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By November 12, 2020 Astrology

Hey there, it’s Luna! 

It’s been a long two months since Mars went retrograde on September 9th. Since then, you may have noticed how hard it was to get things accomplished and move forward with your plans. 

It seemed like the thing you were most excited about diving into got put on hold, while all kinds of obstacles and delays cropped up, forcing you to deal with unforeseen issues. 

This is because Mars, the planet of energy, will and desire, was taking a break from its usual outward focus, and turning your attention inward to take care of hidden blocks that would have interfered with your progress. 

Thankfully, as of November 13th, Mars will be going direct and getting back on course. This means your plans will be getting back on course too, which is something worth celebrating!

Don’t pull out the champagne just yet though. Before Mars picks back up to full speed, it will be passing through the last shadow of the retrograde. This marks the final stage of integration before you are ready to take flight and pursue your dreams without hesitation. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Proceed With Caution

The planet Mars is a celestial powerhouse. It’s the cosmic force that motivates you, expresses your desire, and takes you where you want to go. 

While Mars was retrograding, it’s backward motion through the zodiac created a similar effect of backtracking in your own life. Doubt, delays, and obstacles appeared, forcing you to slow down and rethink things. 

Big questions came up like, “Do I really want the thing I’m pursuing?”, “Is there something missing that I need in order to move forward with my plans?”, “Am I going about getting what I want in the right way?”

The last two months were a time of deep reflection and reevaluation. Unexpected disruptions might have come up during this time to help you see hidden obstacles more clearly so you could deal with them and move forward. 

With Mars about to go direct, all the factors related to your situation are on the table. You know what you need to do, now it’s just a matter of integrating your insights and allowing all the pieces to come together in their own timing. 

The best thing you can do right now is be patient. Just like an airplane needs to go through safety checks before it can take off, you are going through your own process of preparation before you’re ready to pursue your heart’s desires again. 

If you try to rush the process, there’s a chance you could crash and burn. Instead of charging ahead, try to gradually increase your speed until you reach full velocity on January 2nd 2021. This is the day Mars at long last leaves its shadow.  

Starting November 13th, it’s okay to start moving forward with your plans, just proceed with caution. There are still pieces falling into place, so keep in mind you might feel a bit wobbly as you make the final adjustments to your trajectory.

As Mars turns direct, a rare planetary phenomena will take place, and it may just have you feeling like everything has come to a complete standstill. 

 A Day Out Of Time 

Whenever a planet goes direct, it doesn’t just charge forward all of a sudden. In fact, before it starts moving ahead again, it becomes stationary – which temporarily creates the effect of the planet not moving at all! This is an especially powerful placement for Mars, because Mars is all about movement. 

When Mars becomes stationary direct on November 13th, it may feel like a day out of time. This is not a day to accomplish things, rather it’s a potent time to unplug, meditate and energize yourself.

Mars’ influence will be at full power, and radiating a highly charged field of energy you can draw on to charge your own battery until the next Mars retrograde two years from now. 

This is an excellent time to contemplate your goals for the future and clear up any lingering uncertainty. This day is also a great time to meditate and allow insights about your passions, desires, and life path to come through. Journaling, vision boards, and life mapping can be especially helpful today, and you may be surprised at the new, deeply aligned goals you find yourself writing down. 

If you have big plans for the weekend, you might find yourself more inclined to stay home, rest, and destress. You won’t feel like pushing yourself today, and that’s okay! Take advantage of Mars’ stationary energy. This is a rare window when your path forward can be recalibrated and optimized by consciously taking in the potency of Mars’ transmission. 

On a steamy note, if things have been uneventful in the bedroom lately, you can look forward to it changing for the better over the coming weeks. 

Rekindling Your Passion

Did your intimacy take a nosedive over the last two months? Don’t be too hard on yourself if it did, because Mars retrograde is notorious for extinguishing our fiery passions. It’s likely something came up causing you and your partner to be less intimate. 

If you’re single, you may have had trouble finding a good date, or might have given up on romance altogether. 

Whatever your situation, the last two months have not been ideal for passionate encounters. With Mercury retrograding in Scorpio during this time, it’s possible that issues around communicating and intimacy needs were getting in the way of getting it on. 

Over the last eight weeks, you might have had some jarring events cause you to get clearer about what you want and don’t want in the bedroom. Or you may have found the courage to express what you truly desire. 

With Mars turning direct, your hard earned insights can finally go to good use. Not only does it mean a green light for romance, Mars direct will be igniting all your passions, and filling you with inspiration to move forward, have new experiences, and pursue your wildest dreams.

Keep patient as all the pieces come together. You’ve done a lot of hard work over the last two months, and soon you will be enjoying the outcome of your efforts!  

I’m looking forward to seeing what you create, dream and do! 

In the shadow of the red planet,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S.  Have the insights you’ve received over the last two months changed the path you were on earlier this year? How have the shifts in your relationships influenced your direction? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to TarotReadingDaily.com, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Melissa says:

    Tell me some inside on the weeks and months to come

  • Christina Doracin says:

    Thank you so much. Everything you wrote today aligned and added affirmation and clarity to what I’ve experienced. Thank you!

  • Me says:

    Hi Luna,
    I have been copiloting since 2017 October 10 it wasn’t by choice.
    I don’t know why we are here??…it’s weird and awkward in a sense… I don’t know what happened?!
    It has gotten bad… let up to 2020 in June I don’t exactly how it spiral this ,that my husband and I were sleeping in separate bedroom , on top of that October 10 was 3 years of no intimacy.. I’m quite not sure how and why????
    My to children sees what’s goes on , I was so desperately wanting answers.. I ask God to open my eyes and ears.
    I started seeing psychic signs everywhere many different areas ..
    Some how it led me to you this website.
    I’m reading your messages, it doesn’t relate me..
    I hopefully I get answers, mentally coasting,I’m tired. I never really thought what I see in my house is true:( it is true.
    Please hope that God and the universe help me unanswered questions

  • María says:

    Two months ago something happened. It was like I cut energies with situations and people- magically- it started my recalibration for the future. Many things move ahead that were in standby and even when my divorce haven’t finished, I know the future is bright and different!

  • Natalie says:


    I literally feel like every-time I open my daily reading recently you can see directly into my thoughts & situation.

    Thankyou for being my guide

    I’m grateful

  • Francisca R Garcia says:

    Actually yes I felt like what the hell!! But at the same time I also realize the changes I made 2months ago or I should say like almost 5mths ago and just realizing that was my negativity and its was an eye opener even if I have to stand alone my soul does not feel heavy, and I don’t feel bad acknowledging and letting them know .

  • Krista Smith says:

    Feeling all of this!! It’s like you were speaking directly to me! Awesome thanks

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