Why promote this product?

Let’s face it. Relationships today are more mixed up than ever before.

With the onslaught of technology-based dating apps like tinder, most of the single women’s market is at a loss to younger women who are in the know.

With increasing anxiety, women world wide are turning to the ancient arts of finding answers, looking for clues, and reading signs of what to do next.

Tarot card reading has been used as a divination tool for centuries, and the overwhelming reason most women turn to Tarot cards is to answer questions in their love life.

You’ve seen readings work well on your list.  You’ve seen quizzes do great.  You want to offer something unique that they’ve never seen, and give them an experience they will never forget.

That’s where TrueLoveAnswers.com comes in.  Our funnel offers your readers an interactive experience that gives them deep and personal insights into their love life.  After a free three card “past, present and future” reading using our custom (and one-of-a-kind) online tarot reading technology, they get their Love Power Reading – a fully customized profile for their lover and themselves based on nothing but their birthday – so they can determine whether or not the man they are seeing is Mr. Right, or just Mr. “right now.”

Early testing has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The demand for this product is through the roof, and YOU are one of the first people in the world to cash in on it’s two years of preparation by a seven figure copy writing team and one of the most well known affiliates in the personal development space.

7 Reasons To Promote True Love Answers

  • Hungry Market:  Tarot is the original relationship tool. The demand for free love tarot readings has skyrocketed over the past two years.
  • Breakthrough Engagement Technology:  Our free love reading is an interactive, one on one experience that your prospects will love and thank you for.
  • Deep Customer Psychology:  We understand the market through years of research and active participation.
  • Generous Commissions: We offer up to 75% commissions on all front end sales, and 50% on all back end upsells.
  • Proven Tools & Resources:  Everything you get to promote is tested for maximum conversion on your list on any women’s list over 40.
  • A Triple Win:  We are committed to changing the world.  You help us with our goal, we help you make money, and we both help relationships world wide.  What’s not to love?

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