April Horoscope: Five Key Dates You Need To Know

By April 2, 2019 Horoscope

This April marks a potent time to engage in inner work and set major goals that you will reap the benefits of six months from now.

Here are five key astrological events you should mark on your calendar so you can take advantage of the energy available to you each time.

#1:  April 5th    | New Moon in Aries

The “I AM” warrior

The April 4th Aries New Moon is powerfully pushing you to reignite who you are — demanding your authenticity, courage, self worth as you step into unknown higher power inside you.  Will you choose to be more accountable for creating the “new energetic space” you need to honor your truth and use this power for something of value?

This new moon is still in the conversation and reverberation of the recent mercury retrograde, re-evaluating what is true and meaningful for you, and what you want to create from it.  This is having you ask deeper questions to repressed truth (wounds & old patterning) holding you back. This means you must know yourself deeper to begin.

It’s time to stop messing around with your life purpose, listening to old stories or other people’s limited opinions.  If you suffer from indecision or the desire to please, this New Moon can help you remember who you are at depth and what you truly want.   What makes your heart beat faster and lights you up knowing that you are the “I am” creator to your own beginning and ending?

How would you create is you JUST KNEW you were connected to Source because you realized this yourself — how would you create and where would you put that energy if you just KNEW that you had the power inside you?  Because you do. And this new moon may show it to you.

#2:  April 10th  | Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius

The seeker of knowledge and wisdom

Jupiter is turning retrograde and is currently in its ruling sign of Sagittarius. On April 10, it will begin its yearly 4 month retrograde to bless you with a wonderful opportunity to reevaluate your belief systems and help you ensure that you’re growing personally, spiritually, and financially in ways that serve your highest good.  This retrograde will also highlight what the Aries new moon showed us highlighting the truths of our last mercury retrograde.

During this retrograde period, collective ideas and even laws may be visited and re-visioned.  On a individual level, this is will be an internal process — and inner expansion of consciousness and exploration in the areas of your life rules by Sagittarius.  This is the time to notice what’s being magnified as this transit will bring huge revelations to the surface, along with a previously suppressed truths (or anything you have been been trying to escape from, consciously or unconsciously).

Jupiter goes direct on August 11th, which we will talk about later.  Until then, use this time to pull back and focus on the big picture. You may be at a crossroads and there may be detours, so this beautiful retrograde is your time to make the right course corrections if you have strayed from your greater soul purpose and path.  It’s time to rediscover your faith in yourself and your existence, what you seek is within you.

#3:  April 19th  | Full Moon in Libra (opposite Uranus)

A lightning bolt of balanced emotions…

On April 19th, fasten your seatbelt for the Full Moon in Libra! This balancing full moon will be in opposition with Uranus so you will feel the need for change and freedom. Be careful to not be impulsive! Use the restlessness that you feel to break free allowing this dynamic tension to help you between shifting paradigms that are closing out and also beginning in your world.  

This full moon period over the next couple weeks forward is highlighting relationship imbalances involving emotional support and love. This energy could also bring relationship matters to a head, in a shocking or surprising way, if you’ve not facing them ahead of time.

If you can, plan to take it easy on the 19th, and avoid any situations that could be dangerous or volatile. On the days leading up to the Full Moon, make sure to avoid overworking, take extra good care of yourself and receive plenty of sleep.

Major Retrograde Alert:

Toward the end of the month, two major planets, Pluto and Saturn, will also go retrograde in the same sign of Capricorn. These two heavy hitters of the Zodiac move very slowly in the outer rings of our galaxy, and tend to affect humanity at large.  

For these to both go retrograde nearly at the same time, in nearly the same degree, of the exact same signs signals a time period where major energies will be pulled back and re-evaluated everywhere… from the political stage, to the daily interactions in your life.  

#4:  April 24th  | Pluto Retrograde
The backwards dance of unstoppable change…

On April 24th, Pluto will appear to shift its course in the sky, marking the beginning of it’s nearly 6 month backwards journey through Capricorn (our relationship to authority).

When Pluto (the planet of digging up hidden/repressed information and causing transformation) goes retrograde, you’ll have the extra time and power to achieve your goals so long as you do this one thing Pluto demands: release what is not serving you in the pursuit of your goals.  This means kill off excuses and send self-sabotaging behaviors to the underworld. What’s left will be is a short list of things to do and the power to get what you want. Sound a little intense?

Well, prepare to meet the most badass version of yourself as Pluto is the God of the Underworld, showing up as the energy ready to transform all of you let it. The energy behind Pluto retrograde will also give you the boost to no longer take “no” for an answer so you can break through the lies or blocks limiting you as this energy makes you be more ruthlessly honest with your emotional core and candid with everyone you meet.  

It’s time to really review what power, control and surrender into the unknown means to you so give yourself so space and ask yourself, what do I most want in life and why is it important to me?  Pluto may draw a line in the sand for you as there are ways that must transform, but it may mean facing your fears first. Trust and be courageous, it is Aries Season after all!

#5:  April 29th  | Saturn Retrograde

A break from over conformity…

Just a few days later on April 29th, Saturn will follow Pluto’s lead and turn retrograde as well. At 20’ Capricorn (our life experiences) & only a few degrees apart, these two planets are working together to also help you face what’s still holding you back and bring you greater stability, transformation and healthy structure.  

Saturn is the ruler of structure, time, goals, and areas where you hold yourself back out of fear and lack of accountability.  Saturn wants you to take your life purpose seriously and your sticky spots have the potential to be your greatest teachers — and your weaknesses, your greatest strengths.  

Saturn holds this mirror, teaching you how to work within boundaries, and take responsibility — asking you to be honest, organized, practical, and responsible.  And with Saturn turning retrograde these questions and lessons show up less in the external world and more as internal inquiry and pressure.

So now is the most helpful to ask “where am I rigid about my ideas? As you examine the cause of your conditioning as you’re being given the chance to reevaluate the structures and parameters you’ve been operating within — so that we can find greater attunement and purpose in our lives.

The theme of Saturn retrograde involves internal pressure and self inquiry, so be prepared to dig deep into yourself with the right questions, and reveal the answers you’ve been searching for.  Ask yourself, what is my relationship with authority?  Where in my life am I being a control freak?  How are you feeling restricted?  The answers you seek will show up for you.  

(Hint: Depending on your Zodiac sign, and its relationship to Capricorn, this could mean a lot of different things for you.  Now would be a great time to get a reading with a live astrologer and see what changes this means for you.)

Of course, this is just a brief overview of what’s to come.  Stay tuned because we’ll be sharing more detailed articles on each event so you’re well prepared.

I want to make sure you have everything you need for your New Beginning energy and to live your best month possible <3

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

P.S.  What major shifts are you experiencing in your life?  Share and comment below.  I’d love to hear from you <3

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