Down to Earth Success | Weekly Tarot Reading August 23rd – 29th

By August 23, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Lovely Friends, 

This is Jonathan with your Weekly Tarot Reading for August 23rd – 29th. 

We have before us a very grounded, motivating week. If it’s felt like a grind recently, you’re not alone. With the pandemic keeping many of us from socializing, combined with the need to keep working and making money, life may be starting to feel claustrophobic and boring. 

This week, the cosmos is asking you to see just how much honest attention you can give to whatever you are working on. If you’re caring for your kids, notice how present you are with them, and see if you can be even more present. If you’re working on a business project, really put in your all, even if it’s not something that inspires you. 

The more care and attention you give to the responsibilities in your life right now, the more they will begin to pay off in the near future. New opportunities will arise as the Universe recognizes your commitment to showing up for whatever life brings you. 

There is an air of mastery this week, so act like you are at the top of your game.

While the beginning of the week will be a full one, there will also be a fresh wave of carefree, playful energy to dive into by the end of the week.

Let’s take a look… 

Three of Pentacles: Teamwork Makes Your Dream Work

Our ecosystem is made of many different species and flora and fauna, all doing their perfect little dance and adding an integral element to the harmony of life. Your personal ecosystem is no different. Everyone in your world has something special to contribute. This week is a great time to look at how you are collaborating with your co-workers, team, or family. Every person, no matter their position, has a role to play, so allow the gifts of those around you to contribute to the realization of your dream, intent or project.

There is a general misunderstanding around Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory. Competition isn’t the only driving force of life, collaboration is also a motivator. Species work synergistically together, and rely on one another to have a healthy environment and flow in life. 

Thin about who you are working with in your life right now, and take a moment to feel gratitude for whatever role they are playing. If you are feeling like you’ve taken on too much of a project, or the work isn’t being divided fairly, this is a good time to speak up and re-establish your boundaries. 

If you have recently started a new job, or are learning something new, be sure to really show up by taking your time, asking lots of questions, and being open to seeing things from other perspectives. This is a hard working period, so pace yourself, take breaks, and stay committed because it’s going to pay off. 

Eight of Pentacles: Mastery at Hand

Similar to the Three of Pentacles, the Eight of Pentacles is a card of diligent and committed work. However, this card represents a skill you have already developed. You may come across an opportunity this week to use your skill in a way you haven’t in the past, or you may be ready to take yourself to the next level of mastery with it. 

It’s easy to feel bored right now if the work you’ve been doing has been repetitive. If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again lately, just remember, in doing so you have developed a valuable skill that will bring you success proportional to your level of mastery. So keep practicing! 

In fact, acting from the perspective of mastery can really help you uplevel your skills. Ask yourself: 

How would the masterful carpenter go about this seemingly ordinary job? 

What kind of commitment to detail would the award winning director put into this project? 

Put yourself in a mastery mindset, and the rest will follow!

Sometimes when life becomes routine, it can be difficult to find your inspiration. While it’s much more exciting to experience breakthroughs and innovative moments, it’s just as important to put your nose to the grindstone and cultivate your skills. You will feel proud of your accomplishment and your hard work will pay off down the road. 

Later this week, a playful, innovative energy will appear on the horizon. Allow it to shake you up and remind you of what is truly meaningful. 

The Fool: Believe in the Impossible

Letting loose is just as important as working hard and building a strong structure. As the week goes on, give yourself permission to step outside the lines. Maybe take a spontaneous trip, or start the morning with your favorite dance mix and boogie till you laugh or cry. 

The Fool card represents absolute innocence and innovation. He doesn’t know he can’t do something, so he miraculously is able to accomplish supernatural things. After a week of building and developing, let what you’ve learned be influenced by the creative energy of the Fool. 

When you have developed a skill which requires rules, and standards, there comes a time to let your creativity flow unencumbered again. Let go of the shoulds and shouldn’ts, and allow your heart to lead you. See what’s possible when you step outside of the box. 

The Fool card is asking you to be spontaneous. Maybe take a short trip, or try something you’ve wanted to do but felt nervous or shy about in the past. This is a great moment to go out on a limb. 

If you’ve been developing a skill over the years, what are some out-of-the-box ideas you could use your knowhow to pursue? If you’ve been aching to learn a new skill set, but it’s unconventional, give it a try, see what happens. 

To tap into the crazy wisdom of The Fool this week, try writing on separate slips of paper five desires that excite you, or maybe even intimidate you. Put them in a jar, and commit to doing whichever one you draw out sometime this week. 

Work Hard to Play Hard

This week is going to require your full attention. You’ll likely be working hard, but it’s all moving you in a good direction. Take time to notice everything that you’ve been learning and developing. It might appear somewhat mundane, but the skills you are cultivating could be priceless. 

If you are currently frustrated with your job or career, keep in mind that what you’ve learned while doing a less than inspiring job can be applied to something that really excites you in the future. The same tools used to build an office building are also used to build a mansion, or a children’s hospital, or a nightclub.

Remember, The Fool doesn’t realize there are laws and restrictions, so he’s able to do things that others think are impossible. Give yourself a chance to let go of your preconceived notions of reality, you may be surprised to discover what is possible. 

As always, 

In service, 

Jonathan Lionheart. 

P.S. – Is there something you’ve been working on that you are really proud of? Or maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to try for a while, but the learning curve makes you feel nervous. I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 

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Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Kathleen D Hair says:

    When you made the comment about learning curves making people nervous. A part of me believe so was meant to hear it, so I figured I’d share. I keep hitting road blocks on this venture toward writing as a mean of income. They’re internal road blocks that I can only see out of the corner of my eye, up until I’m right up on them. I can’t find my issue, why I keep putting these right here in my way. I know I can do what I need to. I’m ready and yet… I constantly find myself stuck. Thanks for what you shared here, and what y’all share always. It’s why I pursued learning astrology in the first place, it’s comforting for me that there is so much more out there that we don’t know, or thought we knew. Makes my problems seem like they could, or could not exist… Ya know? It’s just a choice.

  • Pamela E Lane says:

    I’ve spent my time of isolation working on myself. I’ve gotten certificates from Johns Hopkins Hospital for Contact Tracing, a certificate from Yale in a course called The Science of Well Being and also for Introduction to Psychology, and am taking a course online for Life Coaching from the NewSkillsAcademy. And am in the process of taking a course in real estate in hopes of becoming a property manager once I complete that. It’s no wonder that I feel so scattered. Even though I look like I’m looking to the future I don’t always see my future. I feel the need to stop being so scattered and concentrate on one thing but don’t really know that I’ve accomplished that yet. I have started to meditate and enjoy doing it because I concentrate on “sweeping” my past out and bringing in positive thoughts. I’m hoping that soon I’ll come across something that will pull me in and give me the feeling of finding my niche.

  • Miah Peach says:

    I’m going to share something I’m proud of today, which is that I finally started writing music!! I’ve recently experienced a most powerful spiritual awakening, which has caused an entire restructuring of my life. One of the best parts has been the creative rebirth, starting projects I always had plans for but never really had the confidence to pursue without reservation. It might seem a little weird to others that I want to be an underground nerd rapper, but I’m experiencing so much joy while writing music in tandem with divine inspiration that I don’t care who thinks I’m weird because I LOVE IT!! I love being me for the first time in years. I’m including the link below in case anyone is curious..hope that’s ok!

    Thanks for letting me share! Sending light and love.

    • Hey! Thanks for sharing Miah 🙂 And regardless of what people think, following your inspiration is a gift to everyone; it reminds us that we don’t have to shrink back and play small, but can let our uniqueness shine. FYI the link to soundcloud didn’t seem to work. But I look forward to hearing your work 🙂

  • Michele L says:

    I really needed to hear this. I’ve felt like I’ve been on a path a very long time. It’s been hard and difficult, but I truly believe the space is opening. I feel intimidated, but I also know my passion is driving me. I’m fighting systemic oppression in the education system. I gave up my 10 years as a school counselor to do the right thing. I’m also a Ph.D student. I have really wanted to get into advocacy work and speaking out about inequities. I recently started thinking about exploring consultation work or non profit work. Maybe creating a website and putting videos and resources together for parents, students, and even staff not getting supported in education. Everything these cards said, fit!

  • Jane says:

    Yes there is something I’ve been working really hard on all my 58 years and it’s myself! I’ve finally learned to love myself and I am very proud of the person I am today. It wasn’t an easy road to get here but I have never been happier than I am right now ❤️✌️

  • Miki says:

    I havent worked outside the home due to work related injury several years ago … the above reading spoke VOLUMES to me as a craftpeneur … a maker… I make wreaths etc and have been scared to death to venture into business field with it .. going to invest in myself a bit and step out of comfort zone!!! Etsy will be my first barrier baby step from there!!

    • That’s beautiful Miki! Yes, what a great time to start putting yourself out there in a new way. The very first i – ching in taoism is called, ‘challenge at the start.’ This is a reminder that when we first begin something it can be scary, and challenges can arise, but if we stick with it great things can come! good luck! I believe in you 🙂

  • Kanwal says:

    I am a medical graduate and I was working incessantly just to earn money and to remain a part of the rat race. Last year I ended my contract with this organisation and since then I am at home, I am reading and exploring various other fields and in between all of this chaos, my father who was already suffering with terminal illness, recently passed away.
    I got myself diagnosed with anxiety disorder/bipolar and depression and now I feel I am in the middle of nowhere I Really think I have the potential to make an impact in this world but I can’t find my way out of this mess. I hope you have something to say on this ?

    • Hello Kanwal,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. These sound like very challenging times, and while we’d have to actually talk for me to get a sense of any guidance I truly could give, I want to remind you that we do go through these dark times – but we don’t have to stay in them. They are important in the building of who we are, and while they are not easy, these moments can be fundamental in who we become. Be very kind to yourself, trust that life will bring your through – that something new will start to arise giving you a sense of direction again. I highly recommend finding a therapist, mentor, or spiritual guide that you can talk with regularly. Remember, you’re not in it alone. If you have a spiritual practice or belief, give some of this over to your guides, God, or the universe. I believe in you, and trust that someone with your talent and capacity can navigate this. Sending big love your way. — J

    • Also, if you have the space, my weekly practice session might provide some solace. It’s on Fridays at 10am mst. Just 10$ and if you’re hurting for cash, let me know and we can make it work.

  • I have something to say. I am an 18 year old who just graduated high school this year. I was on track to attend a local community college and get 2 years for free. After one week I concluded that i was finished with school and dropped out. However I didn’t drop out for nothing, I have been preparing myself for a year to begin an online business venture and I mark this week to be the first week I taste freedom and success combined.

    • This is beautiful James. Good for you for taking your fate in your hands and stepping out on a limb. As the cards for this week suggest, it’s a great time to dive in with this project. Remember to get feedback and assistance from others. Good luck and way to go!

  • Shalendra singh says:

    Great information.i have written my thesis for my PhD will I have a successful result

  • Michele says:

    The things that you right Make a lot of sense to me and touches me, gives a felling of message received. Thank you

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