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By September 10, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hi it’s Luna!

Has the momentum in your life started to slow down lately? If it hasn’t yet, get ready! Mars retrograde is upon us for the first time in two years, and it will be pressing the pause button on any progress you’ve been making while you undergo some necessary, cosmic maintenance.

Mars doesn’t retrograde very often, and does so even less frequently in its ruling sign of Aries. This rare combo can make existing tensions in your life run even higher, but you will also be met with an incredible opportunity to refine your instincts and empower yourself.

If you missed my “Mars enters Aries” love horoscope from June, you can read it here. It will get you up to speed on what’s been happening over the last two months, and how it’s affecting you personally.

I want you to feel inspired and confident to make the most of this transit, so let’s take a deeper look at the Mars Retrograde in Aries together and find out what you can expect to experience during this special astrological window. 

Slow Down To Get Ahead

The divine timing of planetary cycles never ceases to amaze me. 

I like to think of astrological transits as a manifestation of divine intelligence, providing us with structure, periodically showing us our blind spots, and guiding our way forward in our journey to become more of our true selves. 

One of the most powerful ways the planets assist our personal evolution is through retrogrades. Although retrogrades are often considered to be less “fun”, they help us correct our course by preventing us from getting stuck in a rut or going too far off in the wrong direction.  

Retrogrades offer an opportunity for us to complete unfinished business and reevaluate our path forward. After successfully completing a retrograde, we are able to navigate our lives with a more accurate compass. 

The key from now until November 13th when Mars goes direct, is to not resist slowing down. If you align with the inward moving energy of this transit, you will emerge in mid November with greater clarity of purpose, which will allow you to more easily realize your desires. 

Mars retrogrades are uncommon, happening only once every two years. This period represents a time when you will refine how you use your energy, reevaluate how you express self-assertion and desire, while tending to any wounds your inner warrior has sustained over the last two years. 

Freeing Your Energy

If you have a tendency to be overly assertive or aggressive, this Mars retrograde may hit you with some hard lessons. You will be met with circumstances that prevent you from misusing your will, or forcefully imposing your power and strength onto others. Be careful, and learn to yield when coming up against opposition, otherwise you could find yourself in a violent situation. 

On the flip side, if you have a habit of being fearful and letting people mistreat you, this retrograde will help you get in touch with your inner warrior. Allow your suppressed anger to come out in safe ways. You can hit a pillow, primal scream in your car, dance to intense music, or break apart something that was already going into the garbage. Once you get your emotion out of the way, you’re ready to begin taking care of business by closing the door on hurtful people in your life, and being a more vocal advocate for your own self interest.

Keep in mind that those around you may not appreciate you standing up for yourself, because it means they can no longer control you. If you dare, be bold and hold fast to your inner truth. When you do, you will free your precious energy to pursue more meaningful and fruitful goals in the future. 

Mars Retrograde in Aries is all about managing your instincts. If you are typically too impulsive, you’ll be more likely to get into accidents or feel the painful consequences of your hasty actions. If you are disconnected from your instincts, now is a potent time when you can begin to rediscover them and benefit from their powerful guidance. 

Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, you can be sure that events in your life will probably be moving more slowly than you would like. 

Moving Through Molasses 

Mars represents our drive and desire. It’s what motivates us to do anything or go anywhere. While Mars is retrograding, it might feel like you’re moving through molasses and having trouble getting things accomplished. Projects may be put on hold for a variety of reasons, and the same goes for romance. This is not a good time to start a new project, or pursue a new goal, because it will likely not be permanent. However, due to the nature of retrogrades, this period could be an ideal time to reconnect with an old flame or work project, and finally complete something you wanted to do in the past. 

Try to be patient as you fine tune your instincts. Pay attention to the valuable feedback from your environment, as it will reflect to you how effectively (or inappropriately) you use your willpower and express your desires. 

By the time Mars Retrograde in Aries is over, you will have reconnected with meaningful goals and areas of focus toward which you can channel your energy without inhibition… and as a result, experience much more pleasure and fulfillment. 

I look forward to seeing what unfolds over these next couple of months with you, as we awaken, care for, and discipline our inner warriors. 

With Fiery Enthusiasm,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Do you feel connected to your instincts? Is there something or someone who has been draining your energy or preventing you from pursuing what you really want in life? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Mona says:

    My husband died two years ago. Now 2 of my adult children are living with me. How do I get them to move forward with their lives? After being married for 35 yrs to my husband, I am having difficulty getting my life going the the next level. Please help.

    • Hi Mona, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Have you tried asking your children to move out and giving them a set date? We can take a look at your astrological chart and see how to help you get unstuck. If you’d like to schedule a session, please email me at

      Take good care!

  • Kellie says:

    I recently met a friend online who I get along great with and we both want to start dating but is it the right time to do it?

  • Dragon lady says:

    Mars retrograde on hyperdrive here! Being an Aries, with a life path number 9, and born in the year of the Dragon, I really have to watch myself. I was recently goaded for months, and finally blew up (the Dragon roared) on the first day of this retrograde. But – it was revealed through this that I have a false friend, who plays people against each other. I think it was a good thing

  • Hello Luna:-))))
    Can you could tell me if there is already someone in my life (male) and if so,how he feels about me and again if so,what his intentions are.I look forward to hearing what ever the insight you have.A big thank you in advance!

  • Nia Lloyd says:

    I am most definitely affected by this retrograde. I am impulsive by nature and unaware regarding ‘control’? Now realise because events were out of my control, I majorly stressed, causing destruction along my path! So this is the element of control I need to (try) and let go. I say try as impulsiveness is difficult to manage!!!
    Thank you Luna for your insight.

  • Jessi says:

    Yes the man I lay in bed with every night,I believe is stealing stupid stuff from me. I know it’s little things battery’s change paint markers. What ever it is it’s the point I hate this feeling that I can’t trust anything about him anymore but I’ve never had no evidence but I don’t need it I know in my ❤️In my gut. What to do in a situation I have 4 kids not with him that see me experiencing this. And that’s not ok

  • Michael Bryian Boger says:

    Hi Luna! Michael Boger here yeah I have been feeling like everyone capable of helping me get this $10,000 to finish the final steps of my invention process with the company that has been makin it all come to life since I submitted it on Apr.2 2020 they all want it for themselves or don’t believe in me and being im literally almost out of time to get the funds before the company possibly drops me and then my invention is just free for grabs for someone else to win another loss for me im homeless with my 2 children barley making it everyday to manage another room at a motel I have tried everything literally I mean everything I can’t get a loan due to medical bills turned to collection my vehicle I payed 2grand for like 5 months ago is broke down in another town I can’t get to it and I rely on it to help make money working with Doordash as a good delivery driver to help people stay safer and at home during this virus outbreak so I havent been able to work in 2 weeks and im down to my last $1,000 and it cost $450 for a week’s stay here at this motel but everywhere else around is not a safe environment for my kids to be around im about to break and all I want to do is be somebody that can financially support my family get us a house reliable transportation and help the world with my invention idea thats already been acknowledged by this company as one that’s going to re revolutionize the plumbing industry and im literally the only person in the world to have this invention that nobody else in this world has guarenteed and the company just needs this $10,000 to make the prototype to life and pitch it to 45 of the largest companies from around the world and I have been blessed by the higher powers to have this opportunity to help everyone not only with my invention but those that are struggling and need a miracle just a chance like I do to shine and turn their lives around and make a difference for themselves and then to also pay it forward and help others like we could be and there are tons of other things I can help other’s with by using the 100’s of millions of dollars profit this is going to be bringing in yearly for as long as plumbing exist

  • Leona Williams says:

    my husband of over 39 yrs is draining me and found out he is a narcissist’ i feel are part human and part reptilian beings” if you look at the corilation of these type of beings narcissists fit the profile.deceiving’ liars” mental emotional physical spiritual social abusers’ when they cant control you or hurt you any more they will try to do all in there power to ruin you and your reputation even to complete strangers by whats called gas lighting” making you a spectical in public” evil beings ‘

    • Shannon De Goede says:

      Hi, Shannon reaching out and I have to just say to everyone, I’m rowing the same boat, when I read your comments, I was blown away. My stepfather is exactly the same as yr partner ” part reptilian part nephilim, he is destroying my life and I can’t do a thing about it

  • Mary says:

    My husband is draining me of everything that’s supposed to be happy in my life!

  • michele says:

    Hi. Yes there is someone draining me, its my partner… Thank you for the email.

  • Philip j godwin says:

    Wow, on point and inspiring!
    Thank you Luna, hopefully these insights can keep me balanced through the next months

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