Make Love: Not War

Forget hiding, repressing and “feel good” false positivity that aims to please.

Forget “transcending” the sadness or pain or lessons.

Instead, honor what’s real freely when it shows up.

Do you carry hurt (anger, resentment, shame) towards your parents, women or men?

Pain only turns to suffering when it is not held in presence…when pain is held, it turns to wisdom.

This is how you heal. Pain isn’t scary and can only harm when avoiding or suppressing it.

Until you’re authentic at your core with what is, you’ll keep playing the game of separation consciousness, as if it’s not up to you.

You gotta feel and allow your ego to be penetrated all the way into the unknown and you’ll begin to know deeper truth.

Even in the murky, muddy and shitty you can surrender from a heart perspective and realize the gold.

Everything is you, it may look like them, but if you are affected, it’s you.

If you are perceiving it, you’re creating it too!

Triggers show you where you need love.

The threat of where you think you are separate from source.

Those that hurt you were really messengers and guides in some way.

To show you to hold space and know your own energy and truth and boundaries.

Metaphysically, where the King in you is able to support the Queen in you, as you transform.

So KEEP your heart open as you rewire new wisdom into your felt awareness and being in the moment.

Forgive your ex, the people or parents for whatever they did or didn’t do and release the guilt and regret.

Be grateful for the new opening and your choice.

You are not feeling through your mind. You are opening your body (and heart chakra) so the feelings can flow freely in and out.

If not, you’re just going to keep going through the same lessons and mental replays, staying in the same place.

You must fully feel “straight through” the void, your heart.

It Takes Presence

Where you simply exist honestly, radically and authentically.

Where you express and honor what is, just as you are.

Choosing to nurture your truth, boundaries and return to your inner knowing as you see your next steps, unfolding.

Letting sensations and stories and other people’s consciousness trapped in your body have a voice and a way out, just as and when it comes up.

Yes, the more you safely and intelligently release more of what isn’t you and let in more of what is, the more you’ll begin trusting your own body more.

You’ll realize you can still flow, even in the unknown.

You can release old relationship wounding and heal your wounds.

And you can allow both expansion and contraction, rising and falling in the same place, even as you create the gold.

What you are letting go of is going to help you so much better than you know.

Trust it can really get GOOD and stay this way.

Stay in the mindset that something will flip, turn around and the unexpected will happen.

The more you do the work and step into the new, the more your new world meets you.

Because it’s time as your opportunities, new energy, new mindset and new connections—and dreams are waiting for you.

I know you maybe coming FULL circle with some pretty awesome rewards right now…

I am so proud and thankful for your journey, service to the world and your accomplishments!

We are all doing it!

And for those who are still making room:

Yes keep going! We are all doing it!

The amount you’re willing to let go of your old self, is the amount of space your new self has to thrive!

It’s time to shift! It’s time for that break through.

Loosen your grip of the old and trust it’s already happening!

New Structures Crumble The Old

You can allow the old structures to break loose and flow freely in your body, even as you decide what you want…

An open heart (even when it hurts) washes away what you no longer need as you see the bigger picture.

Straight through the void of your naked open heart—you can turn even the shitty muddy low into pure, resounding wisdom and magic.

Yes, consciously making room for the miracle.

Staying in the present moment, all the way through “the collapsing of the old” and receiving the invitation, the blessings here for you.

Allowing abundance and love in…

Confronting the parts that fear being loved!

Realizing most of your doubts are usually the “consciousness of others” imprinted in yours that you don’t need to take on anymore.

You can release what’s not yours and receive more of what is as you look at your emotions instead of judge them.

You can intelligently speak to your inner child, your body and allow your body to talk to you and tell you what it needs.

You can write a new template by completely embracing all parts of yourself that need deeper love and care.

If you want to exist as love, as abundance, as truth and receive the life that’s waiting for you…

Simply Exist

No need to try. Stop over focusing on the shadow.

Begin telling yourself a new story. You are seen.

You are heard. You are loved. You are honored.

You only need to invite and initiate. Arrive from this place.

There’s no perfect formula or path, the truth and what you need exists only in your heart.

In staying rooted, trusting straight through the doubt, straight into the unknown, into the uncomfortable…

In fully allowing old patterns, structures and shadows to collapse, fall and melt away without clinging. In honoring.

Yes even the things screaming for change.

As the new comes in, the old must die—the louder it is, the more ready to dissolve. So honor it.

This is what consciously creating your life means, even as you go through complete paradigm shifts.

This is bringing into fruition your dreams and your visions, while at the same time allowing the death of the old.

Yes! You can trust your present truth and body and inner being, even in uncertainty.

Remember, whenever you enter the unknown, you are challenging yourself to uplevel.

So whenever you do something new —a body, nervous system and “energy” level, you’re rewiring so many practiced vibrational patterns.

So this means you must hold space for the triggering and not make meaning out of it. Allow your nervous system to talk or shout and tell you what it needs.

This is your inner child work next to your deepest shamanistic work.

This is the secret of knowing your own wholeness and “oneness”

That the word is not “either or” …

You are existing as BOTH.

And that’s beautiful.

This Is The Balancing Process

This New Moon energy is asking you to turn a painful situation around.

To balance yourself, and turn dark into light, but without bypassing.

To be OK with who you are alone, in the dark, by yourself, rather than to reject it.

To take full accountability and create harmony, not getting lost in the shadow.

This is not about separating yourself from your shadow, this is about integrating it.

So as the new is coming in, even when you don’t recognize it, don’t reject it.

When you face resistance from others who don’t understand don’t reject them.

Don’t start “cutting others off,” or pretend like nothing has happened, and try to not be affected.

Instead, try purifying your energy and bringing it back.

Intelligently hold those affected parts if you and look at what it is connected to.

It’s a process of discovering and witnessing all the pieces of other people’s consciousness from when you were growing up (resistances and limitations) trapped in your own body that isn’t you and sending it back

It’s seeing where you are divided with yourself because the universe is only reflecting you.

It’s realizing the false positivity that we use to mask our pain… is really a mask of ugliness and fear.

It means we don’t have to be attached to the old timelines as they collapse in our lives. We can stay rooted in our hearts, and get what we asked for.

When you choose truth, your delusions can come back to haunt you, simply because they are familiar, and therefore comfortable.

Just remember, as you choose deeper truth in your heart, more and more old distortions will come out of your body to meet you. And it may become so obvious that all you can do is see them as they happen.

What Is Collapsing Is Here To Help You

Whatever element of a new life you are trying to manifest is possible when you stay in your heart even in the unknown and remember you asked for this upgrade.

YES you can feel safe even in the unknown and new that is emerging.

You can keep opening through the contractions that tell you it’s unsafe to exist …and exist anyway!

No more trying to “prove yourself right” from a place of fear.

You can stop chasing what’s familiar.

This is how you stop recreating the painful patterns and shift them into medicine.

The tunnel is always darkest right before the miracle of light peaks through.

Been feeling a final clearing lately over this Libra new moon that will stretch out to the Full moon.

This time period is helping us all reset our trajectories and uplevel.

Ask yourself…

Am I willing to stay in my heart through the distortions and control and emerge into a deeper genuine power and core authenticity?

Can I be radically honest and ask for what I need?

Can I choose harmony without compromising my own soul?

Can I go deeper into my core truths, motives and desires and be real with it all exactly where it is?

Can I embrace and hold pain without focusing so much on the shadow —but more on integrating and providing myself nourishing outlets?

Can I see that everything is me, and that so long as I am entertaining, charging, defending or perceiving an experience, situation or projection—my energy is partly creating it?

Can I embrace my own pain from a place of love and gratitude and choice?

Yes love—no matter what DO not abort your mission, stay in your heart, stay true, and the way will appear.

At the same time, don’t push away the love that’s here for you.

Your intention, raw “being” and receptivity changes everything.

No More Spiritual Bypassing

Your direct intention and coherence matters, and that gets distorted over time, from a place of purity as a child, to a place of fragmentation as an adult.

As babies, we manifest perfectly with the universe; there’s no ego yet.

Babies only know unity consciousness.

Over time, we are trained as children to give up our own innate desires, expressions and needs to make the adults happy around us.

We’ve been trained to conceal and manipulate aspects of ourselves to please others, be seen, win love and protect ourselves from ridicule, failure and separation consciousness.

The point is, until you are truly authentic and true to yourself you cannot be clear in any relationship, including your own mirror with the universe.

You cannot manifest when you’re still in separation consciousness or duality.

You have to be REAL with what is and learn to see from a non-polarized view.

It’s seeing that non duality isn’t bypassing the dark or pretending it’s all love and light; it’s about mastery.

Being neutral is about mastery of holding space for a non polarized and clear view point, (it doesn’t mean being happy all the time or that evil doesn’t exist).

Opening Your Heart, Even When It Hurts

Only your heart knows what EXISTS AS love itself, and what is hurting itself to give in the name of love.

Where in your wounding of your past preventing you from opening this moment?

Energy can be rough, but it’s here’s to open you up in some way.

Until you can see that it is you, it will always look like “them”…

Yet, it’s not about them. It’s about what others show you ABOUT you.

You have your own journey and path. It may not make sense to others, but that doesn’t matter …

It’s not about tip toeing around the wrong people, it’s knowing the right people hear you the first time …

It’s not about “trying to be unaffected.” It’s about retrieving those affected parts, calling them upward, and satisfying those core needs first.

It’s not about “bypassing” in the name of non duality because it’s “all love and light.”

NO! It’s about being authentic, calling upward and integrating triggers, making the darkness conscious, even as the towers are falling and you’re in the mess.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you are happy and positive 100% of the time. It doesn’t mean that you want something to be a certain way—that is control.

Unconditional love is what’s shows you what you need to do, see and feel to remain more stable and consistent in your own vibration.

Stop running or stifling your wants, needs and truth. Start staying true to yourself, being fiercely honest and feeding yourself what you need.

It’s about expressing and connecting instead of withdrawing and disconnecting as you honor what is —and it’s where you stop trying to twist or manipulate it to “look better or sound better” and instead fully embrace and honor the whole, even when you find yourself in your shadow.

Know you are worthy to be who you are and not fit into someone else’s expectations. No more changing yourself so that others love or like you. It’s not about conforming or sacrificing in the name of love.

It’s not controlling, begging, chasing or demanding others …

It’s about knowing your energy, value and expressing your needs directly, vulnerably, and without attachment.

You can feed yourself what you need—trust the intelligent feedback of your body and realize you are safe even in the old knee jerk reaction or pattern.

You can turn your pain into wisdom, your hardship into creativity, your dark into light and be real and naked about it …

Knowing your own medicine and drinking it —this is not just how you change yourself, this is how you change the world!

Let Go Of What’s Familiar And Tell Yourself A New Story

It’s almost like the collapsing of the old allows everything good to come in that we can’t see yet.

This “space in between is really so sacred”…

Yes at first it may feel like a line in the sand has been drawn. You’ve had enough of a certain way of being and you are ready to step into the unknown.

No need to fear the unknown or cling to the old from fear. Watch the old dissolve. Observe.

Stay rooted in your own heart, open.

Remind yourself how juicy and powerful it feels to trust yourself and discover the perfect alignment or connection because you did. Be grateful it is already so.

Yes more new story, creating and playing.

Instead of so much energy around the collapsing of the old, let’s play, rejuvenate and sustain more!

You must live self love even if it feels unknown.

Yes, you know now that the old places that once provided you love, safety or familiarity – even if they are no longer good for you.

You are deepening; transitioning.

Allow yourself so space as you shift between the old world and the new and allowing yourself to really clear out the old.

And how we clear out the old: we don’t flush it away, or try to push it away, or cut it off.

The only way to really come back into coherence and sustainability, and balance and solidarity… is soul retrieving from a place of love.

So it’s really the process of keeping our hearts open, even in the unknown, even when it’s not familiar.

Yes, I get it, the BS is familiar and trauma is familiar…

But look at it this way, if it’s familiar then it’s easy to recognize “the pattern” when the old is collapsing.

Let it collapse and stop charging it. No need to hang on to what’s no longer healthy.

Tell yourself “this is happening for my own good the more I see from my heart! these old structures are actually collapsing to bring me so much new life.”

Allowing the old to collapse fully is also in your perspective shift.

And this is how we take accountability.

This is how we tell ourselves a new story.

So remind yourself often that you are a badass with a soft heart!

Arrive from this place.

You need to come from the whole and meet in the middle with what you want.

You need to TELL yourself, your own energy field, the unified web of the Universe and intelligence through us all what it is you DO WANT.

And be willing to receive abundance, even as old programs and structures pop in once in a while.

Yes those old routes may feel safe but they ultimately hold back your ability to freely interact with, to see love and exchange more love.

To even notice the love that is around you and available to you sometimes that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

We are all being flushed out of all of our separation and abandonment consciousness before the beginning of 2020.

Any old beliefs and distortions in our own energy field are being aggravated played out in our environment and in others.

Duality meeting non duality; separation consciousness meeting unity consciousness, is the process.

What is inside of us is just going to show up, outside of us, until we recognize that we are the inner creators of it all!

Confront Your Fears Of Being Loved

Fear says what if…

Faith says even if!

It’s time to heal the Mother wound and allow yourself to step into your own inner King and space.

If you want the kind of love, freedom and connection that you dream of.

If you want to exist as love, as abundance, as truth and receive the life that’s waiting for you…

You must confront where you need to let in love and realize the source you already are.

Until you do—self fulfilling prophecies and abandonment trauma will run your life (where you unconsciously sabotage as a way to affirm your fears).

No need to “affirm the fears” and push away the good that is making its way into your life.

No need to hide your heart or beg/manipulate for love and connection, respect and honor.

No more shame, belittlement and cowering behind control.

Be smarter in your heart than the old programming (the story you used to tell yourself) and one step ahead (meaning slow down, when triggered).

Tell yourself that you are loved, honored—that others want to hear you, support you and love you.

And arrive from that place (also attract your new tribe!)

In the meantime create a project, nourish yourself, parent yourself “walk in the grass” and raise your vibration FIRST BEFORE you problem solve, act, or think—and the “problem” will look different like I’ve been saying in posts over the summer.

Heart wisdom applied is sensing your next big step that your ego isn’t ready for and going for it; being wiser than the old patterns before you…

This means you gotta get real, naked, (truly) strong and vulnerable and show up—you can be naked and also fierce.

You can know what parts of you to give or not give to someone—who or what to let into your field, what to charge your energy with AND STILL BE NAKED AND RAW AND REAL AF 🔥

You can be it all, love.

Stop telling yourself that you are unloved and rejected (your cells and atoms are intelligent and they hold “photonic light” coded with information—so from an energetic perspective, your cells and atoms can hear you from a vibrational level).

When others who are aligned show up to love you, stop picking yourself apart.

YES you can feel safe even in the unknown.

You can keep opening through the contractions that tell you it’s unsafe to exist …and exist anyway!

No more trying to prove yourself right from a place of fear.

You can stop chasing what’s familiar.

This is how you stop recreating the painful patterns and shift them into medicine.

This is how you drink your medicine.


Crystal Aryana

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  • Louie says:

    Dear Crystal

    You’re definitely gifted with wonderful insights, intense clarity plus a direct style that challenges us all to be our own greatness. So much to digest more than just intellectually. May everyone find their way to make these truths a reality. Many thanks for your inspiring contributions. Love, Louie

  • Jay says:

    My Dearest Crystal,
    Hello and greetings to you! I’m truly honored to experience, expand , and to co create this moment with you. It is in this exact moment where My tethered fractal heart chakra becomes whole again. Thank you very much for Your loving honesty And guidance. Thank you for inspiring me to be me my authentic self! Gratitude toward the dance of the universe and infinite blessings. We are all love, light, and limitless! Namaste

  • Rose says:

    TY. TY. I read AND re-read and came away feeling renewed and more positive about my life’s shifting into a more positive vibes. BLESSINGS

  • Leslie says:

    You always seem to be spot on and it’s scary because I am so afraid of letting go I the familiar but I need a change and I know thats the only option. Thank you!!

  • Helene says:

    So I don’t have the words right now to express what I felt/learnt whilst reading this post. It was ….. Deep? …… nup I don’t have the words. However I do want to express my gratitude in you sharing your gift wisdom and insights. Beautiful. Powerful. Raw and Real. You’re amazing. Thankyou

  • Ron says:

    Dear Crystal, thanks so very much for this post. I doubly appreciate that you have presented it in the Blog as well as Facebook, as I can really appreciate it more and actually comment as well. I know Facebook is the usual “medium of choice” for communicating now-days, but Facebook is currently a bit dangerous and a “spy-trap” of those wishing to scan for every scrap of personal information they can garner for not-so-scrupulous means of power and control. I am not paranoid, just careful, and I choose not to play the game. To the point here, this post is so very profound! I have printed out a copy, and will definitely read and re-read until all that is implied sinks in. All of what you say and describe is so relevant right now, I can hardly believe what I am reading. And following through with what you advise is often very difficult going, even for those of us somewhat familiar with what you are saying. Your words are most helpful in giving me a kind of on the ground practical guide to what to do next. This may seem elementary, but so many who offer guidance and insight to spiritual wisdom often just make their profound pronouncements (which are often quite appropriate), but they offer no practical way to implement what they are saying. You do, and you do it very well. I deeply appreciate that gift from you. Even as a man, all you say deeply resonates and speaks truth within me. So many men need this wisdom in order to progress and be a part of the new ascension taking place now. I am currently deeply in love with another man whom I feel to be my Twin Flame. He is at the moment un-awakened and distant. He still suffers in the old toxic masculine paradigm, and I feel pretty certain, without knowing for sure, that he is undergoing quite an internal transformation which is very hard on him; you see, he is a Capricorn and Pluto has been going to the deepest parts of us during this transformation. I myself, have been relating very much to the image of the Phoenix lately, and feel it to be very appropriate. I have much work to do, and so does he, but I look forward to our coming into final alignment and the ultimate happiness that can bring! Thanks for all you do; your insights are like gold and they DO help show us all a way forward! Blessings to You……….Ron (James)

  • Belen says:

    Lovely Crystal!!!
    Thank you for your loving and powerful message!!
    It was jus what I needed!!
    I am faced with a horrible situation where people that I live close by, are ransacking the creek in front of were I’m staying. I have reported them and because of that they have attacked me violently.
    I have reported all this to the authorities here in Baja California, Mexico, but they could not care less!!
    What I want more than anything in this life, is to live in a conscious and ENLIGHTENED way!!…like you, or Eckard Tolley!!….I need your support, as I don’t understand what it is that I’m supposed to do, and realize!!
    Bless you!!!
    You are truly a blessing to this planet!!

  • margret vreedenburgh says:

    I have read the three messages you sent me.
    It’s amazing the things you know about me.

    “Freak out the pain of old patterns of my system”
    ” heal my wounds and be the woman you are”
    ” D’ont focus on your passed live”
    ” try to be positive en feel worthy”
    That are wise lessons to carry out!
    I hope on a harmonious future with somebody who take care of me.
    Thank you!

  • Yvonne says:

    Totally Resonates With This Libra Queen . I have definitely come out of my cocoon and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. Thanks so much .

  • Brandi says:

    This my friend is the perfection of self love. Every word hit a chord . Every sentence made since. The universe shifts our eyes to see what it wants us to open up to . Every bit made since for me and what I am shifting into. So thank you for your time it took to write this. Thank you for many more .

  • Anju pathak says:

    thank you ao.much for the reading whichbyou are doing for me for no charges its a great guidance for me thanks alot please keep aending and be in touch

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