Chiron in Aries 2019: The Wounded Healer Reborn

By March 12, 2019 Astrology

Have you ever felt so insecure that it hurts?

Are there wounds from your past that still haunt you – that no matter how much you wish they’d go away – still affect the actions you take in your life, with success and with relationships?

Have you ever wondered why?

We all have these deeply hidden wounds.  We also all have the ability to heal the wounds inside ourselves and in doing so, we may even help heal others organically.

We are all, in fact, wounded healers in some way or another.  

That’s what the little-known asteroid Chiron represents in Astrology:  The Unhealed Healer within you…that lives in the secret cave of trauma you hide in when you find yourselves at your lowest points in life.  

Recently, this slowly moving asteroid crept his way from the dreamy sea of Pisces where he’s been for the past 9 years, into the battlefield of Aries…

… which means the entire planet has shifted in the way we treat emotional, mental, and physical ailments in ourselves and others.

This is a massive transition for all of the planet on how we heal our wounds, not only personally, but as an entire culture.

For the past 9 years, with Chiron in Pisces, it’s like we’ve been slow dancing with our own wounds.  Chiron was in no hurry but making his way through this wishy-washy yet psychedelic Water sign.

This led to feeling almost as if we’re swimming in circles when identifying our wounds, trying to grasp the vague feelings of this deficiency and disconnection from the Source.  The endless feeling that we’ve been taking one step forward, two steps back within our healing.

At the same time, Chiron in Pisces had its major advantages.  We learned empathy, through contact and through experiencing and feeling others. The personal reflecting the collective and the collective reflecting the personal.

We saw boundaries collapsing and the origins blending into source.  We are finding ourselves after being wounded by deception and yet saved by our faith – even though sometimes they looked the same.  

We all watched our false dreams collapsing and even fantasies being popped like a bubble of self deception.  We experienced the alchemy of freedom from feeling pain in places we didn’t know they existed.

We witnessed what happens when we try to escape our pain, by replacing it with co-dependent relationships and addictions with another addiction, attempting to drown our sorrows in debauchery.   

Feel familiar?

It’s been nine long years since Chiron entered Pisces in April 2010, taking us on a bewildering journey through individual and shared traumas and pain.  

Now, as we transition into Aries, we are going to get a taste of what it feels like to confront our vulnerabilities head on.

So what’s the big difference between Chiron in Pisces and Chiron in Aries and what does that mean for you?

Even though they are next door neighbors in the zodiac, Aries is nothing like Pisces.  No reflective halls of mirrors and endless mystery, no blissful torment, no quest for redemption.

This is about facing the magical cauldron inside your own heart and using it for good (and not for your ego if you want to thrive with this energy and not crumble).

Why? Because Aries is a battlefield – it’s the domain of Mars, the gladiator!  So that means he (your higher self and your guides) will likely test you BEYOND anything in your past and challenge you to muster the courage to stay in your heart, stand your ground, and face your own demons at the very core jugular vein.

This is time to tame your wildest, ugliest BS into fuel that nourishes your inner light and soul. 

Chiron in Aries brings about lessons of self-discovery, HEART will power and self-empowerment.

Chiron in Aries is deeply impactful for the next decade beyond and the world at large with the times we’re facing and learning to integrate as the veil is getting thinner and people are waking up to greater levels of humanity and empathy.

This is a time self-discovery, will, heart power and self-empowerment.

It’s about giving yourself permission to exist as a real human being with all the mistakes and flaws and yet still be incredible magical – like your own dang alchemist turning straw to gold.  

You can go the core of pain and stand up for the light that you want to create, conquering your own fate baby!

It’s takes messy, ugly courage to endure sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose the dull pain or mediocre satisfaction of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.

It takes courage to give birth to another way of being, loving, doing and truly feeling…

Courage to give birth to ourselves from the NEW.

New possibility meaning that raw, messy, all encompassing “naked” gorgeous enthusiasm that has been slowly conditioned and smothered from us.

Yeah … the stuff the sets us truly FREE.  

It’s awkward, painful, and strange to learn how to stand on our own two feet blindly “not having to know” while we openly face our own fears…

It’s hard to embody and live in our own truth and know what this is, to go against the grain of our outdated or distorted old ways or communities…

…to take risks and overcome obstacles, to travel the unknown constantly and breaking open scary places in order to grow into ourselves.

It’s challenging, and it often brings us face to face with opposition and resistance, coming from both within and without – which is actually magical energy.  Yet is can be extremely difficult to get “over the hump” of facing our own fears.

The self-doubt. The guilt. The social ostracism. The negative self-talk.

And yet at the same time there is magical energy here if you choose to BE the alchemist that YOU already truly are.  

It’s time to transmute pain into strength, and experience loss as a stepping stone towards a new sense of self knowing and soul understanding as timidness turns into courage.  

Loving and living for our right to exist, even when it hurts the most and finding solace in our capacity to receive, transmute and create.

You will discover that your are not as weak as we thought and were taught we were, finding trust in your capacity of resilience and your ability to not just survive, but truly thrive.  

Inspiring others with your resilience.  Calling upward to the heart when you experience toxic masculinity, structural/systemic violence, and any other form of power that is being misused, where it could be used for light.

The entire world is taking a stand against the old, toxic ways right now and I bet you can feel it in different ways if you reflect on it.  

It’s all about fighting the good fight so this is where we topple down the burning tower of it’s unneeded controls, healing ourselves in the process … burning in the fire; transmuting this fire!

In other words, you will have a easier time with the next decade if you are willing to burn all that you don’t need and that’s limiting you from greater love into the fire and thus transform this fire so it can deeply nourish and feed your soul.

You’ll find that the root of you facing your deepest wounds and pain is that this source energy also the same root source as your own inner light. It’s up to to redirect the energy behind your wounds into gifts.  

And with the energy changing, it means your emotional triggers are changing, in both pain and light.

Things that upset you in the past won’t get your goat anymore. Instead, a whole new menu of repressed feelings has arrived and it’s up to you to sort through it with a new pair of eyes from your heart!

What has been upsetting you lately?  Where are your sources of frustration coming from?

The sensitive friction you feel is normal right now, especially around painful topics you wish were kept swept under the rug and throw you for a loop.  

Chiron, the afflictor of our deepest, most inextricable painful wounds is actually the transformer, bridge and gateway to our “new” brighter, wiser, lighter being and seeing.  

This transit of Chiron into Aries offers you a huge opportunity for you to heal in ways you didn’t realize you needed, and with a clean slate on how you approach healing yourself, will grant you wisdom that you can share to help heal others.

The Inner Work of Chiron in Aries

Chiron is the wounded healer in its natural sign of Aries, so do the inner work and watch your soul soar!!

Chiron has fully moved out of Pisces and into Aries until 2027. This has never before happened in our “consciousness” it is totally unprecedented.

It is the energy of “I am in celebration and I am tender.” Both at the same time.

This heralds a new world for many of us who are deeply sensitive and attuned to the unseen worlds of true value, grace, authenticity, and abundance.

It also signifies a time of sitting with the enormity of the journey up until now and fully processing the pain, and any disowned parts of the psyche with the presence of unconditional love…or if that isn’t accessible, connecting with the frequency of gratitude.

Chiron In Aries – The Identity Wound

A typical theme of Chiron in Aries is where you feel you don’t have the right to be yourself. Aries is concerned exactly with the affirmation of the self but Chiron will challenge this affirmation of the self, with the purpose of finding a higher order.

Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac – is all about the individual, about impulse, passion, instinct, “Me first” attitude.

Aries in where we assert ourselves, where we go for what we want, where we draw borders to express our uniqueness.

Aries is the very first sprout to emerge from the soil in the spring, choosing life, choosing to ‘get out there’ into the world and express itself.

Chiron is where we feel wounded, ashamed, broken and inadequate.

Chiron in Aries is about the greatest wounds of all – the wound of identity.  Here, Chiron will challenge Aries’ expression of the self, expression of individuality.

The wound of identity is when we feel we don’t have the right to exist. This is the most painful wounds of all because it is the most difficult to grasp.

A Wound We Are Born To Bare

We are all born with the wound of identity. When we are babies, we hardly have an identity. We are the result of the genetic makeup of our parents.

As we grow up, if our self-expression is encouraged, we slowly develop our unique identity.

But the process is not always smooth. Our parents may – rightly so – see us as an extension of themselves, and may have difficulties in acknowledging that we are a different human being. It’s not their fault! They do this because they want to protect us.

But trying to force the child to become anything else but what they were born to be, is incredibly damaging to the sense of the child’s self. Stifling a child’s individuality is more dangerous on long-term than neglect and even violence.

People who have the most challenging forms of psychosis usually come from upbringings where they were not allowed to be themselves, to express their unique identity.

Symptoms of the Identity Wound

“I am nobody” – an overall feeling of emptiness and disconnection.

“I am not enough” – a desire to “prove” oneself.

“If I don’t fit in, I don’t exist” – a desire to be liked by everyone.

A tendency to copy other people, but at the same time a lack of defining role models.

A desire to remain unnoticed, a fear of expressing one’s opinions and beliefs

Difficulty to connect with one’s body or feelings… or on the contrary, a continuous to prove one’s uniqueness by behaving oddly

A tendency to hurt oneself, physically or psychologically – self-inflicted wounds, abuse of drugs, alcohol and medication, overworking, feeling ‘numb’

How to Overcome the Wound of Identity with Chiron in Aries

What can you do about your feelings of worthlessness? Can you heal your wound of identity?

No achievement, no money or success can heal this wound – because being you is not about becoming something you are not, but is about learning to accept that it is OK to be you just as you are.  

That we don’t create abundance… abundance is always present, we only create limitations.  That we are already whole and worthy just as we are.

Chiron in Aries will ask you to address and heal the wounds you came here onto this planet with.

Chiron in Aries is about taking responsibility for your soul contracted existence, and is about being present with your wounds, with your pain and with your shame.

This is what true intimacy is, to sit with life just as it is.  To show up and love.

To show yourself nakedly and powerfully despite the pain.  You are going to feel it, no doubt. But no matter what, you need to show up, do what you need to do, take a step forward, to fully BE WHO YOU ARE.

You are Here for a Reason

Your existence is the very proof you deserve to BE. There is a reason why out of billions of genetic possibilities, it was YOU who made it.

Yes, not only you have the right to exist, but you are here for a reason. You were born with a unique mission.

You were born to express the divine in your unique way, to develop and share your unique gifts, talents, and skills.

You are much more than you “think” …

The stars, the whole universe collided so you could be here today.

When you allow your true self to shine through, there may be pain with new growth but there’s no more resistance, there is no more wound providing a barrier.  You understand self-realization.

Self-realization happens when all the hurt, disowned, abandoned or unrecognized parts of you come together to form a whole.

But you need to put ALL these parts together.  Yes, even those you are ashamed of. They are part of you too, they are part of your story.

By allowing them to exist, you allow yourself to exist. And this is how you find the key, the higher order, the higher meaning of your existence.

Individually and Collectively

Chiron is the “wounded healer” archetype and traverses many iterations of itself until it is fully and unabashedly the integrated whole and HEALED wounded healer.

Those of us that have been through the initiations of trauma, wounding, oppression, trespass, and violation … and have gathered the raw resources to heal those traumas, then turned those fires into tirelessly creating, alchemizing, and recreating sustainable architecture (tested time and time again) to assist others in similar situations/belief patterns/programming (morphic fields) ..are, in my opinion the true revolutionaries on this planet… and the ones that will lead in the coming times.

I have an imperfect offering this morning of some prayers I would like to write into the space for myself and any others who may benefit from this prayer-full exploration…

These below are a couple prayers offerings for our relationship with Chiron and its possibility of transcending deep rivulets of oppressed identity within the human race while doing its masterful and dutiful dance in Aries over this next massive period in our lives.  

*May you know that you are ENOUGH ONCE AND FOR ALL in this moment, beyond all names, titles, labels, spiritual concepts, idealized perceptions, and erroneous projections from external sources.

*May you KNOW fully and DEEPLY that you are here on this planet for a powerful, natural, effortless, and ESSENTIAL REASON.

*May you KNOW you are FREE to draw defining LOVE BOUNDARIES for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our continued becoming.

*May you take deep responsibility for your own existence, intimately hold the children of your abandonments and intimately sit with the pain, fear, anger shame, and grief and transmute the rubbish of that gift into the gold of authentic truth, experience, freedom and fortune.

*May you begin to see the BODY TEMPLE (sacral chakra health) as a TRUSTWORTHY and powerfully LITERAL FRAMEWORK in which true peace, insight, power and THE AUTHENTICATED PATH are born from.

*May you accept ALL parts of the Self, where you do not cut out the already unloved, wounded, ashamed, frightened parts of us… but that your EMBRACE becomes bigger through LOVE to HOLD and HONOR ALL aspects of ourselves guiding them tenderly into the sometimes searing transformational fires of Totality…

*May you have communities that are dedicated to deep discussions around the true transmutation of the toxicity leaking from the culture we were all born into… to not shy away from, but to dig deep and even deeper to liberate real avenues of solutions for our current situations.

*May all spiritual bypassing and false light programming be seen for the fraud it is. (I just had to throw that one in there… because come on now, its time, and an immense amount of suffering is being perpetuated under the guise of “feel good spirituality” and it’s time to end continually suffering through avoiding reality, authenticity and even pain intimately “just as it is” … it’s the only time we go beyond trying to “fix, change or heal” and we receive, create and expand instead!)

*May sexual and creativity energy be RECOGNIZED as a same channel to transmute what is obviously oppressive and may it be given power and its rightful place as a viable way to help Earth and her creations ascend.

3 Ways To Work With Chiron in Aries Energy

Here are 3 simple tips for helping yourself become resilient and transmuting wounds into gifts of gold with “Chiron in Aries” energy (especially over the next 7 years – and how this unfolds the rest of your days of life and who you are as an evolving soul.

1:  Fully feel your feelings.  

Chiron in Aries best likes to rip the bandaid off and FACE issue up front.  Don’t run from your pain or it will get worse. The more you are willing to face your suffering and feel your way through it the faster you will understand what this time is trying to show you (rather than hide from it or dull yourself out so you don’t feel anything anymore good or bad, like many do…).

In truth, you’ve got to break down to break through, and the fiery nature of Aries gives that process an extra kick of zest like tabasco sauce at lunch.  

The great thing here is, unlike Chiron in Pisces where pain seemingly lingers forever, the pain you’ll experience now will be more like the quick chop from the battle axe of truth IF YOU ARE FULLY HONEST AND NAKED TAKING OFF THE EGO MASK(s).

So long as you go straight through, it’ll be over before you know it, so long as you are heart open willing to just sit with it and be REAL with it in your body – just as it it.  See the whole truth not matter what. Otherwise it will be even more painful, for longer.

2:  Recover through action.

This is not a time to do nothing and wait for something to save you.  That’s the opposite of the energy of the next decade. You must take inspired action from your heart if you want to create the new.  Consistent “felt” action. This doesn’t mean you don’t rest, this means that you understand that bigger shifts happen through your initiation.  When you are not growing, being or doing new things, you are just waiting.

This is the time to disrupt stagnant energy with new habits and to get your energy uprooted and active and to nurture your body, mind and soul.  

Certain types of static (masculine form) and somatic (feminine forms) of meditation are helpful, and practices like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or any physical energy work will become turbocharged for you if just you show up.  

You need to move!  Or at the very least, have movement done to you.  

A deep tissue massage every week or two, for example, will work out wonders on releasing old traumas still alive in your fascia and tissues and to help lower your stress levels more now than ever before.  

If you suffer from body issues, you might find new spark to strap on your gym shoes and go for a walk or jog, even if you haven’t done it for years. The more work you put into yourself right now, the more successful and aligned in life you become.  

3:  Ground yourself every day

You may have already noticed that, since April 17th when Chiron first peeked his nose into Aries, that your physical energy has changed.  Things are a little more electric now and emotional pain has taken on a more logical tone.

This is because your actual physical frequency has changed, and it may take a while to get used to and why feeling first from you heart is going to help you navigate your decisions from a grounded frequency and thus a bigger picture perspective.

That’s why I always say, balance the fire of pain with the stability of Earth.  There are a thousand ways to ground energy – from us my your own bodies energy to ground (more advanced) to just simply using the earth to ground.  Anything from walking barefoot in the grass, to energy work or body work to spending time in the mountains, or even laying heart-face down laying on the earth- are all simple ways to ground yourself with earth energy.

Share Your Chiron In Aries Experiences

This is a time where we must align with those who are meeting us in our own frequency and power, otherwise we may be facing some thought lessons.  

This is where we turn our hurt into strength and we use loss as a stepping stone to crack open the ego and really feel truth beyond our masks.  

Where our vulnerability turns into courage, even when it hurts the most, as we find out that we are not as weak as we thought and were taught we were.

Finding soul warrior fulfillment in our capacity to endure, to transmute and weird and to abundantly receive and understand how to THRIVE.

Inspiring others with our resilience … taking a stand against toxic femininity and toxic masculinity and any structural/systemic violence, and any other form of lower degeneracy of Aries energy in the world.

This is the time to burn in the fire and transmute this fire so core authentically hot to deeply nourish and feed soul in ways it don’t know it was reaching outside of itself for.  

The root of facing your deepest wounds and pain is also the same root source as your light …

Yes love, the afflictor of our deepest, most inextricable painful wounds is actually the transformer, bridge and gateway to the “new” and brighter, wiser and lighter being (enlightenment) state.  

It time to open up beyond what we think we know when it comes to our pain and greater gifts to humanity as a whole.  

And the best thing you can do when encountering the open wounds in your life is to share your experiences in a safe space, like here on our blog.  

Have you noticed the shift in how you deal with your wounds?  What sort of things are coming to the surface? Let me know in the comments below <3

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