Emotional Insecurity Overhaul | Mercury Direct in Cancer

By July 16, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hi there, it’s Luna…

As you may have noticed, the cosmic weather is improving lately.  

You may have even felt the wash of relief that came as Mercury, the planet of communication and connection, went direct this week, giving you the green light to sign contracts including leases, and to buy any new, fancy gadgets or electronics you’ve had your eye on. 

Just remember to keep the receipt, because we’re not out of the woods just yet.

From now until July 26th, Mercury will be passing through the same degrees he just went retrograde through, giving you the opportunity to re-think and re-evaluate your decisions before making a commitment.  

With Mercury going direct, communication, especially with family, is starting to improve. Misunderstandings, unspoken anger and resentments were aired over the last three weeks.

This may have brought some serious turbulence into your life, but now that the tough stuff is out of the way, you will be able to see your situation more clearly and move forward with confidence in old relationships and new. 

Now it’s time to see how the rest of the story plays out…

Mercury Direct | Third Time’s A Charm

As I wrote about in my previous blog post about Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, the cycle of Mercury Retrograde comes in three phases, similar to what happens when you forget something at home and need to go back and get it.  

For example:

Think about a time when you were going out, but then realized later that you left your cell phone at home. 

You were already on your way, but you had to turn around and go get your phone before you can really move forward and get to where you’re trying to go. 

You have to walk all the way back and retrace your steps, but once you retrieved it, you were able to go back out and do whatever you set out to in the first place. 

That’s basically what happens during a retrograde cycle.  And with Mercury, it happens three times a year.

Right now, Mercury has just left the house with his phone, but he still needs to at least get to the point where he turned around, before continuing his journey.  

This “moving forward” phase is known as Mercury Retroshade period, and marks the third and final time Mercury will pass over the same astrological degrees in this cycle. 

Traditionally, this is when lost connections are reclaimed, and our plans and communications begin to work out “the way they should have the first time.”

Since Mercury was retrograde in Cancer, the decisions you are finalizing now have to do with creating greater emotional safety in your life, and may concern your home and family. 

Cancer:  Feeling Safe In An Unsafe World

Cancer lives for a sense of security, and when Mercury is in Cancer we all feel much more inclined to seek out connections that are trustworthy and allow us to let down our guard. 

The world can be a harsh place and Mercury in Cancer wants to create refuge from life’s difficulties. Once we are safe inside our little crab shell, we can explore the softness of our love and emotions while nurturing ourselves and those close to us.   

During this retrograde, you probably became very aware of the connections and environments that bring you a sense of safety, or anything that threatens it. If you’ve taken advantage of the opportunities that came with the retrograde, you’ll find that you are well on your way toward establishing stable roots that provide you a sense of refuge and protection. This might mean you’re in the process of uprooting your life and replanting yourself somewhere better suited for you. 

If you are still struggling with the lessons from this retrograde, you are probably feeling pretty stressed out as you battle with someone close to you or against your environment. 

It’s possible that the situation you’re trying to find safety and security in simply isn’t going to provide it. If you’re in a dynamic that is continually inhospitable, it may be time to let go and move on to greener pastures. Sometimes leaping into uncharted territory can feel scary, but with Mars in Aries making a square to Mercury in Cancer, the pressures won’t let up until you do.

Let the whisper of your inner child be your compass during this time. 

As you reflect on the path toward greater emotional fulfillment, you may also experience inspiration directly from your higher self.

Sun Trine Neptune:
Opening To Divine Guidance

Coinciding with Mercury going direct is one of the most divine aspects possible in astrology: Sun trine Neptune. This influence allows you to make direct contact with your higher self and access true wisdom. If you’ve felt confused about your path forward, this will be a time when you can tap into what is truly in your best interest.

The solution that comes might feel unusually absent of the struggles you’re used to dealing with. Take whatever insight you receive over the next couple of days as an example of what’s possible for you. It may come through a dream, from your meditation practice, or simply from having a quiet moment of reflection. 

However it manifests for you, know that any glimpses of inspiration you have aren’t just pretty mirages or fantasies. They are meant to inspire you into making your vision a reality.

Ego energies should be mellow over the next few days, so if you’ve been stressed out lately, this could be a good time to recoup by listening to music you love, doing art therapy, or practicing meditation. 

Tension & Triumph On The Horizon

While it’s still a tense and dynamic time in the world, you are being provided with the necessary information to transform adversity, especially at home and in relationships, into powerful motivation to take risks that will lead you to a better future. 

Pay attention to your inner truth and boundaries. Don’t be afraid to try something new if the old ways are no longer working, or at worst, hurting you.

Take your time making plans or important decisions until July 26th, because the information revealed to you over the last three weeks is still being integrated. You are in the process of organizing the insight and knowledge you received so that you can move forward in full confidence. 

Use your time until July 26th to tie up loose ends in your home and family life and make amends where possible. Right now it’s important for you to start moving in a direction that nourishes your emotional body, provides a sense of rootedness, and allows you to share tender moments. 

Be patient with yourself as you continue to integrate the valuable lessons of the last five weeks. You’re almost there!

Stay strong! I believe in you!

Your Fellow Wisdom Warrior,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Have you experienced any big changes on the home front in the last five weeks? Are you feeling more emotionally secure or still struggling to find more safety at home or in your relationships? Leave me a comment on the blog and let me know!  

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to TarotReadingDaily.com, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Sonia says:

    Hi Luna Yes I Noticed my Husband actually listening more when I coment or things important to me, that he ignored for Years.It was a Pleasant surprise. I’m hoping this will bring a Change maybe he will open up to the idea of speaking with me more.

  • Jeannette Bonilla says:

    Hi Luna, a lot of changeirts in the home front. Home working for my husband, virtual school for the grandson, my business has stopped since the pandemia, and even the year before was slow. But I have gained more confidence in myself and I know everything will be ok.

    • Sandra says:

      Greetings Luna i struggling with security in my relationship in so many ways i want to trust him but it is very hard

  • Maria says:

    My life has changed so much since March. It’s been a year since my Grandma died. She was my mother and father. So in March my boyfriend for 4 years decided he didn’t know if he saw a future with me. Things ended. It was a lot of pain to deal with. I usually say I’m struggling with 2 pains. I didn’t grief my mama because it was so overwhelming so I kept on going with my full social life.
    Since March, I went really low and some how I managed do find some help. I’m seeing an holistic psychologist. She’s great! She’s helping cope with all of that since my childhood was troublesome and I didn’t learn the mechanisms.
    This past few weeks and this day I’ve been feeling so emotional. Like my mind knows that I had to go through all of this to reborn like a Fenix but my heart is aching and is till hoping that this is just a setback and I’ll get back with him. I actually don’t believe in second chances if the partners don’t change their attitudes. I’m changing…but what about him?
    It’s been an overwhelming few hours… everything is rushing through my mind. I’m a sun, venus, mercury Libra with a Gemini rising and….a Sorpio moon.
    I’ve read your article and it made me have hope. Hope for better days! So thank you!

  • Jennifer Sue Beckstead says:

    Any Major changes on the home front , you’ve asked of us cancers? Well… My dad committed suicide on June 29th. 2 days after my birthday…

  • Ollie says:

    Hello Luna Dragonwell
    I love reading your post and Readings. Thanks for being you.

    Yours Truly : Ms. Ollie

  • Gowadi says:

    Hi luna
    I have been in a marriage and it is on a knifes edge at the moment, we have become distant and lonely. One of us had strayed outside the relationship and we are trying to overcome the bitterness and hurt to reconcile the relationship. So wat you are saying is true at this moment. I am to make a decision on what to do, but feel like I am not knowing which way to turn.

    • Janice speed says:

      I started divorce procedures from a husband I have not seen since 1998! Because my man of 16yrs left for a funeral to CT…..and did not return, that was Feb2018. What is happening in y life?

  • Larisa says:

    Hi Luna, I am seeking for help. I always had a very good relationship with my older son Allen, he was always there for me and my youngest son Paul, but something happened to him. Allen leave with us in the same house but in the lower apartment. He completely isolated from us, does not want to communicate with us. Even we leave in the same house we have not seen him in 3 months. I and his brother try to text him and call him but no reply. I am very worry for him, my prayers not working. I do not know how I can help him. Hope he is alright. Do you have any advice for us. Please reply. Larisa

  • Raylynn says:

    Hi, I am struggling in my relationship. Things were going good until last night when I had a disagreement with my boyfriend. I’m a peaceful person who doesn’t like to argue. I love peace and when it is disrupted I get sad and depressed. Nothing got resolved because he couldn’t see the reasoning and the things he said to me where hurtful because he was intoxicated. I’m trying to trust more and worry less but last night took a toil on me. When I woke up this morning, I felt so tired and drained emotionally and spiritually.

  • Kenny says:

    Hi there, this week had provided me with a major move from my daily laxsidaisical routine of home.

    This past week i have moved 300 miles out of my comfort zone.

    I’m currently providing palliative care for a close relative. A total shift from my daily routine.

    I suspect that I will be doing this activity for a short time longer. Leaving behind my lifestyle of casual behavior.

    I practice meditation and revisit the teachings of the Healing Water. I also reflect on other self-help teachings.

    This past week has certainly been a life changer.

  • Hi, Luna~I have lived now for 17 years in a housing community in the south part of Amherst, MA. Recently there have been a number of shifts here and I no longer know”my neighbors in the same way that I had. I also feel the shifts of the longtime neighbors retreating more and communicating less. Co-VID could also be playing some part in these changes as well. For some time now, I have been imagining a move westward-ho to be closer to a group of friends/colleagues and also to create a tiny home on land along with a 30′ yurt as a movement studio space. (Pacific Yurt Co. is right in the vicinity). I have made big moves before, but now I’m 73 and it feels more challenging than moves of the past. Any thoughts my way?

  • Minnie Mattheew says:

    Hey Luna!
    This feels like a love letter from the cosmic realm.. how beautifully you caress the readers with your encouraging and insightful words. The Planets are benevolent stars shining its light on us.. the moment we align ourselves with the universe we will be free..
    Thank you..
    From one bright star to another!

  • Maria Carolina says:

    Hi Luna, what a wonderful clear article- love about the “cosmic weather”- certainly I felt like last 5 weeks have been good, like all pieces are fitting in- I am in a divorce process and moving ahead wonderfully, my parents are with me temporary and cannot travel now, but many things from the past has been discussed, so it’s like closing chapters… of course not everything is perfect, there still things, but I feel more balance – I am a sag!. Thank you

    • Ryan combs says:

      This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. This evening s events had me open up to a stranger. My heart’s vibrations changed. This elderly lady asked me the right question at the perfect time. She healed me. I could feel my vibrations increasing even after she left.. I no my soul trusts her. My soul found a new friend. Any1 that reads this to the end has my permission to absorb our many blessings to light your souls path….

  • Josh says:

    I am newer to tarot readings. They seem pretty remarkable, I think I will buy a tarot deck on disability day. Some guidance on these next steps would be much appreciated.
    Thank you n enjoy the weekend.

  • Anidi Joshua says:

    Thank you so much Luna,
    Am really happy to get your newsletter it helps me to see more about what is coming up with my plans and what I supposed to do,although am still single but I know I will find someone someday because am so much believe in love not because am pieces but because it makes me flow, thanks once again.

  • Giselle Delfi says:

    Back in June 20th an old love from 26 yrs ago came back into my life. I was on cloud nine and was given strength to completely get over my ex who was tormenting me for the past 7 months. Now I haven’t heard from him in the past 7 days and feeling down but trying to keep hope that he’ll show up next month. I’m trying hard to hold on to the feelings I felt to keep on moving forward.

  • Roxanne Martell says:

    My relationship at home had been strained from February till June. We are just now starting to get along again. I hope it last.

  • Anita says:

    I’m going back and forth with what I’m now feeling my head is telling me to do verses what my heart is telling me to do. Everywhere I look, I’m reading it’s time to move on, it’s time to let go, and the thing is, my head is telling me the same thing, but my heart don’t want to let go. I know the best thing for me is to let go and move on because after really thinking about it, It was me holding on when it was clearly time to let go. I can’t be mad at this person because he constantly gave me hints that we didn’t want the same thing. So why can’t I let go?

  • Apiel says:

    my situation here today is that since I begin to live life on my own
    I have never been loved by someone I truly loved
    in the beginning we will be living in normal life
    after some short period of time you will see the person started sleeping away and I have nothing to do
    in terms of relationship I have not had it easy at all in my life
    today I have someone who seems to concern a bit for me
    but I could feel the same situation happening again and again
    so right now I don’t even know my status I’m just looking up to what will happen next
    because I have no solution to my situation
    if you can help me to get out of this situation that will be my happiest moment
    thank you.

  • Julie Wood says:

    Still struggling with trust.im not happy with my life.

    • Lisa V says:

      Trust yourself first. Your decisions. The reasons you made the choices you made. Then realize you are not the only trustworthy person on earth. There are plenty of us. Trust yourself to not accept anything less than you deserve and give.

  • Niecy says:

    Hellooooo Luna, well we ended our relationship yesterday & surprisingly I feel a sign of relief. I’ve accepted who he is a stubborn buzzer who’s great at delegating and controlling me. The warmth I felt with ease has certainly brightened up my aura even more. Your readings have been a life saver to me because all of them have been spot-on and I warm heartedly thank you my friend. Though I waiting patiently to see a new world of sanity, love, peace and mostly self love. I’ve nearly neglected myself because of this man but luckily I have mirrors that showed me how beautiful I am inside and outside. Ladies love who you are and never settle for what others may think of you. Sending so much love & appreciation!

  • Sandra Mack says:

    Yes, decided to buy a new home. I’m hoping I made the right decision. Excited but worried at the same time

  • Michele says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to get it out of my (reel to reel) head. I had a conversation with someone who I thought had potential for being a close friend;was never going to happen, but I went round and round with her. Our last conversation(very recently) made me realize that I was giving away my power and she was manipulating through that opportunity. Taking the time to process the whole thing, I went through a kind of grieving process after my realization that started the next day.
    I started moving out of that by reprocessing each moment and then helping it to the exit. I found that drive and focus she had said was a weakness that needed to be changed. No way!
    Thanks, Michele

  • Lena Fuller says:

    I’m still struggling with a Relationship during this time we are trying to do a start so to speak. we’re on vacation currently and it is about to wrap after a week long vacation in North Carolina Outer Banks. Beautiful beaches and places brought us back to the beginning 10 years ago. sparks have been flying in a good way but last night I felt something is still off or maybe this isn’t going work out after all. Some things has changed with him in a positive way and some things that hindered our relationship in the first place still remains and started to give me a twinkle of Doubt instead of Hope. I am hoping when we go home I may have an overall understanding on what I need to do for myself. Plus we have been living two different states from the beginning of our off and on relationship. He just seem to be stuck and say he wants to move forward with this marriage the house just all the beginnings of being in a relationship together and not in two different states. He is a Cancer and I am a Leo and communication seemed to be the main issues with us I am more let sit and talk seriously and fix this and he is more like we are going to be okay and just a bit immature about it when I try to just be adult about our relationship. I will be 49 on 7/31 and time is of the essence for me. He just turned 52 on 6/27 and you would think he would be ready to move forward by now? it’s so frustrating!

    • Hi Lena, it sounds like this guy might be stringing you along. I encourage you to treat yourself like someone you truly love, and don’t accept crumbs if what you really want is a feast. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how old you are, or anything like that. You’ll attract the man who will bring you a feast when you feel good in your soul. You’re only going to wind up feeling more disappointed if you keep trying to make it work with someone who is lukewarm and just along for the ride. You deserve every enjoyment this world has to offer! Xx

  • Bob says:

    I have felt like a bowling ally pin just been set up to be knocked down. Just 1 thing after another. So many with their best interests at hand for me and yet my universal flow is so out of alignment nothing connects. Everyone and every energy has pointed me down the tunnel only to be met with rejection from the gatekeeper. I see my river wild n free just on the otherside of tje gate. But the say it’s not my flow n I’m stuck in the swamp as recommended. In tje begining of the retrogrades i said that the river needed to flow free to tje ocean. To find it’s body of water. My waterfalls flowed from the mountains but unable to find the river because of it’s high banks i found myself creating a muddy swamp with no flow but tje sound of the river constantly in the horizon. There is a beautiful silence when your alone in the swamp away from the crocodiles n snakes. You feel as one in nature. City slickers took so long to understand. I lost my FAITH. They don’t listen to country foke always thinking they know best. I try to learn from them but they are so rude n don’t like my hick tounge. Like Mick Dundee people are surprised at how genuine, honest and caring someone so rough can be.

    My first retrograde i think i just got out alive. Without expectations there isn’t disappointments.

    I was preped for such a wonderful year n still hold high hopes but people not the retrogrades have takeñ my happiness for wat i don’t know i just tried to flow in their river. Such a beautiful world we live on everthing connected flowing in unison. But me. Can’t even make 1 connection. Bla bla bla.

    • Hi Bob, it’s never good to feel alone in the world. For those of us with good, kind souls it can be really lonely among crocodiles and snakes. Our environment and the people around us are constantly reflecting our inner world and subconscious beliefs. Maybe you can find some time to reflect on the feedback you’ve been getting from the world and how you can align yourself better, starting from the inside out. Keep your hopes high, my friend! Things will start looking up again.

  • André R. says:

    Struggling so much. Feels like I just miss out on everything. Gone just before my eyes. Connecting fails. Was so good till april.
    I’ve had it with all those riddles that come to me. What is the message? Nothing worked out it seemed. Meditation going slightly better. Pff. So tired.

    • It’s difficult when you can see so much but there’s still a blind spot. Making an effort to understand and validate the other person’s perspective and feelings can be illuminating. Wishing you deep rest, healing and understanding. Xx

  • Domenica De Maria says:

    Hi Luna, well yes the past 5 weeks have been wierd and wonderful at the same time. We have decided to put our family home on the market and we are moving to the out of the hussel and bussel of city life. Look forward to moving into the new family home and just enjoying the serenity. Thanks DD

  • Dawn Brodgon says:

    This retrograde has been the WORST! Not only was I offered a new job, it has been recanted. So no new job for me. Still unemployed with no unemployment benefits. Not only that, my relationship with my boyfriend has definitely gotten worse. We’re not going to make it. I honestly don’t see how we can. He also wants me to move out. I have NO job, and I have to find me a place to go…

    • That sounds like a really tough situation. In the midst of all the stress and upheaval, see if there is an option that brings you a sense of safety and security. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family as well and ask for what you need. Wishing you the very best! Xx

  • Lora says:

    The last 5 week’s have been awful. My daughter and two grandsons was living with me. We got into yet another argument, and once again she took the kids, said I’ll never see them again, and went and told a bunch of lies about me, also the usual. I didn’t stress so much about the kids this time, because I knew from past experiences that it only takes a month before she is calling me to babysit. Well….I’ve been babysitting the 5 year old for 2 weeks straight now. I love him being here. I love both of my grandchildren, but can only handle one at a time. Their constant fighting drives me insane. I have been wanting out of this town for about a year now, but I’m afraid to leave the kids. I hate this town I live in. I want out of here so bad. I don’t know what to do. So yeah…some thing has been going on here at the home front big time here.

    • Hi Lora, sometimes the solution we need can only make itself known to us when we start moving toward what feels good. Fear is the emotion that keeps us trapped and feeling powerless. Choices that bring you a sense of relief, peace, and joy can only bring more good into your life and your family’s life. I bet there is a perfect solution out there, just waiting for you to take the first step toward discovering it.

  • Nemi says:

    Hey Luna! Thank you so much for sharing the post. Yes I have been struggling from past few weeks. And yes your post helps understand the situation. It helps keeps patience and look forward. Thank you

  • Irene Reece says:

    Hi Luna Dragonwell,
    I am really pleased to be feeling so peaceful this week. I have been affirming that I am enough & that I am loveable. These 2 feelings have always plagued me in their negative form, where NOT would have definitely been a belief. I have come through a period since & during lockdown here in New Zealand, where a partner who had not thought to be with me prior to lockdown, so we could be together, chose to let his trust issues surface where he verbally abused me during this already stressful period, as noone knew how this COVID thing would pan out. I believe I am a strong person, yet this now ex partner managed to get inside my mind & I felt really low, unmotivated & totally drained of any energy. It is almost a month since I have spoken or communicated with him, or he me & I have found that with no contact, I have found myself again. I feel wonderful & as I said, at peace within myself. This mental trauma started in March & lasted 3 months, so I am so grateful that I am feeling so upbeat & positive again this soon. If what I went through is due to the planets positions, then I’m grateful I made it through & put behind me 2 negative beliefs that I have always had with me. Luna I enjoy your posts. It is so interesting to get an understanding as to why things have happened in my life the way they have. I feel like I have had a good cleanout of what is no longer serving me for my good. Excited as to what the future holds. Kind regards Irene Reece

    • I agree with your affirmations! You are enough and you are lovable. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re really starting to connect with the truth in your positive thoughts and words. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my posts. Wishing you the best and celebrating your inner triumphs with you!

  • Susan says:

    I am still struggling ! I don’t have any support here in my home or my relationship been married 30 years and the last 3 years the marriage went south you could say ! I believe in astrology the universe and my family does not I am a very strong believer! I think I lost my way and so clouded that when I read what you write I don’t know what personally I’m suppose to do with myself or my future! I want to Thank You for taking your time to do all you do for everyone you are truly an amazing person I appreciate it very much!

    • Hi Susan, sorry to here that you’re struggling. It can be hard to move forward when you feel a lack of support in your life. If you haven’t had the opportunity to develop a sense of what makes you truly happy, because you’ve been responsible for other people’s happiness, you may be faced with creating a brand new sense of identity. It sounds like a perfect time to get to know what you really feel passionate about, and that might mean exploring a lot of different potentials until you find one that really fits. Best of luck!

  • darren says:

    hey Luna yes ive been going thru a tough time ex was cheating on me back in march found out so i moved on 4 thousand kilometres away other side of Australia i moved back to Perth where i was before i have decided to settle here and there has been some dramatic changes in my life been diagnosed with in operable condition in my back so i came all this way to work and now i cant covid has presented its problems too which here in oz its reemerging with vengeance lucky i moved when i did so feeling a lot more secure now but im waiting for the universe to show me my next steps or direction to take been waiting a month now healing still from break up life is good now

  • Shalom Luna!
    I Thk You very much for everything and i am so grateful for everything reading tarot usely show me what i hnow. Has u said, last five weeks are exactly what u said and after that, mamy things happen on my personal life, my work and my lover relationship. I am just wait to see what can happen again. But i trust God cuz HE IS ABLE TO DO ABOVE HAS WHAT I WANT AND NEED! EPHESIENS 3V20 IN THE bible said that!
    So, i just rest in.tje Love of God and see what Universe can show me!
    Blessed day!

  • Angie says:

    This week culminated in finally being provided with the truth my husband was cheating (I was already 95% sure he was), then this week it came to a head with the other woman contacting me – needless to say, home life has been tough – but with the hurt came clarity that I deserve more than pain and disrespect etc so I’ve let the tears fall and now have greater clarity on what needs to be done for further clarity of the path forward and steps to healing myself and kids.

  • geoffrey smith says:

    Yes, moved rental properties and sold matrimonial home which was cleared out last week. Now to settle with my ex-wife, hopefully today. Thanks G

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