Doing Things Differently | Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

By December 14, 2020 Astrology

Dear friends, it’s Luna…

The cosmic events happening this month are quite powerful, and today is no exception.

Right now, a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius is opening a portal to a new direction for your life.

Eclipses always occur on the lunar nodes, which are associated with your destiny, past and future.

Because of their important placement, eclipses often bring eras of your life to completion, and create irreversible changes to help you become who you are meant to be.

Several planets are being activated by the eclipse, including Neptune, which is continuing an ongoing theme this month to gain clarity around deceptions, illusions, and false perceptions in your life.

Something happening today or this week will be initiating a dramatic pivot in your personal direction. It may happen smoothly, but chances are there will be some turbulence along the way.

Let’s take a deeper look at the cosmic invitation for change you’ve just received…

The Way Forward

It’s impossible to hold something in your hands if your hands are full. This is true, not just for physical objects, but for people and situations in your life.

By choosing one person, one path, or one lifestyle, all other options become closed to you. This is great if what you have is working for you. However, if it’s no longer beneficial, you may find you’ve become trapped and limited by your choice.

As humans, we sometimes have a hard time letting go of things. Toxic habits, thoughts, people and environments can become so familiar that we don’t even try to break free.

We forget what it feels like to be truly happy and fulfilled, and accept much less than we are capable of creating for ourselves.

Yet, from time to time, the cosmos truly blesses us. The planets align and inspire us with not just a vision, but a real opportunity to experience greater freedom.

This eclipse is one of those times. You are being pushed to ask for MORE, to expand, and to unapologetically take up space in your life. The cosmos is calling you forward into a direction better suited for you.

It might happen through outside events beyond your immediate control, as if it were divinely orchestrated. Yet, no matter how it happens for you, bold changes are coming into your life.

Your thirst for adventure, growth, and new experiences is growing stronger. A way forward out of old dynamics is opening up for you.

Right now, and for the next year and a half while the lunar nodes are in the Gemini / Sagittarius axis, your personal destiny will be fulfilled by learning through direct experience and creating more informed beliefs out of the knowledge you gain.

With Mercury conjunct the solar eclipse, changes happening now may concern travel, communication, how you connect to others, and your self expression. Old thinking habits are being released, and you’re able to see your situation from a fresh perspective.

You will feel drawn to new experiences that stimulate and entertain you in exciting ways. You might start to feel like a child again, full of enthusiasm to learn things you never tried or knew about before.

Something is clearing out of your life and making space for you to reconnect with the wonder and mystery of being alive. You have a real chance right now to let go of resentment, doubt, suspicion, and feeling of being jaded.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. The opportunity for newness, exploration, and enthusiasm is presenting itself equally to everyone.

With Jupiter and Saturn currently at the last degrees of Capricorn, it’s clear you’ve spent the last two years doing necessary, hard work and have earned the positive changes coming your way.

You’ve worked through your karma, carried the weight of your responsibilities and duties, and put forth a lot of effort to provide for yourself and others. You may have gotten bitter in the process of taking on so much, but now is a time to let your emotional pain go.

The obligations you’ve adopted over the last two years will serve as a foundation for you to launch into an exciting new phase of your life, and with Mars in Aries on your side this eclipse, you’ll have the energy to take on the world.

A Desire For Growth

Today’s eclipse is bringing a beautiful manifestation of fire energy into your life. Trines represent perfect harmony, so with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Mars, your instincts and desires are in great harmony with your emotions and identity.

The changes coming into your life now will reflect this harmony. You are entering into a brand new territory, where you can create your life as you go, without needing a plan or a blueprint.

A confusing situation that started back in June is beginning to clear up. You are able to see a little further around the bend, and what you see is encouraging.

Neptune in square to the new moon solar eclipse is ensuring the changes happening now are the result of an ongoing revelation of truth. It seems that a deception, misunderstanding, or fantasy was preventing you from moving forward as boldly as you would have liked.

Something you couldn’t understand before, whether it was information deliberately withheld, or your own fantasy about a situation, is becoming crystal clear.

Your recent clarity is empowering you to stop second-guessing yourself and to act boldly.

Sagittarius is the archer, and his aim is true. During this solar eclipse in Sagittarius, allow your optimism and idealism to guide you forward.

Mars in Aries will support your efforts by helping you get over hesitation and take quick, decisive action.

It’s no longer time to doubt. It’s a time to dream and do.

You might not realize what you are capable of, simply because you haven’t tried to achieve your truest desires since your last failure.

You may have gotten used to a limiting situation and became bogged down by routine and responsibility.

This time of limitation is coming to an end. The cosmos wants you to feel passion again. You are being called to create, explore, and expand.

The next year and a half of your life will be defined by the risks you take now, so don’t be afraid to dive in and discover what’s possible for you.

In the beauty of youthful exploration,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Have you been feeling a thirst for freedom and expansion? Did a big change happen in your life recently that you’re still processing? Let me know in the comments below.

Luna Dragonwell

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Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Carolyn Bryson says:

    I spent 15 nears of MY life with my childhood sweetheart and had 1 son. after splitting up I met a younger man who I fell for quite quickly. we were together 10 and married 6. I’ve recently just left him due to narcissistic abuse as he was addicted to alcohol and speed and weed. he developed what I feel is amphetamine psychosis and started accusing me of affairs and many other things none which are true. I am currently in women’s aid and tbh it’s the best thing I’ve done. my finances are building, I’ve managed to build up for furniture for my flat when finally bet offered and my future looks bright as my husband filed for divorce and I agreed. only now it’s only been 6 weeks I’ve had counselling and time to think and clear my mind and can now handle the battle and my son is 18 and can honestly look forward to next year as my husband dwindles away every night soaked in booze and drugs and afraid of what he just lost. I’m 42 and have reared my child and now I can take back my life and look forward to what the future holds.

  • María Carolina says:

    Hi Luna, many changed in the last two years, but fortunately since mid October everything is like taking course back again, or at least making sense. Many for is being left behind¡ Looking fwd to what comes ahead in a definitely new chapter ¡ Merry Christmas! And all the best!!!

  • Diana says:

    Dear Luna,
    Yes, huge changes for me. I have just given up a life of 24years in beautiful Canada, sold everything, and moved back home to be with family in the UK. I am presently
    Resting before I buy a new home and reesrablishing myself here.
    There is a man in my life who lives in another country, I have not yet him and although he sounds sincere, I do have the feeling that he is not as sincere as he seems.
    The changes I have made have nothing to do with him, but to do with the desire to be nearer to my family. – Thank you for your insightfulness.

  • Olutosin says:

    So accurate! Lot of changes in my life;my business is skyrocking since about 90days ago. My journey through self-love and personal life is rewarding.
    Yes I am holding on my reconciliation with no eagerness or depression. I am working on my motivational mission. And I am looking forward to more positive changes in my journey through life.
    Thanks for this opportunity nd love.

  • Gema Sabo says:

    Hi Luna. Recently my Dad passed away. He passed on Thanksgiving Day, late afternoon. Yes, I’m still processing it and feel somewhat lost. I miss him so much. I’m the youngest of six, and my parent’s had me late in life. There is a ten-year gap between my brother and I, and a twenty one year gap between my oldest sister and I.
    Anyhow, I’m always remembering things that my Dad did when I was younger, or helped me with, conversations we had, things him and my mom done together for me and my kids, and things they done with all of us in the family. The memories flood my brain and my heart is heart broken and deeply sad. My mom suffers from dementia and doesn’t quite recall my dad passing. She is in a nursing home rehabilitation and has been there pretty much this whole year since February. Between her falling and breaking her femur, having surgery, and covid striking, I feel my Dad’s health fell fast because she wasn’t home. They’d never have been separated for this amount of lengthy time ever. And my dad was depressed and suffering from severe congestive heart failure and was on a continuous oxygen machine. So, I’ve recalled a change of time when I should have returned home as planned, thirty years ago., instead of moving in with my boyfriend at the time, who I did marry and all three of my children are to him, and we are divorced also. But if I would have returned home then, I feel I would have had more time with my Parent’s because I feel I didn’t get to do that, because I was under the understanding that we flee the nest at 18, 19, to start our own family. And if someone would have said, Gema, don’t do that…Go Home because that is where you’re needed right now, I would have gone home. But I let my heart rule with romance, and went the opposite direction. It may have altered my life then and with today. I really don’t know. Not that I want to trade my kid’s or grandkids in, because I don’t. I just wish I would have gotten more time with my Dad and Mom. Its the saddest thing ever. .. my Mom not knowing, or realizing or lost. She is missing my Dad horribly. He used to talk to her on the phone every day three to four times a day or more, and she lately has realized she hasn’t heard from him in weeks. And I wish I could hug her, hold her hand, and tell her it will be okay! But we cannot even get in to touch her because of covid. Its hard. Very hard on her stuck there, but needing nursing care becomes her dementia and because she can’t walk. My Dad was 96, when he gone onto Heaven, and Mom is 95. I said they had me very late in life. I’m 51. That tells you right there. So, processing it, yes.. not done doing that and don’t think I will be, for a very long time yet. I do want change. I do want my own house, for my self and my son. A home where love is greater, and my kid’s can stop by whenever without an other person resenting it. A home where we gather for dinner, family events, holidays, picnics, etc. A home where perhaps my Mom can come to live with a twenty four hour nurse that lives with us too, and if my kid’s need to sleep over ever, or move in because life has gone awry, then its there for them. Where I live now, I own half of it, and my partner and I have struggles, and he has no kids, and we don’t always connect the same dots anymore. I love and care about him tremendously and although I wish to have the home I need for myself, for my kids, grandkids, siblings, and most of all my Parent’s. My partner could be included but many changes have to take place and he has to understand where my heart breaks over the fighting regarding my children and my overall family, whom I had all before him. Its important for him to understand it. And understand that I love and care about him too, and its a hard decision to make but I feel I need to make the one where I choose Family. Like I said,he could be included, but he has to rid himself of the negative attitude he has all the time and be more optimistic,and some habits have to disappear.

  • Lot of changes in my life my mother passed on 9/20/20 same month my premature grandson was born 1 pound he just came home on 12 /15 an old army buddy came to visit and told my wife I was like a dad to him him and his wife put my and my wife in a casino hotel for the weekend he told me and my wife about his life since the last time we was together in the army over 20 years and today they are flying me to Tampa for the weekend with them and his daughter

    • My condolences for your loss, Antonio. Congrats on your grandson! It’s good to hear you have people around you who love and support you. Wishing you and your family the very best!

  • Sean says:

    Straight forward; as a result of observing your predicted solar response revealed truthful facts. I have started a beautiful relationship with myself and i am sharing my love with a beautiful mate who’ve I’ve had a crush on for a while now. At this time i am planning my path to be a millionaire in 2021. Thank you and i will be following your words closely from now on… Sean

  • Caroline says:

    Dear Luna,

    Your article literally took my breath away! I have been in a dark place for many years in which I’ve lost many people close to me culminating in the passing of my mother last year. I haven’t dated for 15 years and felt life was done with me. In desperation I asked the universe for help and brought me a ray of sunshine in the guise of a double Leo man who has taken me away from the negativity and now, just recently I’ve found myself full of child-like enthusiasm for freedom and adventures! Every word you wrote seemed to be plucked from my mind as if you’d read me personally! And your messages have been a great source of comfort and enlightenment to me and for that I would like to sincerely thank you
    You are an amazing and beautiful soul

    Kindest regards

  • Carmen says:

    Hello Luna,
    You couldn’t be more spot on with your assesment. Exactly 2 years ago I was bed ridden, as a result of an extraodinarly challenging international divorce and custody battle, with me being the foreigner in Europe, over 10 years ago. My body shut down after my last court hearing, spring of 2018, and rulings were made that I finaly felt comfortable with and was in a place to heal myself. I still struggle everyday, with varing degrees, but now I’m walking, doing Thi Chi, Quigong and getting back into my karate training. Also, I haven’t dated in over 10 years, at 50 dating isn’t like it used to be, and I recently found my night in shining armor, litterally. Instead of it being shining armor, it’s black, as he has trainning everyday in security at the highest of levels. I’m also learning a new skill, Viking Runes, and trying to start my own herbal business, on top of already having a business. I feel like a kid again with all this explosive and creative energy and finding a guy, all at the same time. This will definitely be a powerful transition in my life!

  • Frank Nicholas Haas says:

    Hi Luna,
    Life is good. After a while we learn to make lemonade from lemons.
    Do good for others and it will come back ten fold.
    Thank you for your insightfulness.

  • Donald Donaldson says:

    My spouse and I were married 10minths ago.we just moved to canada and are excited about the future. Donakd

  • Todd Gooch says:

    I currently have been wanting to leave my job that doesn’t appreciate me, only the $$I bring in for them. So I’ve been investing into starting a business online and hopefully soon will be reality

  • Donna DeNudt says:

    OMG – You are amazing. The Universe and I have a long history, I turned 70 last Sat. At age 27 I had a vision of me as an old lady, Armageddon scene, I was touching and healing people. I became a music therapist, worked in healing for 35 years. I wrote a book. My world focused on that book, how to publish etc. I thought that I had ‘healed’. I’ve always feared that I would be in that scene that I saw. I was hoping that it was all just metaphorical. I broke a bone in my hand in Sept. I was lost and walking in the wrong direction when I tripped and fell. So … I need to accept and stop fearing that scene. Last year I touched a friend in the hospital and my hands reacted in the most amazing ways. I am going in a new direction now; I see I need a foundation under my “sky castles” (book signings;) Healing is my destiny. I am a healer. The messages above confirm my interpretation of events. How did you know all that stuff??

    • How beautiful, your vision has become a reality. The things I write about come from understanding planetary archetypes and what they invoke in us. Thanks for your comment, Donna. Enjoy!

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Hello Luna Dragonwell. Yes a crossroad is there and the Tarot tells it all. Curious I am now what is going to happen. When asking the cards, from tower to magician into the Devil. But the Devil, a fallen angel and when reminding there once in the original state, there was good in all, it seems the worst reminder of all. What’s told to me by the Devil, when the question was “why does the Devil hate you” answer was the following quote “Dear Henri, your strength and courage is unbreakable. I am tired of putting you through the worst, I give up! The Devil” as signature. Future as predicted by the Astro, planets in universe, the fields of energy is amazing and am looking forward to the coming period/Era with love. Just had to share this with wholehearted greetz….

  • Michelle says:

    I have been so confused. So many things happening in my life that makes me believe that everyone in my life has gotten together to teach me a lesson. No one will admit to any of it. My gut tells me they are all lying. They tell me I am crazy. Everyone has been acting completely out of character for years. I need to know the truth. Am I crazy or are they all lying? Will the changes in my life to come be positive ones?

  • Sharin says:

    There were big changes in my life two years ago. I visited the Philippines to meet a boy I sponsor. I have a lot of karma with him. At the same time (immediately after my trip) I met my boyfriend. I also began following a new spiritual practice during this time. However, my boyfriend wants to go slow, my ex is dragging his feet with our divorce and I feel burned out in my job. The sense of reunion and connection I felt two years ago feel strained, as I feel doubtful my life can move forward in an emotional sense. I’ve been overwhelmed by the stuff from the past it feels like I’ve been asked to look at. Any sense of freedom would be a relief.

    • Sounds like you might be finalizing the karmic lessons of Saturn in Capricorn before it moves into Aquarius. Listen to your instincts. Now is a time for unwavering honesty. The truth will set you free.

  • Sharma says:

    I am at a crossroads and not sure which way I should turn. I’ve been involved and living with someone for a year and a half. It’s a relationship unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. He’s originally from Canada (I’m in the USA) and he wants to return to his home and extended family next year. I’ve researched the area, even interviewed for a position with a company in a city close by (could not be done remotely and timing couldn’t be met so didn’t get the job), but something else holds me back from being fully committed to moving, and I don’t understand what that something is. I’m an older woman (age 69) and he’s 11 years younger. I’m a Cancer and he’s a Scorpio (compatible combo). We have a lot in common emotionally, common values, common likes and dislikes, but also different ways of looking at and engaging with the world around us. I’ve learned much from him and am happier than I’ve been in a very long time, but I would be leaving everything I’ve developed over my lifetime (family, friends, medical connections, professional networks, owned real estate, etc.) to move to Canada with him where I know no one, not sure where we’d be living, no job initially – totally dependent on him and that’s so foreign to me, it’s scary. As a Scorpio he’s not always forthcoming or communicative and that sometimes gives me, the security-conscious Cancer, concern or doubt. The changes you write about in this posting (and previous ones) are speaking to me, but I’m still confused on which direction I should take. Do I stay or do I go?

    • Hi Sharma, you could always start by visiting him for shorter periods of time before making a final decision. If it’s possible to split your time between locations that could be a consideration too. Give it some time, the Neptune square to the eclipse will help you gain understanding of the full picture in the coming months.

  • Lisa Walls says:

    Im so confused over this time in life. I don’t know how to make sense of everything. Im so upset and my emotions are running away from me but why? I cannot seem to stop crying and feel a great sense of loss. I know that my husband and I finally ending things on a realistic level is what’s best. On an emotional level im reeling from the pain. Whats happening to me why isn’t this going like described? Is there something im doing wrong?? I love him and I meant forever im so upset and painfully unaware of what is the best thing to do to get a grip on things is.

    • Hi Lisa, I’m sorry you’re in pain right now. The mind and the heart don’t always see eye to eye. Grief is natural in separation, even if the mind knows better. Try to remind yourself of why your separating, don’t let yourself fall into thinking your future will be lonely or empty, the world is full of potential. Above all, honor your feelings and your grief. Sending you a big hug.

  • As you integrate the lessons of your situation, the stuckness will ease up. Oftentimes these things have to do with boundaries. Wishing you the best, Premla.

  • Colleen says:

    I feel stuck and yearning for change. What that change will be I don’t know but I am looking forward to finding out. Waiting for the world to open up and travel….maybe I will find the change I need,

    • Look to the next six months for movement and clarity. Change is on it’s way, for sure. Hopefully humanity will be coming to a resolution with COVID soon. Thanks for commenting, Colleen.

  • Leigh says:

    You’re spot on with describing the major changes in my life right now. In the past 60 days, I have quit my toxic job and decided to change direction in my career. I’ve also relocated to another country and am taking care of my parents (for the first time). My life has done a 180!

  • Premla says:

    Dear Luna,
    Paragraph 2 and 3 in The Way Forward describes my life exactly. I feel stuck.
    I yearn for freedom

  • Delma says:

    I think you’re amazing it’s like you know me and my personal situation. Bless you

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