Ending The Cycle | Weekly Tarot Reading August 16th – 22nd 2020

By August 16, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends,

This is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading.

Today’s forecast is for August 16th – 22nd, but as always, whenever it finds you is the perfect time for you to be reading it.

This week harkens the end of a cycle. It is a time both for celebration as well as mourning.

Even when something coming to an end has been harmful or challenging, there can still be pangs of loss and sadness that come with an otherwise positive ending.

Over time, we grow comfortable with the status quo, adapting to our surroundings and making our home there, even when those surroundings are not ideal or healthy for us.

We get used to the way things are, so when a blessing knocks on our door, we may find that our tender hearts and guarded minds are wary of anything different and new. The old pains of disappointment or loss may hold us back from taking a chance, or opening up to the unknown. However, this week you can begin to dissolve an old and detrimental cycle into the light of new awareness, opportunities and celebration.

New Beginnings On The Horizon

Our cards for the week are the Ten of Cups, the Ten of Swords, and the Ace of Swords. Ten’s represent the fulfillment of a cycle, so pat yourself on the back because something significant in your world is coming to completion.

Uncannily, the cards representing completion are followed by a card indicating a major new beginning: the Ace of Swords. This is a big week for you, and the ramifications may take some time to fully anchor into your reality. But the message is clear: It’s time to move on, and you can do so with greater ease starting this week.

So let’s get into it…

Ten of Cups: Celebrate, Lighten up, and have some fun.

This is a card of celebration, family, overflowing gratitude, and fulfillment. If it hasn’t come yet, then expect a blessing to land in your lap this week. It’s as if the heavens have opened and said, “You, yes you! We love you and believe in you.” Now is the time to let your inner radiance shine out into your life and heal your heart. Give yourself permission to take a break, celebrate, and honor yourself for the beautiful spirit that you are.

Put down the labors of life for a little while. Connect with friends and enjoy the abundance around you. While it’s a bit complicated right now to share time with loved ones, you can give a best friend a call, or take a walk in the park with someone close to you. If you’re feeling more solitary, honor the completion in your life with a ceremony of some kind (yes, a glass of wine, good music, or time in nature counts as a ceremony, so long as you bring your intention to it).

This has been a heavy year for many of us, and right now the best medicine you can give yourself is to lighten up, have a good laugh, and be silly. Life is short, so take time to savor its sweetness.

Ten of Swords: Releasing Old Injuries

Like I said above, with completion also comes letting go and sadness. The Ten of Swords is a heavy card, indicating loss and sorrow. You may have experienced a big heartache this year, or are still processing a loss from years ago. It’s possible this loss is something you thought was already resolved, but now it’s suddenly cropping up again, needing some tenderness and love.

This card implies that it’s time to change your perspective toward an emotional injury. Unfortunately some injuries are so deep they leave a scar; one that we may walk with for longer than we would like. Luckily, the influence of the Ten of Cups helps to lighten the load. The combination of these cards creates space for a new perspective on an old pattern and offers the promise of new possibilities on the horizon, giving you cause for celebration and gratitude.

Often, when you soften and open up to receive love, it can bring to the surface areas that you’ve been protecting. We shut down so as not to feel the hurt that is there, but in shutting down we cannot feel the love within us and around us. Dearest, as you open in celebration, letting your heart breath the freshness of spirit again, allow the pain to move through you. Trust that in loving this part of yourself, the pain can be unwound and transformed. If you keep your vulnerabilities covered and hidden, they won’t have a chance to mend fully.

Ace of Swords: A New Vision

As you allow yourself to feel and look with fresh eyes upon recent (or not so recent) hurts in your life, you will find new insights available to you. These insights will help you break patterns that no longer serve you. The Ace of Swords is a divine and mental inspiration card. There is a wave of fresh thinking, insight, and inspiration coming your way.

When we experience hurt and trauma we create ways to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. This is an intelligent response which helps us cope with experiences that are too big for us to handle in the moment. The problem is these defense mechanisms, which were essential in keeping you safe as a child or during a time that was too intense to handle, become blockades to your evolution and growth when maintained for longer than necessary.

Defense mechanisms can shape how we think about our lives and the world. Our need to stay safe can distort the way we view and experience life.

However, this week you have a fantastic opportunity to see what’s happening in a new light! The energy of Ace of Swords is like a flash of insight. It’s as if you’ve been walking around in your home with only dim candles to see your surroundings, and then suddenly someone turns on the overhead light, revealing the full view.

This kind of clarity can be jarring, but it will orient you with fresh understanding that can change your life. What has felt like a vague obstacle for years may finally be seen for what it truly is. The energy of this card is like planting a seed of truth that will begin to dissolve anything false in your life and relationships.

Weekly Reading Overview and Ceremony Guidelines

Make time to celebrate this week and honor any losses. Give yourself room to process whatever is coming up for you, and take space to write some of your insights down, for they will surely arrive during this potent week.

You may want to do a formal “letting go” ceremony. One of my favorite ways to do this is to write down on a few small pieces of paper what it is you are letting go of, and then burn it in a safe environment. An example would be:

Writing down: “I choose to let go of the way I criticise my body.” or, “I forgive and let go of my ex.”

Light a ceremonial fire (outdoors if you can, or perhaps a candle on a large platter- whatever you do just be safe).

Take a few moments to connect with the flame and to settle into yourself. Let any emotions around what you are letting go of surface and move. Just witness them and be compassionate with yourself.

When you are ready, take each piece of paper, read it out loud, and burn it in the flame.

Take time between each piece of paper for your energetic intention to work it’s magic.

When you are finished, thank your Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit (or however you attune with the cosmos).

You are doing amazing! I’m celebrating with you at the end of this cycle. Give your transformation time to unfold. Big shifts can sometimes take weeks to fully land and be understood. This week, it’s clear you have crossed a threshold, and I honor the work you’ve done to bring yourself to this point.

As always, with love

And in service,

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. If you are needing extra clarity on what is coming to completion, or what is ready to be let go of, let’s draw three clarifying cards to help you understand. Contact me to schedule a session here.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear how your ceremony of celebration goes, if you plan on doing it. Write a comment below about what you’re planning to do or what you experienced.

P.P.P.S Also, what are you grateful for right now? Kindling the energy of gratitude can do wonders in melting stuck patterns and emotions. Let me know in the comments below.

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Andi lee says:

    HimI m andi lee from Singapore
    I have been received your quarterly predictions since last year
    I would like to know if you do yearly prediction on monthly basis
    Again, i can he reached at

  • Maria Carolina says:

    Thank you Jonathan! Looks like my cards Are not great…(tower, moon, sun) but I will keep wishing and working for the best for me and my loved ones. I hope The cycle changes for the best!!! Thanks! Maria C.

    • Hey Maria,

      The Tower, Moon, and Sun are a pretty normal cycle of growth. The Tower is often the disillusion of something that no longer serves you. Granted it can be scary and challenging when life pushes us to let go of the old way of doing something, but if we trust it can happen with some ease. After this kind of upheaval we are often left with parts of ourselves we have denied; it forces us to look at our shadow elements which can be represented by the moon. If you honestly take a look at what has been unconsciously motivating you, and love the scared and denied pieces they can begin to integrate. Thus the Sun. The Sun starts to shine again after the dark night. True love and honest self care from within can bloom into your being. So, Maria, perhaps seeing this as an important shift. We tend to want to just keep floating towards integration and high vibes, but the honest truth is that we tend to fall apart, get stretched, mash about, and then come back together with more wisdom and love. The more we can honor this process the easier it becomes. With love — J

  • Becki Keene says:

    You asked What are you greatfull for in your last email to me and it didn’t take me long to get my answer……… I am Greatfull to be living in a time where if free to be the me I should be, to be waking up next to the love of my life, my soul mate.

    I taught myself that every morning when I wake up to think of 3 things I’m thankful for then I can get out of bed and start the day.

  • Manuela says:

    Beautiful, as always! Thank you for the information you share!

  • Regina says:

    Thank you so much for enlightening and insightful messages, they are always accurate

  • 5ja: In the night I dream all this what you said for this week. Just last dream was that I sad laud that I forgive to one guy that was torturing me ….I do all this thxs to the cosmos in my dreams every night.

  • NM Soundram says:

    Dear Jonathan, I do thank you for your readings and so true indeed today for my current sailing moments. Lots of happening now with the 5D Ascension and your words of encouragement is most supportive and appreciated. I am venturing into a new job opportunity and about to sign a MOU with a new company. Thank you for your Love & Service and you will always be blessed my friend. Cheers.

  • Lese says:

    I am so very grateful for this reading as the ending of a tortuous three year relationship (if that’s what it can be called) with a narcissist ended. The end of the cycle came. I am free. I am glowing. I’m making new friends, people who have ascended higher than me. The connections are unbelievable! I am finding my tribe. My joy is actually being restored. This is a good season. I’m guarding my heart because of the pain of the past relationship and marriage but I know I will love again the way that it was meant to be. Thank You and God Bless.

    • Congratulations on ending such a challenging cycle! I’m so happy to hear you are finding people who support and resonate with you. Yes, the heart takes time, allow for it and trust the process. With love — J

  • NM Soundram says:

    Dear Jonathan, I do thank you for your readings and so true indeed today for my current sailing moments. Lots of happening now with the 5D Ascension and your words of encouragement is most supportive and appreciated. Thank you for your Love & Service and you will always be blessed my friend. Cheers.

  • pinyorat says:

    Thank you for the reading I love getting my reading It’s interesting to be able to know and understand myself from a different perspective you’re amazing .

    Blessings ✨

  • ANTHONY says:

    I am extremely grateful for the wisdom that I have encountered from my higher self, The Universe, Angles, and my Ancestors and Guides. Somewhat overwhelmed to be honest.

    I’ve ask for a lot and even more has been delivered.
    Thank you for the emails and words of encouragement!

  • Enhle. Goddess says:

    Jonathan, I truely thank you.
    Yes, I needed to hear this.. I’ve been stuck in a Relationship cycle for 3 years. I had now found the street to let go and move on with my life. I knew change was coming cause I had already done readings on myself and I also did seek for more answers and here you came with a better clarification.

  • Kellie says:

    I’ve been trying to get my belly dancing started for the longest time and I keep running into “pitfalls”

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Jonathan, I do thank you for your reading and yes I do know there is, not something, but a lot in the air. Definately will take time for an extra ceremony. Daily ceremonies already are part of my life. The heavy losses in the past and recent are subject to turn free of all the negativity. For me and more and let go what doesn’t fit in and follows me. The more thankful I am with the by you given reading. Thank you wholeheartedly in all.

  • Peter Wesley Goodman says:

    Thank you for the Reading. Yes, I feel ‘something’ in the air. This evening I received my Refuge name from a Tibetan Master Khentrul Rinpoche, That action is an acknowledged Renewal. And, yes, I am going to do a Ceremony of Celebration; the moving on with my Divorce 3 and 3/4 years ago. I have always taken the responsibility for IT but now is the time to let it go.
    Thank you again from the depths of my heart, mind, and soul.

    Peter Goodman

    • Thank you for sharing Peter. What an accomplishment! Congratulations on receiving your Refuge name, and on being ready to release the past. Thank you for your feedback. I hope you have a chance to revel in this new chapter. Blessings.

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