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“I don’t think I ever properly grieved, I just kept going”

Hey beautiful soul…

Crystal here and I just wanted to remind you…

How absolutely beautiful, unique, powerful, valued, needed and celebrated you are.

Thank You for existing here and now….

You are needed. You are important. You are loved.  

You are worthy of the ability to have the life you want.

And that life isn’t dependent on things like other people’s ideals… your ability to perform the best… or how much is in your bank account.  

The life you want is ONLY about fully owning all of you. 

We have been working our way to the energy of NOW for two years or much longer for some. 

And we are still in a massive purging right now. 

Purging all that is obsolete and no longer necessary. 

Purging all the ways we endure or obligate ourselves instead of choosing from joy.  

Purging all that must be cleaned up, cast aside and left behind…  

Like the ways we may bypass or sabotage our own freedom, love, truth or power within. 

The places we leave ourselves, or compromise our own light and energy, “leak our life force” are so much more visible now. 

Yes TRUTH as it is must be seen: fully faced.  

It is both beautiful and confronting.

It is both troubling and necessary.

Trusting your truth and owning it.  Even when it hurts.  

Facing what must be seen. Facing what must be done. 

Following your own soul-led truth.  

Including what you keep feeling called to make happen in your life. 

…regardless of external circumstances.

You know you must do the thing. 

For some, facing “it” can look like acknowledging and ending it. 

Or doing what must be done. 

Yes. This includes Death. 

Killing the thing, closing out the cycle. 

Shutting the door to that which is siphoning you or your space to create from.  

No, nothing is wrong. It all brought you here.  

You didn’t know what you couldn’t have known. So forgive all, being grateful for ALL.   

And release it.  

I have seen people throw stuff off and immediately experience an upsurge in clarity and energy and have their life opportunities start popping.

Of course, for some, this isn’t what is needed

For example, if you are grieving the loss or death of someone you loved….

This only means to be fully here for it.  To experience, acknowledge, and accept/integrate it. 

All of it. 

Until you know you are ready again to live.  

Collectively we are all moving through death in some way.  

…The crumbling of what is artificial, obligatory, false or ending what arrives from coping instead of fully living.  

…Anything that is coming from repeating karmic cycles or fear instead of what we love is only getting louder

Siphoning and manipulation with no body to hold can only be seen for what it is, in the light of awareness.  

Yes we must make the ROOM for the life we want. 

Emptying out so we have room to create… 

So we have room to embody what we truly love and who we are as we grow… with an open heart.

Letting go of what is obsolete. 

Yes, so much purging has been happening. So much grieving.

Being radically honest to feeling what is still here in your body. 

Or this means for you just fully meeting and closing out anything that has run its course or is no longer serving a purpose…

Only because we have extracted and lived an experience for all it can give us.  

And now we must make room for what we don’t know…

Eventually it becomes an active choice to leave it behind and declare it complete. 

…It’s no longer useful because there are no more new lessons to be had.  

You can choose to be full and move on. 

This means fully releasing what has already become dead, gone and obsolete. 

This means it’s time to create the new. 

Energetically speaking, this is the choice point you have been feeling for a long time. 

We are all moving through fully completing karmic contracts and cycles and stepping deeper into living our soul (service to God) and sovereignty.  

It’s been very deep in the body, deep in our emotions, our ancestral bones this year unlike any other.  

Purging, purging, purging these old structures in our bodies and in our lives.  

These old tensions (all the unfelt feelings) in our joints and ligaments need our whole heart presence.  

It’s also been a lot of deep-setting Boundaries lately while extracting ourselves out of whatever siphons us. 

While we are all living in between the old life and the now…

Yes, it’s been a wild ride. 

Just please know amongst all of that’s been happening for you in life…

Know you absolutely deserve to be IN true joy and at peace right now.  

Regardless of the past.  

Just as you are. 

Even amongst the ever-evolving, dying, shedding, birthing mess.  

Yes… we must include all versions of the self. 

We must integrate that which we have exiled so long and bring it back into wholeness.

You are free to find your fire within and fan it the only way your soul knows how…

Make the leap. Do what you know you must do.  

If you’re not here at this moment, it’s OKAY.  

The low points are just as important as the highs.  

The worst moments must be seen, honored, felt through just as the best moments do.  

Just like a lost, lonely, exhausted little child asking for a hug, safety and love after a difficult journey home.  

Uncomfortable truth must be accepted, felt, heard and seen just as it is.  

This is why we are really here as souls. It’s perhaps why at one point, you followed my posts reminding you.  

Because we are all in the process of remembering who we are and we remind each other.  

I am you. You are we.  

And I am so very thankful for you, love.  

I hope you enjoy your heart overflowing in some way this holiday season…

I hope you choose to spend time with the people who remind you of the love you are…

Those not fearing your expansion.  

Because yes there are those who will never see you.

Those who can’t possibly see your true offering, your love, your soul or recognize the light in you as were all on different frequencies…

They are not supposed to either.  That’s up to you.  

Self-love we maintain through boundaries, not walls!

YOU are the conduit! 

Take down the walls and trust your inner knowing.

Stay in your own lane, your actions and being. 

This is how your “soul tribe” knows how to find you. 

Your torch blazing within your own heart and mission. 

Reminding us all,

To Be FREE.  


Crystal Aryana 

PS – I’m sorry for my absence, I’ve been in a massive reset.  I will be writing more as I step out of my cave of 2022.  Thank you for your patience with me.  

And thanks to the many of you who continued to send me loving messages and emails.  

Crystal Aryana

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  • Amber Watson says:

    Ok, kinda incredible for me. How am I just seeing this message now? “crumbling of what is artificial, obligatory or from coping instead of fully living? Had I gotten this update back in Dec, nope! It wouldn’t have clicked for me but like you say we must “live it” from within Thank you and blessings to you, Crystal.

  • Sara says:

    stunning how accurate and relevant this message is for me…thank you

  • Larry says:

    Thank you for your knowledge and love! I am on a parallel path to discovering that which you write about. The coherence of both is amazing!

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