Does This Need To End? | Weekend Love Tarot Reading

By January 30, 2021 Tarot Cards

Hello Tarot Love Birds, 

You have a rather intense reading for this week, which will ask you to get through and let go of some hefty struggles in the near future. 

Luckily, this is all for the best. While the situation at hand may feel devastating, or like it’s too much to handle, the reading is very clear that you will not only rise from the ashes, but truly find yourself in a much better place. 

Your first card, The Tower, can be a hard pill to swallow. It brings the possibility of chaos, change, and disruption. However, this potentially ground shaking shift will likely be moving you in the right direction for better love. 

Whether this card represents a fight with your long term lover, the end to an important relationship, or you giving in to the belief that you’ll never find love, ultimately you’re going to move through it. 

In fact, you’ll not only move through it, but flourish. 

Your second card is The Sun, which radiates love, joy, and innocence. We can’t really know what’s on the other side of a challenging event, but in this case you can bet there will be a sense of relief and happiness. 

There is wisdom in understanding life’s tendency to move in cycles, and when it has been really hard, you know there will be some good things soon after. This is the kind of awareness your third card has to offer you. 

The Empress has delved into the depth of life challenges, and come out the other side filled with a newly energized life, self awareness, and ability to relate to herself and those around her. 

This is a big reading. Whenever you see three Major Arcana cards, you can bet this won’t just be a few day experience, but something that could take time. 

These cards have a lot to teach you, so let’s take a look at what’s to come. 

#1: The Tower | When Things Fall Apart

Is your relationship devastatingly close to disaster? Have you started to give up on love? The Tower card is one of the most feared in the Major Arcana, because it harkens sudden changes, and full-on upheaval. 

Particularly in a love reading, The Tower does not bode well. If you’ve been struggling with a partner recently, or started to have suspicions something is off, this card is a sign things are going to come to a head. 

However, as you may have come to realize, The Tower is a necessary step in your own growth and development. When a relationship isn’t working, or it’s just not right for you anymore, sometimes you just have to move on. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy to cling to what you have, regardless of if it is healthy for you or not. 

At a certain point though, particularly if you desire deeply in your heart to be in a truly loving relationship, life will move you along whether you like it or not. 

This could be a situation where something comes to light which has been hidden and will ultimately erode the relationship. Or, an outside circumstance will shake your foundations in a way that will destroy what you thought was once solid. 

If you are single right now, the appearance of The Tower is a sign you might soon become disillusioned with love. It’s possible you’ll find yourself letting go of  hope for the romance you once believed was within your reach. 

This isn’t an easy shift, particularly if you are a romantic at heart. However, sometimes it is our image of love – our imagination of what a relationship should be – that gets in the way of truly finding the match life wants for you.

As you’ll see in your next card, the destruction of your relationship, or your ideals around love, is the perfect environment for something new and fresh to awaken in you. 

#2: The Sun | A Sense Of Renewal 

Have you felt trapped and hopeless recently? Does it feel like everything is crumbling around you? If so, then it’s more important than ever to remember the ‘x factor.’

What I mean by this is life works in mysterious ways we simply can’t understand at an analytical level. The ‘x factor,’ is the unexpected transformation which can appear out of seemingly nowhere. 

The Sun is an exuberant card, filled with joy, innocence and supreme vitality. Like the ‘x factor,’ the actual Sun can appear from behind the stormiest clouds, bringing light, warmth, and nourishment. 

Particularly in a love reading, The Sun is fantastic news. If you’ve found yourself in a terrible fight with your partner, or faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, The Sun is a sign you not only will get through this, but you will be all the better for it. 

You are far more resilient than you think. Oddly enough, you sometimes need to be leveled by life in order to recognize this. 

Your defenses can also be your prison, and the surrender you may face, as indicated by The Tower card, may also be a healthy process of letting down the barriers to a better you. 

This is how the light gets in. 

If you do find yourself in a nasty break up, once the dust clears, and the tears have flowed, you will feel a massive sense of relief. If you allow yourself to empty out, you will be filled again with something more vital than you can imagine. 

As your perception of ideal love starts to fade, and the pain of disillusionment softens, a new kind of love will start to bloom. One that is not based on your imagination, or the actions of those around you. It will be the love sourced within you. 

This is a powerful moment of returning to yourself. As you’ll see in your next card, you are poised to rise from the ashes with a deeper understanding of yourself. Be open to experiencing a new strength that can only come from a situation like this. 

#3: The Empress | Wisdom of Love

Are you aware of the wisdom you have deep within you? Are you able to love yourself the way a dedicated mother would love her child? 

The Empress is fertile, alive, and deeply loving. Have you ever noticed the way nature responds after an aggressive rain storm? Once the wind and water have passed, the birds begin chirping, the animals come out, and the trees and plants seem to glow with life. There is electricity in the air. 

While it can seem terrible and innescable when you are in a Tower card period, a renewed vitality you may not have experienced in a very long time is waiting on the other side. 

Of course, part of The Empress’ wisdom comes from her embodied understanding of cycles. 

Seasons come and go. Relationships rise and fall. Everything is following a rhythm. Lasting pain is a byproduct of resisting these patterns, rather than being willing to move through them. 

The Empress wants to remind you not to hold onto something that is ready to be over, and not to linger in the pain of it either. 

Rather, allow what is leaving to leave, and accept the pain here with you now. Remember, there is no reason to stay with it longer than you need to. When it’s over, let yourself move into sweeter times. 

This is a time for heroic self love, patience, and kindness. Let yourself be the archetypal parent to the parts of yourself when they are afraid, hurt, or feel broken. Hold them, love them, and guide them. 

You will definitely get through this, and as the cards indicate, you will be in a very beautiful new place when you get to the other side. 

Surviving the Storm

While your first card, The Tower, can feel like a terrible blow, in truth, there is rebirth written all over your reading this weekend. 

Yes, it’s possible some major things could start to shift. However, you might ask yourself what you are truly hoping for in this life. 

If you want to continue to grow, and to find romance that grows with you, then The Tower moments are simply par for the course. 

Your second card, The Sun, is something to look forward to. I know it might not seem like it, but even The Tower moments are acts of great love to help you return to the truth within you. 

Let yourself be soothed by the wisdom you have deep within your bones. Treat yourself with care, in the way The Empress is recommending. 

There is beauty beyond the storm, so step right in. 


With Love, 

And in Service, 

Jonathan Lionheart


P.S. What is falling apart in your life right now? Do you have the courage to let go of what is holding you back? I’d love to hear from you. 

P.P.S. If you are worried about this big upheaval, or you’re having trouble letting go of something, we can look into it together in a private reading. You can schedule on here.

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Nikki says:

    Mine is an aquarian and I am scorpio. He broke up with me 3 months ago after a short 5 month relationship and a 3 year friendship. We are trying to stay friends. I think we are both feeling a little confused as to where we should be. He has said he’s in a bad place and I can see it. He had a fling in Dec with someone new, but I’m not sure it was serious. I have decided today to walk away. If we are meant to be we will be. But for now I need to show up for myself. I don’t believe the story is finished, and your reading gave me more resolve to stand up for me this time and not be so available to him.

  • Karina says:

    Your reading hits a spot in my life, but not about love. Struggling at the moment, for some time, with some personal issues. Single and not complaining about it.

  • Julie Bellar says:

    What is falling apart in my life right now? And do I have the courage to let go of what is holding me back?
    Right now in my life there is many wonderful things going on. I have the spirit of God around me showing me miracles that I had forgotten were possible. I’ve cleared out trauma from my past and started loving that small child that felt unloved and unwanted. I took the anger and hurt I felt for those involved and allowed the Divine to turn it into a message of victory over victim mentality and a test into my testimony. Although this all started from unreciprocated love and it tore into the deepest wounds in my heart…. well, it’s actually saved my life. I’m a 12x serious attempt suicide survivor and I always knew there was a reason that God would not allow me to come home to him. I feel His desire was to teach me to love myself first and not allow any type of poor circumstances to hold me back from my dreams. I am now my own cheerleader… I’ve discovered that no matter how many times I get knocked down…. that with Gods help…. I can get back up!!! The Divine has proven to me over and over that I’m not alone…. and feeling abandoned all these years….. well, I found great comfort. I have found arch Angel Michael taking pictures with me, acmessage sent that only could be from spirit hidden in a shoe box after 3 days before was not on my fridge when I was trying to witness to another…. watched 100’s of tarot readings that fit my life to a T!!!! It’s been so great!! As far as my Twin, well, I’ve come to understand that I must let go of the biggest issue I’ve always had…. PATIENCE!!! They say patience is a virtue and I’ve decided that my twin needs to be allowed to develop on his journey at his own pace. It’s not about getting to the finish line first…. it’s about crossing it. I am praying for him daily but in the meantime I’ve decided to serve God anyway He leads me. I was raised as a Christian and when I started watching tarot… it raised many eyebrows but it has broadened my religious views and allowed me to love every race, religion and sexual presence of others. We are all worshiping the same God and it does not matter how you get there…. just chose!!! And speaking of choosing, I chose to love myself and my twin unconditionally with or without union…. I’ll always be his biggest cheerleader and I have faith that he is cheering for me ❤️⭐️⭐️

  • Rani says:

    Hi Jonathan, your predictions are so accurate , they Amaze me every time.Today too..yet I’m not devastated as I have been taking your guidance seriously and following it.I.have surrendered to the supreme and have the wisdom of the Empress who understands the Cycles and their rhythm.Pls continue to guide me.God Bless you.

  • Fatima m says:

    Does this needs to end ?
    I got this reading today and it hit right in the spot. Yesterday I walk out of a 8 month relationship. I gave so many chances hopeful everything will change for the better. I’m tired of all the lies and hidden agendas. I started to question if I ever will I find a sincere love.
    Yesterday ( Saturday 1/30/21)
    I had enough of his lies. He insulted me via phone saying that the reason why he would never post a picture of me via Facebook was because he was embarrassed of me and that I should date within my own race and economical status.
    All I did was love him genuinely and he betrayed me and let me down in such a way.
    It hurts but I will be fine with time.

    • Fatima, I’m so sorry for the ugliness of this break up. Good for you for moving on. You clearly deserve much better, and stepping away from this toxic situation is a fantastic step in the right direction. May you move gracefully into the chapter.

  • Andrea Williams says:

    Jonathan, thank you for this reading. In a psuedo relationship with a Taurus which is going to pot. This gave me a gleam of light!

  • Shay says:

    Hi Johnathan,
    I get your emails every week (or at least bi-weekly) and they are truly amazing. This reading today though was right on time and really needed. I absolutely just today experienced a horrible, nasty, ending to a Twin Flame connection. I never even knew anything about Twin Flames prior to 2020 so this has been so hard on me. So right now in this moment it absolutely does feel like my world is crashing around me but to know the Sun and the Empress are in my near future brings me such ease. So again Thank you, I’m going to feel this pain today but wake up tomorrow with a new outlook and perspective.
    Sending you light and love,


  • Kelly says:

    I have not been in a meaningful intimate relationship in years. I can not let go of the struggle right now, my grandchildren have been stolen by the corrupt justice and children services system. This started in 2008-2009 due to an acquittal on a battery on Law enforcement, he was demoted for excessive force. Six months later she was arrested for possession which should have been her boyfriends charge. She had a child during this trial and DCF used her 1st possession charge to send her to prison so this woman, Rachel could adopt. Again in 2018, there was an incident involving my 2 other grand daughters, whom I have predominantly raised, in which DCF took and ran to the total corrupt, fraudulent arrests of myself, my daughter and my 72 year old mother/ nurse for 38 years. It’s been 3 years, my daughter is in prison, haven’t seen my grand daughters in 3 years and the same evil woman wanted them as well but not their infant brother. This woman has a relative who works for DCF and after my daughter was sent to prison this worker moved to the county where our capital is. They know I have written to the Attorney General.
    So how do I get over losing children who are still alive, just malevolently being held away from any family or friends who offered to adopt. I’m dying of a broken heart

    • I’m so sorry Kelly, this is not an easy situation. There truly are things we cannot control in life, and while I can’t pretend that I can console you in a meaningful way, I would say that the things out of our control are just that, and the challenge is to come to acceptance. This does not mean giving up, it means being willing to see, and feel, with sober eyes the truth of our situation. May there be resolution for you my dear.

    • Julie Bellar says:

      Dear Kelly,
      I’m so sorry for the pain you are going through…. I have been in your shoes except it was my own children who were taken and missing for 7 years. While they were gone I kept trying to take my life over and over and then I lost my daughter from another marriage… devastating is an under statement. In order to deal with my loss I cried out to God after yelling at Him… yikes and gave my kids to Him saying they were His children and not mine. I entrusted Him whole heartedly with their care. One year later my kids were found and delivered to my front door step. What a miracle!!! I know it’s hard to let go and let Gods plan unfold but I’m here to tell you that everything that happens is to help us grow into the souls that are purified enough to reach heaven/nirvana. Time is fluid in Gods world you will look back one day and see that although we think the time apart from our loved ones is long….. it is only a spec in the vast universe that holds eternity. Have faith and trust that you will all he together again for infinity and beyond. Praying for you! Love and light always ❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Marija says:

    Naj vas kot prvo lepo pozdravim
    Si ne morem kaj, da se ne bi sama sebi nasmejala, glede mojih dogodivščin, ki jih imam na moji poti iskanja smeri, ki naj bi me pripeljala do svojega pravega Jaza.
    Kljub svoji starosti, se počutim kot otrok, ko začne delati svoje prve korake, ko se spotika, joče, in kriči, se ogleduje naokrog, išče nekoga, da bi mu roko podal,
    da bi na trdnih nogah obstal.
    Ko malo odraste, se odmakne od sveta, ker misli, da on vse prav ima.
    Vendar ni modrost v tem, kdo kaj misli, ali kaj reče, saj kolo se vedno vrti v krogu sreče.
    Sedaj sem odrasla, no, malo več kot odrasla, in si gradim s svojimi izkušnjami temelje na terenu, ki mi je bil do sedaj povsem neznan.
    Sicer tu pa tam omagam, vendar se zavedam, da je vztrajnost edino orodje, ki ga lahko uporabim.
    Verjamem, da bo stolp zgrajen, in da bo nanj posijalo sonce.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Jonathan…
    ThankYou For The Reading:
    IS The Bird That Feels light:
    Yet Sings When The Dawn IS Dark…
    I Think I had to Die a little inside…to be Reborn And…RISE A “Stronger And… Wiser” Version Of “ME”…
    If Need Be… I Will Walk Away From Any Situation That No Longer Serves ME.
    Kind Regards:

  • L says:

    Oscar Wilde wrote, “There are two tragedies on life. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting it.” So true! Even if I got exactly what I want right now—my man with me, here at home, just as a huge winter storm is coming and we can cocoon together and make loving memories—would it really be the right time, with him coming out of a depression, his life in flux and unable to bring any real stability and commitment, my father in hospital with cancer, my own heart still fragile? I honor the very human, womanly and sensual part of me that wants and needs affection and the sexual attentions of a man, while also honoring the wisdom of God and universe that sees for me a love beyond the temporal, a delayed gratification that promises the highest good. This tightrope walk of letting go while surrendering to uncertainty is a spiritual firewalk of epic proportions. I pray that I have the grace and divine love to weather such a leap of faith.

    • So well said L, thank you for your beautiful words and reflection. “this tightrope walk of letting go while surrendering to uncertainty… firewalk of epic proportions.” I so hear you. That yearning for the non-temporal love of God is the fire the Sufi’s talk about, a yearning that if we follow we can burn up in, falling totally into the love of the divine. Thank you for your soulful response, such beauty. –J

        • Licidad says:

          Hi I’m so happy and thankful for your Tarot sending it help me a lot . Last Feb.13 my husband passed away I’m suppose to be divorce but I become widow instead . Now life must go on .I have a friend I don’t what will happen he told me when I talked to him to him I must slow down and I’m doing that its also our tradition after husband died . So now hope for the best in the future if I could my forever coz I really like the one I have now even do they have somebody as a good candidate I don’t mind them ,, Now I want to Ask if this is a real ??????? .

  • Leighanne Quin says:

    Wow that really hit home and is exactly where I’m at. Delighted the sun card was drawn as just went a horrible time so hopefully things are getting better…..❤️

  • Gillian L says:

    This has helped explain what is happening in my life exactly; I tune in to the comments and it gives me confidence to think I’m on the right path. It helps to think about what you said on the understanding of cycles, this is the way to go as far as my problems are concerned,in the whole 0f my life and especially now,for love.
    Thank you Jonathan!

    • Hey Gillian, thank you for reaching out. Understanding the cycles can be a real life saver. When we’re going through the tough stuff, you can bet there will be some respite to come, and it’s important too to remember when we are on cloud 9, that this will change as well. Keeps us sober and grateful. –Cheers.

  • Nicola says:

    Hi I’m a Virgo and have a friends with benefits situation with a Sagittarius. I’ve just read the shall I give him up weekend reading. I do like him and he knows this, but I just can’t work him out or what he wants from this. He does not want a relationship but he doesn’t want to let me go either, although he promises that he is not seeing anyone else. So what’s the problem ‍♀️. He will contact me frequently and ask me how I am even in the pandemic, and even though we can’t see each other. If I get fed up with the situation and ask him what’s going on, he will call me and reassure me that he has just been busy and that there is no one else. I know he has been hurt in the past, but so have I, do you think things will ever change or am I just wasting my time and should move on as your reading suggests? Many thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated Thanks Nicola x

    • Hey Nicola, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience. I don’t know what will happen next with this lover of yours. I hear the sincerity when you say you like him, and that he shows up in a good way. I don’t want to give you a to much of a responds without really knowing what’s going on between you two, but there is something to be said about reclaiming your heart and dropping expectations. In other words, if you feel tethered to him energetically -ie your sense of happiness/worth revolves around if he wants you or not, then it seems important to me that you draw that energy back to yourself. Be grounded and full within yourself, and don’t expect him to change. This ensures you are taking care of yourself first, and not reliant on him. This move tends to show you the truth of the situation. If he wants to move forward into another level with you, but he’s just afraid, he with gird up his loins and come to you in a new way, if not, well enjoy the FWB situation but keep your heart as your own. This is my advice.

  • Iris says:

    Is the man the right man for me


    Tell me why this reading was 100% accurate. I’m a little in awe but feel like I now know what to do. Thank you forever. Thank you for the guidance. I am very grateful.

  • I fell in love with an aries and i know in my heart he loves me too.we fell in love even though we didnt want to ever fall in love again. We were great friends with benefits for awhile.but recently i noticed that he too had fallen in love with me. I expressed to him that i had fallen for him thinking he was gonna tell me the same thing instead he completley withdrew from me wont even see me or hangout and choses to fight over the phone about every little stupid thing he can find about me to complain about all of sudden i cant do or say anything right. It really hurts. Im soo confused! It really hurts and i just cant seem to walk away or let go of him i dont know why?why cant i walk away from him and move on? I love him very much! Im a cancer and cant hide or ignore my emotions my pain my love everything im a mess! I really have been in this horrible tower moment for like a month now i dont see it getting better anytime soon.i feel that this tower moment is gonna last and be painful for long time can i better my situation i cant take all this heartache the tower is causing me for much longer i dont know what to do help anyone!!

    • Hey Linda, thank you for sharing. This too shall pass. It sounds to me like he felt safe enough to open up with you and be close when it wasn’t a committed thing, but when you brought ‘love’ into the equations it triggered some of his fears and injuries around relationship. I don’t know the situation in total, but if I were to give you advice with what I know, it would be to stop communicating with him. Not ghosting him, but asking for space for a good while. Ask him to respect your process, because you are needing to let go and heal from the experience. It’s no help to have a heart break, plus the man of your desire demeaning you. You will 100% get through this, but you’ll probably need to distance yourself from him in order for that to happen. This is my take, obviously it is your life — and somewhere in your heart you already know what is best for you. Sending love.

    • Audrey Bray says:

      Hi Linda,I’m also a cancer an if ur anything like me when we love someone we are all in an it’s a good thing BUT WE have to be careful with it because when some see our true self they know how to undermined and manipulate us,yes it hurts very much I was in a same situation an now I see how it played out for him and for me I was blind to see the hurt that he was causing me and the advantage he had over me but now it’s been almost a year and I’m stronger but I feel weak sometimes because he has recently contact me wanting to step back into a similar situation but I am being strong I’m being the stronger person here not letting him in to hurt me no more we have to be tough it’s hard but at times but in the long run I truly believe that I’m better off without him, not letting him in again to see the hurt that it may cause him makes me feel good about myself that he’s hurting now not me for once, I’m proud of myself an I hope this helps you with your situation an for me I’ve been reading astrology,tarot an the cosmos and learning about who I am I’ve always been interested in it an it may help you in your situation.
      I truly hope this helps you and wish you the best on your journey be strong be positive you can do this which ever your decision is your friend Audrey Bray

  • L says:

    Jonathan, I just want to say that I’m awestruck by your ability to really hone in on what we need to hear, you are amazing! How did you know this has been in my mind, that a stark dark loneliness has lingered in my heart for the past few days? A despair that I could not enunciate, even to my dearest friends. The Tower has definitely shown its effects, first with my father’s cancer diagnosis ( we were floored because there is no family history, the symptoms came out of nowhere) and then the lonely holiday season, the first time in my life I’ve spent Christmas alone. The despair over love was sometimes so deep I didn’t know what to pray for anymore, except “Help, God!”

    • Hey L,
      I understand, and hear you. I’m sorry about the aloneness and your fathers health. These dark moments can truly rock us to the core. I think you are on the right track however by calling out to God. Speak to the divine, ask why, cry, scream, even curse at God. IF there is any phenomena in all of existence that can handle our big emotions it is the divine. Keep talking, listen to what it is that is coming out of you. Often a ‘dark knight’ comes about when we haven’t let out what needs letting out, haven’t let go of what needs letting go. Thank you so much for reaching out.

  • L says:

    For me the Tower manifests as a wall—I don’t know what to do for a solution, my imagination is stalled, my logical brain and reasoning can’t find a way out, I don’t even know how to talk about it to friends, I want love and romance but no matter what I do nothing works—no dates, no opportunities. No matter how much I put myself out there, nothing happens. I dress up with nowhere to go, my clothes are getting restless, they want to create memories for me, but it’s just the same routine. It’s like a Saturn return intensified. Maybe what has to change is my idealism, my idea of how love has to look. Perhaps it’s my upbringing, my idealism of marriage? I’m learning to be more flexible, I never thought I was rigid but maybe in this notion I am. Ditto with career, I always thought I had to go abroad to further my career, only to have a recent epiphany that perhaps what I’ve been searching for is right in my backyard. I’m learning that life doesn’t have to be hard, that I don’t have to keep struggling. Maybe it’s the same for my love life. I don’t need to strive so hard, just allow what’s meant to happen, happen, what’s meant to go, go. To be okay with life whether or not I’m partnered. To be my own savior. But still the goddess within me is tired of just self-respect, she says there’s nothing wrong with wanting my man back, that’s what it means to be a human. Freedom and free will in their largest forms. Scary, but so necessary.

    • Thank you L,
      I love the way you are exploring these ideas and expressing yourself. You are asking really deep questions that will continue this process in a good way for you, even if it ins’t easy. The ‘answer’ doesn’t tend to come in the form of a mental recognition with this type of thing. Rather, the letting go, and allowance for something new to bloom occurs at a lived-experience level. Good luck, and blessings 🙂

  • Bernadette says:

    well so true – im doing my best to let go and move on but my estranged husband seems to have the knack not to let me. He’s been cheating in our marriage for some time and I am just realising this…he has moved on and is in a serious relationship and to appease his own guilt suggested that I should get onto eharmaony and find myself someone like he did…I coulda slapped him right there but was calm and said i didn;t need to replace him, or did i need anyone to make me happy. i need that connection gone

    • Sounds like you are clear it’s time to totally disentangle yourself from your husband. Clear him from your life. Playing the revenge game surely will only cause more trouble and more entanglement. Bring someone new into your life from a place of self respect and love, otherwise you’ll just find more toxic men. Thanks for reaching out Bernadette.

  • L says:

    Life has been hard, with my father in the hospital with pancreatic cancer, I’ve spent New Years and Christmas alone, partly because of pandemic restrictions. I’m usually okay with solitude. As an artist I thrive on it but lately it’s been too much, I yearn for love but have given up hope for romance. This reading gives me hope. Perhaps it’s no mere coincidence but lately I’ve been able to declutter and release stuff, not an easy task. It’s like my body knew what to do, to prepare my heart for this moment. I know that if I can handle this, I can handle anything. Hope springs eternal!

  • Maleroele says:

    Same goes for me , don’t know what to do, which action must I take ,do I let go when there’s so much feelings at hand?

    • It’s ok to love someone, but for them to not be right for us. Often we create anger and coldness so we don’t have to feel that there is still love when we leave someone. I don’t know your circumstance, but I’m sure that if you get quiet, and listen to the stillness of your heart, there is an answer there.

  • TM says:

    I’ve been trying for months and months to let go… but I can’t… my intuition tells me not to, while everything else says I should. I’m so lost and confused… I’m so sure, and utterly confused how it seems I’m wrong???

    • Maleroele says:

      Same goes for me , don’t know what to do, which action must I take ,do I let go when there’s so much feelings at hand?

    • Confusion can be so challenging. maybe take some extra alone time, and rather than thinking about the yes or no of the situation, just let yourself be. Move slow, attend to yourself, and then when you feel more clear and solid in yourself, check back in with what is right or wrong for you. Sometimes we get so tangled in our heads we can’t really see the answer right in front of us.

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