Bringing Power Into Balance | Sun Enters Libra Horoscope

By September 24, 2020 Astrology

Happy Equinox! 

It’s Luna, with your Sun in Libra forecast.

Recently, we experienced a rare moment of celestial balance during the Autumnal Equinox. 

Day and night occurred for an equal length of time, and graced us with a subtle sense of equilibrium within the larger cosmos. 

Balance will be a major theme for the next month while the Sun is in Libra. Expect your relationships to be challenged, as communication in both your personal and professional life might be charged and intense for the next week. 

I have every faith that with a little astrological insight, you will be able to navigate the upcoming days with ease and grace. So let’s take a deeper look at what’s happening in the stars, and find out what you need to know! 

Curating Your Life

The Sun has entered airy, harmonious Libra, leaving behind it’s stay in detail oriented Virgo. Libras are known for their social charm, love of peace, and artistic talent. They take great pleasure in beauty, fairness and justice. On the downside, they can sometimes ignore their inner knowing in an effort to avoid conflict or uncomfortable situations. Libra’s shadow manifests as an inability to reconcile conflicting points of view, which causes mood swings and mental instability. Symbolized by the scales, Libra is pained by injustice and loves to restore fairness and harmony in the world. 

Perhaps Libra’s most important lesson is to learn not to sacrifice inner peace for superficial harmony with others. No matter what your sun sign is, Libra’s presence is somewhere in your chart. So during this next month, stay on the lookout for any tendency you may have to ignore unpleasant truths in an attempt to avoid conflict.

At it’s best, Libra teaches you to curate your life by choosing the most harmonious (for you) people and environments to create synergy with. It’s not possible to get along with every person you meet, so it’s important to pay attention to who promotes the most happiness and enjoyment in your life, and who falls short. Libra loves to bring resonant groups of people together to socialize and enjoy good vibes. This is part of Libra’s artistry. This month, start to look at how you can enhance your social and romantic relationships by thoughtfully bringing together your favorite people and activities. 

While there will be ample opportunities for pleasure over the coming days, also pay attention to any suppressed emotions that might be bubbling up to the surface.

Bringing Power Into Balance

Recently, Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, entered a challenging aspect to Pluto, planetoid of instinct and soul. This astrological combination can bring hidden tensions around power dynamics to the surface, and may even cause a heated dispute. If someone in your life has abused their position of authority or privilege, Mercury in Libra’s sense of justice and fairness will compel you to speak up and do something about it. Otherwise, you may find yourself stewing in your own frustrations until you can find a way to vocalize your feelings.

Being able to speak your mind can’t happen unless you feel safe enough to be honest. If the person you’re dealing with has a hot temper or holds a lot of power over your life, it may feel like you’re better off just avoiding the issue. However, with this transit, avoidance won’t be so easy. If you’ve kept your true feelings locked inside, you might just find yourself exploding and finally expressing everything you’ve held back.

It’s possible, however, to avoid a big fallout by striking a balance between being direct and being agreeable. Mercury square Pluto challenges you to voice your desires and deep instinctual needs in a way that doesn’t overpower or dominate the person you’re communicating with. 

Ideally, give yourself and those around you a wide berth for the next few days. Communication may come across more forcefully than intended. Try not to take anything that comes up personally. Instead, write down your thoughts and feelings, and if you can, wait until the beginning of October to address any sensitive topics.  

This transit can help you reconcile your soul’s urges and non-negotiable needs with how you relate to others. Your instincts and desires are sacred. They hold the key to both your protection and your personal fulfillment. Use this time to discover how to express these desires more skillfully, and create deeper balance within your relationships.

Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Have you found yourself sacrificing your own happiness and peace in an effort to bring harmony to a situation? If so, while the Sun is in Libra, you can take steps to unlearn this tendency. 

Oftentimes, spiritual teachings tell you to be kind to others, but fail to remind you to also be kind to yourself. That’s why I’ve come up with the Inverted Golden Rule:

Treat yourself the way you want other people to treat you.

If you want people to be kind and loving to you, be kind and loving to yourself. If you don’t want to be used or mistreated, don’t make yourself so available to others. Remember, you’re the one who teaches other people how to treat you. Set a good example, and you will receive the love, respect, and care you dream about.

An essential element to experiencing true, Libran harmony is to include your own needs and desires when considering everyone else’s. This month, you have a real opportunity to take the weight you’ve been carrying for other people off your shoulders and bring greater balance into your relationships. Look for the middle ground between keeping the peace, and being brutally honest. Sometimes being truthful will upset those around you no matter what. If that’s the case for you, don’t be afraid to rock the boat. Upsets can be productive, and ultimately create deeper, more stable harmony in your life and relationships. 

With joy and laughter, 

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Is there someone in your life who you’re ready to balance the power dynamic with? Do you feel met in your relationships, or do you feel left out? Let me know in the comments below.

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Luna Dragonwell

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Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Jennifer says:

    I have too felt the energy in my relationship with my aries we have been going thru thought communication especially on my behalf we have been together over 10 years and he initiated the break and it hurts but he has tried for a year to get me to open up but i find it difficult to express my true feelings my truth.

  • Neenee says:

    I do feel left out because of my kindness. I feel taken advantage of by my…well I really don’t know how to address him at the moment because I’m extremely frustrated with his fake ness. I’m losing the adrenaline I once shared with him. I felt that he’s the one. Lately I’ve found myself slowly backing out of this nearly two year relationship due primarily to his past & childess behaviors A woman from his past reached out to discuss how he treated her and that hasn’t set well with me. Even though He’s changed!

  • Belina says:

    I have tried everything he doesn’t want me at all ,he doesn’t even answer mi calls and I have done nothing wrong .Ive made peace with myself and I’m learning to let him go .my happiness comes first

  • Alondra says:

    Hi Luna,
    Thanks so much for your insightful and guiding article. As the fall equinox approached I felt the winds of change that reminded me of why I love Fall so, not just bc my bday is around the corner, but bc I haven’t felt this optimistic about the future in a long time. As someone who is a Libra, this reading resonated 10 fold, but not just bc I’m a Libra as much as my current situation. A few years back I discovered that I am an empath. And very recently, less than a year ago I actualized some very harsh truths about my childhood and my mother. She is a gemini with a domineering and narcissistic personality. Growing up I never had a voice bc of the toxic environment and my own traumas. This year I’ve attempted confronting my mom about areas where she is in the wrong with no breakthoughs and as a result have have bitten my tounge rather than addressed her toxic behaviors. I’d been sacraficing my peace of mind to avoid awkward situations in the home untill recently. I addressed my mom about something I knew she would blow out of proportion, and she did, as a result it brought some discord between my brother and I(whom has always been the “golden” child) but It has brought a rough sense of peace. I haven’t had to tolerate her toxic behaviors(which she thinks are her being “cute”). But I’ve been wanting to clear the air with my brother whom I fear has taken her side bc she’s really close to him and very manipulative. My boyfriend told me I should at least tell him my side of the story even if he still sides with my mom or disagrees with me but I’ve been reluctant. I take this article as encouragement to go beyond my comfort and disconnect from expectations I have about how my brother will react..

    Thank you for your words of wisdom,

    • You’re a very strong person, Alondra. I commend you for prioritizing yourself and getting out of a toxic dynamic with your mother. I hope your conversation with your brother goes well. Either way, you are a star and I wish you the best on your healing journey!

  • Monica says:

    I am dealing with a Gemini. He is so domineering. I am a Cancer. All I want is love, time and honesty. I feel like he always is avoiding me or its a power struggle(?) I have done everything to help this relationship- I told him- we can make this into whatever we want it to be- why do you resist ? and thats IF hes in his good side of Gemini, (sweet, kind, loving.)…… then we “talk”. if hes not- hes a mean ,blunt, jerk….. I am so lost and hurt. Idk what to do…. I know he loves me- but im suffering soooo much. Sometimes is overwhelming….. I f anyone can help= PLEASE help- any advice is good. Namaste.

    • Lots of people in the world will love you, Monica. There is no need to drink nectar mixed with poison. Take care of yourself. You don’t need to resist the way he is and try to change him. Hold boundaries that protect your heart instead of pleading with him. If he doesn’t meet you in a better way of relating, let go and move on. The world is abundant. If you’d like to get a session for more support, please contact me at Best of luck!

  • Victor Galindo says:

    I feel left out, I have communicated with her, but she doesn’t fully communicate back or just keeps everything inside and doesn’t want to talk.

  • Layla says:

    Totally left out mistreated less than ect. In my long drawn out waste precious time so called relationship

  • Sheetal Niwalkar says:

    I feel left out, all alone and just me me and me.

  • Chiamaka Caroline Nwangwu says:

    I feel very left out in my relationship and have fallen out with the guy as a result of that. I also think I have a problem with communicating my feelings properly.

    • Hi Chiamaka, understanding you may have issues with communicating is a powerful first step to healing. Make it a priority to open up your voice, and your life will change for the better!

  • Shirlie falvey says:

    I feel really left out.

  • Tas says:

    i feel exhausted & unworthy and scared to take any steps to ensure any betterment in my life . Is it normal to feel this way at this time?

    • Samuel Owens says:

      Yes it’s normal. It’s also normal to want acceptance and love. I’ve personally found that positive action can be taken within those limiting feelings and energies. That’s a form of self-compassion. In my own experience Acting within those feelings, which are restful when accepted, and actions taken within those feelings, not through anxiety or guilt for having them, which, if you’re a go getter, may be what you feel on top of that, guilt for not having the energy you’re used too when accomplishing things. My advice is to not tell yourself what you should feel in order to accomplish things. If you can learn to use exhaustion as a productive energy, then you could be both relaxed and productive. Every energy is useful.

    • Hi Tas, it’s perfectly acceptable to feel however you feel. Are there steps you can take to feel more safe in your body and environment before trying to venture out into positive progress?

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