You Have a Big Win Coming! | Weekly Tarot Reading | 2/21 – 2/27

By February 21, 2021 Tarot Cards

Hello Tarot Family! 

You have a very special reading this week, and I simply can’t wait to get into it with you.

I love how this reading corresponds with the emergence of an early spring here in the Northern hemisphere. 

After a long and dark winter, the sun is starting to shine again, and your reading predicts you’ll benefit from this seasonal shift in a meaningful way. 

Your first card, The Sun, is a sign you’re going to feel lighter, happier, and more hopeful very soon.

Not only will your mood shift towards the positive, but you’ll find everything seems to want to work in your favor. 

Often, just before a breakthrough, life can feel pretty heavy.

You are now passing through the heaviness and into a grand completion. Your second card, The World, means you have reached a significant transition which will bring more joy into your life.  

Remember to take time to congratulate yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor, as recommended by your third card, The Four of Wands. This card is a reminder to pause, reflect, and give yourself due accolades for even the simplest of accomplishments. 

You’re really going to love what the cards have to say, so let’s take a closer look at what’s to come in the week ahead. 

#1: The Sun | Receiving The Love Around You

Are you ready for warm, sunny relief to shine into your life? When The Sun card is drawn, joy is right around the corner. Just like rays of sunshine on a cool day, this positive card is a sign you’ll be experiencing the brighter side of things very soon. 

 If you are experiencing troubles in your life right now, you can expect a simple, sweet resolution. You will be able to set aside your burdens in the coming days. A renewed sense of optimism is beginning to blossom. 

As you can see on the face of the card, the Sun is shining happily down on its gleeful recipients. Sunflowers stretch towards the rays, and a naked child happily rides atop a white horse. 

The child is symbolic of innocence. His nakedness represents the unabashed truth. Nothing needs to hide in the loving warmth of the sun. 

If you’ve been in a dark place this winter, expect to feel the glimmers of hope light up within you once again.

The Sun is a card of success, vitality, and progress. Let yourself open to the rebirth and abundance that’s just around the corner. 

The wisdom of The Sun card is to to point yourself towards what is positive and beautiful. The many sunflowers depicted on the card are a reminder of this. As you know, sunflowers point their big, beautiful faces toward the sun, following its path as it travels through the sky. 

If you’ve noticed yourself getting stuck in negative thinking, now is the time for recalibration. Negative thinking has a momentum of its own – but so does positive thinking. Whichever you practice consistently, whether consciously or by habit, will determine the way that you experience and view life.  

Give yourself the gift of noticing the beauty around you. Take time to write about what you are grateful for in your journal. Make a point to take in nourishing things, such as music that touches you, food that heals you, and conversations that make you feel seen, loved, and respected.  

Just like the sun, put your attention on what you would like to grow and thrive in your life. You have the ability to bring forward sustained success right now, so use this time to focus on what is meaningful to you. 

 Our solar system’s sun gives infinitely. The Sun card represents universal love and joy, which also pours out infinitely. This love can be expressed and received on a personal level, but it transcends the personal dimension as well.  

Letting the sunshine in will help you with the special completion occurring in your life, alluded to in the following cards. Your next card indicates that something is coming to an end, and all signs point to it being a very special occasion.   

#2: The World | Nourishment Brings Achievement

Are you ready to upgrade your life? 

You are about to have a big win. Some type of successful completion is happening right now. This could be a life path achievement, like finishing a project or the conclusion of an education program, or it could even be a promotion in your work life. 

Your accomplishment could also be the completion of a karmic cycle. In other words, something that has bothered you, and occurred over and over again, has finally run its course. You have learned your lesson, and now it’s time to move on. 

One way or another, the knowledge you have gained is causing a shift that will change you forever.  

That said, if you haven’t reached the end of a project, or something still feels out of reach, The World card is a sign to keep going and not to give up. You are supported in your endeavor, and you will accomplish your goals if you keep working at them.  

The relationship between The Sun card and The World card is worth exploring. The Sun, at an essential level, represents universal love, or eros. Eros can be seen as a unifying energy. 

The World, on the other hand, is symbolic of completion, evolution, and wholeness. The universal love symbolized by The Sun card is how you are bringing wholeness into yourself and your life. 

 This divine, impersonal love is all around you. 

Allowing yourself to receive love into your being will help unify your body, mind, and soul. Follow the joy and love around you, like the sunflowers follow the Sun. 

You are evolving, growing, and learning. Loving attention is the driving force that can make this all possible. 

 Whether you are completing something of great importance in your life, or achieving internal success, it’s time to celebrate yourself and what you have accomplished. 

Your next card is like returning home after a long and powerful journey. You have grown immensely. Let yourself and those around you celebrate all that you are. 

 #3: Four of Wands | Celebrating Your Success

Are you willing to celebrate yourself? Or does it feel like you can’t stop to enjoy what you have done? 

Having made great strides in your life, either externally or internally, you might feel poised to keep on going. The momentum of accomplishment is with you, but it’s time to celebrate your achievements, give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

 It can be easy to feel like what you’ve done is not enough. Especially while knowing there is still much more on your plate that needs attending to, it can be easy to slip right past acknowledging yourself into the next phase. 

 The Four of Wands is a reminder to mark this transition. Something has come to completion. You’ve graduated to a new level within yourself and in your life. You deserve to mark the occasion. 

 In modern life, there are fewer and fewer rituals around significant completions. Graduation ceremonies are still practiced; however, many life achievements can slip right by without being properly marked. 

If you are aware of what you’ve accomplished, the Four of Wands is a sign to celebrate it with a ritual that is meaningful to you. This could be something small, like eating your favorite meal with a loved one or taking a day off to do your favorite activity.

 On the other hand, you could make a big display, and celebrate with pizazz. You know your own style, so give yourself a sweet gift and recognize your accomplishments in some special way. 

If you feel murky about what achievements you could celebrate, this is a perfect moment to do a brief retelling of the past few years. Spend an hour or two reliving the last few years in your imagination. Choose a date, and then in your head, follow the timeline from there of each occurrence up to the present moment. 

 Let yourself follow the timeline of your memories. Allow your memories to come forward by natural association. In other words, when you choose one memory to look at, it will spark another memory, which will spark another. Let yourself follow the thread. 

Doing this changes the way you view life and helps to place you more solidly in the present moment of your life story. 

 After exploring this very beneficial practice, congratulate yourself for being where you are now. You are alive! This, in and of itself, is miraculous and deserves recognition.  

You Are A Miracle

It isn’t often we get to relish in our success. When The Sun card shines, however, it’s a sign to let down your hair and enjoy the simple and beautiful things around you. 

 The Sun card is a sign you have been walking your talk and life is giving you much needed levity and love, so enjoy yourself! While you do, turn your attention to what is truly beautiful in your life. 

Universal love, represented by The Sun card, signifies the precise type of energy that brings about a great change. The World card is an indication you will be completing something of great importance very soon. 

While this may or may not be an external life event, give yourself time to reflect on the last few years. Doing so will remind you just how much you’ve experienced and will transform how you see yourself and your life. 

It’s important to celebrate even the small wins right now. Regardless of if you’ve achieved a peak goal in your life, or merely survived the darkest part of the winter, allow for deep appreciation of yourself and the very fact you are alive right now. 

I hope this week is filled with loving sunshine, and you allow yourself time to celebrate the blessing you bring by being alive on this planet right now. 

With love, 

 And in Service, 

 Jonathan Lionheart

 P.S. What accomplishments are you proud of in your life? Did you get to celebrate and mark what you’ve done, or did it fly by without getting the attention it deserved? Write to me on the blog, I’d love to hear from you. 

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  • Ron Cruz says:


  • Cynthia Mills says:

    Hello Jonathan,
    I really enjoyed the readings I was receiving from you but for some reason it has stopped. Please continue to send me these messages. Thanks

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Hello Jonathan dear, as time goes by in earthly knowledge, changes really are on the horizon! Thank you so much for the readings you have send.

  • stacie mcmahan says:

    Thank you , Jonathan, for your insightful weekly readings. I realize I have much to be grateful for than I was seeing or understanding. I will take more time to reflect and write in a journal some of my accomplishments. I completed a program of studies and am ready to look for work in the field. I let it go unrecognized by myself or others enough. Thank you for helping me to see the sun again and celebrate achievements, even small ones. I pray God’s blessings on you and your work.

  • Jaime says:

    Do not know exactly what to say, words fail me. Your readings have and are amazing, I came across your site by accident and your
    accuracy and the hope derived from those readings have given me a totally new life and it is absolutely amazing.
    All those hopeless years have reformed into hope and an incredible unexpected living I had not even thought possible and I
    feel there is so much more to come. Thank you so very,very much with all my heart!

  • I just got married for the first time last Friday. Also, a connection that was becoming toxic for me and my spouse has been brought under control.

  • ingrid seals says:

    Thank you Jonathan.

    I can feel the vibes of my reading. Am not there yet, but it`s happening. Am doing the baby steps and soon will be dancing.

    I love your Tarot readings. I trust you Jonathan. You are so gifted and so generous.

    With love

  • Alemayehu says:

    Thank you much Joe ! Hope my reading comes to reality and the journey ahead changes for the better.

    Best regards!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Jonathan:
    ThankYou For Once Again An Accurate And…Interesting Reading:
    Also ThankYou For The Advice on Your Previous Reading…
    My Children Are My Biggest Accomplishment;Guiding And… Nurturing Them Through Their Difficulties…
    Now it’s Time For Some Self Loving
    Many Thanks Jonathan:
    Sharon 🙂

  • Elliot says:

    I have accomplished a lot of self growth, healing, and understanding my trauma that’s allowed me to connect and start to heal and connect with my inner child. I’ve been able to reflect on the ways not doing so has been inhibiting me in all aspects of my life. I am noticing that I am able to start practicing what I preach when it comes to ideal connection, and communication. I have gotten to the point that I am able to see the fruits of this years labors and I am happy and grateful for the motivation and determination I am receiving to continue to get through this year and the challenges and lessons I see before me. But I really appreciate and am grateful for the reminder this provided to be able to take some time to slow down, practice some gratitude, and positive reflection on the strengths I’ve been refining and have had hidden within me all along!

  • Roisin Kearns says:

    I have accomplish a lot for myself and my family, after a long 2 years, everything is working fantastic. Happy family, mean happy me, can’t wait for the next chapter to see what it hold for all of us.

  • Jennifer Charles says:

    For the 2 to 3 years I have been dealing with a very stressful situation in my life. This stressful event has caused me great grief but it also provided an opportunity for me to grow spiritually. I had to work very hard to get rid of it. Now i feel freer than I have ever felt in my entire life.

    Cheers to much needed endings and welcome to SUNSHINE!

  • Daren says:

    I passed a major Architectural exam recently I am so happy about this as its been a longtime dream. Your message is really timely and I do feel as if I passed through a very difficult period of my life and can now start anew and reap many great rewards. Thank you for your wonderful message!!!

  • L says:

    I’ve been feeling this as an internal shift, a physiological manifestation of sleeping better, breathing deeply and slowly, of being able to slow down and not feel guilty about resting and taking more naps, unplugging, not reacting to old tapes and reflexes. Not easy for a Gemini sun with a perfectionist Virgo ascendant so this is a HUGE deal for me. A state of Grace. An answered prayer. I stopped trying too hard and just surrendered to divine wisdom. I stopped trying to “figure out” impossible situations and persons and just basked in the mystery and uncertainty, knowing everything will fall into place, without forced exertion. I am at peace. My body/intuition are not agitated by a red alert/survival mode, I have not felt such peace and serenity for so long, especially since I’m an Empath and attuned to external energy. Not an easy thing for me, to dive into this space, but I respect the wisdom of this new experience.

  • Andrea Latchford says:

    I am so happy with these readings you send me a huge thank you!
    for you understanding.
    Love Andrea
    PS not very good with computers,so haven’t been able to change my email address

  • Anne says:

    I felt the heaviness lifting on the 21st. Thank you so much for helping us through the winter. The new born calves in the fields, jumping and dancing, express my joy within… we are blessed with new life!

  • Shelley says:

    Thank you for these readings! I find you are spot on in them! Yes I know I have won and finished a task in my life. Thank you for the truth, guidance and love! Shelley

  • Carlos says:

    I gotta see to believe. What i read from your card drawings i really dont see any of this happening like you predict. I just take it one day at a time and move foward other than that once again i starting to think your card readings are just hocus pocus. When i signed up for these readings it was for one personal question but now i get readings from other stuff i did not mention?? So idk but yeah just living life and moving up slowly but surely.

    • I read your comment and realized as an empath and psychic that these are your ‘issues’ to resolve. This reading is REAL and will happen if you BELIEVE.
      Your work now is to focus on your trusting yourself! See how that work for you now.. it’s not about her predictions not happening like you want them to but your belief in your future being the BEST it CAN BE! IT is TRUSTING the energies that are working in your benefit and staying in a positive energetic place.
      Try meditation and prayer work. Raise your vibration!
      Good luck dear. <3

  • Marija says:

    Lep pozdrav vsem, ki to berete
    Vsakega od nas kdaj pa kdaj preplavijo spomini, saj drugače tudi zgodb ne bi bilo, in naše življenje bi izzvenelo kot prazen sod, ki se kotali brez pravega cilja.
    Moji spomini zadnjih let?
    Vtem trenutku, ko razmišljam, bi rekla, da je bil to čas moje preobrazbe, prepletene z raznimi dogodivščinami, ki so imele okus po sladkem, in grenkem, z primesjo zdravih sestavin, ki vzpodbujajo rast, in dobro počutje.
    Ker se vsi več ali manj prilagajamo okusu, se vedno pojavi vprašanje, katera sestavina prevlada, katero je treba izločiti, in katera naj bi bila uporabna za zdrav odnos,in dobro počutje.
    So recepti, ki jih je treba do potankosti preučiti, kajti, degustacija je primer prežvekovanja, ki nikdar ne veš, kam te popelje, -ali v Svet, ali na obrobje vasi, kjer te pogoltne tisti znani okus, ki se te je oprijemal že leta pred tem.
    Vsak preskok je dogodivščina, ki potrebuje pogum, da se soočimo s tistim, za kar smo kuhali.
    Če nam uspe ustvariti tisti pravi namen, ki zmede še tako dobrega okuševalca, je to uspeh, ki ga na svetu ni para.
    To je prava ljubezen, ki kaže pot za zadovoljitev lastnega srca.
    V veselje mi je bilo deliti aspekt mojih eksperimentov.
    Z vsem spoštovanjem

  • Anna says:

    Thank you so much, Jonathon. I have made HUGE progress since this time last year. My family and I have been through so much. I always think that I never do enough but your reading reassured me that I have AND NOW LETS PARTAAAAYYYY!

  • Morwesi says:

    Hey Jonathan

    Your so Wright on point, I got promoted at work and I feel like I wanna celebrate right now. It has been long praying for it now I’ve got it

  • francine says:

    I have read your answer’s and blessing’s to you for helping people! I have been feeling down since my husband passed & I had to sell all my beautiful thing’s, Home property I had no one to help me. My child forgot I had raised her through tough times! She loved her second father , when he passed away she seemed to lose everything also. She talked me into selling everything i had property home & now she has forgotten me , At first I thought she wanted to take care of me but the tide has changed & I feel she just want’s me to go away. I have copd & can not do too much breathing is difficult with copd! I have beautiful grandchildren & she keep’s me away from them. I can not make the drive to my grandaughter’s home. Such a sad way to turn out!

  • jenn says:

    OMG YOU DID AWAKEN ME. MY LIFES STORY IS MASSIVE. THE INVOLVEMENT AND ACHIEVEMENTS SINCE A CHILD. AND NOW WITH THE SUN THE WORLD AND 4 WANDS. All the lessons i have learnt from hardship both physically and emotionally bring me here today. I have never given myself credibility in all these 73 yrs. I am still going, in the housing industry and taking my art to new dimensions. Thanking you for waking me up. I am now lioking at my amazing life.

  • aka windydae dae says:

    I submitted for 500,000 of my prints to my original art and concept to be sold to the suicide awareness andm entail health assoc. netting me 420,000 ish

  • Taunna says:

    I just came through a very dark period in my life. Just yesterday I felt more clarity than I have in years. Like a veil had been lifted. I am so grateful for my daughter whose stood by me during my crazy times, and for my friends that never gave up on me, and to my God, and guardian angels that love me even when I feel I don’t deserve it! I am alive and truly blessed. I can’t wait to see what comes next! Love the readings I’ve gotten from you I look forward to every one of them. You have helped me come out of the dark and into that beautiful sun again…thank you

  • Kera Fenton says:

    Yesterday I had a tough time with the past taking over my thoughts, a lot of negativity, I went and sleep and wake up this morning knowing that I’m in control of my thoughts, and wouldn’t let them control me, I will be celebrating because I’m in a better place with my body, mind, and soul at the moment.

  • Susan says:

    Spot on- I’m moving to a new town and starting my life again after my husband passed away almost three years ago. Let the sunshine in!

  • Stephen Robbins says:

    Your insight extrawdinary.the things I’m going through and have been through described exactly my nature my past areas of weakness my strengths as a person and even. more as I am growing through these years to the point right now where I believe my soulmate is soon to make herself known to me and finances set to be in abundance .I’ve suffered from depression bouts of worthlessness and suffered loneliness . I feel things changing and I feel inside good things are coming good change has come .your words and insight Meens more than you know .although it’s seems you do thank both so much

  • Gillian Choo says:

    I have spent the last two years being a carer to my husband who recently passed away. I did do a good job I was told by many nurses and carers who came daily to care for him and yes tonight i will have a celebraton dinner. Your readings are always an inspiration Good luck and continue your good work gillian

  • Rebecca Campbell says:

    ☆I am a bright star☆ A beautiful Fish born on March 19, 1960, and i am a true Pieces 111+%. Yes the these cards you drew are so right for me at this time. I am leaving the sad past and starting a new journey, i have been working hard to achieve a new life, i have been studying so hard and putting so much time towards one of the most important events in my life, and i am at completion this week! I am finishing up two major projects in my life this week! Then i am going for the gold that the results of these 2 projects is bringing me, THIS IS GOING TO BE A MAJOR LIFE ALTERING EVENT FOR MY LIFE, I AM EMBRACING IT ALL WITH PASSION, BOLDNESS AND BRAVERY 🙂 I am on top of the world and the sun is shining down on me now, i am growing tall like that sunflower! One project is material and one project is about love and the 2 will be completed to make one very special life changing experience for me, bring on the sun, bring on the world, bring on the love, i am ready to embrace it all now! The ancient ones and my noble ancient teacher who teaches me and shows me the way of life, the secrets of a joyful blisfull life has been teaching me well these last couple months also. I see my new future and its grand 🙂 Thank you for your reading, confirmation, I am called Moon Child, i am a student of Wildwoods Witchery.

  • Clarissa Harvey says:

    I enjoyed your reading for2/20/21 I have felt big changes coming for a long f time but your reading grounded me a little (it was needed) I have been in a battle for three years with CPS to get gardianship of our granddaughter it is finally coming to an end (hopefully there will he no surprises at court) I forget to look how far I have come and don’t often give myself credit, I’m learn , yes it is ok to take credit ! I own my mistakes I should rejoice in my accomplishments. Thank you

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    I did not celebrate, I just left life and the universe guide me through tough times, but it was worthy. I think I arrived at the goal my angels had for me.
    Thank you for this tarot reading that is a celebration in itself. I felt the LOVE around me

    Thank you

  • Cindy Amelia Dodemaide says:

    Thank you once again for your inspiration and the weekly card reading. You really struck a chord asking me to write down what i i’ve achieved over the past few years so I went back to the last 7 years and man, the things I actually achieved made me very proud indeed. I am very lucky to have enjoyed a blessed life and am so grateful for God and his angels and their guidance through people like yourself as messengers directing us to the light of our path. Bless you and all you do Jonathan

  • michele says:

    I have been receiving her wonderful impute for awhile, she is the best, I have been transforming from the muck and mire to
    the Lotus, her candid honesty and gift of spirit with the stars has grown me up from hero to zero to new hero again..

    I am coming out of a nightmare to my humble realty of love, help and service

    I have now have become an arm up for people as myself with her hope

    Thank you

  • Felicidad Børresen says:

    Sir ,
    I really love your sending hope it will be true ,now I”m a widow wouldyou please send to me the future I” m longing for .

    Thank you very much, Sir.

  • Tracy M Leis says:

    I really enjoy the readings.. I am blessed to have Been a match to my husband of 27 years for a kidney transplant.. I have two beautiful children and three grandchildren two are twins my husband passed nearly 4years ago but we got 26years of marriage and successful kidney transplant of 20years I know I was born for a reason and that was it but now is my time and ready to receive

  • Armella Mercredi says:

    Thanks. I will let sunshine into my heart.

  • Janice Bryce says:

    I am about to get rid of a scammer I have 1 thing left to do first

  • Wiets says:

    PLEASE help me, I am with out work for 11 month’s and we are battling, please send me my lucky numbers please.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful day,
    Wietzue Botes

  • Corina-Elena says:

    My acomplishement is myself and my family.

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