Deep Inspiration Is Calling | Weekly Tarot Reading for August 9-15

By August 9, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Lovely, 

This is Jonathan Lionheart, with your Weekly Tarot Reading. 

This forecast is for August 9th – 15th. However, whenever you read it, it will apply to you. Divine timing is everything, and these messages don’t play by the rules of linear time. 

It’s been a pretty intense year, and I’m sure you’ve experienced your share of upheaval and uncertainty. These challenging times can dim our hearts and make us question much of what we’ve held as true in the past.

Don’t worry though, the dissolution of what and who we used to rely on is an essential part of growing and self discovery. There is a new strength arising in you – a kind of fortitude that can only be gained through experiencing the trials of life. 

This coming week will inspire this particular type of strength and give you a taste of the fruit it can bear. You may feel that all your previous efforts have not paid off, and that the youthful hope you once knew is distant and snuffed out.

I know how hard it can be, but trust me, that spark is very much alive. It awaits your choice to open again and burn in the love that eternally resides within you. An important growth process is occurring right now, and this week will bring a welcome surprise. 

Card #1:  The Queen of Pentacles – Time For Self Care 

Our first card is a reminder of your enduring spirit and the resilience you have cultivated. Just getting through life requires great perseverance. So take a moment to appreciate how strong you are, even if you haven’t been feeling strong lately. 

The Queen of Pentacles has fought some hard battles to get where she is. She’s walked a long and hard path, and has learned the wisdom of patience. If you feel like you’ve been trudging through rough terrain lately, keep going. You’re about to break through into a lot more ease. 

You’re approaching greener pastures where you can take a much needed load off. There will be a chance to get some good, deep rest early this week. Take advantage of it! Find some time to relax your need to control and let down the guard that’s gotten you through the muddy swamps of late. 

Let the nourishing essence of the feminine revive you. Take a bubble bath. Put all of your worries and obligations into a vault, lock the door, and allow a few hours (or more) to indulge in something pleasurable and relaxing. You deserve it, and it will pay off later in the week because you will be ready to spring into action when things pick up a bit. 

Queen of Wands – Using Your Energy Wisely

This card is a second reminder to take some time to pause and recharge because a new fire is about to spark in you. The Queen of Wands is your second card for the week, and she represents the refined, healthy warrior in you.

You’re going to want some down time, so your inspired, rejuvenated self can come back online to harness the creativity coming your way. 

Often, you might find yourself being over active… doing, doing, doing, then totally depleted, tired, and maybe even getting sick. The Queen of Wands is reminding you to use your energy wisely. She’s a go getter, and can kick ass when needed, but she’s learned to balance herself by not over spending her energy and then getting burnt out. 

The Queen of Wands is asking you to look at which endeavors in your life are sapping your energy. What can be let go of? Let the Queen of Wands help you discern where to put your attention, and where to let go. 

This week, expect to feel more capable than you have recently. This will be especially true if you can find some time early on to rest. Often, we need to pause in order to ‘digest’ everything that’s going on in our lives and environment. This time allows us to integrate before coming back more crisp, clear, and capable.

You can do this! Trust your capacity! And let yourself get creative after you take that pause.

Seven of Pentacles – Appreciating Your Victories

Our third card this week acknowledges the many accomplishments that have occurred in your life recently. You may not always recognize your achievements, but the angelic realm does and is cheering for you. While we can’t always see how the energetic, big picture unfolds and progresses, your guides and angels do. Call on them to help you align yourself with the master plan unfolding for you.

The Seven of Pentacles may also be highlighting a sense of lack that you’re feeling. You can shift the feeling of lack by noticing and appreciating the abundance that surrounds you. If you’re yearning to feel more fulfilled, take note.

Is there something else you’re meant to be doing? Could your skills and gifts be better utilized for yourself and the world? Do you have old hobbies or passions that have slipped away?  

If you’re feeling melancholy, it’s time to reconnect with your hopes and dreams. Journal about them, take a walk, have a conversation with yourself about what makes you feel alive. It’s time to infuse your life with the elements that light you up and connect you with your Big, Beautiful Self. 

This is a special week, dearest. Focus on lightening your load and softening the badass, capable self you’ve been bringing to the table with some self love and time off. Do what you can, I know you’re busy but it’s really important that you treat yourself to some time away from the many things that are pulling at you. 

Notice if there is something that’s been waiting for you to give attention to it. You might be surprised at how creative, playful and inspired you are as the week goes on. Listen to the voice deep down that’s feeling unfulfilled, what is it saying? How can you nourish this part of yourself into greater fulfillment? 

As always, and with love, 

At your service,

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S.  Have you been in a place where you’ve given up on your self care but you’re feeling ready to start making healthier choices? How do you like to take time for yourself? What kinds of activities light you up and make you feel alive? Let me know in the comments below!

I’d love to hear from you, and if you have any questions I’d be honored to get back to you. 

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • cindy knutson says:

    YES….Lionheart…YES…Thank-you! I needed this connection tonight.

  • Lynnette says:

    Thank you Jonathan. I’ve been in turmoil due to a “crisis “ with an adult son. I’m talking years.
    I’m an empath and felt his pain as well as my own response to it so long, I forgot about life.
    I’ve totally left self care out the door.
    Your words today, well, they were literally a life saver. I’m on board and certain of that dawn that all this darkness has led to.
    Thank you again, you are well met.

  • Olga Clarkin says:

    Thank you Jonathan, your reading has been very uplifting and deep. Your advise to align my energy through rest and appreciation of the gifts I posses has touch my heart. There is a lot of true in that reading and hoping to soon come to the finish line and join my future happiness which has been waiting patiently.
    Thank you again.

    • You’re very welcome Olga. I love the way you speak to ‘joining you future self which has been waiting patiently.” Yes! waiting, unconditionally loving, and guiding you. So spot on. Thank you too.

  • Maureen says:

    Jonathan Lion❤️
    You are such a gift
    Your insight and word steady me and guide me and help me so much – I struggle to be on earth and your words sooth my soul and continue to move me to stay the course. I am so thankful your spirit is here with us – and that I can continue learning with hope of one day graduating and being promoted to the next dimension. I have shut down a tremendous bit over time out of self preservAtion and am inspired to be me because of your encouragement. Thank you Maureen

    • I’m so happy to hear that you have found inspiration in our words. Yes dear, keep loving yourself up. Tend to the deep beautiful core of your being, allow for the walls and fear to melt into the amazing heart that is clearly and infinitely within you. <3

  • carrie fuchs says:

    Thank You for the reading this week. I have been struggling badly as I work for transportation in a school district in NY It is now actually dangerous to go to work due to covid. What I do for self care is get on my Arabian stallion and lay flat out on his back. we breath together…

    • Wow Carrie! The back of an Arabian stallion. That is easily one of the most beautiful self care practices I’ve heard of in a while. I feel for the uncertainty around safety. Keep caring for yourself. Thank you for saying hi 🙂

  • Augustine says:

    Thank you so much for your inspired message to me, please my only problem which have identified is making wrong decision or wrong choice over my investment over and over again for about 7 years now, I just need help to know when to make the right decision, wealth and riches are within me, am even seeing them daily, but when I decide to make the decision to choose the opportunity have been following, I will still go and make wrong choice, no matter how hard I try, please I need your advice, because few days from now am going to make another decision about my career which am seeing daily with me, I don’t want to make another wrong choice again, please help

    • Hey Augustine,

      There could be some discord between your inner vision and your application in the material. If you want to do a private reading with me we can look into what’s going on and I can give some advice around how to mitigate the discord. My advice for now would be to look at the anxiety around the investment. What is the story you are holding about needing to make this money? I don’t know your cosmology, but my understanding and experience is that we are totally complete in this moment and at our essence. The anxiety is like a blanket that covers over this truth. When we act from the surface of anxiety we can create a reflection of that discord in what we create. Rather, finding out what part in you feels unmet, or like there isn’t enough. You can sooth this part of you, you can connect it to the truth. With love — J

    • Jerrie says:

      Hi Jonathan thank u for the message that I have received from you.. you really made me think about myself alot more.. I really need to do something for myself and have a me time for a change… I really loved the message.. thanks again

  • Matthew Michel says:

    Thank you for your card reading today very much appreciate it.
    I have a sickness TB tuberculosis is there any kind of help in your cards that can help me?

    Matthew Michel

    • Hey Mathew,

      The cards might be able to give you some perspective into how you can work with your illness. Many diseases have emotional and karmic roots, while I can’t say that this is the case for you without deeper exploration, there could be some insight into how to care for yourself and an offering of a new way of looking at the challenges that you are facing. With Love — J

  • essy says:

    Thank you for your reading. That’s a good guidance for me to move forward.

  • Mother Goddess says:

    I appreciate you but you cannot help me, Lilith and Lucifer are my inner spirits

    • Hello Mother Goddess,

      Only you can help you regardless of your inner spirits. I can be a translator and a guide, but ultimately it’s us that take a stand for ourselves and for life. That being said, my understanding of reality is that we all tend to have ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ inner spirits. There is a correspondence that has both a shadow and a light, a conscious and an unconscious. From this perspective if you have Lilith and Lucifer within, then you almost certainly have their opposite, even if they have become distant or diffuse. With love J

      • Mother Goddess says:

        They have been with me since I was 4, I didn’t wake up to truth fully until my 33rd year, that’s when I discovered what I always feared was myself, I’m also rh negative so I’ve always known my soul is older than others and love is the only true religion

  • Barbara Francis-Crawford says:

    Thank You for the cards , My life has changed so much this year, i still have faith in a bright future

  • Wow I looked at your responses you really are a sweetheart thanks for being there and caring much appreciated Johnathon!

  • OMG my love pretty amazing reading and i love your name my bday is on the 11th I so needed to hear your interpretation…i want to tell you i have my Fathers tarot deck and i pulled the same exact cards that in itself was pretty amazing but i really really liked your positive spin and interpretation Jonathon you are a sweetheart thank you for making your reading so very empowering much better than the Waite interpretation i read expecially about the seven of pentacles smile…um Id really like to know how to get in touch with you for future private readings is that possible? Can you let me know if you arent too busy/ Thanks hun your reading made my dread lift and gave me a lot of hope for the future you rock!

    • Hey Kelvin,

      I’m so glad to hear that the reading touched you, and thank you for the kind words. Blessings on your Birthday as well. It’s a powerful thing to have your fathers deck -there must be some great power in them. For me, the cards are always offering guidance rather than being fatalistic. Even if we are entering a more challenging time, the cards are sign posts for how we can navigate those times and grow from them rather than giving us a sentence on how things must be. I’ll be in touch soon with how you can schedule a private reading with me. Sending love.

    • Hey Kelvin,

      You can schedule with me through this link:
      There will be a way to do so on soon, but for now the link above will work 🙂

  • Lyn says:

    Wow, so spot on. You speak to me and my truth. Thank you!

  • karin henriksson says:

    thank you jonathan it was a very wise tarot reading and i connects wit all of that i my life for the moment. karin from sweden.

  • Claudine says:

    So true, what this week brings and although things are sparking up! It came to mind in such need of a bubble bath and take time out of for me! Amazing, you talking about being patient – it’s always my biggest strength word and it guides me to let go of things too. Thank you! Claudine

    • You’re welcome Claudia! It’s amazing how we can forget about self-care, and then patience get’s lost because we haven’t taken the time to slow down and connect with what truly matters. Sending love.

  • Brittaney Boshea says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    I would first just like to thank you for all your help and inspiration you have given me to continue to learn and expand my mind through Tarot! My weekly reading August 9-15th really spoke to me. Deep inspiration is calling me and I can’t wait to answer. I began making my own tarot cards a couple months ago. I am taking this project very seriously, making each card individually inspiring. I am a photographer and each photo speaks to me spiritual volumes! My reading reminded me of how important this project is and how I must put in more time to work on it! Also I was given the reminder of how strong of a women I am and to be proud of the things I have over come this year! I look forward to e-mails and would love to share the Tarot cards I have made so far. Thank you for ur efforts!

    • That’s so Beautiful Brittaney! Thank you for honoring your strength and being an inspired creator 🙂 Would you share your cards with us when you finish them? I’d love to see your work. Blessings.

  • kgalalelp says:

    Dear Jonathan
    I thank you the tarot reading it really connects with me. I RECENTLY found love that tends to bring change in my life.and i totally accept it cause he loves me dearly.
    I thank you.

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