Energy Update: Your Divine Inner Badass Is Reborn During This Blood Moon Eclipse

By July 27, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Channeling, Energy Update

A Rebirth Of The Divine Masculine
“Imma bloom whether you water me or not!”

As I sit here with the sun shining in my window I feel all the intensity of the longest lunar eclipse (in the last 100 years).

Spirit has given me another message to share with you.
It’s that… soul has been calling you this year to realign your life by stepping into a bigger role and mastery, by creating healthy boundaries and practically forcing you to listen to your heart.


If you have not been preparing for shining your biggest light, the. you may feel like the wind has been knocked out of you.

Why? Because life wants to take you to another level, and it won’t take no for an answer. This is a time of squaring off – hitting you up against very personal things that you care about in life.

If you have been reading my previous energy updates, I’ve been talking talking about the doorway that is open right now. This doorway that’s closing in August can potentially affect the rest of your life when it comes to your greater ascension as a soul in this lifetime.

Think back to what was going on last year in August 2017 and back in Jan and Feb this year 2018?

Especially for the last 6 month, you may have felt like you were pulling a rubber band back as the tension builds…

And now, that tension has finally reached its breaking point.

A Blood Moon Breaking Point For Us All

On the surface, there could be triggers and reactions but behind that is your soul trying to see itself, and remember. This tension is truly about giving you enough fire power to move into this next phase of your life path.

If you remember back during the eclipses in January and February, there was a lot of bravery that was being called up for you where KNEW you must put your foot on the path.  You knew it was time to release your old demons, decisions and definitions of yourself that were limiting you …

You were really beginning to see how you could be playing a much bigger game in how you fully live your life from a place of soul and heart (this includes being truly happy for no reason)

And now, you are feeling it more than ever thanks to today’s Blood Moon lunar eclipse . The ante has been raised, and permission has been granted.

“Your heart said you wanted this new life and so you started to practice this new way of being so now it’s time to be relentless and give it your all”

Think about it…

Since the this spring and summer, you’ve planted seeds and since then life has jumped back and forth – expanded and retracted and you are wondering how to fully stabilize this new life you know is possible in your heart.

How can you step into your new life without risking losing it all?

How can you know what to let go of that will greatly allow you to step forward into your brilliance?

The time right now is asking us to let go of all the crutches and handicaps and excuses for not living what we truly know inside.

Because here’s the truth:

You are enough. WE are enough without needing to earn or prove it. Everything we need it simply within and anything blocking you from what you already are must be released.

But you’re more than enough.


You are freaking amazing and don’t need to talk about it or defend it. You only need to integrate the dark shit and hold space for healing the war within.

I’d imagine you feel lots of projections rising to the surface lately as we are having to go with and look at how we apply our masculine energy in the world.

With 6 planets in retrograde, many of them masculine energy, I am feeling the divine masculine energy on our planet is greatly shifting toward mother divine.

As I’ve been saying for weeks, this is the best time with help from universe to purge what tells you – “you cannot” more than any other time, as you’ll either evolve or have to repeat the lesson.

It’s time to purge the limits of our falsehood and false light programming our society is so addicted to because nothing “out there” can fulfill what is nurtured and fed within.

This long lunar eclipse is illuminating that you are ALREADY worthy of these changes and these new horizons, can you show up even if there is a risk?

Can you be gentle and calm even when it feels intense or a little overwhelming and know you are worthy of the bounty or happiness your soul knows?

Where are you still finding yourself enslaved with people who are tied down to their old ways?

Where are you shackled to old stories and old wounds?

These tensions as being highlighted right now so that we may sweep out these disguised obstacles blocking our path to greater freedom.

You may be feeling deep temptation to free yourself and speak your mind and make that line you have been waiting to make.

Everything you have been witnessing and seeing since last year, it’s not time to integrate as this great ascension timeline window is closing in August.

Eclipses have a volition of closing up old cycles and bringing things unseen up at the same time.

Many of you may be realizing projections that don’t “start out there” yet start within. And when you integrate the dark you find, you will gain great wisdom, understanding and capacity for the possibility of the new.

This is the divine masculine on our planet learning how to heal the war within and be authentic through greater self awareness, truth, communication and honesty in the world.

This is a very raw and honest time.

You could be feeling stuck or resistant to making new changes and acting on them …and you will continue to struggle here.

Now is not the time to stick your head in the sand but to feel the info coming in, release and let go and decide what you want to take with you from here because your decisions and felt actions could change the course of life forever.

You may have been noticing in some ways that there have been big karmic cycles ending as people are integrating their light and dark, and there is a huge shift of energy that is closing out the past year and half.

We have all had our testing ground and now Spirit says “it’s time to make your move and fly”

If you feel resistance, look into your heart. Resistance happens when you are ignoring the call of your soul and how you or are not living in accordance to what your really know inside or your heart.

This connects to what I have been been channeling in previous updates about where in your life is your soul asking you to merge with ego.

Where is life asking to be fully met with the call of your wild heart in that sacred relationship or life mission you are working toward?

Where is your heart and body needing to be realigned with soul and mind?

Where in life are you STILL needing to walk your talk and physically live the things you know you must live now that your life is being illuminated?

What must you shift within your community or business or family that will help you become more alive?

This raw time may be personal and include the people you have around you, as so many people are experiencing profound “light activations” right now.

These activations are revealing lifetime breakthrough and new perspectives in their living situation, relationship, careers, what they’re doing in the world and much more.

And now with Mars and Mercury in retrograde – along with 4 other planets – you can feel Divine masculine energy awakening, beginning to know itself which is about ending the war within. The war we fought for centuries is ending in our hearts, as we rebirth new life.

But it’s not just the eclipse!

Currently we’re seeing a squaring off between the old guard & the new…as the planet, Mars (the masculine energy force formerly only associated with war during the patriarchy) is now square Uranus challenging us to take right action to create a future we can all be proud of.

Uranus is also forming a square to both the sun & moon this full moon challenging us to move forwards into our highest destiny by acting on our path with a heart (opposite Leo Sun).

Only by reviewing what we’ve learned from our past battles can we shift into oneness – ‘all for one & one for all!’

This is the gift of Mars square Uranus in Taurus…helping us shift from the mindset of duality and polarisation which creates internal and external conflict into unity consciousness, oneness and non duality, regardless of the storm.

Ready Or Not… We Now Become Reborn

Which brings me to the questions:

How can you and I be bigger people and serve the greater collective simply being who we truly are?

How can we use our triggers and emotional responses as doorways to access, nurture and own our self worth and inner value?

How can we implement new change or how can we introduce a new way of being or perspective even when we feel triggered or upset?

This is what this time ask of us all, because the moment you enter your heart is the moment you enter possibility and the ability to evolve. That way you can continue stepping into this bigger life that is waiting for you to claim it all the way.

Now you have a choice to make.

You can either stay in the stories, and logic and fear holding you back…

Or… you can allow yourself to enter the zero point Middle way of your heart and present moment and create the new.

All the possibility you need for the life you want to live simple needs to be felt inside you in order for the possibility to exist.

This could be healing a long time problem that has been sitting on the back burner. This could be you finally standing up for yourself from a place of love or power or you finally listening to your heart.

There may not be resistance with all of you. Some of you may be so ready for this change you just can’t wait and you’re just flying on the higher waves of light activating greater sensory embodiment and capacity within you. And others may be feeling this is the fire kick in the soul they needed face to get on with life and face the music of the soul.

So let’s connect back to what you were asking for at the end of Jan beginning of Feb? It’s was likely about learning that you wanted a kind of bravery … a bravery you needed to step into bigger shoes – and again the same message applies here now but even more intensely and relentlessly.

Yes you can no longer ignore fire burning in your soul because it’s time to awaken life through you even bigger.

This is not scary.

This Is About Possibility

When you are really called to be your biggest, fullest self, it’s like stepping into a giant spotlight on a stage with the people you care about most watching you.

It can feel like a lot of pressure, intense and overwhelming like “do I have to do this all today?”

But stay calm and breath through it. Know that you are being called into the bigger picture of your current evolution and YOU ARE ALREADY WORTHY.

Know that triggers around lack and love demand to be changed if you want the greater stability, community and love your heart craves …

These triggers are your doorways to how you can show up in your heart and create the from the unknown instead of from your limited fears.

Where have you been feeling afraid as if you are not enough? These are the areas that need to purge and step into the light, because the light is already shining to help us see who we truly are.

It’s time to open up and take the risk for what we want.

Where are you afraid that if you will make the change you know your heart has been asking for, that you are just going to lose everything?

Where are you not making any moves because you are operating from your wounds instead of your soul?

Where have you been feeling that if you really show up – and you take that risk that has been talking to in the background this past year – that what if you lose it all?

All that is no longer serving us – our thoughts, our emotional space and situations are being highlighted and amplified so that we can see the whole picture and how much we have changed already over the last year and half in these “eclipse layers”.

With our full lunar eclipse moon at this time you are likely understanding how you may have been holding yourself back in ways you weren’t even conscious of in the first half of this year – things that you couldn’t fully recognize are now becoming directly clear?

Yes. Spirit is showing us how we have been beating ourselves down with fears of failure, abandonment, detachment and more disconnection and bypassing …

We can no longer bypass the sorcerer we truly are as it all begins and ends within. It’s time to let your heart open as this about trusting the process of experiencing life exactly as it truly is – full spectrum.

And when you do, you expand the present and open up new possibilities, even when you feel hurt or triggered, you do have the power to transmute from your heart and show up anyway. This is when your life changes for the better; and you chose to evolve instead of repeat.

I hope you are truly feeling all the way and taking the life opportunity in front of you to claim the magical god or goddess you are.

These are some of the most heartfelt energies all year so this is really about baring your heart and exposing it all. Acting from truth and commitment and staying focused and embodied to who you truly are no matter what is happening around you.

We have been talking about this for a while…

…and the time Is now.

You may have been already realizing how being that shining star also means being real and being vulnerable … truly living and showing up as your biggest bad ass self means also being your most fragile, vulnerable self who can look at life with curious new eyes.

So whether you are gaining mastery or opening new doors this eclipse season…

Or whether you are finally setting a boundary or listening to you heart by acting upon it…

Being a badass means knowing your self worth and at the same time can staying fiercely humble and vulnerable; open to new perspectives.

This energy will greatly help you – be adventurous fully you and yet stay connected to your sensory felt nervous system naked and aware.

Especially when it comes a time in your life when you need to make changes. The times when you need to show up and take deliberate action, so you want to be powerful and yet flexible.

So what can you do to embrace this energy sand gain as much benefit as possible?

Try this:

During this next week if you haven’t already many of you are going to see exactly where you need to show up, where you need to take action, and see where and how need to make changes you do.

You are going to be seeing exactly what is no longer serving you as you begin to see what will work better for you now.

I feel that what you have known for a while in your heart… now is going to be made quite clear and to the point. Like I said on the last full moon, there is no more hiding your heart can do.

You are going to get the message this time, whatever this eclipse season may be for you. You are going to have to sit and think about how you are going to address life knowing what you truly know now.

Again for some of you this may be about opening up a new chapter and taking a step into that proactive new stage …

…for others, it’s about addressing a boundary issue that you have not addressed …

For almost everyone, it’s about sharing your heart center in some way with close ones or the world and being honest with yourself about where you deeply care about something that you have not been honoring …

Can you put your heart out there ANYWAY to openly and innocently receive everything you have always wanted but never gotten because you’ve felt life had scorned in some way? Think childhood…

Can you go ahead and have anyway what life took away from you at one time?

Can you evolve beyond the karmic cycles of your family or your toxic addictions to experience the life you have always dreamed about… but never thought you could ever have?

Last August or January, were you asking to start over?

To know true love? To see a greater purpose? Lift into that new career?

Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough that you can truly tap into the most authentic reserves of you that knows you CAN even in a CANT situation?

Even in the storm can you move to the sweet-funnel-eye -of-the-storm … the sweet spot of creation and choose what you want instead of what you fear you lack?

It may be difficult to deprogram “what is false light positivity” until we are truly honest with our experiences in our body, senses, heart and present moment.

Remember: We must be vulnerable to travel to “zero point” and create what we want and we must stop resisting what our heart already knows.

So here’s what I want you to do this weekend:

Please allow this blood eclipse moon to be a gatekeeper from the worlds seen to the unseen, showing you directly and physically what you may have been picking up on energetically for months.

Please have faith in your intuition dear one. If are reading this, your calling is happening in this lifetime and you must have faith in your value and take risks you need.

When you do, you’ll understand how and when to take new action, when life is all lit up and open like it is right now.

Don’t miss this doorway by not taking action; it’s time to do what you are scared of in your heart and show up.

Instead of getting wrapped up in anxiety, deductions, triggers and fear … see the steps your soul is asking you to take. You will experience great relief when making them.

Just like you saw back in Jan and last year that letting go of your old demons and letting go of where you were going and “what you once thought” is the key to moving forward.

Where are your wounds of betrayal and distrust heartbreak holding you back from living a better life right now?

Stop letting your analytical mind do the job that it is not meant to do … trying to figure out what’s happening in life purely from your head will get you failure and heartbreak while you prove yourself right every time.

Logic is not suppose to understand faith. Faith is the frequency of trust, energy and soul.

All things unseen and the millions of particles that make up the universe – that simply exists based on the zero point presence and full spectrum possibility of the moment.

Life is bigger than you and it may not asking you anymore but physically restructuring your life right now …

These are the golden nuggets that will lead you home, so look at what are you holding onto – as this is truly a secret of what to feed yourself within.

Where are you feeling heaviness and weight – as this is a sign to release and purge what no longer can help you and is actually stopping you from succeeding …

Where are you still holding onto things that have hurt you in the past or scared you in the past and you have slowly let define you, what you are capable of and what your allowed to enjoy, allowed to love and allowed to go after?

As this window of time comes to a close these are the limiting things that get highlighted so we can clear them so that this way of being and doing in life doesn’t become dominant or your #1 way of handling things.

So once again Spirit is asking me to ask you … Are you being led in life by your Soul or your wounds?

Can you allow and honor faith and trust the unknown when the idea of not being enough, having enough or emotional skepticism rears it’s ugly head? Can you stay connected and stay in the present?

Which state would you rather be in, a state or of faith inner knowing, intuitive … relaxed … or the state of the worrying analytical mind that says “I’m not enough – I’ve been hurt before and I need to carry this with me until the end of time or it doesn’t count for anything”

This is the true face off and crossroads my love. Can you choose your worth and happiness when faced with the exact opposite circumstance?

Can you evolve or must you repeat the lesson to gain this mastery? This is what the time asks.

Many of you are ready as this is not a shuttle shift and we have been preparing for this for a longtime.

This is a raw time. This is an honest time and I imagine you feel it.

I believe in you and the fact that you are reading this now means you are ready to move from break down j to breakthrough so where are you holding yourself prisoner and having a lack of faith – in others, your business or life?

Where are you putting weird restrictions on yourself? For example in my life I am seeing how I tell myself I can’t do something when I am deeply struggling, even though I know I can do it. It’s time to stop bullshitting ourselves and just BE the bigger soul we know we are.

Where we are too afraid to be vulnerable – to speak out and to step out into new life?

Where we are questioning our value instead of just living it and walking our talk?

This is not about external drama or anyone else outside you – this is about you owning up to you inside of yourself … and realizing the only TRUE blocks you have you have been creating from a lack of trust in yourself, others and the universe.

It all begins and ends inside you, the happiness and recognition your heart mind and soul craves.

As you see the stuff holding you back from the past enter your heart and the present moment – because it’s DO IT DIFFERENT and “make it or break it” time.

It’s time to GO and do that thing. Make the effort – create that friendship, join a new community – take your trip – awaken that truth and express because these juicy timelines allowing you to take even bigger steps toward your evolution and greater life purpose are closing.

This is a game changing moon to harness that will change the course of where you are going next and how connected this is to your true core.

Things that have faith, and heart and honesty and integrity right now on the planet are showing up more than even to be seen.

If you are in the middle of a certain situation, give people time to process this week if they are not getting back to you.

We all need this time to go within and realize the light we have been all along even in the dark as we complete, finalize and release as we create wholeheartedly from the new.

You are also likely also noticing those who are on your wavelength & those who aren’t, so you can accelerate your vibrational ascension rate by hanging with those who amplify your light rather than those whose energy feels cumbersome to accommodate and draining.

Can you raise your frequency on the understanding that the more we do this the more we move into flow of divine timing & experience grace through synchronicity.

It’s Time To Do Things Differently

You can heal the war within and create a new future that does repeat your past.

This is about love, not war. Remaining calm in a crisis so you have capacity to create in the moment.

This is about clearing away past life traumas that have been the underlying issue of you moving forward toward the love and life you want but you were afraid of.

It’s time to release these old fears from persecution and judgement that subconscious affect how you see others, life and how you express yourself.


Things may appear chaotic, but change comes from chaos, not the same old, same old.

Embrace it.

This is creating the shifts you have been waiting a lifetime for.

I believe in you.


Angel Adams

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    It’s such a repressive, frustrating unfulfilling emotion to have to hold onto out of exactly that. Fear of not being able to be who I know I can potentially be extremely masterful at as my daily visions are the constant reminder of what now feels right to now just believe and begin to be the new version of me.
    The inspiration and confirmation I needed to know. Yes or No.
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    You are an amazing being, sending you love

  • Sheila Messina says:

    U are Amazeing!!! Crystal!!!!
    Absolutely Amazeing!!!!!!
    Everything an all u said an had explained to me True so very True!!!
    Now to expand trust evolve go forth on my journey… I thank u so much!!

  • Morgan says:

    Thanks you crystal I really love the last soul mate poem u sent me was awesome n this whole paragraph too … love n light

  • Karen says:

    Thanks hope I can can forge through make a new existence .. this one is cold n lonely for my warm some .. thanks so much less !!❤ may peace abundance n love light surround you always !!

  • CARLA MILLER says:

    I must BOW to the greater WISDOM.

  • Ruwaida says:

    I love you Crystal Aryana. Thank you. May you always be blessed.

  • I so….needed this message!!

  • Wandakate says:

    HEY, I do hope you know how AWESOME you happen to be. So gifted and talented in your writing expertise. I am just blown away, totally in awe and inspired to follow through with the thought that I just had today (before I read this tonite) on my computer. What you just wrote was almost like you had just read my mind earlier and were confirming that my thought should be moved into action.
    I am a published author and have published 2 books so far. It’s actually 5 manuscripts combined into the making of 2 books that each have over 300 pages each.
    I am an older lady, I was divorced in 2001. He remarried and was with her for 9.5 yrs. and he passed away in May of 2011. I have actually been ALONE all of that time. Right now I live in North Carolina with my small dog and we BOTH love to travel. I think “go” is my middle name b/c I love to just pack up and take off. Sometimes a day trip, sometimes for a weekend, but this time (thanks to you) I am going to listen to my thoughts of earlier today, and my heart and my mind and my gut and go away for 1 month.
    I think I’ll leave about the middle of August and return to N.C. about the middle of September. Hopefully this is going to work out.
    I design jewelry for adults and children. Necklaces and bracelets for adult women and necklaces and bracelets for little girls from 3-10…I have been thinking that I wanted to “travel” and sell the jewelry on the road and I have now designed enough and made enough to support a month long trip. Therefore I am now (b/c of your encouragement) beginning to think that NOTHING can hold me back from doing what my heart wants to do. I need to earn money and this may be a way to do it and get something like a vacation all at the same time. A working vacation I will call it. I have some planning now to do to make this become a reality. I must get out my map and carefully play my trip. I hope to be able to find decent places to stay along the way and meet decent people and sell my creations. I am also a pencil artist and would like to sell some of my pictures along the way along with the jewelry.
    SO, allow me to say THANK YOU for such an inspiring writing that was very long but also very important and meaningful. The time you put into all of that to attempt to communicate and help your readers is awe inspiring. I am VERY grateful to you for this, it’s just the icing on the cake for me or perhaps the kick in the rear end that I needed to confirm what I was thinking of, JUST DO IT!!! Just get up and go.
    By the way, it’s all about “mind over matter” and I am actually 70 years old with the mind of a 40 year old women, who is determined NOT to get OLD any sooner than I absolutely have to. My doggie is 10 and she acts, plays and runs like she’s still about 5 years old, so the two of us are “young at heart”. I have several health conditions but that’s NOT going to hinder my dreams and along the way I may find my end of life soulmate, who knows…ANYTHING is actually possible…IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE!!!

    Thank you bunches, Wandakate in North Carolina.

    P.S. I think I’ll travel as far as Missouri and then return in about a month, or longer if all goes well. I have 2 good friends in Missouri, one in Poplar Bluff, Mo. and the other one up in Raymore which is just south of Kansas City, Mo. So, hopefully I’ll get that far and back. Over one route and back another so I can work going over and coming back…It does sound like a plan doesn’t it?

    • Random Person in Texas says:

      Wishing you a blessed, prosperous trip. You are truly my inspiration, Ms. Wandakate in North Carolina.
      Thank you beyond words…
      from just a Random person in Texas

    • Archannette says:

      Good Luck Ms. Wandakate! You are an inspiration to all…
      Thank You Crystal for shining light on the pathway…You are Badass.
      I Am Taking My Step in Faith of a New Life full of Possibilities…

    • Rachael Crosby says:

      Go Wandakate!

    • Jfish says:

      Believers! Together, we go further. Anything you desire is possible. Yes#

  • Kate says:

    You, and this message has come into my life at the exact right moment! It’s almost as though you are giving me a personal reading! I am in my late 70’s and am finally ready to be the ‘badass goddess’ you speak of! How I wish this had come earlier in my life, but everything comes in its own time (I believe!), so thank you from my heart and soul.

  • Linda says:

    You read me very well like you’ve known even we first met. I’m very impress! BLESD YOUR HEART! I’M MOVING ON AND FOLLOW MY DEDURE AND DREAM. I’M SO READY TO LIVE MY LIFE OF MY DREAM!

  • Linda says:

    Thank you Crystal, I am just entering my 4th year of changes! This next one starts this week, and it’s a big one! Been surrounded by lies and deceit for long enough! Yes the time is now, as you said. Time to get rid of all the bull shit! I know it’s going to effect my whole life! But I’m ready to open new doors, get my strength and self respect back! Time to take my lamp from under the table, and shine my light again! Onwards and upwards.x

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks so much
    A lot of information to be felt at the heart level.
    Thank you for the clarification on the energies and what I have been experiencing.
    Deep Gratitude

    • Lisa says:

      Yes this Lisa also says Thanks so much!! Feel and think the same as this reply from another Lisa. Isn’t that cool!

    • Lisa says:

      Yes this Lisa Michelle also says Thanks so much!! Feel and think the same as this reply from another Lisa. Isn’t that cool!

  • Jody Gill says:

    For sharing enlightening and taking time Thank You, Crystal…angels surroud you

  • Marilyn says:

    My most humble thanks to you for helping me realize what it was that I was feeling deep inside..My soul is longing to fly …You words are inspiring,gently nudging ,and thought provoking..

  • Wafa says:

    <3 thank you for those beautiful words full of wisdom !
    Iam grateful because I had the chance to read this article at the right moment.

  • Hi Crystal this is stellios I am claiming my rebirth he’s i am a god I embrace my sacred feminine i am courageous and have less fear i am member of the rainbow family ,Crystal i love you

  • Susan Berger says:

    I am so ready! I’ve already begun my journey…and it will be coming to a peak in a month when iove to another state to start a new and exciting job!

  • Colette Rogers says:

    So right!! Really excited reading this Crystal.

  • Pauline says:

    Dear Crystal, Many thanks for the wonderful support you have given me. My life starts today. Light and love.

  • Alexander Ramsay says:

    I’m ready for the change. To embrace and move forward thanks x

  • Stanko says:

    Crystal thank you these wonderful and motivating words.

  • Ranie Padachie says:

    Thank you soo much.Iits a new beginning for me..

  • Tammy says:

    Thank you Crystal. I read this and it helped me to realize yes Im going through a big change, but instead of worrying what is going to happen and how, that I should embrace this and just exhale and go with the flow of it all. Very inspirational, again thank you!

  • Tracie says:

    Crystal, you are a true GODDESSs! You are light and a blessing to have in so many ways. Thank you from my soul for all that you’ve given and put out to the world…

    Love you

  • Rita Maskill says:

    Yes I agree with all you have said I am in trying to change my destiny I still am not clear how but I want to I need to live my life for me the way I want it to be and but behind me all my bad past that has been holding me back I want to find what I’m looking for and be happy there is things holding me back and it’s hard to find a way to deal with them but I need to free my soul and fly

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m grateful to have this message, yet I still struggling with thinking about letting go of things I’ve been working toward for the past few years. I fear I will choose to walk away from certain people and situations to follow my soul but still never truly find myself. I fear I’ll never have the love, happiness, and success I’ve been desperately seeking, but those things have eluded me on the path I’ve been walking anyway. Life hasn’t gone the way I’d expected nor imagined, and it’s difficult having faith and truly believing positive things will manifest when they never have previously. I believe I know in my heart what I need to do now – to make a better choice for ME – but it’s still going to be hard making those changes and walking away from everything. My faith has been wavering lately, and I’ve somewhat lost the belief that anything could possibly work out for me now, but I’m trying to believe once again. I hope everyone can make the changes they need to in their lives so we can all move forward into a better sense of existence for ourselves.

  • Merle says:

    This was a great reading – so enlightening, so empowering! Thank you xx

  • Katrina says:

    I really needed this, thank you❤

  • Iola says:

    Girl you are badass too! Thank you.

  • Anthea Prince says:

    Wow, Crystal

    Thank you so much. So excited about this new phase I’m stepping in. Yes, and I really feel everything you’ve mentioned.

    Regards, AP

  • Tiffany says:

    Thank you for everything….
    What I was just reading seems like you know exactly what I am going through in my life and you are right about everything ❤

  • Theresa says:

    This is exactly happening now… I am starting up life coaching and it’s challenging and fulfilling at the same time. Thank you for this awesomeness!

  • Terri Herting says:

    What beautiful heart-felt words Crystal! Thank you for sharing your gift of insight. As everyone stated above, I too feel the pull of my true self. Ego will not win. I will see the light within grow and as it does my light will connect more with everyone else so we can all be free of this insane world we are choosing to exist in. May we all find the light and free ourselves from the constraints of guilt and pain. We no longer need to suffer. We will be free. Selah…Love from my heart to yours

  • Gianna says:

    This is the second time you have sent me something that was 100% what I needed at this moment. Thank you for these little gifts and synchronistic moments!

  • Lisa says:

    That was amazing!!!! You made my life make sense right now. Thank you.

  • Florence says:

    Hi crystals, it’s time at this very moment to let go the past..
    Thank you for lifting me up.
    Lots of blessing.

  • Rekha says:

    Yes its true that the thing which is very imp for my life is actually the stopping me from moving forward.Somewhere I’m still hoping he’ll come back and I proceed further . Getting scared that if I move forward I may lose everyone and specially him which I don’t .what I should do just don’t know.Your message is encouraging me i’ll try to do what u conveyed in this msg. Thanks a lot.

  • Gitane says:

    I appreciate your kinship!

    • Anthea Prince says:

      Wow, Crystal

      Thank you so much. So excited about this new phase I’m stepping in. Yes, and I really feel everything you’ve mentioned.

      Regards, AP

  • Ptema says:

    I appreciate the knowledge but i still have questions for further clarification. Would like if we can offer. Thanks a million.

  • Zhi Bell says:

    Better than my paid readings

  • Kathy says:

    You are truly gifted and thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Kathy says:

    Thank you Crystal for finding the words to describe what my feelings are telling me. Yes it is time for change.

  • Selistene Bredenkamp says:

    Thanku so much, its amazing how your timing was, I had just prayed the 7 divine prayer and as I looked down onto my phone there you were and I started reading. Exactly what I needed you gave me, thanku. I am going to make this change to be my soul and not my person. Thanku, love you very much. Plse keep sending you are helping me make this change, awakening me again to who I truly am again. Thanku

  • Kara Price says:

    Thank you! I needed this. Couldn’t have came at a better time than this ♥️

  • Amazing. so inspiring and energizing

  • Sharla says:

    Thank you soooooo much. I will stay on track this time. The Universe needs us to heal our inner wars. No time to waste, Spirit needs us to believe in ourselves ALL the time.

    Peace and Love,

  • Melissa Weinman says:


    • Wandakate says:

      YES Melissa, she spoke the TRUTH, and it’s the TRUTH that will set us all free. It’s the people in our lives that aren’t afraid to just tell it like it is, and tell us the TRUTH. Because lies are a dime a dozen but the TRUTH is pure gold…
      The fake people and the ones that don’t really love you or care about you in life will always shake their heads yes and tell you what you wanna hear even if it’s a lie.
      But TRUTH is harder to come by, and it’s the one that will break down and tell it to you whether you wanna hear it or not that cares for you and believes in you and loves you…and that’s the TRUTH, like it or not.

  • Theresa Sexton says:

    That was very helpful

  • Judy Blumenshine says:

    Truly Greatful, that you took the time and for your words of wisdom and enpowerment. Thank you.

    JUDY B.

  • Nikki Williams says:

    This was so on time and needed. Blessing to all those on their journey

  • Joan says:

    I can feel my changing but I am ready. Even tho I am 81 and live alone. A man contacted me in January thru a matching service. I live in Fl. and he is in Arizona which is a state I love and had thought of moving to at one time but didn’t. We have been communicating by texting and telephone. As time went on I felt that I was becoming In love with him.He is a Gemini. I am an Aries. Now I am booked to fly out on the 4th of August . I find it necessary to meet him. This way I will know what to do. In my inner heart I want to be with him and I hope he will decide too. I read all of your information and appreciate what you are doing. I truly have a very strong God faith and also feel that there is a reason for everything that occurs.

  • Susan Greer says:

    Shuttle shift? Must be a typo. Subtle shift.

  • Jackie hehir says:

    Brilliant xx

  • Gita Vazirani says:

    Thank u so much
    Reading I was sobbing nonstop
    Everything u have written has
    Resonated with my heart

    Words fail me
    How to thank u

    Only I can give u r my hugs tons and tons and tons

  • Linda watt says:

    You have this right on spot. I get it. I will make the changes. I have it in me. I have to let go. Thank you for your support. Linda.

  • Nossa, sensacional, tudo eu, amei

  • Julia R. says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. So much to think about.

  • Balaji says:

    This was great Crystal and exactly what I needed as now I know I need to let go of the past and move forward with what is in store for my future.

    • Rangimaria Jean Moana says:

      Kia Ora Crystal
      From down Under Aotearoa I have been seeing alot of futuristic event’s coming concerning myself I have nothing to Lose all that I’ve loved have gone.
      I know I must go forward whether with my love or not I have to let him go my masculine side is becoming more visible then my feminine side.
      I’m trying to fill my time and thoughts so I don’t have to think just do things automatically by helping others worse off then me.
      I can’t believe I read all what you had to say lalked to the blood Moon last night tilll early morning saying goodbye to my love be safe wherever he isand help me to change.

  • Elizabeth Jones says:

    Dear Crystal:
    You truly have hit the nail on the head, regarding my perspective on life a the moment !
    Kudos, young lady’, and thank you!
    Sincere regards,

  • danny says:

    have you some time to talk like friends??

  • Kenneth Thompson says:

    Thanks, are you here for guidance. To navigate me to what rightfully belongs to me, happiness, prosperity,etc

    • Dana says:

      I am ready! I will walk through the door of fear with a sword of the spirit! Thank you for your letter! I know my soul can do this! I am an overcomer! Starting a new life with a new slate!

  • Bobby Moses Nichols says:

    So frikkin’ beautiful.
    Thank you.

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