Birthing a Vision of Your Future | New Moon in Scorpio

By November 14, 2020 Astrology

Dear friends, 

I can’t wait to tell you about the beautiful cosmic alignment happening on this new moon!

Right now, several planets are coming together in a powerful way. The new moon in Scorpio is forming a lucky, creative aspect to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This has you poised to give birth to a potent new vision of your future from deep within your soul. 

Over the coming days, you may find your life expanding with new possibilities of abundance, meaning and fulfillment. However, based on the aspects at hand – this future is something you have to actively pursue and push for. 

If you really want it, the new habits you make now will blossom into a wonderful outcome for you down the road. 

The new moon is occurring near midnight on the 14th or early on the 15th (depending on where you live), however its influence will be felt through the beginning of next week. 

I want you to be able to take full advantage of the lunar portal opening tonight and over the coming days, so let’s take an in-depth look at the opportunities awaiting you. 

Breathing New Life Into Your Future

Sometimes, the reason life doesn’t get better is because we’ve lost touch with the inspiration to dream up better experiences. It’s normal to feel uninspired sometimes. Life can be heartbreaking, and the situations we’ve committed to may start to feel routine and limiting. 

However, this new moon is brimming with opportunities to recreate your personal habits and give birth to a vision for a bigger, brighter future. 

If you do nothing over the coming days, the new moon may feel like a subtle stirring of optimism, or a good mood without any real reason. It may also put you in contact with situations that inspire you to want more for yourself. 

However, if you meet the energy of the new moon with conscious intention, you will be able to start laying down a foundation for a fresh and exciting phase of personal expansion. 

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn sextile the new moon, your visions and desires happening now aren’t just pie in the sky, they’re practical. This weekend is an excellent time to flesh out your ideas and identify what needs to come together for your ideal future to take root and grow. 

Sextiles between planets indicate a creative opportunity. However, if you don’t actively engage it, the opportunity could remain unrealized. This is why it’s important to take action during this new moon. 

Thankfully, Mars in Aries just went direct, giving you an extra burst of passion and enthusiasm. With the fiery, red planet powering your drive to achieve, the sky’s the limit in what you can create.

Take advantage of the planetary energy available to you now, and make time this weekend to envision the life you want to live. What kind of situation would bring your life to the next level? Do you want a better living environment, a higher paying job, better friends, more personal development? 

Whatever it is, you can take the initial steps now by transforming your habits in your inner and outer life. Change always happens internally before you see it reflected around you. Take heart, any shifts taking place in your attitude and perceptions now are the first manifestations of a more ideal future.

Over the coming days, try to stay open to new experiences and connections, along with new ideas and attitudes. Listen to your body and intuition. Allow it to lead you somewhere new. If you do, you might just find yourself in a situation that will get you buzzing with inspiration.

The purpose of this new moon is to inspire you, and breathe new life into your future through your ambition and long-term visions. Follow your creative instincts and don’t be afraid to shift gears in a way that will allow you to build the life your desire. 

Due to the influence of a powerful, yet underrated asteroid, you should be able to come up with a solid plan to act on your inspiration. 

Letting Wisdom Light Your Way

Pallas Athena is an asteroid associated with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Pallas Athena represents intuitive wisdom, and the ability to recognize patterns. During the new moon, Pallas Athena will be conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, and sextile the Moon. 

This is an excellent placement to help you clearly recognize your internal habits and transform them into more empowering personal tendencies. Over the next few days, you’ll be able to see the logic (or lack thereof) in your emotional and mental routines, release what no longer works, and expand on what does. 

With Pallas Athena’s and Pluto’s influence combined, the psychological motivations around your current habits will become clearer, while providing you with the necessary juice to reinvent yourself. 

The new moon in the sign of Scorpio is enhancing this influence, activating your capacity for rebirth and resurrection. Right now, your life force and magnetism can be accessed in a constructive way to bring renewal and a breath of fresh air into your entire being. 

Additionally, Pallas Athena conjunct Jupiter is empowering you to create a blueprint for large scale visions and a more expansive, joyful experience of your inner and outer worlds. 

You might also experience a boost to your intellect and problem solving abilities. Patterns are easier for you to identify right now, and you can use this insight to bring more luck, expansion, and abundance into your life.

If you’ve been settling for whatever is being set in front of you, this weekend will show you where you’ve been selling yourself short. 

Remember, self worth is only a concept. No one is inherently worthy or unworthy. What you receive in life is a reflection of your beliefs and vibration, and right now, you have a potent opportunity for an upgrade! 

Don’t be afraid to dream big, and remember to use the clarity you have now to start creating the master plan for your dreams. 

Holding the vision for the future,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. How do you want to transform your life for the better? What kind of situation would transform your life for the better? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Maria says:

    Excellent Luna thank you! It’s beautiful to hear “and give birth to a vision for a bigger, brighter future.”

  • Reijo says:

    Hello !
    Sorry my English is not perfect, but I just want find some kind meaning in to my life. i have never been married, but I have always wanted find real love in to my life. I´m tomorrow 60 years old man. I looking for younger woman love. Younger I never found mutual love.
    I have little of money, but I think still be poor man. So I dream to win Eurojackpot main profit, never win nothing.

  • Gae says:

    Thank you Luna for your amazing detailed readings you give. I sincerely appreciate them. I am a Virgo and I feel the transformation you write about. I am at a crossroads right now of choosing which path to take in both my career and my love life. As for my career, I do have a secure job with lots of benefits. I can retire if I choose to by the beginning of this December which I am absolutely thrilled about but I am also conflicted which way to go because of our economy tanking due to this pandemic. Part of me wants to continue to work in this current job I have which I am growing not to like because of all the changes our upper management is making. I would love the chance to become my own boss and bring more abundance into my life and be excited and thrilled to goto work every day. I am unsure of what I should do. As for my love life, there is a man I am very interested in getting to know but he has not made contact with me as of yet lol still hoping to hear from him. I am very excited about what my future holds. Thank you again for your insight and inspirational readings as I sincerely appreciate them. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️. I always look forward to your readings.

    • You’re most welcome, Gae. I hope you get some good clarity on your path ahead. I’ll be available again for readings at the end of the month. If you’d like to schedule something, you can reach out to me at In any case, I wish you the best in your path ahead.


  • Cynthia L Morson says:

    Luna, Thank you, for the above message. I’m an Aries. I’ve never reached out like I’m doing here with you. I enjoyed the reading and here’s where I’m headed. You inspired me to connect with you. I am working on a book, which I will finish by the end of December and it will be in the publisher’s hand. I am a yoga instructor and I would love to up the participation at my Wednesday, zoom Yoga class. Truly, I’m nervous, but I have decided to go live on face book, everyday about 5 to 10 minutes, to increase my following. I’m not the most elegant yoga teacher, but I believe I could build my following. I will incorporate meditation into my program and I plan to have at least 3 meditation (zooms) before the year is over. I’m taking an Ultimate Transformational Coach training, that’s six months. My first months concludes the end of November. I’m so excited about the things I have planned. I love yoga, meditation and a having a conversation with an individual that transforms their life, by a fabulous insight they get. or I pray they get. I look forward to touching people lives by revealing the truth, I’m so happy and grateful for this opportunity to move forward, and be all I can be.

  • Nina Stone Klein says:

    I actually have a job interview on Tuesday. I applied on Oct 30th but did not expect to hear anything and within a few days they closed the posting and I got an email requesting to set up an interview, if “I” was interested. This is a huge step forward and would change my life! It is right up my alley and would put me back in financial control. I am so nervous and it lines up with my reading! I am so EXCITED for the 17th!

  • Susana Philip says:

    Ooh my, your work is truly anointing! Your material is detailed and Amazing. Thank you! I’m in Appreciation for all that you do. Thank you…Thank you. I am excited about my future!

  • Candice Ellis says:

    I would love to expand my area in a job more meaningful and satisfying. Something to take care of me and my son without worry. I want to be able to wake up and say I love my job.

  • Pauline says:

    When is he going to ditch his lady friend and choose me for a full commitment?

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