The Tarot Reading Daily
Contributor Program

Hey!  It’s Adam, Crystal and Stan – and since you are reading this, it means you’ve been pre-selected and sent here because of your gift and talent.  So congratulations gifted one! We are happy to meet you!

Our Secret Inner Circle is a monthly membership program we started to give a platform to folks like us to share our gifts with the world.

The inner circle is a daily series of live stream group readings that we schedule in advance for our members. We are currently using Facebook live stream as well as

As a new recruit, you will be paid $50 per live group session and receive 50% of commission fees on any one-on-one clients you get from the session.

After 1-3 sessions, if things are going great, we will move into a regular position here in the Secret Inner Circle.  That’s when we can move into the following Tier system:

Contributor Commission Tier System

We have built a system to get you one on one readings without you having to do any selling, you just simply provide a link at the end of your live session.  Your commission for paid one-on-one readings will depend on your level of involvement, which will fall under one of three tiers

Tier 1:  55% Commission

  • Stream in the group once per month.  
  • Post smaller quotes or images the day you stream
  • Support other contributors in group
  • Answer weekly question box emails assigned to you

Tier 2:  65% Commission

  • Stream in group twice per month.
  • Post smaller quotes or images the day you stream
  • Support other contributors in group
  • Answer weekly question box emails assigned to you
  • One content post about speciality inside group (500 word article or 3-5 min video)

Tier 3:  75% Commission

  • Stream in group once per week (or more)
  • Post smaller quotes or images the day you stream
  • Support other contributors in group
  • Answer weekly question box emails assigned to you
  • One content post about speciality inside group (500 word article or 3-5 min video)
  • One blog post per week on (video, article or both for the highest engagement and highest conversion for private bookings)

New Facebook Identity:

As a contributor, you will be given a new identity and Facebook profile and identity that is legally owned by our company to protect your identity and reaching content.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Log in often and share things on your timeline so Facebook knows you are not fake
  • Only be friends with members, not personal friends
  • Do not message members, or reply to their messages
  • Do not add members as friends, let them add you
  • Do not friend your personal accounts (keep your identity 100% seperate)
  • Do not approve posts from members or accept new members
  • Do not accept friends requests from people not in the group.
  • Do not break Facebook guidelines or do anything to flag the account
  • Do not change any of the settings or contact information in the account
  • Only add yourself to groups that surround your specialty

Member Interactions:

Everyone needs help. Some people need everyone, all the time, forever.  Based on our own trial and error, we’ve established these guidelines for your own protection:

  • No direct messaging or emailing with clients
  • If you don’t get to their question because time ended, tell them to come back or ask for their weekly question.
  • If you miss their question, and they were waiting, then (and only then) private message them after.
  • If they message you, ignore it unless they are interested in a one-on-one meeting.  Respond by directing them to your reading page.
  • If the client is no longer a member, their rates will go up to non member rates.
  • Friend members on profile, but do not interact on their profile.  Only speak to them if they comment on your own posts in a reply.

Live Group Streaming:

Your live stream experience will develop you a following as we grow this summer with the avatar that you build under Speak to us directly if you need help structuring your event. Here are some guidelines:

  • You will be scheduled every Sunday and must confirm your time.  If something comes up and you need to cancel, we need at least 24 hour notice.  If you cancel often, you will stop being scheduled.
  • Minimum one hour (can stay longer if you want)
  • Silence your phone and never be on it when your session is live.
  • Start by engaging everyone with a question (ex.  Where you all from? Type in your location let me know where you’re joining in from)
  • Acknowledge everyone coming onto the stream when they come on
  • Be authentic, take your time, and stay present.
  • Reply to comments vocally and do your best to acknowledge them all.  You can reply to the comment in text after the stream and before you close comments.  
  • Stay engaging and high energy with each new person
  • Spend 5 minutes per person (use timer if necessary)
  • If they ask more probing questions tell them “well I can only answer one question for you here as there are so many people waiting, but if you want to talk more about your situation then let’s book a private reading and go deeper, OK?” Then move on.
  • Answer questions in order they were received.  If someone pre registers on the event page then they get priority.  
  • If someone’s question is missed, encourage them to come back next time and get there early)
  • If someone gets upset they didn’t get a reading, suggest they go to the Question Box and someone will follow up
  • No financial questions or talking to the dead. It’s best we don’t go there.  

Weekly Question Box:

Clients get one question per week to ask on the Question Box.  All contributors will access this question box to answer every week.  Their max question is 500 characters so it’s not overwhelming. They can only ask the same question once.

You will give them a quick 5 minute reading based on your specialty, and reply to their question. You’ll then mark the email as “answered”

These are urgent leads for your one on one or paid group consulting sessions, so the more you answer the more successful you will become.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Questions will be sent to you via email to your TRD email address
  • Reply to questions within 48 hours or less
  • Spend no more than 5-10 minutes answering the question
  • Only reply with 300 words or less
  • Suggest a private reading using copy provided
  • Forward your email (and reply) to the member’s provided email
  • If member replies, do not respond unless they want a one on one reading
  • If a member continues to reply with no response, notify management

Sharing Your Content:

Sharing content is part of being a contributor, and will depend on your Tier level. Content sharing happens on multiple levels.  Here’s some guidelines:

  • Post required content inside of group for engagement
  • Post other content on your page to keep it active
  • Reply back to members that comment on your posts
  • Keep responses to your content short, sweet, and positive
  • Only go live during scheduled time, but add recorded videos any time
  • Do not tag any member unless replying to their comment on your post
  • Do not make any claims or promises on behalf of the company

Group Contribution:

We are a family of freaks and geeks who have weird super powers. It’s important we bind together like the super hero’s we are. Here’s some contribution guidelines.  

  • Support other readers by saying something encouraging to what they said, not corrective or critical
  • Share content videos or articles based on your tier, and post often. More people will come to your reading.
  • Do not compete with other readers, or give additional advice if someone has already given advice to a client.
  • Back up your fellow readers if there is a dispute, but be gentle yet firm
  • Like or love other contributors posts to help increase engagement

These are just a few guidelines, and this document is subject to change as we grow.  For now, let’s look at …

The Bigger Picture

We have built this business to reach as many people across the globe as possible.  As a contributor, we want to give you a mountain to stand on and share your magic with the world.  Our most active contributors will be eligible for publication and affiliate launch.

Also, we are just getting started.  Soon we will have our own custom “charge by minute” live stream software which will take your contribution to the next level of both earnings and scalability.  

Are You IN?

Now that you have an idea of what is expected of you, and you’re buzzing with the awesome opportunity that lies ahead of you, it’s up to you to take the next step.

Contact Crystal Mackay for that next step and let’s make dreams come true.