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By July 19, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Angel…

Can you believe it’s only been two weeks since the hard-hitting Solar eclipse in Cancer?  

Each day has felt like a trudge through the snow ever since.  

As I mentioned in my previous horoscope, we are in the process of recalibrating and determining which tried-and-true values from the past we will bring forward into a brand new cycle of fate and fortune.

This New Moon in Cancer not only highlights our need for space, structure and boundaries – it solidifies them. This is due to a not-so-pleasant opposition from Saturn, which is currently retrograding in Capricorn, and will oppose the new moon exactly.  

If you’ve been dealing with issues of authority they’re about to become very clear on Monday. 

However, you can use this Saturn energy to repair broken foundations both at home and in your closest relationships. You might find yourself needing to create greater balance between your work and home life.

Hopefully this brief forecast will help you get the insight you need to square up and come out on top <3

Cancer New Moon:  Warm Fuzzies On The Homefront

This is the second and final new moon in Cancer for 2020. Two new moons happening back to back in the same sign is something that rarely ever happens, and suggests that we pay close attention to the events surrounding it.  

As with every New Moon, we get a double dose of energy from its sign. In this case, we are flooded with feelings and emotions as we wade in Cancer energy for the second time this year.  

Right now is an ideal time of year to check in with your true feelings. Are you happy with the way life is going? Does your home life feel safe and secure? What changes can you make to repair what hasn’t been working out or leaving you feeling unstable in any way?

You’ve likely received several insights already, as Mercury went Direct in Cancer earlier this week, paving the way for new ways to communicate and express yourself. Now you are starting to see those insights take shape and form in your life.  

This new moon is a great time to reconnect with your inner feminine, as well as the mother figure in your life. You may be far more sensitive now than usual, so take advantage of your emotional intuition and allow your feelings to flow through you. You can trust your feelings now more than usual.  

Let yourself cry if you feel tears welling up in your eyes. The tears you cry now may be more powerful than any other tears you cry this year.  A good cry can be both cleansing and spiritually comforting.  

If you’ve been at odds with someone in your family, now is the time to talk it out.  You will both be able to come from a deeper, heart centered place under this influence.  It’s a great time to tell someone how you really feel, however, be gentle if your feelings are less than positive, because with the influence of Saturn in this New Moon, things can come across much harsher than you might intend normal

Making Your Boundaries Crystal Clear

While Cancer is on the “home” side of the zodiac, directly opposing Cancer is the ultimate “work” sign of the Zodiac: cold and calculated Capricorn.  These two signs are the opposite of each other, and create a polarity between our inner and outer life.

During the recent Solar Eclipse, the moon was in Capricorn, suggesting that we get ourselves together and build structures in our lives.  

This time, the moon is snuggled up with the Sun in Cancer, just in time for Saturn to retrograde back into Capricorn and oppose the new moon exactly.  

Remember how I mentioned that Saturn coming into Capricorn was like the boss coming home?  Well, now the boss is here for an audit. He wants to make SURE that you have been doing what you said you’ve been doing, and during this new moon energy, you will find out whether or not your efforts have been successful.

At home – and in personal relationships – this means making your boundaries super duper clear. We all need our own space to be ourselves, even when part of an intimate relationship. It could be a romantic relationship, a roommate, a best friend, a family member – anyone who you share intimate space with. Saturn wants you to know your limits with these people, and not over extend yourself. 

Boundaries are important because you only have so much energy to share. Instead of bending to others’ priorities and demands, you need to focus on yourself. Remember, you can only serve others when your cup is already full. If it’s empty, you won’t have anything to give.  

At work, you may have some sort of issue with authority, whether you are dealing with a boss, or you’re the one calling the shots. Saturn wants you to stand firm for what you believe in while being part of a bigger picture.  

There are many questions this new moon might bring up for you: What role are you fulfilling at work that you could be doing better?  What new opportunities exist in your life right now? What structures can you build to ensure a better tomorrow? Does your work environment support your emotional wellbeing? Is there balance between your work and home environments, or is one encroaching on the other? 

Now is the time to make moves in your career, so be sure to ask for what you want.  Keep the bigger picture in mind and consider how your work decisions can create greater balance with your life at home.  

If you are dealing with legal matters, you may experience this new moon as a culmination of what’s happened so far. You may get news about your situation that cannot be disputed, as it comes from an authority higher than you. If this situation affects you emotionally, make sure to stay calm and proceed with a clear head before making a decision. The more responsibility to accept for yourself right now, the better off you will be. 

There is often a tendency to feel depressed or overly burdened when Saturn makes a hard aspect to the Moon. Try to keep in mind that any sadness you feel is temporary and will lighten up as the moon gets brighter over the next two weeks. 

Conducting Your Emotional Audit

Whatever you experience during this New Moon in Cancer, take special notice in how it makes you feel. How do you REALLY feel about this situation? This person? This limitation you are facing? What are the long term effects of the decisions you need to make right now? 

How can you honor your feelings in a way that keeps you stable and grounded? Your senses and intuition have much to reveal to you now if you are willing to listen.  

Get in touch with your heart, and don’t be afraid to feel. Your feelings are your most powerful asset right now. Tune into them and ask for any messages you need to receive in order to create the appropriate boundaries in your life and be happy. You deserve happiness. Remember, it’s up to you to take action and put the pieces into place to make it that way.  

Trust your path. Your journey is just beginning.   

With Love,

Angel Adams

P.S. What emotional situations have been coming up for you lately? How have they been affecting you? Have you experienced tensions arising between your work environment and home environment? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Angel Adams

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  • Veda says:

    Hilarious. I wonder what happens when someone tries to run from responsibility for self during this influence while “the boss is in town?”
    I just dated/quarantined w/an astrologer who did this – I was surprised,
    I think our karmic dance may be complete now; this person misdirected anger at me for lifetimes, I think – possibly getting away w/[my?] murder in the past – ??
    May this astrologer direct their judgement and anger toward the story they insist on repeating – and may they stop misleading others.

  • Jessica Andersson says:

    I have made å descision to leave my man..
    Ny oldest daughter Jennifer are supporting this..( 27 years)
    I live usually with ny man Thomas and your cat Lira
    He is mean!

  • Larisa says:

    I have a difficult relation with my older son. He stop talking to me and stop completely communicate with me and my youngest son. He isolated himself even thou he lives in the same house but on the different floor. I do not know how to approach him, how we can make peace with him. He always was a warming, caring person. Please advice.

  • My reply was for Brenda Louria.
    Thank you

  • I’m not well learned in the rules of archetypes and how you find out which one is yours, mine, etc.
    Is it possible that the Caregiver archetype is a steppingstone to ruler. In my career, I did become the Ruler and now that I’m retired, I’m starting to become more of the Magician. I did a quick research and I’m always interested in ancient spirituality and other beliefs.

  • Tina Lowe says:

    I appreciate your readings very much. To be honest, my life is a mess. And right now I’m a lost soul. I have many ideas and goals and dreams, but can never achieve any of them. There’s always something in the way. Wish I could read your readings and figure out what to do.

  • Brenda Louria says:

    I am a caregiver, that is my achratype. I just reached my ¹ yr.mark in June 26, 2020. I found out after I became a caregiver. I am in home care provider. I take care of my husband mom. She is 73. I think her memory is slipping. But she don’t communicate with me and tell me things I can’t see. And she has been saying hurtful things. I in all cases put myself in her shoes to try deal in a nice good way, but I am coming off mean but don’t mean too.And I am supposed to just ” suck it up” when my feelings get hurt? I am Very emotional, and out of control. I don’t like myself and the way I am being.I seem angry inside all the time.

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