Energy Update: Allowing Space, Taking It All In

By July 23, 2019 Energy Update

Hi beautiful soul,

So after the last video I did for the full moon (and upcoming Leo New Moon on the 31st) many of you wrote to me.

Thank you so much for all your loving and deeply authentic support, I love you. 

And for those that wrote in with a similar message about loving the video, but that you receive transmissions from the words too. 

So I wanted to make sure you had the transcription notes from my last video (posted below) so that you can fully breakdown all of what’s been happening in your life since my Solstice update back in June.  

So now all the corridors and options and closing down to two doorways as we head into the Liongate portal on 8/8. 

What are you choosing to bring fruition and which door will you choose?

The door that leads to the unknown and NEW or the door that leads back into the same repetitious karmic loops?

The choice is yours and you are receiving the most help at this time to step into a higher frequency through whatever practices you are choosing that lift your soul and heart. 

Please note that this Energy update serves as a recap of the Solar New Moon Eclipse (calling in more capacity to receive light), the deeply purging Capricorn lunar eclipse as well as the next New Leo Moon. 

The video also follows up from previous updates regarding “collective awakening lessons” over this summer’s retrogrades (I’ll also repost the retrograde posts again on my Facebook wall if you want to follow up deeper as you decide which direction in life to take.  

For now just take in all the energies as many revelations and happenings are in flux.  

Wow loves — over all, as I reflect what an epic year it’s been so far ..

We just had a Lunar eclipse in Capricorn, closing out this portal. 

So over the next 10-14 days, your energy is crucial to which path you choose…

Since the still point of the solstice, light has been increasing and pushing out lower density energies – which is why you’re seeing fugly stuff you were trying to hide come to the surface. 

This energy is joined by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, with the moon in her Home sign, giving it a very karmic cleansing undertone that I will explain in just a moment. 

What have you been doing since the Solstice? 

What seeds that were planted in March are coming into fruition? 

It’s time to apply the wisdom you’ve been shown on a deeper level; staying true to your heart no matter what disruptions come.  

Let’s look back since the Solstice to the energy around 4th of July as Sirius traveled right next to the Sun, charging and magnifying this light —asking us to review what seeds are we bringing into full bloom?

Are we fully aware of them or not? 

The photonic frequency has steadily risen almost every day since the solstice.  

Whether we bring out dreams into full fruition NOW is this testing period before the lions gate 8/8 —so be gentle and still.  

GO within and use it as now is the time to deeper apply the wisdom you have already gained.  

Trust yourself to let go, shift and uproot.  

Give yourself permission to shed who you used to be.  You’re allowed to start over as you find new ways to bloom into your best self 

Since the powerful Cancer New Moon two weeks ago, we’ve been sitting in the dark and recognizing our own light —applying deeper wisdom.  

This is about Mastery loves.

Allowing Space.  Taking It All In.  


Seeing what direction you want to go from here.  

What do you want to take with you?  What energies do you want to no longer charge? 

Make sure you take some space to reflect how far you’ve come.  

This is a time to integrate all you’ve been through and take it all in as you observe the world in a new way… 

Honor and respect yourself for all you have been through. 

Honor the light, Honor the dark. 

Anything you have tried to keep hidden or that is secret or false is now coming to light in a way we cannot no longer repress if you are awakening.  

You can see the clarity of all your choices stemming from your own core if you sit with them long enough and your own nervous system.  

Since my last Full moon video and the Solstice —have you been charging the wrong old energies or are you stepping into the unknown … and your heart frequency?

Or have you been choosing stuff from a co-dependent, “waiting” or a dualistic thinking place?

All things that are not fully embodied or fully sustainable are dissolving. 

If it’s not taking care of your heart and soul (if you are not taking care) it’s likely dissolving away from you so that you can learn to take care of you..


So if you say you are in a love relationship, but how you “self love” isn’t the same as all the ways you show up in relationship —so there’s a disembodied gap, you will be shown this at this time.  

Or if you “love someone” from a place of all the things they can give you —the relationship will show you where you are coming from ego, instead of embodied love.  

Anything that is not sustainable/embodied is dissolving right now to show us our own sacred medicine. 

The Nodes:  A Massive Karmic Shift

In my past update, I said:

“The fully charged sun is applying masses of coded light, in the form of truth — now fully aligned in the North node which is how you thrive your karmic bloodline and destiny, how you see what needs to clear in order to bring in the new —and for those already aware and growing—the dues and time to harvest what you’ve planted.  

And while, the Sun transits the North during our (Capricorn) Full Moon lunar eclipse, we have the direct opposition to the South nodes, offering the purging and releasing of the old/karmic completion making way and providing space for the North to brings in new worlds.”

Now it is happening.

I know you might be feeling at the edge, tested … chaotic.  I get it.  

I know we can feel tossed about, ON AND OFF …like playing dodgeball with our sense of clarity—or doubting insights that were so strong…

No worries, this is just dualistic thinking and being that’s meeting a higher frequency inside of you.  

Trust yourself.  Deep in your core you know anyway, beyond your mind.  

We’re being asked to go deeper and increase our self mastery.  

It’s all about applying what we know as we continue to purge and let go.  

Release old way of thinking, completed karmic contracts and truly apply the lesson-embody your own heart.

So NOW IS the Perfect time to get unstuck from old concepts….

I can feel you and I know YOU are right on the cusp of a breakthrough and a major shift in consciousness, so please trust that you CAN step into a higher vibe of perception and self operation and this karmic purging full moon is here to help you greatly (and the following New Moon) 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn


The Cancer/Capricorn axis is the focus of this eclipse…

And it’s almost like the Mother and Father inside us meeting as expand our karmic bloodline and heal wired-dna family issues.  

So on a Mundane level:  it’s showing you to balance between work and home, ego and soul 

And on a personal level: it’s helping you see old structures from a new place which begins to dissolve them as you are stepping more into your heart (zero point).  

This energy of course is highlighting all that things between what’s real and sustainable and what is false and smokescreen.  

And of course is here to help us as it highlights what is attachment vs. real embodied self love. 

This new cycle will continue until January 2020. 

Depending on your own chart I feel this Lunar Eclipse is more intense than most due to Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn.  This is the first time this has happened in 36 years—people may feel “mentally” off unless that are consciously releasing old patterns in their life and “listening” from a deeper place than their mind.    

The Dark, Restricting Influence Of Saturn and Pluto

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn.  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer.  

So again sustainability:  many are seeing the consequences of no to little self care, and not taking care of emotions or burying them and running.   

Repressed emotions are surfacing now. Truth is coming out. Distortions. 

This eclipse may also expose everyone that has intentions as this energy will unveil the manipulation, cheaters and true colors at this time. 

And for some this energy right now may manifest as whatever (sacred but f-ugly) bomb needs to go off in your emotions and being and nervous system (body energy feedback system) to finally get you to notice the change that GREATLY needs your attention now.  

So honor the process as this eclipse is here to help you clear away old debris of your past, so that you can be truly free to embrace a new story.

Just keep in mind there’s a Trigger warning to the energy like we’ve kinda felt all year as we apply deeper wisdom. 

Yes. Your buttons are being pushed and pushed again. 

And the deeper truth is that you only have one true responsibility: the development of your soul.

So what’s happening IS YOUR SACRED WAY like the message you’ve been receiving in previous updates.  

And everything that is happening (even the things that don’t like LOOK like it ) is ONLY truly happening to get you out of your own way, so that you can embrace YOU (all of you, all the fragments) your core, your soul and natural fulfillment in this lifetime.  

So Now is the time to see where you want to go from here.  

Yes.  A lot has happened and you have to take it all in. 

Please relaxed this week, next week.

Clear your mind.  

Don’t get wrapped up into chasing or creating more issues than needs to happen.  

Ie) Downward spirals —no need to further false constructs and keep repeating them, just go deeper and embody the wisdom so you can be aware of karmic repetitive looping…

Wow loves yes, we must breathe and sit with “the whole” of it all.

So much karmic closure and releasing the past life traumas —closing out previous lessons is happening. 

Respect it.  

The current energies are like forcing core healing.  

This is where we need to go to the root, voice out our fears, hold the child and feed it what it needs.  

This is where we go to the core root of what we need, see what’s repressed behind the toxicity habits, behind the demon, the inner child, the wound and also THE GIFT.  


For those fully receiving what I’m saying you please focus on releasing this root pain from now until the new moon in Leo on the 31st, where we are treated to the second new moon this month…

This is helping you to set in and anchor IN the new patterns you’ve been wanting to call in for a while as you close out old patterns that have been holding you back.  

Until then, you must release fears of abandonment, fears of self worth and anything else making you feel separate from being loved and received in your world. 

So many things are happening for so many right now specifically related to family (letting go of the need to change / from place of over thinking /doing it wrong / how others see you etc) please be gentle.  

Karmic release:   Yes. This could be your time now to remove baggage from several lifetimes. 

Staying grounded and connected to your heart frequency is the simplest way to flow through whatever is happening.  

Sometimes you just need to stay present in your heart all the way through a certain distortion —and those who were once so upset or against you, begin to see themselves. 

Just stay in your heart and know your being shown the way—the keys to your own heart.  

Also please keep in mind that so much is happening in the universe at this moment — timelines collapsing, relationships changing/dissolving as we move closer to source and seeing our (programmed) own separation within. 

And I feel it now, I want to remind you. 

You are SO needed and loved and WANTED in ways you may not be able to fully take in or grasp right Now, please know this. 

Your wouldn’t be here reading this, receiving this message.  

Mother divine needs to you embrace her, even in the state she is in. 

Mother divine and all of us need YOU to embrace ALL of you… 

Father divine needs you to light up your own heart and care of you …

Father divine needs you to witness, even when you’re in hell to see from the whole …

More directly —we—the world really needs ALL our light warriors/guardians to step into their mission now…

So trust what’s happening isn’t a mistake.  It’s guided on purpose even the shittiest shit.  

It’s just up to you how long you choose to stay there to receive the lesson or gift.  

It’s okay that you are uprooting and receiving new light (and digging up stuff) around core wounds of being unwanted / good enough / Abandonment stuff that simply need to be brought back HOME.  

For some —- you may have grew up earning love. 

Feeling for some —grew up in household earn parents approval in a hardcore way.  

Maybe you always felt you had to be perfect son, lady or role model in fear of shame, disappointment being given and love taken away. 

You’re being pushed to break down, crumble and dissolve through these programmed ways of thinking as you strengthen your connection to Divine in you. 

You CAN do it love.  

YOU CAN transcend through these unhealthy family patterns that are blocking you ability to LIVE your dream, keeping you stuck in duality.  

Programmed patterns, unhealthy ways of thinking, come from wounds that have not been SEEN FELT AND HEARD through a present somatic nervous system and heart.  

When you ignore and repress your wounds …

When you don’t churn out the gift from them…

Wounds distort your perception.  

When we don’t see the gift from the wound, and transform—we can instead “get beaten down” by our wounds. 

This greatly distorts who we think we are and our entire reality, creating false constructs and templates that are not fully WHO WE ARE.  

This is why Core innocence helps moves us back into who we really are beyond all our mask and bs and walls and trauma (thank you healthy Divine masculine aspect). 

This is why you are seeing what’s “false” more than ever right now. 

Anything not sustainable in your lives and not fully who you are at a core level is dissolving! 

And you’re being asked to reconfigure your life and dissolve what does not serve you. 

Ancestral Purging and Releasing


This is a time for receiving your own light.  

Like I said in recent Facebook posts!

Being unfuckwithable —cultivating a divine love within you that is unfuckwitthable!

Being yourself in such a way that the wrong people stay away…

Vibrating (taking care of you) in such a way where nothing can happen to you that’s not for your highest good, even if it sucks.  

Even your mistakes are your blessings when you’re coming/seeing from the whole. 

Trusting your bigger journey, path and process…

Yet if you want to guide greater alignment, keep a sensitivity to how you use your energy.  

Ie) Be careful how you spend the first 20 minutes in the morning.  

Ie) If you’re not embodying your feminine energy it will always be harder than it is supposed to be.  It’s part of raising your vibration. 

It’s harder because you’re coming from a lower vibration.  

Now does that mean its good or bad?  Higher or lower? Less important than the other?  

No.  That’s all asking questions from and seeing from duality.  

If you can come from heart frequency first and self care you will see how even what you don’t like (if you receive what is and it helps you grow) then it all serves your higher good.  

Even the lower is happening for you to clear the way, like a mirror.  The physical world simply mirrors the energetic world inside you.  

And this last eclipse was so deeply powerful for us to sit in the dark and see our ugly shit as well as old rules and traditions no longer serving us, yet instead acting as blindfolds…

So yes, clearing out the old and making way for the new.

Holding your inner child (especially as we come into our second Leo New Moon) and remembering your inner fires and wild, crazy enthusiasm.  

Sitting down with your demons and drinking tea / not labeling or rejecting, yet intelligently being with them.  

Not separating against hard or tough experiences —even the word lower vibration?

What is lower anyway?  An experience we don’t want to accept or acknowledge as real?

I also said this in recent “Eclipse energy updates and notes” recently. 

So we have higher and we have “let’s sit with and observe” because we need to stop coming from duality when we see what’s toxic, what’s “lower vibration” —heck even retrogrades! 

It’s time to stop separating against the very concepts that will help us soul retrieve and unite within, allowing us to recognize our already wholeness, if we just lived it! 

Yes.  You can own your shit and sit with your worst fears and respect and honor the process of ALLOWING SPACE and intelligently seeing what needs (your fears and demons) are connected to.  

What needs you must nourish and fulfill from a higher frequency? 

It all comes down going within, mothering/fathering and your inner CREATOR; or transcendence.  

This is your innate (born with) ability to take the past and transmute it from a neutral place. 

To hold a thought without making meaning of it.  

To hold space for your pain and see the gift instead of “just trying to get rid of it”

To see that your souls path has nothing to do with reaching some “ending, escape or destination…”

All the same thing. 

This transcendence process is about not making the lower wrong while still stepping into the higher.  

This how you trust your journey and bigger process at this time.  

This is how you see your mistakes in a bigger perception.  

It’s Not about belittling one over the other, or making one more valuable.  

This keeps us stuck in duality and in the energy of the problem that helped us stuck to begin with.  

The reason we are karmically looping is because we are not embodying what we are doing, we are not sitting long enough with it ALL as a whole.  

You have to embody and live your vision in such a way that it has no choice to but manifest in the physical world!

This is being UNFUCKWITHABLE and what you are being asked as you level up baby! 

For example even when we experience the need to change, neutralize, manage, control, escape, get rid of, an appearance… we can still relax as awareness in the moment, slow down and see that thought.  Just as it is.  

We CAN stop separating from what’s toxic and wounded.  

Yes.  Light and dark live in the same temple. 

And if it’s dark and heavy, it’s because you’re trying too hard and you’re not getting and applying the wisdom.  

You’re not meant to carry the weight, you’re meant to release it, learn from it. 

Everything that is happening for you and through you is always leading you where you’re meant to be.  

Every detour, every direction has its own gift, it’s own opening, again even the things you think aren’t working out.  

Yes. Life is so subtle sometimes that you don’t notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed were open.  

That’s when you’re really cultivating form the whole. 

When you realize that even the detours have a gift for you to receive.  

Realize you were always whole!

You Are The Creator


You were always worthy.  

You were always blooming.  

This comes from holding your opposites in the same place.

This is how you hold your truth, your unfuckwithableness, despite what is happening around you or from others.  

This is how you follow your own compass and stay in your own lane. 

You choose to stop settling, and rise up.  You choose to raise your vibration first. To feel energy first. 

To trust what your body is telling you as valuable feedback no matter what! 

Yes when you are in flow and co creating from BOTH – a lot of the old dualistic problems that were once so focused on will solve/dissolve itself.  

Present “zero point body level truth” will set it free when you come into a higher frequency. 

This is where you begin to think, talk, and walk like life is happening for you, not against you…

And if you’re really stuck in duality, struggling with unhealthy family patterns, know you can focus on raising your vibration first. 

Just feeling for some — ho’oponopono prayer 

Read up on this process and use it at anytime:

“I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

Yes we are here to take care of ourselves and others as we walk each other home in lessons and understanding.

So MOVE to the core and heart of the matter.  

What do you need?  What do others need? 

Can we stop separating from our wounds, dark and anger?  

Can we stop separating from what’s toxic?  

Can we stop separating from ourselves when we are in a lower vibration? 

How do we stop separating from our ugly, toxic, wounded, darkest stuff in us that we really don’t want to feel?  

This goes for all the things separating us from our sovereignty. 

Even our anger, our hatred and our separation is coming into the light.  

Can we not hold hands with our demons?  Our inner child?  

Our wounds without coming from duality… but courageously coming from our hearts instead?

All truths are half truths until we are in our heart frequency.  

This is going into the core spot of us, our free will, our core place of sovereignty, our innocence, our ability to create that has been distorted by all of our wounds…

All of our defenses, our walls, our mechanics, our stories and denial of what is, just as it is.  

When there’s wounds and walls… instead of letting in light and allowing love… it hurts us more.  

When we resist our wounds, and tell them “no, I’m not going there” when we are experiencing a block, we are essentially saying NO to receiving love and our own power (truth and understanding).  

When we go into a space of resisting what is, just as it is, we are essentially saying no to our hearts.  

We are saying…

“No I am not going to let in that light,” I’m not going to let source in. 

I’m not going to let God in.  

I’m not going to connect with that lost little girl inside.  I’m not going to take care of that sad little boy.

I’m not going to retrieve those wounds or lost parts.”  

You’re basically saying 

“I’m not going to put love in these places that most need love.” and that’s where we drop and stay stuck into duality.  

This is where we the BIRTH of where our inner conflict and our resistance comes from.  

It is resistance that is the cause of our suffering.  

It’s the resistance itself that is warring, instead of creating.  

This is where we get to see what is coming from the whole, and what is coming from duality.  What’s organic vs not organic.  

The light coming in from these eclipses has been growing until the lions gate 8/8, is highlighting all of our illusions …  

All of our distortions of our wounds, the false constructs that don’t exist.  

The false structures of reality that limit the amount of light your DNA has access to, and thus your ability to see from the whole, from a place of creation.  

Because what is resistance?  

Resistance is just an energy that doesn’t want you to purge or create, because resistance has its own energy that feeds our dislike towards negativity, our anger towards mankind, the news and “hating this those who hurt animals” or whatever.  

“I hate that i’m not of higher consciousness or more evolved or hate that I don’t get it or don’t understand.”

Yes.  VOICE IT OUT.  Then reflect with your full heart and BODY.  


We have to bring this fugly out into the light.  

You’ve got to see it to free it, and feel it to heal it.  

Stop making one experience higher or lower than another, so that you can see through a wider lense.  

So if you’re in a bunch of anger, it’s OK.  

You need to take care of this inner part, this inner territory inside you.  

Not validate it, but address it.  So this means taking the really dark shit, the part of us that sabotages your wins, that destroys your body, and contributes to destroying the planet – that allows us reject each other when one is in pain or makes us take everything so personal when it’s not—these parts of us …

What we call the darkest parts in us, are simply parts that only want to be seen, adknowledge and heard. 

Parts (and life messes) that are only calling out because they want to be integrated back home.  

Yes the darkest parts in us is just what was never seen, what was never heard…

And it’s lost, frightened, wounded, helpless and angry.  Imagine a child and you have the frequency of what it doesn’t know because it hasn’t been brought out into the light.   

These parts can be things that happen in your life, that others did to you, that you did to yourself, that you did to others.  

Either way it’s usually stuff that you don’t want to go into the floorboard and crawl spaces of…

That is until you are forced to because the next time you get triggered, you have a choice. 

Listen To Your Body


Listen to what she/he needs.  

If your working on self love without healing the unconscious (shadow inner child ) you aren’t working on self love. 

You’re spiritually bypassing as self love is the integration and embodying what’s shadow and what is light.  

The shadow —the part unacknowledged, that only want to be seen and recreated from.  

Even darkest things you think you cannot forgive, you can love, when you choose to fully step out into the light and embrace yourself as you grow. 

For those that need this:  Know you can forgive.  

Know you can bring acceptance to it and bring it into the light.  

You’re not masking it. 

You are using all of it to create dear Alchemist.  

When you bring your fears to the light, with an open heart that’s ready… things shift. 

Even just voicing out distortions, can help you immensely look at things from a bigger perspective. 

If an inner child wound or a toxic habit deep within your skin is weeping, sit with this child in the sorrow.  

Rub kindness into her wounds.  Sing love to him. Because this is how you heal.

So yes. Voice it out if you need to. Notice, sit with, acknowledge, receive. 

Respect their presence.  Respect that they happened.  See it’s validity. 

Give them a home, a voice, an understanding, some heart and some space so that way your wounds are not guiding you—without you.  

It’s neither a fortune nor a misfortune when we are in non duality. 

When we label what is wounded, toxic, or “low density” as either good or bad we are just seeing it from duality which is only perpetuating the split —it’s only perpetuating our suffering as a humanity whole.  

It’s only “adding” to the problem. 

So let’s hold what’s real like a baby and nurture what we need behind it.

This is why we have to stop separating from what is toxic.  

This is not good nor bad nor right nor wrong or higher or lower.  

It’s just a piece of you that needs to come back home as you create…

Alignment to the light brings action, new connections and opportunity. 

If you’ve been in the flow lately though all these upgrades, it is showing that you are doing your self care (even by saying no) as you raise your frequency and step through these shifts from a place of creation, inner sovereignty and flow.  

Thank you for simply allowing yourself to be more of who you are (and follow through) as you move toward the light, transforming your life! 

And if life isn’t working out how you thought —if you feel rejected or puzzled, please check and go deeper …

You will see (from heart frequency) that a greater version of you and your life is simply being invited to uplevel. 

I know a lot of people are feeling tired, purged, lost aimless and confused, disappointed, on the brink of giving up.  

You must align within love —take care from a fully sustainable place that includes only you.  

And if this last statement was for you —you can’t give up because you never know!  If you’ll just raise your vibration, you’ll find yourself in a brand new place.  

Please know that some periods of growth can be so uprooting and confusing that we don’t realize that the incredible growth is happening.  

It’s when our heart is really cracking open that we are growing the most…

So please nurture yourself during this time, when you do not know what is happening, when something inside of you that’s been waiting for so long, is coming to the surface. 

Listen to your body and what your body needs.  

Yes again.  Healing is NOT about escaping pain, healing is about our ability to hold pain, love.  

Spirituality is love and acceptance of what and where we are …AND from here, we can make a CHOICE to create (your inner creator); 

So it is NOT about escaping what we are..

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. Here’s a quote that moved me:

“You are a Beloved of the Universe.  You have intentionally incarnated into this time and space to assist with the evolution of consciousness.  You carry within your soul wisdom of the ages. Shine on, dear one. You are precious. You are loved. You are supported.”

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  • FakazaJam says:

    Thank you Aryana, I think most, like me, don’t even realize were hiding anything.South Africa Music download

  • Rose Slater says:

    Thank you Aryana, Ive read all the way through this ,it has greatly helped me to validate and understand all that has been happening , and is happening to me.Ive been struggling with accepting my dark side, now I shall do what I always suspected I should be doing and that is flowing with it and not making it wrong. Bless you Rose

  • adelene kho says:

    Hi Crystal, I greatly appreciate all your personal sacrifices and your precious time writing all those blogs for us to guide us & even shooting those videos for us … that’s very very time consuming and I am really very thankful for your guides. I love reading them because it seems very very accurate and most times most things mentioned seem to resonate with me … OMG!!! and without them I could have given up recently because I was very very tired already. Things seem to repeat again and again and that has made me very tired. In fact I have not read your earlier blogs because I had been very very busy doing my ‘work’. You are blessed always by all of us (the WAY group) and by the Divinities. Take care. A billion thank you(s). Best Regards & Love Always.

  • Shirley Scott says:

    Been getting told this alot of late be interesting to know whom he is I love doing this card draw thank you

  • Teboho says:

    I love you….your words always always heals me or rather make sense. Bcos of you I don’t doubt my journey. Thank you and God bless. Try u love you

  • Michael Stewart says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, i wass in tears reading my email as everything you talked about i have been going through, even the silent questions inside of me we’re being answered as I’ve been seeking help to heal myself . I now fully understand, thank you so much i prayed for your guidance when i wass younger . Much love to all souls!

  • Shauna says:

    Love…!!!! It’s not about what we are “trying” to hide. I think most, like me, don’t even realize were hiding anything..We think this is “normal”! Until we have that moment that says.. “Omg!!” It was ME! Everything I thought was coming from someone else was coming from the things I’ve never realized and am shocked to realize about myself… Truthfully the last couple days, I’ve felt so good…( well..most of the day, until a wave of doubt hits again until it literally makes me want to vomit so yes I put on my music and forget it??? It’s a lack of self confidence and I know where it comes from and I’ve been trying to heal it but I guess I’m not letting myself go in deep enough??? Regardless…today was the first day in so long that I felt so much love and power…. But this is my problem… “What I feel so very strongly in my heart…doesn’t seem to be true?” Or messages I’m getting that are feeling like they mean something…?? Don’t mean that?? If this makes sense??

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