Energy Update: From Breakdown to Breakthrough (September 1st 2018)

By September 1, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Energy Update

“To feel in full, is to heal in full.” ~Anonymous

Hey Lovely <3

Such a “soft yet powerful” stop and go experience this collective energy channeling has been …

I feel as though time has slowed down and the world is asking me to slowww down, STOP and reflect.

So many events within my core and around those I love, friends and clients involving deaths, loss and deep reflection as we open and ink out this blank chapter nakedly, rawly fro bloody fingertips and heart into the unknown; into the way of wonder.

And I’m sure your life has been no different.

Have you been reflecting and even triggering over old stuff lately?

If yes, then trust yourself. Go within. Feel without bias or agenda and commit fully.

Complete these lessons, so that you CAN let in “the new” that has been waiting for you.

Because that is the signature of the energy we are experiencing.

Feeling and seeing so many souls trigger and revisit old stories, wounds traumas, last words, last fights, truths, lies and profound lessons …

You CAN trust even when triggered to see what is possible beyond the knee jerk idea and pain …

Now is your time to rest, release and allow. And when the moment or opportunity comes GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT.

A Subtle Channeling From Spirit

This update for me was mysterious with a very “soft” texture – it’s also was hard to read and conceptualize as energy came in powerful spurts and then nothing.

Like lightning waiting for the right move while resting, culminating and collecting before the strike.

Many collectively are in stuck or stagnant mode because nothing is working out the way we thought it would.

Where are you going in life and your spiritual purpose now as you navigate through these latest shifts?

For example, I am 5 days late with this Energy update and everything in my being just told me to STOP a few days ago.

I received the message and got confirmation of that message that time has been slowing down until we land in October and fully anchor our new chapter in life.

You may find new lovers finding more stability, that long worked for project or mission biz that is finally crossing that tipping point and grounding your new purpose, job, career or relationship into reality.

With time slowing down we’re being ask to rest, integrate, receive, reflect and allow as we continue to release whats no longer necessary for our soul growth because we’ve applied the lesson ..

Lately I’ve been working with, feeling, connecting seeing, meeting, attracting those who’ve remained hidden through the years – even as they awaken gifts deep down they want to bring out into the world … and its time to stop playing small.

No matter what level of game you play and contribute even the greatest (who you’d think has nothing to fear) people or leaders out there afraid of exposing their intuitive nature in fear of what others think.

Since our last energy update at the end of the eclipse cycle, during the doorway of the Lionsgate, I asked you what seeds you wanted to plant into 3D physical world through your aligned, lived and felt experiences and actions.

You were being asked by spirit to live and show what you truly wanted in the next chapter and upgrade of life. Yet your were being asked by Spirit from a place and innocence of your inner child (who’s also an ancient soul that knows your truth beyond ego, stories & limitation).

To create from zero point or from your intuition and creativity instead of using framework from your traumas, skepticisms and judgements.

How do we create what we want from the heart even when we face opposition? How do we trust and follow through instead of point out, separate and criticize?

When others hurt us, how do we not repeat the cycle and become the bully? How do we see with our infinite being even when with the most petty bullshit?

After taking few days resting, allowing, receiving and not wasting any energy “trying hard” on anything and at the and time working through old triggers which kept leading me back to the same message.

Embodiment Of Direct Source Experience

How can we think less and feel more? Embody instead of teach or tell less and show more?

Talk less and do more? … feel first? embody first? take inspired action first?

Living less itinerary, less agenda, false safety and more letting go of certainty, just being with, opening and creating from.

How can we lose and stop running on the steam of our “self labels and itineraries” about how life is supposed to unfold or how manifestation results are suppose to show up …

… even the “good things” we identify and cling to with an itinerary like when we always have to be seen as the “smart” “sweet” or “organized” one and that can keep us playing a much smaller game than what our soul know is true.

I am feeling that we must start being, existing and living life directly from source in all ways, not bypassing it, holding a fantasy itinerary of how the magic or results are “suppose” to unfold.

Also if you are hiding yourself or you are on the fence about whether you ought to follow your heart, expose and express your gifts but you are afraid of what loved ones may think, trust that this is a sign to make yourself seen and to stop hiding because you think you are not good enough.

We are being guided to show, embody, live and silently demonstrate and GIVE OURSELVES – love, honor, respect, nurturing, credit – whatever it is.

HOW are you applying all that you have learned as you head into creating your life in this NEW chapter?

Are you spending too much time fixing and changing and playing with rearranging the old? Then you may feel kinda stuck.

And the time is calling you to release so that your cup is empty again to fill. You cannot integrate the new if you have vampires and major energy leaks stopping your ability to apply the new and what you have learned.

Let Them Go.  Let It All Go.

I am also seeing that many of us might have significant people show up or even die recently, and it’s triggering us to mourn losses of all types and dimensions.

You may be in the deep lately visiting as you trigger upon old patterns of trauma until you see THE GIFT of what you need to APPLY in your life and feed within yourself so that have the capacity (and zero point space) you need as you continue to ground and cultivate your new beginning that been ripping you open and calling you out all year.

Now is the time.

Yet first did complete learning the lessons of this last karmic cycle in life and walk away from what no longer serves your highest good?

Don’t be afraid and let go of what drains your heart energy and passion,

If you feel depressed, what feeling are you repressing feeling just as it is?

It’s time to feel, live and exist just as it is and if it cuts you repeatedly and leaks you life force, let it go.

If it does not lead you to the unknown, your childhood innocence and you ability to create from full possibility when the lighting strike leave it behind.

If it does not help you to the path of wonder, let it be for now and focus on creation, embodied feeling as it comes up and embodied actions.

Keep in mind NO human being is obligated to stay connected with any human being, idea pattern, identity label or “itinerary” that to are trying to take care of yet only enable life problems revealed to you already to stay the same.

Patterns and out triggers will continue to come up until you begin to live and exist with empathy. You are way stronger than you know in the “middle way” zero point presence of heart intelligence -more than you ever can in your mind.

I am feeling more than ever in my life and in the lives of those around me that breakthroughs are abound with the illumination we’re all seeing again this week.

Where have we consciously or unconsciously planted our seeds and what do you see happening in life now?

How The “After Eclipse Season” Brings The Unexpected To Life

If you have been doing your inner work over the summer and eclipses, allowing, feeling, unwinding, purging, releasing and taking new inspired action during this eclipse season you know you’re ready to move through this window of expansion ALL the way now.

If not, regardless doors were opened for you, things were realized if you allow, certain encounters and meetings happened, experiences opened up life new ways by closing certain doors.

Either way seeds were planted, even if you didn’t intentionally mean to and this time now is showing you a glimpse of the seeds you planted – what are you going to do now?

What are you doing with your life purpose and all that have been discovered and revealed to you this past year?

Any insight you get this week can go a long way in your life as the time is about allowing, unwinding and releasing into the unknown – even when you face old triggers that you already thought you have “healed”.

This time if asking us to please be gentle and patient if you want to understand what is “the gift” of this pain from a broader view.

The energy asks can we walk into the unknown, into seeing “possibility” and into wonder in a way we couldn’t see before?

Can we take this path of WONDER and explore the tricky, triggery and tantalizing places of our deepest truths and even wounds without armor?

Can we explore our “old ways” and triggers with full open hearted listening and creative eyes instead of meeting our old ways with in denial, useless feedback loops and defenses as we explore the very nature of our stories, itineraries, beliefs and biases?

Even in this time of healing our triggers and all these things in our personal life and all the things in the world coming to surface in the grand stage of life?

Can we let go of certainty and choose wonder and creativity?

How can you find peace, stability and structure even in the chaos – even amidst great change?

If you are fearing sharing amongst these big shifts in life, trust it’s because you have a bigger purpose than you are living and you are meant to feel fear in the direction you are meant to shine – this is the paradox.

Im feeling this is every atom of my being that breakthroughs are happening and we must as a planet let ourselves feel all the things we cannot see, YET and stay true to the path.

We must speak out, reach out and ask for help even from the people we look up to, so that we receive the model and support we need to take the leap!

If you’re feeling triggered a lot lately or feel like you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, know that this is part of the ascension we are all going through.

We will keep being reminded of the wound, until we redirect our frequency and use its energy in creation, multi-dimensional freedom and choice.

The “glimpse” I am seeing lately of seeds planted and greater new beginning unfolding and how I need to lesson my ego’s grip … lesson my over thinking … over talking … over doing and just feel / be / exist in full totality and direct experience. Whether is full on felt/embodied action or full spectrum authentic being.

I am seeing the right people show up and solutions I asked for in July and August and seeing Spirit asking me to beat around bush less in all my operations and spend more of every minute in the day fully being present in them.

Fully resting when you rest and giving it all you’ve got when the timing is right and you can work that much more potently.

Applying and showing instead talking and telling. Embodying first instead of manipulating to get.

Fully making love … Fully dancing when you dance … fully honoring the shit just as it is … the light just as it is …

This is what I am seeing beyond the pieces slowly coming together for our healing community and dharmic mission to reconnect the planet to soul in the physical through tools like The Tarot.

So now my question turns to you and what’s going on in your life right now …

What seeds have you planted since the summer eclipses?

How does this relate to all that you have discovered in the past year?

What if what is happening in life for you is exactly the way of getting what you want?

Things didn’t go as planned? Did everything you attempt to manifest seem to go in a different direction than you thought lately?

What if you needed to have this experience “just as it is” in order to see something new and make room for something BETTER in your life that is coming right now?

And if you DIDN’T have this happen, then this better situation would have the possibility to arrive.

Consider this: You don’t have to see the entire staircase to walk down a set of stairs, you just need to see the first step.

You walk up anyway. You have faith that the rest of the stairs are there, even in the dark.

Three Things To Do With The Energy Surrounding You  Now

This is a powerful time literally “stop” what you are doing that it routine in life … just stop.

Stop chasing, fixing, thinking and holding an itinerary and from the old, if you desire to create from the new.

First, here are three easy things you can do:

1. Drop Your Itinerary

We try to force things. Compare to the past. We have an itinerary of the way things should be if we were doing well.

If they don’t go along that itinerary, they feel like they failed. When in reality there is an entirely different itinerary waiting for you, you’ve just never read it yet.

We try to put things into boxes, and labels, and call them things to feel safe. But its not real.

Go with the flow, Stop trying to live by a master plan of a perfect life that you aren’t even sure is perfect for you to begin with.

This is a specific invitation to put your foot on a path that you didn’t think you could ever put your foot on.

This path may not be obvious yet and come out of left field. There’s already been a lot of surprise with the eclipse and retrograde season – where you thought you knew what you wanted, but really what you want is really unknown and arriving from a much bigger picture that you couldn’t quite see at the beginning of the summer

Where you thought you wanted to be in a specific type of relationship or or house or you wanted to be with a specific type of person – but you didn’t want a specified person or house.

Don’t be so certain what you think your personally wants and what path you feel is so written in stone in front of you.

What path did you not feel was once possible that now is if you put in the work and show up?

You may think what you are saying is yes …

But what you are doing is saying you want a specific type of relationship – a specific look and feel – you want that itinerary relationship that you have written in your storytelling mind.

And the truth is what you want isn’t just going to flop onto your dinner plate. It’s going to come from facing your own inner demons and applying/embodying what you truly know … the love of your life or job is still going to arrive with uncertainties and vulnerabilities and faults and weaknesses that they bring to the table to help you learn more.

We have to open up ourselves to the path of wonder.

That’s the funny thing about the path of wonder. It’s usually trying to talk to us we just don’t want to listen because we don’t know how – especially when we think we already know.

Speaks to us the whole time but it scares us because we think it’s bigger than what we can handle

We don’t want to put our gifts out there because we fear others won’t understand or will be ridiculed – we fear it’s bigger than what we have allotted for ourselves … bigger than the tiny narratives we have written for ourselves …

Opening up fulfilling and planning long term seeds …

Where in your life can you allow yourself that open up to the new and surprise yourself into

a new way of living, loving, existing?

How can you continue to revolutionize and make it happen on the ground in the small (but huge) things in life like eating healthy food and getting enough rest while you change the world?

How can you talk less – have less side conversations and be in the moment more?

You have to Choosing the path of wonder – not the path of the itinerary.

2. Start Healing Toxic Patterns

We all know someone who has said something like this:

“It will never happen because this didn’t happen first”

Or ….

“This will happen because of x,ya”

Everyone does this!

But its based on the limitation of our filters and bias experience.

Yet we hammer it into our own heads over and over again. You are daming yourself.

This is a pattern to constantly interpret things in a fixed and rigid way, even when you think what you are saying is positive.

The time is calling us all to not “try hard” … to not have conversations within a direct conversation – to just speak form the heart .

Take action or feel fully unconditionally instead of talking. Or show how you feel instead of using more words.

Now is the energy of expansion and healing and recalibration – energy of re-envisioning – energy of stepping past the old boundaries you have set for yourself that are no longer useful or healthy as you rewrite contracting narratives into expansive ones!

For example you might say you really want to have a certain career or specific type of relationship where you are certainly open to THAT kind of life, job or relationship and you kick everything out that isn’t that.

Universe is trying to reach you in the ways of the ways to show you that this year – it’s time stop judging good or bad when things happen not as you expect.

When you are looking to manifest a blue pen and you get a red crayon and you judge the event as meaning that you’re not getting what you want, therefore not following through with the continuity of your intention and thus take a left turn, it’s just delays getting what you want.

You must trust yourself and go through the process and ….

3. Stop Making Meaning Out Of Things

Bad stuff happens, yet treat it as neither a fortune or misfortune as it could be leading you to a much more connected and congruent place. No need to cut off possibility before it happens.

How To Center Yourself In The Sweet Spot Eye Of The Storm

We have to surrender our ego to the Holy Hot Seat and step into our soul … we have to stop fixing and chasing the old. Just create instead.

We must stop talking about doing, instead just do.

If rest is the context – fully rest! If work is what you are doing – fully work.

How can you be the example of what you want more of in your life through existing AS it inside of yourself?

How can you take care of yourself and make sure you are doing the kinds of “mini soul retrievals” so that you CAN expand and grow?

If you are feeling stagnant and stuck, or you find yourself triggering a lot lately allow yourself some real space to unwind and release some of that energy – perceptions, stories and your itineraries of how you think life should come to you.

Allow yourself to receive – dang it. And for realz – if you haven’t emptied your cup of what is totally visible and still not serving you since the eclipses – it’s time to grieve, forgive and let go and you create the new,

Coming To Zero Point …

Allowing new beginnings happens from a zero point. You cannot operate from a negative.

You must rest, relax and restore. But when the time comes, take action from that rested place and it will be more powerful than pulling an all nighter and burning yourself out.

Once again notice when you are on autopilot and stop trying to fix and change things. Don’t talk about life, be present with life!

Don’t talk about what you’re going to do, just do it!

Stop and feel. Detach from the drama. Find sacred space and above all…

Be Ready To Act, But Don’t Waste Your Energy!

Be open and don’t close yourself down. You do not want to miss this transformational energy as it inspires to show up.

Don’t based any of your choices on judgements or fears of the past, of being trapped … of not being enough or where things could all go wrong.

Because whatever you have been preparing for … in life this year is about applying it in the 3D now and not wasting/leaking energy through unnecessary ego constructs.

To step into this new beginning – you must allow yourself to take action and feel what you don’t know as you create new life from your

You have to leave behind any old narratives that are holding you frozen and stagnant

These things that are silent but dangerous that we say to ourselves “I can take it” or “ohhh im just a free soul or wild child” or “im just somebody who like routine”

These narratives hold us prisoner and trap is. They are not really useful because what are they doing for you?

They are an old protective mechanism that is holding you back from creating from “zero point” and an entire word of possibility.

The narratives we writes about ourselves are very protective and this time is asking us to shed this and step onto the path of wonder where we all don’t know anything and we are all just beginners of trying new things out.

Take action and apply all that have been unveiled to you this year and summer that your heart and soul can no longer deny. Meet to people.

If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant and living on repeat YOU MUST TAKE ACTION and set out a new course if you want the help from the Universe you have been asking for.

The key is it’s up you based on how you DREAM and LIVE it. Can you apply the new and stop talking about it?

Time to experiment … hands dirty. Uncomfortably path for many but it’s where the GOODS are – in the unknown path.

Even those of you who have an adamant path set forward, bring with you an element of surprise …

Spirit Says lose the demands of how you want what you want to show up. Live and exist it. Stop and be.

This week is about gaining a fuller acknowledgement and awareness of your body, your needs and your CURRENT assessment of yourself.

How are you feeling?

Are you giving yourself TIME to feel and be aware?

How can you plan your life ahead if you don’t have a still point from which to launch? Peace…now.

Knowing Yourself…means that you are actually taking the space and time for yourself to listen within and acknowledge certain things.

These can be very simple things like…How am I digesting my food these days? Do I feel anxiety?

Do I have time to feel, sense, intuit or am I thinking, talking, running around too much? Do I hold my breath or am I existing and breathing?

When I am looking into the eyes of someone – am I fully present with that soul within my own soul?

What am I going to do with my purpose and life direction now that after the summer is over?

Who am I and what are my gifts?

Stillness and examination of yourself in the quiet, sharing with a loved one or trusting teacher or friend, is a good way to work with the Energy this week.

We are entering into a deeper realization of our heart centre and a flow of the Love consciousness …

We are gaining stride this week in making decisions about our commitment to those things that truly are important in life.

This is a time of honouring what the Universe has invested in you and your examination and reflection of truly finding it WITHIN.

Let go of needing to be certain … living and existing without a thought, or label, or word or itinerary … yet instead through creativity.

No more fighting wonder and creativity or the unknown when you most you most feel out of touch.

TRUST YOURSELF: this is happening because you are being asked to step into shoes you didn’t know you could fill.

Other side of this is : Revelations and break-throughs are abound if you ALLOW and trust the process of triggering breakdown and unwinding to breakthrough.

Allowing the old to release will give you clarity and you’ll know (if you already don’t) exactly where you need to take action.

Since last August and this summer these things have been blaring at you – waking you up in your sleep months…

What is your vision, where is your life going in all your soul and fully digested and what have you done about it physically?

Your soul already knows and you have everything you already need.

Trust. Breath. Allow.

It may help to think in terms of inner-volution rather than evolution this month.

We must mature as we integrate inwardly before impacting the outside world in constructive ways.

When Actions and intentions are not heart aligned and inspired they are instead driven through fight or flight, unconscious motivation.

Being aware of these influences helps but the game for now, is all about internal growth.

It’s a multi dimensional contractive/expansive process of unflinching self-acceptance, zero point unnbias and fierce love allowing us to integrate our demons one by one into soul fuel where we see the gift and thus we automatically begin to shift.

This inner shift then becomes the source of peace, continuity and greater clarity and progress in our outer world.

Without it, we would will continue to project the dark underbelly of the psyche onto others creating enemies, wars and countless inhumanities inflicted upon life in all its forms.

This energy now may come as an answer to many prayers, allowing us to translate recent inner shifts into external change.

Can we hold space for the old and the new at the same time?

Yes it’s frustrating accommodating old conditions whilst undergoing radical inner transformation … yet this is part of the GIFT.

Trust the process as this is what gives way to stark clarity about how to re adult and prioritize our life to reflect new awareness and values.

Let the time remind you that every action has a equal and opposite reaction and every choice sends ripples through our life, and I KNOW if you are reading this you are meant to embrace the new possibilities which seemed too wild and crazy to ask for before.

Can we create harmony while we make new structures in our life take place?

Allow the energy now help you implement the radical change you need in a responsible way – be honest to your soul and you’ll know what that is.

It could take longer than you hoped, be more complex than you imagined or entail greater effort than you anticipated, however this summer season has prepared you for the mission ahead, so trust yourself and root in.

Together, one step at a time <3

With Love and Light,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • DeRue says:

    I am am not a person who put spells on people because that is not good but I would do it for myself

  • Melinda P Coleman says:

    Hello Aryana
    My son and I were in a bad vehicle accident on June 18. My son was driving and was killed immediately. I survived with a short hospital stay. I lost my husband 11 years ago. I have 3 other adult children to live for. Tristan was my baby. I’m suffering. I don’t care if I live. How do I get through this and help my children. I’m also lost.
    Dead Alive

    • Deanna says:

      It is perfectly okay to feel that way. Acknowledge it, observe it, you feel it. Release it. You matter. Allow your love to kindle the fire of your soul. Love yourself. You have been through a lot. Take care of yourself now as you would take care of a loved one. Be that loved one and take care of you. Allow yourself to receive love. One second, one minute, one day at a time. You are never alone in the Universe.

  • Nathanial Sanders says:

    Made several compelling points and I found it informative. Trust the process I been saying.
    Also I wanted to comment that I was drawn to how elaborate placement of your first and last name..
    Anyways I appreciate time to put into your thought and your intention I find very positive and makes a person think and use their brain.. It is nice to read your thought, I found no contradictions in the article with my own mind set and process of thoughts.
    Thank you for your time Crystal.

  • Marilun Turner says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve learned on this path of life, if I can let go of the control I think I have but really don’t; beautiful things fill the void. It is the hardest thing, for most human beings to do, take personal responsibility; and feel good about ones self. No matter what a human being does, thinks, feels, etc. there is a lesson to be learned in every twist and turn. It is our choice!

  • Sheilagh says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping people understand that the Universe is always there to support us; and that our energy in human form need to trust where we are being led. It’s very hard to let go and trust; but when you do; the experiences you have and the gut wrenching realities of the bullshit that has been fed to us, help letting go of the negative so much easier, as painful as it may be, as so many people are such toxic individuals.
    I am truly blessed to have found you and your guidance amongst all the other nonsense that floods the Internet.

  • Marie says:

    Hi my name is marie. All my life i have felt somthing was missing. I knew about things. Read things but the last straw was this summer. I am ready to move forward and learn more on what the universe has for me. I am opened and want to embrace it. Thank you for you and putting it out.

  • Michelle Stevens says:

    Crystal.. this piece was absolutely incredible. I’m coming off of four years of traumatic life experiences beginning with ending of a 20 yr toxic relationship in 2014, the loss of my brother (2015) the loss of my mother (2017) and having been harassed at my job for the last year by an unstable supervisor (who was removed July 2018) I recently told myself (a lot of what you wrote) it’s time for new beginnings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and some tools to use to move forward by. You are a very intelligent person and I enjoyed this eminencely.

  • Janet Kulks says:

    This makes so much sense to me, because I’m really going through it. N I have cut out the negative ppl. N I fight for a better life n for my health to get better n I’m pushing the Drs to fix it

  • zanda says:

    Спасибо за Ваше внимание и поддержку!Прошлое идет шлейфом, было,что сбросила, но август не даёт возможность забыть. Прошлое душит, спасибо Богу за силы и талант ,которым он меня наградил! Я часть Вселенной которое поддерживает и помогает мне.Были сложности и приодолея их ,сама удивлялась”неужели это я ?”

  • Gloria Eskew says:

    I feel like something is going on but it stopped Am I doing something wrong or does this just take more time. I really care about this man but we live in different States he talks about what we can do and then nothing.

  • Colleen says:

    Wow, I will need to reread this a few times. You write extremely well. Thank you.

  • Karima says:

    You really need to do grammar and spell check. Much of what you write makes no sense. e.g.”lessen not lesson”: “I need to lesson my ego’s grip … lesson my over thinking”. You miss words often. Your thought pattern is not clear enough. Take a little more time when you write. . .

    • Penny Watson says:

      I do agree with you Karima, on the grammar & spell check.
      I read a good majority of this & found myself having to reread certain parts. Where I had to add or delete words myself from sentences, for the section I was reading, to make logical sense.
      With the many grammar errors it made for difficult & unfinished reading.
      I will say in regard to the content of the reading, many of us in today’s society feel as we’re stuck in a rut, that our lives are stagnant in many ways. We’re all looking for better avenues, paths or directions in many aspects of our daily grind. Hopefully the days of waiting for something good to happen or good news to hear, will come much sooner for us all.

  • Florence says:

    Forget the past, heal the present.
    Thank you

  • christianne says:

    Hi,I just want to say thank you for your website,it,s opening up my heart,and soul.

  • Janet says:

    Thank you for this article popping up in my news feed this morning. Truelly a great read!

  • yes you are right,its been a terible time for a lot of us, and i def feel stuck and for a long time i feel as though i have been waiting for something nice to happen. I am lucky to have nice friends, but hopefuly now my life style will take a turn for the better and the aweful problems will stop and give me a rest, as my energy feels completely drained through no fault of my own . thankyou x

  • Theresa Hitchcock says:

    I gave up on reading it all,way to long for me,but most of what i read i get it way to much going on this summer ive had enough

  • Nina says:

    Pozdrav Aryana ,
    A sta da ja odgovorim na ovo osim da sve sto si napisala je uistinu tako. Znam i osjecam vec odavno da moram dalje, no nikako da skupim hrabrosti za sve te probleme i ljude koji me crpe svaki dan. Dok se ja borim s vlasti da njima bude u zivotu bolje i drzim konce u rukama stvarajući im bogatstvo i moc, ti isti mene napadaju i ponižavaju svaki skoro dan. Kuci dok se borim kako preživjeti i platiti sve, on misli samo na sebe da njemu bude lijepo. Dnevno po 16 sati radim, za malu placu, uništavam svoju dusu pružajući im ljubav i služeći godinama, jer ne zelim konflikte da imam. Jos su me prozvali da sam luda. Nista od toga nemam samo se gubim u toj negativnoj energiji s ljudima koji nemaju granica nit u cemu te ih je uzela moc , slava i novac, pohlepa ljubomora. Napokon kao sto si i rekla sam krenula u borbu sama s sobom i njima, kako bi nesto na bolje napravili da su svi zadovoljni, no izgleda i to nije dovoljno. Svjesna sam da moram dalje ici, te na tome radim vjeruj mi toliko da me strah uhvati povremeno sta i kako dalje. Ipak vidim svjetlo na kraju ovoga tunela i uzdam se u Boga i njegovo milosrđe, jer sta svi oni mi mogu, apsolutno nista, tko ce protiv mene kad je Bog uz mene i vodi me na mom životnom putu , koji tek upoznajem i učim ponovo hodati kao malo dijete tek kad krene hodati, na kraju ove životne balade uvijek dobro nadvlada zlo i toga se drzim ko slijepa u nepoznatom mjestu. Hvala ti na podršci

  • Merle says:

    This year I gave up the itinerary and am going with a flow. There wasn’t any other options as the flow was so strong. All around me is changed by now, my only hope – reach the harmony within, has been realised and is still continuously realising .Thats our other half to search for – it’s in within. Thank you!

  • Deb says:

    Enlightening summary with perfect timing of how to navigate through this energy pattern that seems to be affecting everyone in some crazy way or another. Spot on for me as I deal with my feelings about a ghost of Christmas past that has come back by my invitation, so that I may “feel to a full heal” this time.
    Can’t wait to see what that looks and feels like.
    Thank you! Good Luck to all!

  • Joshua says:

    Hello .. Yeah our spirts cross paths you Beautiful SOUL!!!. Love & light.

  • Debbie says:

    On point with many words said.I will begin cleaning out old pain and hurt.and going to let go of a lot of stress and family members.

  • Dorothy says:

    Aryana, I am very troubled over my 32 year relationship with a man I love. I thought I had let go of my old thinking and habits, but something keeps triggering and I get totally depressed. I think I want to get out of the relationship, but every time I try to, my man becomes totally upset, pleads with me that he loves me, does not want to lose me. I do love him heart and soul, and don’t want to lose him either. But an old betrayal keeps triggering me, and I feel like leaving but i am afraid that I am making a big mistake. I am 67 years old, he is 59. I don’t understand what is happening. Please can you advise me?

  • Ary munoz says:

    Hi aryana,ary here..at the moment I’m just going with the flow it almost feels like time has come to a complete halt as I watch everything unfold as it should.. as I stay in acceptance mode and allowance mode I patiently wait for the energies to shift as they are consistently steady at the moment.. higher self is telling me to stay on this Universal flow until further notice while accepting and allowing.. it almost feels stagnant but it really isn’t it’s just that everything is moving a lot slower.. thank you for your wonderful update and insight..love you all..Namaste.

  • Julie says:

    Just want to say Thank you so much.

  • Natasha says:

    I can so relate to all of the above.I am stuck in a rut .Its been 13 years and counting.Divorce may be the best thing to do but I have been told to stay calm and composed until November.Gosh!!I am meditating these days to open my chakras especially the pineal gland,the third eye..I feel like I have a purpose and that is to help people otherwise my life has no meaning .I am just existing.Thanks Ana for the insight.

  • The other day i felt no fear for what the universe is giving me. Yes I look at the future without thinking of the past.
    I found out what my soul want me to do. I discovered it today. I feel bold and going ahead expecting the universe let grow my wishes and learning. I have to go through this last wish I want.
    I can be crazy and will do the craziest things that I did not think I was capable of doing.
    All the transformations I went through and become what I am now, and what you talking about prepared me for what must happen to me, with courage and determination
    I will go ahead living free and happy without any thoughts of the past. Waiting for the happy ending.

    Crystal, this is exactly what I needed to open my mind and continue to be illuminated.
    Thank you

  • Sheila says:

    I have a terminal illness so I do not know how long I have on this earth. But I have always thought there was so much more to what we call this life.

    • Priscilla says:

      We all don’t know how much time we have on this Earth. Everyday isn’t guaranteed for everyone, don’t worry about it and instead live your best life. Fall in love or find a hobby that you love. Best wishes, I hope you get well soon.

  • Laura Adams says:

    Yes I quit talking to a man that I have been
    Talking to for a year and a half. He was making
    Promises to come be with me and never did so
    I felt like he was just wasting my time and energy. Tell me what you think if you can.
    Thanks Laura

  • Sherry says:

    Last september my 16 year old son, passed after a 2 year battle with a brain tumor. 5 months later after Valentine’s Day my husband of 20 years asked for a divorce. We are still in the process of the divorce. We sold the house I was living in for 17 years. This was also the only home my son ever knew, he also passed in the house. I am 48 years old and back living with my wonderful parents, until the divorce is finalized, I can’t purchaes my own home. I started college on line classes in June. I also work full time. I have a daughter that is married and made me a grandma 2 weeks before my son passed.
    I have had a difficult set of cards dealt to me. I am on the mend about my marriage. I am taking charge of my life, but I refuse to leave my pain behinf me or to let go of the past about my son. Is this the letting go that everyone’s been directing to me all summer long, if it is I refuse to do it! The other things in life I am working on to let go, but my son and the feeling of grief that I have towards him and for him will never go. And nobody should ask me to do so.

    • Eva says:

      You will eventually be let go your son will make that happen for you. It just takes adjustment time. My son passed. But God does not make mistakes. You will surely see. May God bless you. elh

    • Yes, “the feeling of grief you have will never go”. But that is your choice. It is important to move through all the different stages of grief, in order for you to be able to allow new change for yourself, and wonderful opportunities. It does not mean you ever forget your son, but you can allow more wonderful feeling into your life. Much love

  • Beryl Smith says:

    That was a lengthy read! I trust that I can carry on doing what I’m doing for a while yet! I have ambition to strive towards my goal however long it takes me. I’m in touch with lots of people around the globe and each one has the same issues, family issues , health issues etc so I guess I’m not unique! Thanks, I’ll try my utmost to take your words and work on them! Beryl.

  • Imeleta says:

    Hi Aryana
    I feel so lost at the moment … my family is falling apart and I don’t know what to do to help them now. My older son is angry with me my second son has gang affiliation and is breaking up with his wife, my youngest son is moving into his first flat with his young family and have financial problems, and my third son has just fought with his older brother.
    I’m worried
    Please help me

    • Jaue says:

      I think that it affects children and makes a vicious circle when you are making waves of concern. I was. I think that it is important that you change the way you hold your mind, change your attitude, believe in your opponent that it’s okay, and you are strong as well. Believe and believe in the happiness of your sons, believe that you will be one with your God. Pray. God wishes the happiness of all people.

    • Yes the below comment from Jaue is great. Start to take steps of letting go of control and worry. Pass your worry to the universe because it is not serving you or your in anyway. Parts of their decisions are their own lessons that they need to learn, to learn abouts others and about themselves. Be there for support for those who need, make time for yourself, and be there for your son who is “angry” with you, and remember, he is only holding onto anything of his own, you can not force him to let go of that, but you can be confident that you love him and you can tell him that, and be there if and when needed. More peace will come into your life when you let go more. Much love

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