Becoming Your Future Self | Weekly Tarot Reading Sept 13th to 19th

By September 15, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends,

This is Jonathan with your Weekly Tarot Reading.

You have an amazing reading this week, and I hope you will take full advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Like anything worthwhile, there is a threshold you must cross in order to gain the gold on the other side. Believe in yourself, call on help from the angelic realms, and most importantly, be kind to yourself while you take the big steps ahead.

There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing you grow and thrive. Thank you for doing your work, reaching out to me on the blog, and continuing to meet the challenges that are around you today.

Let’s take a look at your personal reading for the week.

Three of Swords: Honoring Emotions

Take a deep breath, dearest.

We start this week with an upwelling of pain and loss. You may have recently experienced a painful breakup or upset, or there is lingering hurt from the past still rising up on occasion. The Three of Swords is the card of sorrow, pain, and loss. It shows up in a reading when we have experienced heartbreak, the loss of something special to us, or an unexpected difficulty that brings up deep emotion.

The good news is, this is an opportunity to truly let go of the past and begin to move forward. The pain you feel is very real, but allowing yourself to feel and express the hurt helps you to transform the emotions connected to your loss, along with older emotions that have been locked in your body and heart for a long time.

Often, a deep, emotional release can clear the fog and give you an opportunity to see your situation more clearly. When you hold onto emotional pain, it festers away, sapping energy from your body and clarity from your mind. In order to release the pain, you must turn towards it in a safe container. Give yourself permission to feel what is coming up. Let yourself cry, stomp your feet, rage, or write honestly about your feelings. Go full-on with it for a set amount of time, and then take a walk, or do some stretching to ground yourself again.

This too will pass. Avoiding your pain does nothing but keep you tied in knots. As you will see in our next card, the emotional release you initiate now will open you to your deeper wisdom and emotional intelligence.

King of Cups: Riding the Waves

The King of Cups is stable, balanced, and emotionally mature. He rides the waves of emotion with ease, and neither denies them nor lets them control his life.

Often we must release the old emotions from our past in order to find balance in the present. As indicated in the previous card, if you are experiencing a challenging time, or there is an old hurt coming to the surface, now is the perfect time to meet this challenge as a mature, capable being.

Imagine you have a four year old who is going through a temper tantrum, or is terrified by a scary dream and wakes you up in the middle of the night. A present, conscious, parent does not scold the child for their emotions, nor do they leave the child alone to deal with what is going on by themselves. The conscious parent comes close to the child and holds them, allowing them to feel secure and held while they express what needs to come out.

This is what you can do for your own inner child. We all have childhood injuries, and these wounds lay a foundation for the patterns of hurt that will come again and again throughout our lives. To get to these roots, which often originate before you understand what is happening or able to express what feels wrong, you must give yourself permission to feel whatever it is that you are feeling. Hold your inner child when they are frightened, hurting, or angry, and give love and acceptance to them.

This is how the King of Cups is as balanced and steady as he has become. Expect to feel more capable of seeing the emotions for what they are this week: beautiful weather patterns that come and go if we give them acceptance. You may also experience a surge of creativity as you listen to your inner voice and say yes to it.

The Emperor: Leadership Arising

Both the King of Cups and The Emperor are healthy masculine archetypes.

The Emperor is the epitome of stability, power, and competency. He sits on his throne watching over the kingdom with power and wisdom. He is the ultimate leader.

This week brings a natural progression from heartbreak into competency through the cards. If you are able to give acceptance to, and express, the pains and losses you have experienced, you will begin to find balance in your emotions and creative power. No longer will emotions sway, drag, and pull you about. Instead, you can remain even and grounded, while still inspired by the beauty and sorrows of life.

Become what you are meant to become! Don’t turn back, instead remember how deeply supported you are by the lineage of ancestors who brought you to this point. Behind the emperor is a giant mountain, symbolizing a solid foundation, and massive support around him.

He is masterful at balancing the immediate details of life while always keeping the long goal in mind. Ask yourself: “Who do I need to become in order to reach my dreams?”

The Carrot and The Fox

You have a beautiful week ahead of you, but it will take some courage. We are biologically predisposed to avoid discomfort and move towards comfort, even when the comfort we seek is not ultimately good for us. Part of developing maturity is realizing sometimes you have to sacrifice immediate comfort or pleasure in order to arrive at longer term goals and enjoyment.

As a practice, you can use the idea of the carrot and the fox to help motivate yourself to move through what seems challenging in the moment. The carrot is what drives you forward, it is your dreams and goals.

Write down what you want and dream for in your future. Where will you live? What kind of work are you doing? What kind of people are in your life?

The fox is the predator that will eat you if you stay where you are now.

Write down what life will be like if you don’t make these changes and face your fears right now. Who will you be? How will you feel? What will you be doing?

Use this exercise to motivate you. Inside you have a beautiful flower waiting to bloom. It may have already bloomed to some degree, but to truly inherit the gifts of the Emperor and the King of Cups, you will need to really go for it.

I believe in you. Life believes in you. Take sweet care, and be willing to step forward valiantly this week.

With love,

And in service,

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What are you afraid of facing in your life right now? What is something that is holding you back or weighing you down? What keeps you from fully expressing and letting go of the emotions you are currently holding on to? Write me on the blog, let me know what’s going on.

P.P.S. If you’d like to do a deeper reading and look into what might be getting in the way for you, you can schedule a private reading with me here.

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Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • myra says:

    i fear faceing a guy that the world has tought or female i want to become rich and have my own businesss my dance team a thearpiest im sometimes afraid of me and wanting the best my mom is in the hospital and i wanted nothing but famouse people tooo visit her love her let her know everything she worked for could never be invane my mom did the best of taking care of us and preparing us for better worse i just want to excuse myself and let God know she deserves all greatnesss is well ,, i wanted to be wealthy and have her home treated like she deserves to be save wealthy and respected ,i dream of myself ass a very intelligent person meeting others to acccomplish my goal avoiding the bad and protecting what my friends and family deserve , my cards are very intresting ,and of knowledge and peperation for falluire due to seperation

  • myra says:

    hello mr.lionhart im replying cuz i want to thank you for being real about situations ,honesty love passion progression with self and others ,i know time waits for no,one but its good having someone like you to motivate and allow others to be incouraged , i do appreciate the love notes and pages that is very dear dfrom you id like to give my concent of that i am tryining to be a better paerson for my family friends and myself i love feeling blessed and loved and preparing myself for the better ,i feel love do love me and some point wants me i just want to move foward without eny hassels or doubts i would like for him to be honest and caring meaning finding himself and loving himself so a friendship can be healthy or relationship
    yours truely mz myra how i feeel i want true love compassion i want to bless people and things meaning the well may the windows of heaven open and pour out each a blesssing

  • Ni says:

    This reading really resonated with me. I been holding in a lot of sorrow and pain from loss of my grandmother 3 years ago, and the end of my past relationship. I feel down most days. I feel like things aren’t going to get any better for me . Like i am stuck in a place that i don’t want to be. A place that i feel that i will never get out of. I feel my life is not where it should be at my age , and that really bothers me. I look at other people and i wonder, why me? Why am i going through all this pain and hurt in my life? Why can’t i find someone who loves me and not hurt me? Where is my forever happiness? Where is my best life? When is it my turn to feel like everything in my life is on the right track ? I’m scared to put myself in another relationship because of the hurt and pain of my last ones. I’m scared to try new things and venture out because i am use to being use to. I want to have faith that trying something different will award me. I need a push, I need guidance. I need a change, and when will that change come? IDK..

  • Laura says:

    Wow! This reading seemed to be meant just for me. It was accurate to what I am experiencing right now.
    I am healing from childhood trauma. I have a lot to process – I am in the middle of my healing so far. I have felt a call to do some important work. I must heal before I can do it. Having your explanation of the Emperor really helped me. I needed the concept of the mountain. I need something massive, immovable and supportive to help me ground and get steady.
    Thank you.

  • Christin Starkey says:

    Thanks so much for my reading. I have definitely had a rough time lately I just got out of a domestic violence relationship and had a final protective order hearing yesterday that went good in the since I got granted the restraining order for a year but was extremely hard on me cause I ended up having to go to the hospital for a severe panic attack. Can you please tell me if it’s going to get better and that I can get a job and new housing cause at this time my son and I are living in a hotel room with 3 dogs

  • Lisa Mills says:

    Thank you Jonathan!!
    As always your readings are right on point with the events in my life and always bring clarity to my true path… Especially emotionally!!
    You are Gifted,

  • Gillian Choo says:

    Do you do personal readings?

  • Casandra says:

    My Dad passed after suffering an unimaginable death from covid. I watched him suffer for 16 days. It broke my heart and I will never get over it. I watch him fight for every breath. While on a ventilator He was on dialysis his kidney died. It disfigured his tongue and he was being turned over and over so he could breath on a ventilator. He had to be sedated every once he came too and had to be sedated again. Then I had to tell him Goodbye. One of the hardest things Ive ever done. I wished I could tell you I was stromg and didnt completely fall apart and hysterically cry with overwhelming grief My mom passed 25 years ago. My heart broken from that as well. My emotions have always gotten the best of me. I wish I could control them instead of them controlling me. I am angry and I don’t know why? It ruined every relationship I had with a good man that I truly admired and loved but couldn’t or refused to show it. My hateful emotions are my biggest downfall or flaw and regrets. My emotions have made my life miserable leaving me lonely and understandably so. I have worked on my emotions for decades. I have come light years from where I began but still have galaxies to go. Then I met a man so handsome, my age, funny, smart, and kind so I thought. I thought was head over heals for me. I was on top of the world. In a matter of days he went cold. Maybe he could tell I like him too much or I came on to strong. I dont understand how he could make me feel wanted and like I was the only one that mattered to him. He made me happy for the first time in a long time. Then one day he was rude and disrespectful. He told me he didnt care about what I said and above all else whatever happens to me. That he was never happy to see me and it was all imagined by me. I have never had anyone make such hurtful comments. To be so brutally honest with me like that was cruel. I didn’t deserve it and I told him that but he didnt care. Its been just one disappointment after another in my love life. Nobody seems to want to stay.

    • I’m so sorry Cassandra, these are such big things you have gone through. I can’t imagine losing a father in the way that you did, and I’m sorry for the rudeness of the man you spoke of. Keep doing the work that you have been doing, and be open to other options of how to work with yourself and your emotions. Find help from friends and professionals that can guide and be there for you in a healthy way. You deserve much better than whatever drew you to that man. It’s ok to fall head over heals for someone, but it’s important to fall head over heels for yourself, so when you do fall for someone, you still stay solid in yourself. Then, when they display their ugly side, you can cut them out of your life if need be and the love affair within remains. Sending love and hope to you.

  • Kellie says:

    That tarot reading was right on with what’s going on with me….I didn’t think I was ever going to ever fall in love with anyone else after my first divorce, but 2 weeks ago I met a guy that inspires my dancing, loves to encourage me to do it, and even wants me to sing with him when he makes his music

  • Emmanuel says:

    Hey Jonathan.

    Thanks a lot for this encouragement. I have been acting out of pain and it has sabotaged my relationships. last December I ended a long term relationship after some truth came out and it was unpleasant. I’d come into the relationship after a divorce with my wife of 14years.

    Last year I met a lady and that too didn’t last in May we went separate ways after I got to know that she cheated on me. I’ve been wanting to move on but my potential love has come to know of what has transpired. She is insecure and it seems like it is coming to an end.
    I don’t wanna keep getting in and out of relationships. This is not who I am. I need assurance, true companionship and a love that will last. I feel like just giving up on love.

    How do I move on? Either in or out of this new one… I wish to stop the anger I’m feeling within

    • Hey Emmanuel,

      I hear you. These are challenging things, and I just want you to know that love remains and will find you. One way you might consider is actually taking a relationship ‘fast.’ In other words don’t look for another relationship at all. Don’t have erotic meetings. Rather take 3 months or so and just focus on yourself. This will force you to look at your relationship patterns, and will help to clear them away. Sometimes we get locked in a cycle of relationships that just keep ending in pain. It’s amazing what can happen if you consciously take time away. I know it’s not easy, but in truth to step beyond where we are sometimes we have to sacrifice immediate comfort and pleasure so that we can grow into a person that attracts something really special. Just a thought. Sending love.

  • Tas says:

    Greetings Jonathan,
    Thank you for all your help . I have leaved in the shadow of my husband for the last 20 years and right now am very scared to move forward and do anything for myself reason being i feel am not good enough and anything that i would like to do is a-battle. I have connected with my ex-boyfriend in the last 3 years – we both are in diffrent countries , both with families – i’d wish he would have me back like we used to . I guess wishful thinking . We communicate quite often feel that strong connection but i needed him to make a commitment or say that he wants me . I feel like that is where my scare of moving on is held back and am not happy to be where I am . any thoughts ?

    • Tas,

      My recommendation, and this isn’t a reading just my sense, is that moving on is something you should do before getting into another relationship that way you don’t cary the old baggage into the new situation. Put all of your focus on loving yourself and growing you. Find some projects that make you feel alive and curious. Sometimes, when I’m feeling afraid to move forward I go and exercise really hard, like hard enough to be truly exhausted afterwards. This reminds me that I am much stronger and much more resilient than I am telling myself. Maybe there is something like this you can find, something that reminds you just how capable you are. That’s my sense, move on first, then be open to meeting someone or connecting with this ex.

  • Maureen says:

    I am going through a lot of pain and anxiety-and I thank you for the insights regarding this reading as they make perfect sense and give me direction through-a ‘perceived’-loss. Very hurt-and angry-I do have to allow my feelings-but I also have to be kind to myself-and let-open-those that came before me-no longer here-but here for me. Thank You Jonathon.

  • Antonia Meares says:

    Narrowminded people refused to clear the road in front of me and think it’s all about them. There aren’t any breaks on this thing, so then I have to run them over. I can’t care any more

  • Eve says:

    Thank you so much for your words of inspiration, I am a much older Gemini but have found love again after 20 years, I feel very privileged that the person I have known for a few years through a walking group has chosen me. I moved from London to the coast for a new life, met new people going on various walks around the countryside, it feels very spiritual connecting with nature and lot the rat race of London. Many thanks from Eve

  • Caroline Toppari says:

    I read my tarot cards today and all three on point. Over the past years i have suffered the worst evil love life fight to save it nut only to realise im with a wrong man, 24yrs wasted, im gutted and angry and disappointed with myself. I never listened to my inner instinct and used my gift for warnings coz i felt i will take a risk and it will work but only to fail badly but getting hurt beyond comprehension. Recently i lost my job on too of it as i tried to move on with my life. Now stuck financially and doomed in love. I feel like a failure in everything. Yes im scared to be alone and never reach my goals. Im person that cries yet plans my way out of a situation, lately im tired fighting injustice and trying to have the love i deserve and have a permanent job and never wake up one day worrying if im out of work or no money to pay my bills. I want something meaningful and reach my goals whatever it takes. Im hungry to succeed but im now at crossroads, i know what to do and what i want but i dont know were to go so im frozen. I want change but HOW????

    • Caroline, I’m sorry there is so much trouble right now. Often these dark, stuck places can be gateways into something new -though they can be truly awful when we are in them. I recommend you find a way to slow down, feel what is coming up. The passage is in fact surrender in my experience, at least for a period of time, so that your nervous system can process what has occurred. The death brings new life. Be sure to get the support you need from friends, family, or professional consultation. But remember, you have a lineage of ancestors who have been resilient and determined enough to survive, and you will too. Be loving and kind to yourself. This too shall pass.

  • Ellai says:

    I want to know if I will reconcile with the man I love, and if I will finish school because I am currently tapping into the place.

  • I have just read my cards they are so true ,having feelings of self-doubt and have to let t go emotional sadness and the feeling of being helpless.i have lost two close family members and last year a dear friend. Living alone I have just existed dayu to day not seeing any light so i do hope i can go forward with strength and clarity.

    • I believe in you. These periods of morning and stagnancy are important too. Ask for help from the Divine or Earth mother, and be willing to receive again. Don’t expect, wait, be willing to see what arises.

  • Samia says:

    I have just been fired from a job that I loved to do after so many months facing mobbing .. I am 57 years old and to find a job in events fields is impossible at this time due to the pandemic …

  • Mirriam says:

    Thanks so much.I am at a point were I don’t know am I coming or going. I am from a long sick leave ,went back to work on February to date no salary was paid. The doctor who did a spine surgery says I am fit to work i am not coping at all the e,player pressurisis me work as normal. I sent letters no one is responding.I am bitterly broke and devastated. I am in a marriage that gives flames for eyes.I am a hard worker I just don’t know what is happening.I humbly request your advices and guides.Please assist.

    • I’m sorry Miriam, that sounds very difficult. My advice is to become a devotional lover of yourself, pouring kindness and care on yourself. Especially when your mind is critical or mean, love these critical parts – soften them with your care. The more you can tend to yourself in this situation with your heart, the more your will settle. From that settled place more doors will open, more solutions will appear. Please care for yourself deeply. You can still make moves while doing this, but do so with utter devotion to yourself. You are worth this kind of honor and love.

  • Anmmarie says:

    Hello Johnathon I thanks for my reading this week now everything is that you’re saying to me is what’s going on now in my life I’m really confused because I have two in my life oneisvery jeoleus I and not making any commitment to me the other he just met me and he always put a smile on my face I want to leave the one that is not making any commitment to me but it’s like I don’t want to leave I one is scorpio sign the other is aries what should I do please tell me I awaits your responds thank you your friend Annmarie

    • Hello Annamarie, this sounds complicated. Follow your heart love. Trust in your innate wisdom. Often it can be hard to let go of something even if it is not right for us. We fear loss, but in order to grow there is much that we must let go of. with love Jonathan

  • Joyce says:

    Hey Joyce here am afraid of releasing my ex that comforted me when my son died he was great them he is still in my engery an I can’t seem to walk away but I no I should.

  • Tina Lowe says:

    Thanks so much for you readings, they mean a lot. I’m afraid of facing the unknown, I’ve never been good with change, I like things stable and secure change scares me. what’s holding me back is fear, I recently lost my job, due to the COVID and my health. I’m an emotional wreck, no money coming in is more stressful than I can handle. I want to work from home, but lack the skills required and I’m afraid I will not be able to do what is required. I cant show emotion in this situation, if i do it just feeds my fear even more. I also am in a situation with a man whom I dated 10 years ago, we dated for a year, than broke up and stayed friends, No intimacy just strictly friends. our friendship is very stressful on me, he wants more and I would just like it to end completely. he is very controlling and always playing on the fact that I need help with things and he is the only one who can help me. he uses this to keep coming back, I’m not good at hurting peoples feelings so i just deal with it, but it is most of the time more stressful than I can take. and its getting worse everyday. I’m definitely at a point in my life where i have to change things, I cant keep going on like this. any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. thank you for you help and concern.

    • Hey Tina,

      Yes, I hear you, this is a challenging situation. It’s important that you get as grounded as you can so you feel safe. The emotion that you speak of that pulls you into it is doing so because you allow your mind to spin in the stories. I recommend you do some practices that help you get grounded and feel safe, and then you begin to feel the emotions. Just go a little bit into them, to where you are comfortable, and then return to the sensations of the body and breath. Then go a little into them again, and return to the body. Also, exercise is crucial, even just a nice walk (or three) a day. Moving your body, getting some endorphins going can help. Ultimately you are needing to reclaim your power and your space. We can talk more in depth if you want to do a private or come to the friday practice sessions (they are 5$ I think). Is there someone else who can assist you other than this person that wants something more from you? I recommend you do some cord cutting energetically. Tell yourself “I am a sovereign being” and return his energy to him, call back your own. Hold your boundaries firm, even if it hurts his feelings. You need to claim your power, and tend to yourself right now, or you will continue to spin in this. You can do it!

  • Ernest Bedard Jr. says:

    How do I begin to tell you about what is holding me back from my destiny. In short one word, MONEY My childhood dream has returned with vivid clarity. It is telling me the time is now to win the 1st of many jackpots and aquire the wealth that the the universe has reserved for me. So what did I do but turn to the so called esoteric experts that have drained my bank account with their never ending fees and bad advice to the tune of 10 grand in 2 short months. So I’m at the crossroads with 3 directions available because turning around is not an option. I’ve eliminated taking a right hand turn because that leads to a pity party and that would be belittling what I’ve learned and accomplished. I could keep on going straight and endure what life throws at me because I always have little victories where I impact peoples lives positively and I’ll get to watch my grandchildren grow up. I’m okay with that. Then there is the path to the left that my dream and my near death experience insist I take. I just can’t find the key to open the door. Whatever forced me to go back into my broken body 30 years ago and my dream are telling me its only a couple of days away. So my fear is can I overcome my doubt and skepticism which the experts say is negative and find the key on time. I mean this road is going to be a lot of work and require millions of dollars in the beginning. It basically is a charity that will make people be vested in their own community.

    • Ernest, there comes a time when we need to listen to our hearts, the divine, and what we know to be true over any ‘esoteric experts.’ We can get locked into the idea that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way, and that we might miss the boat. Rather, get clear in yourself, take time to really see what life is calling you to do, learn to navigate your impulses, fears, desires, so that you can become your own ‘expert’ of yourself. You sound like you already know what to do, so look at the fears in the face and see where they truly arise from. You can do it!

  • Kerrie cawley says:

    hi thanks for my emails ,
    im not truley sure what im afraid of facing right now i really dont know where my heads at . iv had a lot to deal with these past 7 mths and its truley tested me please could you try n give me more insight xx

  • Bolaji Olutosin Temilola says:

    Thanks for this message, it resonates so well. My great fear lies on my current love situation. I am given a mission to correct people on marital notions but I myself am not yet married. I am stocked with my soulmate whom I lost due to my incineration insecurities and fear. I always thought people will judge my teachings due to my present status.
    This has been weaken me in my social media motivational speech and books writing. I got no motivation to keep going. And I am feeling I am still dwelling in the past. If I want to move on warning will start crepting in from different angles that I should be patient. And I couldn’t move on waiting each day and my dreams are looking so far. Pls I need your advice. Seriously! Thanks


    • Bolaji,

      It sounds to me like you are at a threshold. The fears that are arising, and the lack of motivation, are there to test you. Are there any practices you know, or types of exercise, that will put you at your edge? What’s needed now is courage, and pushing yourself to your limit in one activity or another might remind you of just how strong and capable you are. Break free! You can own the uncertainties and the challenges of the past and still take flight, they may even make you stronger. Be willing to step out, but remind yourself through some kind of challenge of just how capable you are. I hope this is helpful. — Jonathan

  • Cynthia Liddick says:

    I am in love with a man who has a job at sea and is gone for 4 months at a time. With covid he is stuck at sea. Our communication is yucky because of him on the ocean. Will we make it? Will he come home to me soon. I miss him so much.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      I’m sorry, that’s challenging. I hope he can come back to you soon <3

      • Chin says:

        Hey Jonathan!
        Boy was your predication spot on for me. It was literally 3 characters who came through my life where I had to ride the wave and find my own positioning and state. Might I know please how you are able to be so accurate? Also what is the process you go through? Appreciate your sharing please.

        • Hello Chin,

          I’ve spent many years doing different types of practices, including meditation, qigong, and a few other esoteric practices that have afforded some degree of clarity in my awareness. When I do a reading like this, I tune into the people who will be reading my article and ask for clear guidance for them. The cards then present themselves in a way that I feel certain about their significance. When I’m writing, I do my best to stay in contact with the collective who will be reading the article, and ask in prayer that my words may be of service to those who need it. This kind of intention sets a stage for my translation of the cards and energy to connect in the most appropriate way. Thank you for the question Chin! Blessings my friend 🙂

  • Olga Clarkin says:

    Thank you Jonathan, this reading has open my eyes, my hearth and my trust.
    I feel that the man I had been in touch for awhile is becoming more serious and is talking about a future together. He surprised me with a visit and finally met in person for first time, everything felt like a dream. I am making plans to move to the state he is at. I understand that changes can be scare and happy at the same time. Your reading has been very helpful and uplifting. Thank you again.

  • SABRINA says:


    • Anette says:

      Dear Sabrina, I have been in your situation for 6 years…Don´t wait for him live you life and do what make you feel good.

    • My advice, and this is not a reading just my advice, is to move on. Let him do what he thinks he needs to do. If he comes back, then he comes back. If not, well, wouldn’t you prefer to be with someone who chooses you? Also, you can probably tell if he really is needing to find himself, if that’s true and he says he wants to come back to you after he does what he needs to, then consider waiting. It is important that someone works to ‘find themselves’ but without a clear intention of how long he’s going, that could take 2 weeks, or many lifetimes. Your heart deserves a devoted partner.

  • Rita says:

    You are awesome!

    You are right on. I’m grateful & thankful for the insight & the knowing that come through.

    Thank you so much

  • Joey Jewett says:

    Thanks Jonathan the cards were right on target about me and everything I’m going through, I just lost my Uncle who took me under his wing since I was 9 yrs old so more like a father figure who looked out for me and helped me out alot not to mention called me almost everyday and now it’s sad to know he’s gone and I won’t ever hear his voice again and him always reaching out to me to see I need anything or just to say hi and visit a little I miss him so much so thanks for the reading and giving me some insight on how to cope with my grief..

  • Alton Harris says:

    I’m a pisces and he is arises I feel I’m missing something with Alan, I love him so much but I feel he is relationship with girl or man I just want the truth.

  • Tricia says:

    What’s holding me back is my family. I work for my brother in law and I feel bad if I leave but I need to make more money to support myself. Also I want to move South but my sister’s said don’t because I will be on my own with no support since I won’t know anyone.

  • lydi says:

    I have been married forc 23 years
    Started a relationship with someone that am in love with fir the past 3 years..hes younger with 4 kids….i love him and he said he love me 2…..will him and I will be together or he just using me …because of my kindness
    Who am I to him….

  • Mary says:

    I’m seeing this man,and he’s in the military and I’m wondering if I am going to be scammed by him. He claims that I am the love of his life and he wants to come here to TN to be with me. Is he the real deal??? I know that I can be happy with him, we’ve been talking to each other for month’s…please let me know

    • Hey Mary,

      I’m not a big fan of people saying ‘you are the love of my life’ without having really spent some time together. I’d be wary. This isn’t a reading, just a reminder to use good sense with who you allow into your life. If you to are meant to be together, and he loves you in the way he says, then he can be patient and you can take your time getting to know him. Keep good wise boundaries love.

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