WARNING:  Your Success Depends On This ONE Simple Fact … 

Hey there,

My name is Adam and I’m REALLY excited to share this with you 🙂

Why?  Because, and I don’t say this lightly…

The Tarot is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for abundance, achievement and understanding life the world has ever known!

Not only can you use it instantly to read the energy of what’s going on “behind the scenes” in your life – what’s holding you back from abundance and what’s blocking you from having what you want…

But there are nearly infinite uses for the Tarot because the meaning of each tarot card is infinite!

I’ll tell you more about who I am (and why you should trust this reading) in just a moment …

For now, lets focus on the question that brought you here today…

Think Of Your Question And Let The Universe Be Your Guide

Important:  This is a digital reading, not live!  And I’m not there with you in person.  So in order to get maximum results from your reading, here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to close your eyes for just a moment and silence your mind.  Focus on your question until you feel it in your body.  Once you feel the timing is right, click the cards to begin your free tarot reading and get results for your past, present and future.

Remember to Bookmark this page and use it as your daily free tarot reading.  It can be very helpful for just about everything 🙂

For Love:  Hot date?  Lonely night?  Dealing with drama?  Want to know if he loves you or why he’s pulling away?  Ask the Tarot your questions for love.  Find out what to expect!

If you see any “knight’, “king” or Emperor cards they might represent the man in your mind!  Wands will mean passion is brewing.  Cups suggest there will be love.  Pentacles can mean a solid foundation over material things.  Swords reveal where you’re at on an intellectual level.

For Money:  Feeling broke and depressed?  Stressed about work?  Not getting ahead where you should be?  Consulting this 3 card reading to measure your financial abundance levels is always helpful.  Why?  Because you’ll make the right moves and decide with confidence.

Look for cards that are pentacles.  This is the story of money.  Also The Devil, The Star and The World are related to Saturn (i.e. your “cosmic boss”).  The Magician is also important here because he helps you communicate your needs.  Wands could mean getting ahead.  Cups can indicate emotional issues blocking your success (or work romance).  Swords can indicate new plans are moving forward.  Look for cards that deal with strategy and success.

For Anything:  Want to know the gender of your baby?  Or if you should make that move?  Or what’s going to happen?  You can literally ask ANYTHING and get direct insights from the Universe.  Especially when you can’t wait!

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Your Past, Present And Future

(Interpretations by BiddyTarot.com)

Are You Satisfied With Your Future?

As you read over their meanings, and your intuition becomes activated, you might feel a resonance with the cards.

The interpretations you see are merely a peak … simple insights into each card…

Because the true power is in the images – the colors, numbers, symbols, and actions you see.

This is the reason you are drawn to them. The Tarot is actually an ancient tool for awakening, strengthening and harnessing your intuition (not some gypsy parlor trick).

A true reading begins when you look at the cards (without someone else’s meaning) and interpret them yourself – through your imagination and intuition – noticing what comes up for you as you study each one.

So your curiosity is very normal!  And don’t feel weird about it either.

After all, the Universe DID bring you here for a reason …

To let you know where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where your future COULD be if you stay on the same path you are now.

But guess what?

Yes! You Really CAN Create Your Own Future And Have It All!

How?  By choosing the card you want instead (and doing a few of the crazy awesome transformation techniques I’ll be sharing with you in your email soon).

And of course, you want to make the right choices, especially when the decision is very important!

Because when you choose a card, and do the things I’ll be sharing with you soon … you can begin to manifest the energies of that card in your life and change the course of your fate.

For now … it’s up to you to gather as much information that you possibly can so you can get in touch with your real life purpose and fulfill your true destiny.

How do I know?

Because this is exactly what happened to me about a decade ago. ..

So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Like I said, my name is Adam.  Nice to meet you!

When you look at me today, you’ll see that my life is NOTHING like it was before I found this stuff.

On the surface I might seem like a naturally “lucky” guy because of my successful business, beautiful wife and two amazing dogs.

And yes I’m truly blessed…

However – it’s not luck.

I’ve simply found a way to “hack” the law of attraction using these ancient tools of divination – Astrology, Numerology and Tarot.

You see, 10 years ago I stumbled upon these tools that have become my “secret weapons” in life.

These secret weapons helped me escape my soul-sucking “medical sales” career … start my own business and create life on MY own terms.

Astrology to gain a clear understanding of my own personal energies and the timing of things so I can manifest what I want at the RIGHT TIME to make sure it comes into my life.

Numerology to see the deeper meaning in things as they connect on the core fundamental language of mathematics, seeing the core patterns that exist in the Universe …

And The Tarot to read the energy of situations, know what to expect and change the course of my destiny through resonating with what I want (it’s all drawn out in each card.  More on that later).

Since discovering their secrets, I’ve consulted the cards, the stars, and the numbers for almost every major decision I’ve made in the last decade…

And consistently found the “path of least resistance” to achieve my dreams.

When I didn’t like the outcome … I would CHANGE IT!

Otherwise, any time I failed to asked the universe for guidance, the results were either a total disaster or a miracle by accident.

It was like s roller coaster!

Now it’s much easier for me because I have the Universe as my guide.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to share with you.

The secrets of mastering the practical parts of these systems to manifest the life you really want.

Two Quick Things You Can Do Right Now

Thing #1:  If you really want to change your life, and want to unlock more secrets about the Tarot, then I highly recommend that you get a free astrology chart reading to determine the timing of your life right now.

My friend Adrian offers a great free astrology reading that tells you about the Transit periods you may be facing right now (a serious influence that is affecting you right now.)

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Thing #2:  Get your free numerology report.  Your name is no accident, you know.  And each number of the Tarot (Ace-10 … the first 10 cards of the Major Arcana) is DIRECTLY tied into numerology!

You really should know what your numbers are and what they mean.  My good friends at numerolgist.com do an amazing job in their free Numerology reading.

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Sign up for both of these while it’s fresh in your mind.

Because I speak from experience…

There’s no better way to breeze past obstacles and harness hidden opportunities on the planet than to use Astrology, Numerology and The Tarot combined.

It’s going to be a fun and exciting ride!  But this is very powerful (and previously forbidden) knowledge so please take it seriously and don’t abuse it’s power 🙂

To your successful future,

Adam Paul

P.S.  Make sure to get these two free readings now.

You should really know at least the basics about your Astrology chart and your Numerology because it’s all tied into the Tarot!  And these guys will give you the solid foundation you need to make both of these ancient arts help you manifest your dreams.

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