We’re All Getting Boundaries for the New Year

Mona Lisa

Hey love,

Checking in with you during the holidays…

I’ll be picking up with lots of soul updates and messages once again.

And as we get rolling, I’ll start doing Astrology updates again too…

For now, I’ve just been fully enjoying my time with my baby girl and SLEEPING 🤣

I feel like the past few days I went to bed and happily didn’t get up.

And it wasn’t from feeling depressed. It was feeling totally nurtured and allowing myself to simply be…

It reminded me of some thoughts and the message I want to share with you today…

Yet FIRST I wanted to check in with you and see how you were holding up over the holidays, so please comment below and let me know!

I almost want to say, “Hey black sheep of the family, y’all doing O.K.?”

Because I feel like we are all getting boundaries within for Christmas unlike any other… for real. ♥️🫂

I know the holidays can be a bit tough for the many who are no longer choosing to hide all of who they are…

Those who are honoring what it takes to heal themselves at their own command…

This time can be super tough for those who no longer prioritize fitting in… those who are finally standing in and owning their boundaries from self-trust and inner authority…

Those who’ve worked on breaking generational trauma, who won’t swallow toxic behavior towards them anymore, and those who stay true to themselves…

Remember you are amazing, sister and brother.


This kinda reminds me of the entire past year actually…

As the new year rolls around, I see everyone talking about their year-end goals, lessons, and new year expectations…

Yet I’m feeling a bit of the opposite.

In fact, when I sit with feeling all of it, my biggest “flexes” of 2021 were NOT at all, my “to do” list…

They are those flexes allowing me to reveal to myself what I most authentically want and how I was literally standing in my own way — yet only seeing this when I was willing to reveal the WHOLE of the truth in me and in front of me.

It was following the chaos into the darkest parts of my heart and completely overhauling (restructuring) my life…

*A magical baby girl born naturally in the water
*A difficult move
*Facing my deepest fears
*Walking away from a lucrative business partnering offer that would’ve given me the time I wanted with baby Bella yet didn’t quite fit my soul or heart
*A difficult separation that allowed me to step into my own sovereignty and set the pace
*Continuing to write again after a long pause
*1:1 clients
*Picking up projects I started over the summer, yet from a completely brand new place
*Family issues
*Eradicating patterns of abuse
*Opening myself up to receive love; softening yet standing more firmly than ever in my worth
*Putting myself out there in my personal life and business life and watching soul family show up like never before
*Voicing what I want to voice, even when it means being “canceled”…

I am following my heart and some days it’s still harder than any year that I was still hiding myself; being comfortably quiet and numb…

Yet I feel more free than I ever have, even with an infant at my side 24/7.

This past year has been a little cray cray, ya know what I mean? 😌🤪

Yet here I am.

Stripped. Fully alive…

Trusting myself more today than I ever have and allowing self-trust and even some gratitude to shine through in my darkest moments.

Right now I’m getting ready to launch these projects to kick off 2022 and it’s stirring love and passion in my body instead of fearing the hard work and getting anxious about my time with Bella…

And it looks like the more I surrender and listen to what my body and soul (nervous system) needs…

And the more I show up with all of me, in the moment, (and just DO IT) the more support is showing up and I’m getting it’s really landing within …

I am getting this really can be easier…

“I can let it be easy…” is finally landing in my body.

I can choose to believe in a universe that supports me.

And I am letting love IN like never before…

So I hope as the year ends, this might be a small reminder that it isn’t all about “the goals.”

Perhaps it’s about honoring your truth and allowing love to be.

Because it’s all already Here.

It’s up to you and me to receive what we already are.


I love you soul-fam… sooo deeep.

Thank you for being with me every step of the way (even when you couldn’t see me).

Deep, deep gratitude.

Here’s to 2022!!


Crystal Aryana

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comments…

Crystal Aryana

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  • Anna says:

    Just wanted to say your messages have touched my life and got me through 2020 you are amazing and thank you

  • Deborah Berryman says:

    Hey, Crystal
    I’m Happy to say I got through the so-called 1st “anniversary” of my sister’s passing on 12/23/20. It was difficult but I did work though it. Certainly not “over” it but I didn’t let it overwhelm me either.The last 2 years have been very hard but still looking forward to what the future holds. I continue to dive deeper within myself to review my inner feeling to change as needed and nuture as needed.
    You have & still do inspire me.
    Thank you!

  • Suellen Da Silva Placido says:

    I resonate with this message on a deep level. Thank you for sharing with us. Also thank you for the messages always right on time when I needed it. What a crazy yet wonderful year 2021 was WOW. I am in awe. I will enter 2022 full of Wisdom, Love, Light, Hope, Trust. Gratitude!!! It has be a bumpy ride but so fulfilling. I am a whole new person and I can’t wait to move forward with this new strength and mindset. I wish you all a smooth transition into the New Year ❤

  • kim young says:

    All I’m experiencing right now resonates with this Time to shake it all out as it’s not sustainable. Time for our shame to walk out and our lights free to shine

    Congratulations for your new baby

  • Merlin says:

    It’s been a great year of lessons and blessings I’m grateful for them all in my journey to find me boundaries are tough to set and sometimes even harder to hold the line lost some aqaintences and found some new friends I’ve even found some bits of me I can’t wait to see who I find myself to be the real me
    Thank you creator

  • Hi Ariana,
    Not to good here, my companion and I are on a pause in our relationship, after a series of heated arguements. I’m feeling lost, with fear that our relationship ends and i can’t find any reason to celebrate the new year… He’s my soulmate, i can’t loose him…

  • donna pandya says:

    Hi Crystal, Yes its been a tough 18 months, but we have made it thank God. There has been many losses and grief has been part are life, but universe has given strength to cope. I hope that 2022 brings more happiness and to everyone. wishing everyone happy new year.

  • Shelly Hayes says:

    Crystal my fiance jus died yesterday I’m lost I’m angry he left me behind I never even said goodbye he was jus going to the market for milk and ciggeretts we were going to eat cereal watch a movie cuddle but he never came home a car side swopped him and he died two blocks from our camp I heard all the noise and ambulance bit had no idea it was my baby I get a call an hour later I was worried sick but the call was even worse he died I am homeless broke and want him I hate Christmas news year for ever

  • Tonya says:

    I feel you Crystal!! I lost my brother in 2020. I lost my husband of 27 yrs. in 2021. There just isn’t much to celebrate this holiday season.

  • Gina says:

    This has definitely been a year. 2020 was a difficult one to say the least, but this one was one for the books for sure. Alot of endings and new beginnings. Heartaches and pain. Lessons learned and voices finally speaking up! Living the lives we should have a long time ago. And being at peace with it for once.

  • Dear Crystal Aryana,

    I’m am only going to comliment on the reminder!
    It’s not all about the goals (your destination/destiny)!
    It’s more about the journey (trip/lifepath) towards your goals (destination/destiny)!

    We can conferm this because the out come/goal/destination/destiny is already choosen.
    This is true in all of these cases, yet the path that you choose to take or where you
    travel on, might change direction towards your…..goal(destination/destiny)!

    To conclude in this all, for those who might feel lost.
    Either not seeing there destination or destiny,
    thinking there goals and struggles are unclear.

    I assure you, nothing is more further from the truth!
    I might not be clear for you, but your destination/destiny is inevitable and already being plotted!
    It’s clear like water where you will end! Even before you actually started!
    But how you get there is up to you and only you can change that!
    So it’s wise to choose your path carefully because it will be decisive in how you get there!

    Keep the Peace,Share the love and get the respect!

  • Kimberlay Kiernan says:

    Dear Crystal
    Yes this has been a very unusual Christmas for us, the hated by our families, the Conspiracy Theorists, the refugees who fled our country as it became a communist stronghold, and our rights disappeared in the “name of The Greater Good”. the celebration of the Love of God, of necessity was WITHIN, exactly where the Kingdom is. And within, we found our Self….strong, able to rise to the occasion, to LIFE as it flowed around us, and revealed the dying and already dead past that has held us for too too long. This HAS been a season of New Life, Crystal…for you a promise, a baby girl, who will dazzle and amaze and frustrate and confuse you, because even in YOUR wisdom and guidance she carries more! She IS more. She IS the future and you will dance and stagger under the load and joys of empowering her to BE that. For me, the NEW LIFE is that of surrendering and letting go of ALL of the old….the claims, the emotions, the accusations, the shaming, the rejection, and real-izing that it is I who am now here. I AM NOW HERE, and in MY power, in MY knowing and guidance, and in MY PATH walking, skipping, dancing, and even flying!!!
    So a blessed and happy and light filled journey to each of us this day as the OLD crumbles to dust and blows away and the NEW sprouts before us, to grow tenderly first but finally into a Tree of LIFE that dwarfs the ones we held so dear, no knowing any better. Love and Light, to you, to Bella,and to all of us who are a tiny piece of this NOW.

  • Daniela Couvertier says:

    It’s as if your talking partly about me, and thank you for sharing this with me. I truly appreciate you and your writing, I couldn’t stop carrying and my heart grew heavy. That someone can relate to my story,

    I m in healing ❤️‍ phase.

  • sue j says:

    hi crystal…its good to at last leave you a message..christmas sucked big time..one disaster after the other…but i feel 2022 will be better..i feel ive got stronger with what ive been through this last two years…its been a crazy two years but im still here strong…i would like some normality and peace and love….your baby is so so cute….before i left home to be where i am now…wish id never left…it was all so positive at home 2oo miles away…then i do the crazy thing of selling up..not really thinking about it and making the hugest mistake of my life…its done now so ive just gotta move forward…so you have an amazing new year and bella all my love both…..xx ps sorry i havent got my own website…and im from uk dont know if you knew that?you are a really nice person…what you say you make a lot of sense..take care both..be safe both…

  • Frances Fitzgerald says:

    Dear Crystal, Thank you for being you and remaining strong with bounderies in place. I am a senior now but I did raise 4 children mostly on my own. It was very hard and very rewarding. Doing as much as you can and getting as much rest as possible is an on going task for sure! My children are all adults now and I still try to be close and meaningful in their lives when I can or when they allow it ….. I am reminding my self to throw out what doesnt serve me and wellcome all that gives me Peace. Hope your Hollidays and New Year are Wonderful <3 Peace, Love and Light

  • Charity Schultz says:

    My Mom is now in Hospice and My Fiance is fighting blood clots around his heart ! It is a challenge to stay above water.. Blessings to all. I know it is a daily struggle, Though I knoe there will be blessings !

  • Carmen says:

    Dear Crystal, This has been my year of changes and your posts have really boosted me up and given me the strength to break away from the people and circumstances that have held me down the past 3 years. I have finished with a toxic relationship that I wanted to end before Covid hit. It took me a year, but I did it. I have always been the black sheep of my family along with my brother. A family that’s always been trapped in traditional, narrow minded beliefs. No matter how hard you try to apease them, be nice through the nastiness… My brother passed this July, he found his wings and I’m sure he’s playing heavenly music as much as he did on Earth. The only cousin that cared just passed earlier this month. I have no more ties to them and see them for what they really are. I’ve decided to let go of them, not that they’ll notice anyways. We come to my mother, who was never really a mother to me, just a narcissist throughout my childhood whose sole purpose was to put me down my whole life, we’re speaking of mental, physical and emotional abuse. Motherhood to her was food on the table, a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Do as you’re told and not as I do. No emotional support. She’d thrown my Dad out when I was 3. My education wasn’t important as I would never amount to anything anyways (in her eyes). I was extremely lucky to have a great aunt that took care of me, whenever my mother wasn’t there, which was often, she was a warm, loving person that would also defend me, when my mother crossed that invisible line, which also was often. She encouraged me to leave as soon as I was old enough and spread my wings. Ten years ago, out of filial duty, I came back and started to take care of my mother who had dementia. I consecrated more time to her as she got worse, lost my job, my independence, my health. There was no sense bringing up the past and coming to terms with it, as she had forgotten everything or didn’t want to, but she still remained true to herself. She had given me life but my Great Aunt had given me love. Almost 4 years ago, her dementia got so bad, the doctors finally decided she needed 24 hour care in an Assisted Living Facility. I still had a lot of paperwork to deal with and started to get my life in order, my health back, got into a relationship, was back to doing my artwork. I was going to sell the house and move somewhere new. She was in a safe place and I went regularly to visit her as I was still responsible for her. Right when I was finally ready to sell, disaster hit in the shape of my neighbor who demolished his house in order to build a new one and damaged mine at the same time. All projects on hold, 2 court cases and a death threat later, (I did win the court cases, but no money for the repairs) and now 3 years have gone by, the banks refused the loans and/or mortgages needed for the extensive repairs for a lack of steady income from the past 10 years. Must be bad karma from a past life. I finally found a private investor to pay for the costs hopefully, a lot of papers have been signed but not the final one, Hopefully I’ll get good news in the New Year. I’m bound and determined to make this happen, so that I can sell and move on, one way or another. I was lucky to count on the moral support of my friends. I just got back from visiting my mother, she has very few lucid moments and most of the time doesn’t recognize me. For most people this would be a sad event but for me it was a release, now she treats me like every one else. No one that hasn’t had a narcissist person in their life could understand this. Wether a parent or lover. Reading what happened to you, I know you understand… I wish nothing but the best for you and Bella. Here’s to a brand new year and new beginnings… right now I’m de cluttering and downsizing to be ready for when I move. Thank you for giving me strength, I too, dance the darkness away…♥️♥️♥️

    • Kristin Kirk says:

      So much love for you!! I “see” you and I “see” me… it brought on soul cringes and sorrow which lead to a prayer for you. Then I felt extreme joy and sheer happiness for all of it… all of the past, all of the now, all of the future! We gon’ be alright!!!! One Love.

  • Michelle says:

    Well Hello dear family, It was a sit at home alone with no presents. To me it was just another day, but the best part was that my daughter and grandchildren came by. My money was none at all but they didn’t mind, which was good. I am be strong and will always be me regardless who likes me or not. I just take one day at a time and go with what feels right..

  • Matt says:

    2021, a year of reality a year of checks and balances. New love came to me in March. Which sent the company I work for into a tailspin. I’m now the target of animosity and anger. My girlfriend was so traumatized by it that she left the company. But 2021 has taught me, as I am far stronger, more real than these people can tolerate. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for sharing the struggles you’re going through. I look forward to spending time with the love of my life and my soul family this coming year. We shall see what the cosmos and the deities that we think of have in store for us.

  • trouble says:

    My new years is already off to a bad start . i guess it could be a good start . but im really having trouble seeing that. I hope an pray that it is better this year it has to be .

  • Cindy says:

    I admire your strength so so much. Sending you and Bella much love and many blessings. Thank you for giving me strength I didn’t know I had. ❤️❤️

  • Pamela Stetler says:

    I just want to say… Thank You 🙂
    I’m having a hard time putting into words feelings I have. I normally stay far away from any type of social media because it’s just too much to process and I feel safer staying outside that world. Somehow- I honestly don’t remember when or why I started receiving your emails but I want you to know I appreciate you. I feel a connection. We don’t know each other, but on some level I “know” you. Thank you for everything you do. If you happen to read this, do you recall what you were feeling while pregnant? This is my third pregnancy and for some reason this time my empathy is in overdrive! Everything is exaggerated. I feel every little thing and I feel like you would have good insight or advice in coping . If you decide to reach out, I wouldn’t know how to check this accurately, but if anyone wants to email me I’m open to it. Have a beautiful day everyone. Alemazile@icloud.com

  • Kenneth Mabry says:

    I labeled 2021 ‘the reality check year’ for I’ve been stripped down almost daily it feels like. It’s like turning in my 3rd grade book report and the teacher giving back to me telling me do it over , this isn’t what your capable of. After being , feeling, playing a victim in 2020 , I bought into the promise of a new day when 2021 arrived but I blindly thought it was gonna be handed over with a bow, and a gift tag on it. Expectations, anticipations, and freebies never came. WTF moments did, as I realized I was my own best friend and worst enemy in life. Many days so mad at myself I couldn’t walk past a mirror. All the wounds have been licked and no more tucking the tail. I slowly wrapped my mind around parts needing healed and got out of smugville with the realization and gratitude that I’ve made it through a long ass year of reeling myself in like a kite that was flying way too high and about to break the string. Happy New Year Crystal!! I am so ready for 2022.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you! I needed this today. I’m in a transition state—trying to understand what my life path is and how to get back on it. Flexes, such a great word really describes everything.

  • Ron says:

    Lovely, Crystal, please don’t ever leave us! The image of the “hung-over” Mona Lisa just completely cracked me up; I just had to burst out laughing at the way this wonderfully iconic image has been altered to so exactly reflect out messed up world! I so resonate with the things you have been through and the way you have expressed every feeling and situation. My life doesn’t parallel yours, but the beautiful and very insightful way you express what is going on inside and outside of you mirrors so much of what everyone is facing right now and into the immediate future. I realize I must make my own choices and take my own steps in order to realize my greatest potential, but you help me and others do that in meaningful ways that vibe over the waves of creation and are received without words. I feel 2022 is going to be a momentous, turning-point year as well, and I want to do all I can to prepare and be ready for the larger reality shifts already on the way! May you be blessed and receive all the wonderfulness you deserve in every way. Warmest Regards, Ron

  • Angela Benson says:

    Thanks for the love! This December has been one for my journal to reread years from now as I cannot believe all that has happened. A couple of your phrases today resonated.
    PS. Your journey has been most inspiring to me. You endured. Way to go.

  • Felicia Perea says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this with me. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across getting these emails from you but I know it was divinely guided. I have been reading them and it has really hit home how much of what you have been sending is a reflection of what is going on in my life ( especially being in an abusive relationship) I know that much of me is feeling fear of the unknown and trusting that the universe has my back. I say that it does often but when it comes down to faith over fear in certain situations I can’t seem to move forward . I fantasize and make myself believe what could change and be in my current state of being. More and more I am shown the opposite of that. I know that I am not living my truth fully and each email I get is honing in more and more and speaking clearly to the parts of me that are screaming to live in that truth. I love knowing that the universe will always find ways of communicating and answering the things that I have not spoken out loud. I am learning to listen but putting into motion is where I am stuck. I truly appreciate getting these emails.

  • Hi honey crystal Aryana, thank you somuch for your love and kind support. Here not available more holidays for X-mas. Wish you a happy New year 2022. Many wishes comeinto baby Isabellas life too❤

  • Anne says:

    Feeling quietly optimistic about the new year and take this opportunity to wish you and Bella good health, happiness, peace and all your heart desires for 2022. Thank you for your support and guidance during the year. ❤️

  • Stacy says:

    Yasss!! I’m so happy for you girl!! ❤ And I’m right there with you… It has been extremely difficult, but I feel I just keep meeting myself at a deeper level. I am getting a master class on faith and trust! So much love to you and Bella!!! ❤

  • Ambrecia says:

    These past two years, nothing but bad luck for me been nothing but hurt from family or should I say who ithought was family that would uplift me but no. This year I stood up for myself against my family and I wouldn’t allow negativity from them any longer. Yes I got put out but it’s ok because greater things will come for me and I know it.

  • Rachael Leigh berglund says:

    Hi Crystal so glad to hear yr message makes me feel a little normal now I go thru all sorts of life’s mishaps just like yrself it doesn’t get any easier I just deal with it and move on almost like I’m a robot it does drain me and does upset me but as u said I am the black sheep and used to being my own army.
    One thing I’m feeling good about is expressing to others about things iv always been too worried too because of how I would be perceived by others even tho some are thinking maybe I’m a little koo koo lol
    Anyway enjoy yr holidays and yr beautiful daughter happy news years hun
    Sending love n light to u both
    Rachael Leigh xx

  • Maria Dominguez Cabrera says:

    Good morning, congratulations for your baby Bella,you are a warrior! And a WOMAN! wish you all the best, myself start again from 0,last year’s my life has been crash we to many bad secret and I’m really tired of to many shit around me, I’m take a decision to start again and forget about family, friends and everyone who has hurt me,I reach my limited to try and try and only to discover that people not was what you believe and help ,after everything and getting old I’m understanding the only person true,honest,HUMAN! was me and that is why I’m start again..later in my life need start again, I’m wish you and your baby Bella (same name of my granddaughter) very very happy and full of love, abundance and healthy New Year

  • Boniswa says:

    Am just not okay but it shall be fine everything seems so dark so me at this moment I don’t give that much love for my twins boy and girl and it really hurt me thousands times but as I’ve said it shall be fine I’ve been through the worst but it shall be fine

  • Lillian says:

    Hi…updating a few boundries of self. Thank you for all the encouragement on mr. Virgo. I think I’m moving on. Took test and scored 32 of32. So nice to hear your happy and content these holidays. My best to you. Lillian.

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    Welcome back. I went through some of your ordeal. And thanksfully it is in the past.
    I am looking at the future now, and reopen my heart again.
    Thank you for your kind word that we are discovering your new you.

    I missed you

  • Jody Honeyman says:

    You slayed the dragon. You have grown so much. I can see you changing right in front of me. You are becoming the person you are meant to be. Your energy is so strong…you’re glowing!!!!
    Love, Jody

  • Landon Mayo says:

    Let’s Hope 2022 Will Be Better. These Past 2 Years Hasn’t Been Good For Me. I Know That’s Life With What I’m Going To Say: I Like To Know When Things Is Going To Stop Being Took Away From Me. Since Last Year After Having My 2nd Vision, I Keep Hoping I Would Find The Person I’m Looking For, And Since I Been Very Lonely. The Older I Get, The Lonelier I Get. Who Cares Anyway? Nobody.

    • Laura Judge says:

      There is somebody for you out there. When the universe says you’re ready they will present themselves and you will have your soulmate. I know it’s hard being patient and lonely but just remember that you do have YOUR person out there waiting for you too.

      • Ron says:

        For Laura and Landon as well: Stop moanin’ and start movin’!!!!!! I am an older guy deeply in love with a much younger guy still coming to terms with who he really is. Find, google, or go to Twin Flames 1111, Cassady Cayne. and you will get help and answers. Not everyone has a Twin Flame, but everyone has a Soul Mate somewhere (they are NOT the same thing). Cassady has been over the track and offers a world of wisdom and tools to help you navigate yourself out of negativity, which deflects love and pushes it away, and get yourself to a place where you magnetize love and bring your Special One to you. Soul Mate or Twin Flame, know that you deserve the Best! Peace and Blessings, Ron

    • Look in the mirror and you will see who you are looking for. Make LOVE to your loneliness and you will never be alone again.

  • Cass says:

    Thanks Sis. This black sheep is feeling better and better about the future. I’ve got much more confidence about myself and my gifts with each day that passes. Still though I’m excited for it all to begin. I’ve surrendered and I wait! Santa stood me up though so I extended Christmas to the second to give home extra time to deliver. Who cares if he crosses holidays so long as he comes through?

    Here’s to manifesting my heart and dreams!

  • Jennifer says:

    Ha! Im definitely the black sheep in my family! My family is complicated filled with old patterns and generational beliefs! Everyone drinks except me- I quit 2 years ago so that automatically makes me the outcast! I had a meltdown on Christmas spent most of the day sobbing and in my pj’s While everyone did their thing next door. Sometimes I can’t suck it up and put on a show to get thru the situation- it was that day and fuck them if they think I’m selfish and ruined there day. They ruined mine too!

  • John says:

    Hi Crystal. Thanks for your love value because possession of it is beautiful. Love is proud itself and leaks out like beautiful Oasis.

  • Stephanie Wood says:

    Thank you for taking the time to reconnect with us, ..
    I know it is hectic and joyous when we are mothering for the first time. So a blessing for you and I am so thankful to hear from you again.
    peace and love

  • Doing ok do you feel that Micheal is my soulmate

  • varghese hanson says:

    Dear Crystal Aryana,
    Having someone to care and love is one of the greatest feeling. All of it boil down to self realization, trust and timing.

    Personally thank you.

  • Carlene. says:

    What’s the answer when you want to be where your heart is….to see where it goes & what it can be….but, your stuck & there seems to be no getting out…as it’s complicated. Heart break…. for sure. And…. what’s the point then? The struggle is real & painful!!

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