Eclipse Energy Update: Your Portal To A New Life

By July 15, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Channeling, Horoscope

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be … in nothingness there is everything, energy…the ending is also the beginning.”

Divine timing is a funny thing. I like to be at the heart of feeling before I go to write these energy updates and so it is.

I cried deeply yesterday, today .. all this past week as i release deeper memories and stories of lack of trust and limitation. It’s been a purging kind of time and i felt to share with you what’s showing up for me.

This energy update barely made it out, as I didn’t listen up last week and kept running hard. I lay here late at night on the couch after waking up not long ago. I received the message to slow down again, feel, rest and heal.

And now, I’m passing that message along to you.

Solar Eclipse: The Portal Of Rebirth Has Opened

The Door is open between now, the lunar eclipse on the 27th and through to August.

I know many are feeling increasing pressure which is the result of Light increasing on our planet. Old wounding, pain, trauma, fears, stories, patterns are coming up to be seen, held and transmuted.

We have come full circle and Karmic lessons are asking to be released and integrated as matured, felt wisdom. We are coming full circle as we discover what truly matters in life and what we DO want after we have gotten a finalizing taste lately of what we don’t want or no longer need.

The eclipses happening now and coming the 27th and 11th of August are calling your bluff to live what your soul and heart can no longer deny – that you are ALREADY whole and don’t need to keep pushing away love and abundance by not living and receiving it.

But, before we look ahead…

What was happening in your life back in Jan of this year – or perhaps back in August of last year during the Solar eclipse? The time now is likely bringing up whatever you were facing back in January and August.

So expect the past to come back up to be seen, felt, honored and healed. It’s time to feel life just as it is and still know you are already whole and abundant – even in the shit. You also may be getting a new look at the past and have the opportunity for some profound understanding, healing and closure.

Most often we’re shocked as the eclipses are one of the most dramatic tools the universe uses to get you to sit up, pay attention and take action. Eclipses are your friends, here to help protect you. Be grateful for the truth.

During this raw solar eclipse in Cancer (opposing Pluto in Capricorn) you are now physically walking through this gateway that I have been speaking about in other previous updates. It’s time to drop into and fully live what you know and integrate the wisdom behind what has been revealed.

This means you’re being shown things you have already seen, but in a new light while the eclipses are showing things you couldn’t yet see, but perhaps in a surprising way.

Being patient is going to be an essential part of this Eclipse energy as you are going to have to allow things time to unravel and unfold.

This time may rattle you in ways that feel uncomfortable, as you’ll very much be guided to go within to sit with the darker, deeper parts of your soul and SHINE the light anyway!

Looking deep within to uncover what areas of your life need to experience rebirth?

A Reboot Of Mind, Body And Soul

Sometimes negative patterns and toxic things act as reminders to keep a cycle from repeating in our lives, the the dark teaches us what is light. We must go in to get out.

Repeat the lessons or evolve by diving straight into the heart of them and feeling what you see. We’ve been shown the purge and the underworld in contrast of what we want.

This is your best time since 2011 to get clear with how you feel connected and at home with who you fully are. If you truly know your value, truth and the fullness of who you are, you become “unfuckwithable” where nothing can touch you.

If you find yourself feeling under appreciated, not seen or unloved by someone in your life, remember that all roads lead you back to your relationship with yourself. This time asks how can you love, value, see and honor yourself more?

Now, with the Eclipses happening now and over the next 3 moons as your life is being celestially rearranged to honor the changes that have taken place inside you; and to honor who you are now by adjusting your outer life accordingly.

It’s best to take action during this time as life is changing instead of waiting for things to happen if you want to lesson the strain of the lessons you’ll be positioned to face regardless.

You’ll likely find yourself with an innate understanding of the exact places you need to access your deep emotional vulnerabilities for emotional empowerment if you can let love in, answering the call of your heart …

The main message?

Feel At Home… Wherever You Are, No Matter What Happens

Collectively we are unprogramming everything that been taught to us that is not supporting our highest good. Yes again, you must go in to get out.

Can you hear your little boy or little girl calling out to you to feel what it felt like … to exist, love and play life before the world told you – you can’t?

Can you feel your little child calling you back home before you ever knew betrayal, lies, limitations and doubt and before you were programmed to not believe and trust yourself?

Can you hear the call of what your soul already knows and life is showing you (albeit radically) and live it – feeling “at home” no matter what is happening?

Perhaps we have been walking the path that was laid out for us many years ago, and perhaps this path is outdated and is no longer working.

We’re not the same anymore. After all the cosmic upgrades and energy in the recent years, we have all undergone tremendous cycles of death and rebirth.

What is still stopping you, limiting you, telling you that you are not good enough when you really are?

Yes you may logically “know” you are already whole, so what is holding you back from greater love, happiness and success?

It’s time to purge these old stories and wounds by bringing them through your heart and feeling yourself already whole, even in the mess.

You are being pushed to confront what is hidden within you, in order to let go of what is no longer needed, so that you can raise your frequency and make way for the new to enter.

The door open now can change your life if you don’t miss the fact that it is open … are you walking through the door by taking the steps of letting go of what is stopping your greatness from shining?

It’s time to remain open and allow the Universe to have your back. Trying to fight the flow or trying too hard to control things is not going to be in our favor.

Hiding WILL NOT work out in your favor. It’s time to feel and take inspired action from what we know in out heart.

Going with the flow and trusting the process as you move to the sweet-spot-funnel of the storm and straight into the heart of things is your shortest path to evolution.

What is this time revealing to you and what shadows are being highlighted for you that seem crappy but actually give you access to inner, hidden power?

Can you love yourself as you are – just as you are – and exist somatically authentic to your feelings from a place of already whole?

Your dark does not make you less, it makes you whole and when you bring the “unfelt and unloved” repressed and feel freely through an open heart, it makes you wise and free!

We are being pulled from our safety zones and we could be facing a hard truth, a power struggle, crisis or flashback of where you feel betrayed, helpless or lost.

Can we fully honor who we are discovering ourselves to truly be and restructure life to match what our heart knows?

Where you live your heart you recognize your divinity, natural joy and ultimate capacity for life. The path of ascension is going from one way of being to another, allowing the realization to all that you eternally are and to dissolve appearances that were never that way.

So bottom line how can you bring inner inner love back home despite it being dark?

How can you stay open despite what you went though in the past? Be light and turn on your own flashlight even when everyone else’s is off?

How can you show up even when you are very afraid? Yes you can enter your heart and not get caught up in the very fear that is releasing through you. Trust the process. Are you ready?

Are you ready to drop into your heart and leave stories behind that keep you telling yourself? Recognize projections that are simply not real – from yourself or others and stand embodied in your heart?

This is about eternal being where you enter the present moment and you live and take action from the place of felt truth without rationalizing or thinking.

Where you stop trying to judge and think and where you enter your heart and cease bypassing who you really are “at home” inside you, existing directly from source wherever you be.

Where you can live your wisdom and hear your soul speaking to you, even in the storm?

Be afraid and yet still take inspired action from love?

Allowing your original innocence like a guardian even though you’ve been through war?

Strong and soft at the same time, it’s time for balance. You can allow healthy boundaries and still be loving; you can love at the same time as are sitting with the fear.

Just Remember … YOU Matter.

You are not a failure… a waste of space.  You are a freaking sorceress.

You are loved and wanted and you lack nothing from the Universe. You are however being URGED to listen up and love yourself in the dark.

It’s time to walk the talk that your soul already knows you are. Can you hear your body?

Are you feeding yourself with clean food and clean thoughts?

Are you purging and fully feeling in your heart “the shit” just as it is and letting go of what is toxic?

Yes it is time to stop hiding, thinking, and bypassing what you know is true. Go in to get out.

Yes only YOU can only feed yourself from the place that truly sustains and nurtures you and let what is stopping you from being who you TRULY ARE, go.

What doesn’t nurture you anymore because it’s time to realign? Is where you’re rooted helping you succeed?

Is there some sort of crisis you’re having to face to get clear? What energy is being forced to drain so it can restart new somewhere else?

When did you first feel as a child that you could not trust people?

How can you get your needs met while feeling safe in the world to express your heart and honor what your soul is waking up to?

To feel first instead of overthink a situation?

To fully surrender and trust?

This eclipse doorway invites you to move beyond where this beautiful little boy and little girl stopped growing emotionally and reconnect with the magical core of who you are – ya know the being you knew naturally as a child before all the bullshit.

I know many of us have dipped down again into lower timelines since this bigger doorway opened up a few weeks ago and we peered into a much bigger life that is calling our souls forward.

And then in order to purge and make room for new light we had to dip back down into the underworld and continue clearing all of our attachments and bonds, limited stories and falsities that are keeping you playing small within who you truly are.

I feel like I’ve purging all this year and last year what has been holding me back and allowing me to think that I am limited, unloved or small.

This glimpse of higher timelines as a bigger role in life seems to be calling your human into greater dharmic heights … if you can remember back in May, life was calling you to see this next chapter?

And the question becomes how have you been restructuring your life in alignment to your soul since?

If you have seen an opening to a bigger life call your name – it’s like you are seeing a whole new chapter of life open up with new possibilities; and you are being called to step into a higher role of mastery of some kind.

This could be inner psyche and personal development or also your life purpose and career … why you are here on this planet?

And now you are wondering – with all this baggage I am feeling now how do I get the results I want?

You Have To Go Into The Darkness For Your Light To Ever Shine

Right now, the tides are changing and shifting, a new cycle is blossoming, and you are blossoming along with it.

YOU ARE WHOLE AND ENOUGH SO LIVE IT. If you feel like you are standing in the dark, it’s time to turn on your own light my love.

We’re being shown more than ever to approaching anything love or having things from a place of need or longing for something outside us, to save us creates a repulsion.

In order to stop pushing away what we want, we must see that wanting or longing holds the frequency of “not having” what we long for. There’s fear in longing or needing.

Balance is being restored on many levels. Check in with yourself to see what balance needs restoring in your own life.

You are purposely being challenged in these lower timelines to clear them through the photonic light and intelligence of you heart.

Your inner “being” state is being highlighted and you are being challenged to above all to connect with that which you already are – a state of love within you – even in the shadows.

It’s all just the Universe guiding your way.

Use the stuff happening now as an opportunity to self love and release all the heavy stories that no longer match your heart resonance waking up more and more.

Yes my love it is time to renew your life by allowing yourself to shine like the god and goddess your truly are!

That’s means stepping up and that’s not always pretty. That means we gotta let go of the old. And you have the power inside you.

Yup – what if I told you about holding the power of a god and goddess within you?

What if you knew the whole universe was intelligent and that every cell in your body was intelligently eavesdropping on all your thoughts?

What if living and expressing your heart — feeling life just as it is — and letting go wasn’t just a load of crap and it allowed you freedom from addiction, false programming and codependency, keeping you hidden from yourself?

What if you let go of the addiction to “false light programming”, chasing feel good masks and instead dove into the magical life death cauldron of your own heart, facing whatever exists – just as it is?

WARNING: You Must Evolve Now OR Your Problems Will Repeat Themselves

Do you want to thrive or repeat the lesson?

Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret that the juice your soul seeks lives in your original innocence or your most (natural) fundamental state of being.

Who you are before you felt the harshness and incongruities of the world. Who you were before you were taught false transactional love and felt the cold sting of rejection.

In order for life to give you what your heart is asking for, you go the blank slate of your soul and exist here for a while as you remember who you really are.

Can you remember, touch and feel yourself dancing free as a young child before you knew you couldn’t let in or trust the world with your own heart?

Before the world told you how to be and what to think squashing this beautiful essense inside you who wanted LIVE, honor and experience life just as it is?

You’re being asked to discover who you TRULY are at your core before all the bullshit of life told you who to be, what to live and how to love.

I know there’s a lot of old patterns of “not enough” bubbling to the surface as we infinite god children are discovering on a mass level that we are ALREADY are whole as the codes inside our hearts activate to what your soul has known before your birth.

The door of ascension is open and for the next 3 moons we are going to be feeling greater light is traveling into cells and hearts, activating what our soul has known since the beginning.

We are being asked connect with ourselves on a deeper level; we need to ask ourselves who we are in order to know what we find what matters and is truly important to us “at home” in life.

Who are you at the core? What is your truth? Are you taking care of your gifts?

Does your personal life express and live your your gifts? Does your work reflect this? Does who you hang around demonstrate this?

You can’t keep trying to exist only in the mind, thinking and rationalizing … you must live real existence as it is in your heart and soul.

Your inner child and innocence knows this and can truly help you so how can you start showing up for your little girl or boy inside you that is asking for love?

Can you let go of the stories like you are not smart enough, soulful enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough to feel feel worthy *now* in this moment?

Can You PLEASE Stop Poisoning Your Self Esteem With Self Destructive Lies?

You are always creating and your whole being hears your thoughts and stories you tell yourself, so the universe wants to help you write a new story.

Where are the places you’re still holding yourself back, feeling bound, restricted small and limited?

The energies that make you doubt yourself, resist life, question your ability, inner experiences or truth or doubt what is happening to you are being highlighted on purpose so that you can purge these thought forms.

What self-destructive patterns must be released so that you can upgrade your life the way your soul has been craving? It’s important to be aware of your thoughts, actions, and mind patterns during this time.

You are being asked to love yourself and recapture that innocence of a child within you so that you can see beyond your lenses of the wounds that are still purging.

What did you love to do in life that you stopped doing? Things you did as a child but you gave up on? It’s time to bring it back out baby!

Who were the people in the past who made you feel unlovable? Breaking out and breaking free doesn’t feel comfortable but it’s the way back home.

Where are you feeling there is a nagging lack inside you that you need to compensate for? This is where your soul is most asking for your inner nourishment and self love.

This is a very powerful portal of transformation of remembrance of that which you already are.

A strong rebirthing energy showing us to dig deep within our soul and uncover what parts of our lives need to be reinvented from the inside out.

Have you been waiting to claim the greater power within you? Can you feel your heart moving through palpitations and shocks lately, asking for more?

This means it’s time for …

A Cosmic Rebirth Of Body And Soul

This is about being ready, open, willing to listen to where your soul wants to be guided.

Walking into the unknown. Opening yourself to the cosmos: practicing more acceptance, self-love, and self-care, you will unlock all the doors you need to and walk through them one by one.

We can allow, accept, embrace … yes, there is nothing out there my love, it’s all within.

This is a deepening your commitment to self love and mastery …in the present, remember you’re already whole so feel the *nowness* of this moment!

… no more thinking, resisting, fighting or fixing … no more aligning with the reality of “problems”

Instead move to the funnel-sweet spot of the storm, the eye of the tornado and trust what your soul already knows …

… that you are unconditional moving light even in the darkest dark and when no one can see you.

Offer yourself existing as love and allow it even when you feel your worst, even when it’s the darkest … BE love anyway and become the nexus of the universe, the wellspring of creation itself.

You’ll find that new doors open up when you enter this state of love.

Resources, inspirations, guided actions and divine states all become available to you as you tap into this flow of your soul, possibility and creativity running through all existence.

Aligned with “effortless” guided action and the “flow of infinite supply” you are now available to the shift … or understanding or “tools” or the love you were once chasing for so long.

No more wanting, running, longing, chasing, explaining … no more pushing away that which you already are.

You don’t need to want (and tell the universe you are not) what you already exist as.

No longer must you leave your center to receive the love you already are … only commit, show up, do the work and trust the process.

When you do…

Your Higher Timeline Awaits!

Walk through the threshold of this Eclipse. Don’t allow your fear of the unknown to hold you back any longer.

It’s time to let the Love in, even in the dark.

The more you can love and self love and nurture – the more you create a vibrational match and opening for greater levels of love to exist in your world.

Making a difference begins with self love and opening up to the infinite and letting it tangibly anchor through you – through your creations, clear intentions, and through your inspired and aligned actions.

Yes we can balance receiving with giving. Balance action, creating and doing with being, receiving, simply “open nervous system” sensory feeling.

You may be feeling like your arms are wide open for love and reception but your efforts don’t give you the results you have hoped for … or you may have come SO far on your journey and you are wondering – is this worth it?

Yes my love, take this as a sign if you’re reading this, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


Avoiding or ignoring issues after July 12 could mean waking up to a world that feels like it is exploding from the inside out. The eclipse marks the beginning of the season to claim your inner power from a real place: heart and soul

To leave that whole paradigm that things need to be fixed. That there’s something we’re doing wrong. That we’re *not enough*. And to step into that feeling state of “all is well”.

To dwell in your own divinity in this now moment. The knowing that in whole bigger picture, everything is perfect. That this *now* and being fully present is your gateway to understanding what’s possible.

When you can begin to dwell in this state, you’ll notice that sense of effortlessness expand into your life – things begin to open up, uplift and expand.

For example, here’s a little exercise:

I encourage you to take a while away from your phone and sit in a comfortable place.

Gaze outside at a garden or at a candle flame or up at the sky…

Allow yourself to melt and “zone out” and gently guide yourself to seeing and feeling this body with an electromagnetic field relax with light emanating from within and stretching out like skinny bolts of electricity.

Surrounded by a gentle, golden white light… Fully existing just as life is.

Being at one with divinity, with the spark of creation in all things, with light and the dark.

Breathe into this silent but all knowing force, and know this is you. Creator and creation.

And this state of power is available to you at all times as it is eternal truth.

Following The Subtle Flow Of Guidance

Tap into what you feel guided to. What feels light and tingly. That’s your intuition talking to you.

Allow yourself to step into your infinite nature and take actions from a state of pure zero point or heart, not from the fear based paradigm of “not enough” that’s pushed onto every day onto modern society.

Remember love… You are always enough!

Today I want to say, I don’t just believe in you. I *know* from my soul to yours who you are at soul – infinite and divine. I celebrate who you are and why you are alive.

Trust the process and the journey. This isn’t a time to worry about if you’re doing it right. Trust yourself and show up anyway.

You have all the power, wisdom and love you could ever possibly want already whole within you.

How will you show up between now and August? I would love to hear (and feel) you state intentions in the comments below.


I fully believe in you.


Crystal Aryana

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Crystal Aryana

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Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Catherine Boodhi says:

    Hi i was married to my hisband since 1980 he used to abuse me physically so i left him 3 yrs ago & living with a man i met before i left my husband, this man had his wife whom passed away 5 yrs ago so after 2 yrs i moved in with him but after a few mths in the relationship he changed abuse me verbaly & and tells me to pack my things & leave, do u think is bcuz of his wife death he is feeling guilty? I can’t continue with d relationship plz i need your advice.thank you

  • Brunda says:

    Thank you dear…. I am coming out from the bad memories and following my heart… But I decided strongly to not have any relationship or that shit again…

  • Carol Crawford says:

    Thank you for your e-mail. Yes I have been searching and looking for people who could help me understand what I feel and know at times… my family have called me witch or other things but when they need help they come to me I do need help and would very much like to hear from you again. CAROL

  • Crystal Cargile says:

    Do you know how they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, well I read every word and not one was new to me because these were my words to the universe and I know he sent you to be the one to give me my answer. Because of the connection we have I know you will feel my instant gratitude and appreciation and I wish you many blessings on your journey see you soon

  • Chris-Ann Linton says:

    Crystal truth spoken,I thank you so much for enlightenment… I will follow this procedure
    Love and light to you my dear❤

  • Robin Elizabeth says:

    Recently I have woken up to a whole new perspective on myself and the world. I consider June 8th.2018 my new birthday! I feel as though you have had a part in my awakening. I still have inner work to do. I hope to realize what my soul purpose is soon. What is it that I am meant to do? I also look forward to meeting my soul mate. Thanks for all your advice to achieve this.

  • I saw this email and was just about to scoll past it and something said; No, read it. I’m glad I did. I’ve been parylized with fear foe years and not trusting myself for fear of doing something wrong or letting people I love down so it’s kept me sittng in the same spot. I’m faced now with an opprtunity to break free of that and show the world just who I AM, but can’t find a way to move. I’ve made to decision that it is time to move. I will walk through my fears and trust the universe. Thank you for sharing this, It really helped.

    Love and Light to you

    • Crystal,
      Thank you for your inspiring message. At present, camping out side for summer. Retired but missing money coming in. Really missing interactions with clients. I was working in home nursing.I always interact with nature.
      Having trouble figuring out what to do next. To me it is called bored. However, nothing is coming to me to do. Hope that I get inspired soon.

  • I must say everything you said is true ,and I should to stop feeling sorry for myself.And start loving myself and be happy
    I can’t expect some else to do that,
    I have to take control of my life,

  • Fardeen says:

    Hi Crystal……
    Hope you good and thanks a lot about the information you sent and trying to guide me.
    I will try and try to follow and my heart and what about you said dear…….
    Take care and be blessed with love and caring….

  • I have been going through crap for years. The demands of Aging parents and I’m all they got. A mother that is a heavy financial burden and I’m scared! My life has not been my own. I’ve watched my dreams, my ambitions, my talents, get shoved aside to do what others needed and wanted me to do. I cry for the life I’ve lost. I’m in fear of the life that is left to me. I know, and feel, things have to change and all I can think or feel is fear. I can’t do this! I can’t see daylight! I have no hope for anything ever getting better, just the expectation of it all turning to shit and I don’t know how to stop it. I have been purging some heavy, heavy past hurts and wrongs done to me by the ones who were supposed to guide me and nurture my dreams. All they did is continually squash them. Now, I HAVE to be better. I HAVE to come through or…I lose it all. The stress of it, the pressure, it’s too much. Chrystal…your words and insight have nailed what I’m dealing with and trying, trying, trying to purge and come through it and reclaim ME! I forgot about myself for so long I don’t know what it’s like to believe in myself. Doubt and fear. That’s no way to live and I know it! Thank you for explaining it so I can maybe, find myself again and finally, after 68 years, LIVE. That’s all I ever wanted to do…..LIVE! You are helping me to discover how to do that. I’m trying….Thank You.

    • Wandakate says:

      Kathy, looks like you and I are about the same age. Even though my mind is about 45-50 and I’m young at heart, I am still (like you) aging, and I’ve been there and done that. You just about stole my script. Doubt and fear gripped me for years. I have a disability from birth and my hearing isn’t what it used to be so it’s very difficult to communicate and many people aren’t accepting of anyone with a disability or anyone not “normal” in their estimation. Of course that’s totally not fair, but we don’t live in a fair world do we?
      I was divorced back in 2001, had enormous stress back then. He remarried that same year and stayed with her for 9 years. I never remarried. In fact I was never in a relationship either and now it’s going on 18 yrs.
      I think I felt like there was no man out there that would want, need, accept or love a women with a disability and a hearing loss. I am still alone, and “lonely”. Keep wondering if I will spend the rest of my life in this awful condition. It’s been depressing to say the least. SO, I could read what you wrote and relate to it. I hope you are healing at the age of 68…We both want love and want to live and it looks like we’re both trying.
      It’s hard to meet any good honest people. Most men are paying games it seems. They’re out to get something from you…they are hard to believe b/c they will tell you anything to obtain what they want. It’s VERY hard for me to trust anybody…I also want to reclaim me. I just basically “dropped out” of everything b/c of doubting that anyone would want me when there are all of these able bodied women out there that are available, they wouldn’t look at me twice…
      GOOD luck with whatever you’re trying to accomplish and I am hoping to meet my end of life soulmate that can travel with me and do that can do things together with me in our “senior years”.
      SO, good luck to both of us. Take care.

  • Jamie L Diaz says:

    Thank you so very much for opening my eyes again. I let someone take my happy away and I should never have let them.. I am well on my way to finding my happy place again. I’ve always known my true self but temporarily believed the wrong people and started believing all the wrong things. I am letting it all go and getting my life back. At 47 I feel like I have a whole nother life a head of me. And my addiction doesn’t feel that hard to let go of. Thank you so very much!!
    Jamie D.

  • MJ says:

    You hit a spot in my soul with so many comments you made. My bullshit happened at the age of 12, and it has continued in my mind since then I need to get out of my head and into my heart to grow. Thank you for your words.

  • Ruiha Stirling says:

    I am experiencing the change of vibrational energy and noticed people’s struggles. I am coming into self love and wanting to trust others more my 59 years of not trusting others is a pattern I so want to dissipate.

  • You know what you all need to stop with the bowl I lost my husband 8 months ago you should already know that but yet you don’t tell me that you should tell me I you know my pain but you don’t feel it stop with the fakeness stop hurting people

  • Janie Riddle says:

    I need this now in my life. I’m going through real hard times. I got to believe in myself. Please pray for me. Janie R.

  • Heather says:

    Wow…This really put into perspective all that has been happening the past two weeks. I am good enough, smart enough, blessed, abundant and beautiful. I don’t need others I want others. This has helped me continue to see and acknowledge that the past needs to be let go of and that everyday I deserve to be whole and innocent. Excepting with open arms and heart that which the Universe is giving me and that which I deserve. Thank you so much again for sending this!!!

  • Bonnie says:

    I know my eyes have opened up to some things in my life but I don’t know what it all means yet! My friends say they see a change in me… like a light coming out of me, which I understand because I have been smothered in darkness for a lot of years. I am praying to all Divine that my deepest desire come to me sooner then later because I know it will come but I don’t want to wait much longer. I keep hearing be patient, but the constant waiting and seeing nothing happen tends to let a bit of darkness inch back in. So to all that is Divine and good and acting in the best of Love and Light, please hear me! I have waited a very long time ………….

    • Wandakate says:

      Me too, I’ve been living with loneliness for a lot of years as well, so I am with you dear. I have waited for about 18 years (seems like years just wasted) for another love to come into my life and it hasn’t happened yet. I did connect on my computer with a nice man but he is married to a women he doesn’t love…long story short, he and I are now “just friends” on the internet. We e-mail ALOT and he has become a good friend to me since last November (about 9 mos.) now. I trust his judgment as he’s older than I am.
      Seems like you and I have ALOT in common b/c I want something to happen in my life as well. I would like to find my “senior” soulmate and have a companion/lover to see me through till the end of our lives, just loving and enjoying one another. Meeting a good man isn’t easy but hopefully it’s gonna happen and yes, soon than later. I’ve been lonely to long, I’ve waited way too long. I should have started dating way back after my divorce in my 50’s but I was just basically too scared to venture out and now I am so out of the dating scene that it’s hard to know where to begin, but I am gradually learning, it’s just taking time.
      Once you’re over 60 it seems like time passes much faster than before and one can be more in a hurry for things to happen than they used to be. Because they used to seem to think they had more time (which is true), but when you’re older, time just flies by and is gone before you know it.
      I am really hoping and praying for a big MIRACLE this year…GOOD luck to you.

  • Eve-Maree Crampton says:

    Oh Crystal, you’re spot on and very encouraging. I can’t thank you enough. Love and light and angel blessings to you!!!

  • Jeanette says:

    Thankyou and Blessings Crystal. Yes, I know I am good enough and always have been. I have stopped hiding away and I am shining “My Light” brighter than ever. Namaste dear one.

  • Theresa says:


    • anisa williamson says:

      wow 73 years!

    • Shawna Talikka says:

      I am here to tell you Theresa that God does have a plan for you. It is no coincidence that I found and read your message. He has a plan for all of us, and things sometimes hold us back because it is pushing for us to use the very gifts and talents God has given us. For some, those talents might be in photography, for others painting, some through speaking and others through writing. We create the masterpieces when we funnel and channel what has beeen holding us back for so long. We are to pour everything into that outlet, and truly release everything into it. Much like the water that moves through the dam. Becomes a force. We were once the patients and now are becoming the physician. We first heal ourselves and then we heal others. Our stories that hurt us, can be no longer. It is time to Love yourself and know that everything good is to come. You deserve so much in life, because you have given so much of yourself. His timing is perfect however. Because you see, we learn to appreciate the smallest of things so when we get the bigger things, we feel truly blessed in life. By sharing our stories, it releases the pressure, the hold on our lives. I went through much in life and I realized later it developed the Empath in me, relating and feeling for others. Choose light and Love in all things. God does not waste our pain, he uses it for the good of humanity. To bring us closer in Love for another. Love others as I have loved you. And let Jesus guide your path.
      Much love and blessings to you always.
      -Shawna T.
      “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” -Philippians 4:13

  • Buford says:

    Just what I needed! You are so talented and insightful!!! Your words and thoughts nailed what has been going on in the universe. We all need to stop the struggle and let the universe unfold as it should… love and light!! N B O!!

  • Christina Murley says:

    Crystal. I skipped through you wonderful words as I have to rush out door but I will go back to reread. My inner soul senses clarity waiting to unfold in my understanding after I focus and read. Thank you. You are a beautiful divine soul. Who words resonate with deep wisdom. I know I will now find strength to go through dark parts of my soul. To release programming. Patterns that have in past covered my light. Find strength to step into my last fed path and shine. Dear soul sister. Kisses from me thank you. Christina

  • DEAR Chrystal my it must have exahausted your brain just concentrating on all these beautiful and useful words
    to convey to us a message so profound it goes beyond belief, i need to sit quietly and read then re read again the magic, no heavenly messages, we all have so deeply needed, but dared to try, and wished that someone like yourself would be inspired to create this new BIBLE for us humans , Well done you are a faithful servant of the world and i admire your efforts,
    may the love of all your readers surround you forever,
    Audrey 90years

  • Linnet Watson says:

    Thanks Crystal there are two sayings in life
    1) my belated husband Richard used to say above all else be true unto thy self
    2) my saying since he passed nearly ten years ago there is a difference between being lonely and alone
    To be lonely you attract the wrong people and when you are alone you will only let people in who will add value to your life.
    Doing this I have managed to free myself from drainers of my time and energy and no longer enable them. Life is great
    Linnet NZ

  • Thank u. I dont really know how or what to do to achieve the things you are talking bout but your email could not have come at a betfer time. I feel a calling, that there is more that i was meant for than to be alone & struggle with every thing in life. This is the first tlme i have read your email & although im a bit lost it was inspiring& has hit close to home i am going to follow your advice. Thank you!

  • Maureen says:

    Thank you .It’s been so challenging for a while,grieving for a parent and now my relationship with my mum who is also very ill.I am working through it though I feel stronger .
    I know there is a reason for it and now concentrate on myself.I have an inner strength and set my intentions on moving forward with whatever it holds.

  • Mindy says:

    Hi crystal, I definitely have felt the shift but I feel the shift is sending me toward Daniel breeden and he is not who I seen myself spending my life with, I was supposed to have a son with Justin avais, and we were supposed to get married. This is so confusing there is another man in the picture that I feel a strong and deep connection with, I’m not sure what way to go

  • Thank you so much Crystal! Your words are the only guidelines for me at this moment.Believe it or not, there was a random email from you warning me of some coming issue between my relationship which i thought it would never happened and all sudden, a few day later it happened exactly as you said in the email that when i reread it again i even had goosebumps.I ignored it when you sent a few weeks ago.I wish i had read it through.And now,im in the middle of healing,everything is still a shock to me.I have to take my son away with me go further to where i live because i couldn’t stand the pain. This email of yours is so touching that my heart feel more comfortable.Thanks again.I feel like you always read my mind.

  • Doreen O Sullivanl says:

    Oh my darling I love you every thing for me. IS CHANGEING I am 63 years and l have been offered a new love a new relationship with a good man it is scary.a big change .my eating habits are much better.I an doing yoga and know all you say is true.one day at a time taking speaking my truth.we have waited life times many many life times.its wonderful.let the light shine brighter.God bless we are all amazing.love love love.

  • Lili says:

    Thanks so much. This week I have been doing healing on myself all levels , meditation as releasing past & current pain. So I have been doing as you have advised. I won’t take crap anymore moving on but first healing on all levels & dimensions of my being. Namaste

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    It is a few months that I am working on myself. I discovered a lot and the main thing is that I love myself and my body first, because I hated myself, I feel free now. I am learning to listen more to my intuition and I cleaned my soul too. I have a lot to learn about what the universe wants mean to learn. I feel I am arriving at the end of my discovering journey.
    Thank you Crystal for this beautiful piece of opening of our mind with LOVE.

  • Hi Aryans this is stallions and I read your website it said to love myself and that in a god and to bring out my inner child and I love you thankyoustellios stavropoulos

  • Pamela Siegers says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I am good, good enough and loved.. Just as you pointed out old memories from the past have been taunting me… My emotions have been all over the place..
    Thank you for helping me release myself from that place and open up for the good and positive.
    Sincerely Pamela

  • Ana-Maria says:

    I stopped….simply stopped thinking,planning,worrying,speaking….I feel alive ,pure love,innocent and candor when I dance…so I am “travelling” in different places of the world ,flying and radiating love and light and kindness on different music and through dance I expand my world and my love….I feel I am love,joy,beauty and happiness…I feel life is perfect just the way it is….a big theater,colorful musical,orchestrated by the Universe

  • Melissa says:

    I agree, I feel a shift and I don’t know what to do?

  • Crystal says:

    Wow thank u so much. This really stitred up alot of emotion but was sooo much what i needed to hear at this exact moment. Thank u so much. I am very grateful!!!

  • Dee says:

    Thank you sweet soul, no more excuses for me, you spoke straight to my soul. So many excuses, doubts and disbelieve that I carried with me for years. I am my best friend..I am me ..enough

  • Sue says:

    Thank you it all makes sense now

  • Marilyn says:

    I really needed this. I have spent years, essentially, as my own worse enemy. Repeating cycles, never feeling good enough, depressed and anxious. Lately I have been thinking a lot about when I was 3 years old. How free and creative I was. Life was an never ending supply of wonder and adventure for me. I am 46 years young and it’s time I embrace that little girl inside me again. Much thanks to you!!!

  • Trang Thanh Tran says:

    Thank you Crystal 🙂

  • Gina says:

    Thank you for your this reading. I have been thru a body aching, mind exhausting week and now I know why. It is like a boulder has been lifted off of my shoulders. Time to BE ME.

  • Gemma Oliver says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words. They really resonated today.

  • Catherine says:

    This reading deeply resonated with me. The inner child representing “I’m not good enough and need to be loved” led to sixteen years of relationships with men (one marriage of ten years and one six year relationship) who gave me a feeling of being needed without meeting any of my needs in return. I was clearly burying myself in my relationships while pouring all of my energy into my career.
    On my own for the last nine months, I absolutely feel I am in a transition of no longer seeking validation from anyone other than myself. I have always had an inner strength which is most likely why I’ve struggled in my relationships as I did not set my frequency in my choices to where i know deeply my connection lies. I’m working to focus on being enough for myself, honoring my past and learning from it as I transition to a new path through understanding and love. Thank you for validating what I’ve felt and for the reminder and inspiration to continue to work towards the path the universe has set for me from the beginning.

    • Leann says:

      I have been going through something similar in my marriage. 15 years with a man that never cared about my feeling, ignored me and never put our children or me first. Ive come to realize how selfish he has been all these years. Ive always tried to meet his needs and he never really tried to meet mine. We never actually communicate and he never wants to be involved with anything i do with our kids. Ive been feeling really lost lately trying to figure out to leave and start over new with my kids. Ur post helped me to see i need to focus on my needs more and fix my life.

  • Adrienne says:

    Thank you so much for every word Crystal. I really needed to hear this right now. I have always been one to follow and listen to my intuition first. Sometimes it screams at me so loud that it’s damn near impossible to ignore. Lately it hasn’t been as clear and a bit frustrating trying to figure out what it was saying. Now I see why. Some much needed soul cleansing is now at the top of my priority list. Thank you so much for your words and feelings. You have truly helped me to put things into perspective.

  • Geraldine mccusker says:

    Thank you crystal xx

  • Leonard Blake says:

    To grow and expand my business now I’m beginning to be free from a 24 year relationship that took all my attention to maintain as someone not ” good enough”

  • tammy thibado peabody says:

    Thank you

  • Tabitha says:

    I have felt this shift but don’t understand or know what to do. I’m still so confused about all of this.

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