A Fight For Your Truth | Weekly Tarot Reading: 9/6-9/12

By September 7, 2020 September 9th, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Lovely Friends, 

This is Jonathan from Tarot Reading Daily, with your Weekly Tarot Reading.

I’m in awe of how many people are continuing to grow and evolve during these turbulent times. I often receive messages and letters from people telling me about the amazing success and self development occurring in their lives. 

I know it’s not like this for all of us, and certainly not all of the time. We go through phases of growth, and times when it seems like we’ve plateaued, or are even stepping backwards, but this is part of a very natural process. What seems like a backwards step… or five, may actually be giving you the reorientation you need to start down a more aligned path. 

It can honestly be hard to tell where we are in the process of our life journey because we can’t see around the next bend, let alone the next moment. This is why touching base with our higher self, angels, or divine intelligence can be helpful. 

This coming week will provide you with insight that needs to be integrated on the go. In other words, there won’t be time to bask in the success of you accomplishments, because life will already be testing to see if you’re ready for the next level. However, if you stay firm in your truth, you might find yourself in a revelatory state by the end of the week. 

Let’s take a look. 

The World: Get Ready To Move Ahead

The World card is the final card of the Major Arcana. The Fool has traveled through the archetypal journey, evolving and growing into mastery. While you may or may not have reached mastery yet, The World card is signifying a grand completion, or one soon to come. 

All the work you have done, either willingly, or by being dragged along kicking and screaming, has brought you to this exact moment. Look around you, take stock in everything in your life at this very moment. Breath deep and remember that there isn’t anywhere else you could be but exactly right here and now. 

This is an ideal time to look back on the recent, and not so recent, events that have brought you to this particular moment. You might write down the story of your past few years, highlighting what you have learned, the challenges you’ve faced, and the victories, big or small, that you’ve won. 

Every ending comes with a new beginning, and often the beginning arrives sooner than we would expect. Take note of any loose ends that are ready to be cleaned up. Notice if there are things you’ve been avoiding. Addressing them may take less time than you think, plus doing so will restore your energy being sapped by these unattended elements. 

Seven of Wands: Warrior Stance

The Seven of Wands is all about strengthening your footing. You have done deep work on yourself, and other people are starting to see your success. Those we commonly call ‘haters’ will start to come out of the woodwork the more you shine and succeed. This card represents a time when your steel will be tested. 

Whenever we ascend to new heights, whether in our consciousness or career, a reciprocal energy will push against us. This is nature’s way of strengthening our new standing, and testing us to see if we deserve our new positioning in life. 

Now is a time to get rooted in your beautiful, empowered self. Stand firm in what you believe and stay true to your word. If life comes at you this week, plant your feet, breath in your belly, shine that radiant heart of yours, and don’t budge. This is not a time to back down or give into cultural or conditioned pressure. It’s a time to fight for what you believe in. 

Sometimes when life becomes stormy, or we feel like we’re hitting a wall, we can misinterpret this as a sign we’re doing something wrong, or heading in the wrong direction. If you’re experiencing barriers getting in the way of your plans or dreams this week, don’t turn back, push forward. 

The High Priestess: Harness Your Intuition

When life feels confusing or challenging, turning inwards will often provide the key to finding clarity. The High Priestess is a master of intuition, the unconscious, and esoteric secrets. She sits at the gateway between the known and the unknown. Her voice speaks to you through your intuition and dreams. 

During this week, as you process your past, and firmly defend your new stance in life, pay particular attention to your dreams. Take note of any words that pop out at you while driving or reading. Pay attention to your intuition and notice the symbolism in what’s happening around you. 

The High Priestess is whispering to you, and what you perceive on the surface is almost never what is in her depths. Don’t expect to get a clear cut answer, rather listen to the emotion behind what you are experiencing, listen to life as if it is a beautiful, complex, song or movie. Ask yourself, what is behind this? What does this mean to me? 

You are being asked to let yourself get quiet and to contemplate your deepest questions. Be prepared for unconventional answers. You may not understand why you are called in a particular direction, or why meeting with someone seems so important, so don’t spend too much energy trying to figure it out. Instead, trust your deeper intuition, and see what comes of it. 

An Important Milestone

Imagine the first day at a new school or job, or picking up an instrument you want to learn. It’s exciting to think about the new people you’ll meet or the songs you’ll be able to play, but when you start to get into it, it can be challenging at the beginning. 

This is part of the reason so many people choose to remain where they are; they struggle getting over the first hurdle and decide they either can’t do it, or it’s just not worth it. 

The truth is, this first hurdle is there to get you ready. It forces you to be present with what’s in front of you. At first, it requires all of your attention, but it doesn’t take long before you get the hang of things, and begin feeling more comfortable. 

This week marks an important milestone, and like crossing any threshold, there will be some pushback, along with new insights and exciting new possibilities. Remember all of your experiences have brought you to this moment. You are resilient, your ancestors were resilient, which is part of why you are here. You can stand in your truth and walk your talk. I believe in you. 

As always, 

In Service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. Is there a situation in your life where you’re finding it hard to stand up in your truth? I’m also curious about your dreams, and what might be coming to completion for you right now. Tell me about it on the blog, I’d love to hear from you. 

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Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • jose says:

    I appreciate what you have made me vibrate with your revelations today thanks

  • Christine Williams says:

    Loved the reading, Have been really working on my enlightenment, have been meditating to get me in touch with my intuition think I finally got rid of all the negativity in my life.Very interesting stuff, it’s all about love there are big changes coming in our world, and I think my life plan has to do with that.

  • Cecilia Bruce says:

    I recently met my teacher who taught me 10 years ago and we have been texting and calling each other for almost a year now. We are both single and we have met a couple of times, there’s a strong attraction we both have for eachother but he refuses to take our relationship to the next level. I’ve tried anything possible to get him out my mind but it’s not working. Pls what should I do??

    • Hey Cecelia,
      It really depends on if you’re ready to let go of this person or not. You might need to look at what it is at an unconscious level you think this person can give you that you believe you cannot provide for yourself. Perhaps then there is a way to begin giving yourself what you have been looking for in another. There may be some fundamental beliefs about self-worth or safety that needs to be untangled so you don’t keep looking for that safety and self affirmation externally. I recommend, always, finding people in your life that you can trust and that want you to succeed and be happy, and spend more time with them. Having nourishing connection may begin to melt the seeking out of unavailable ones.

  • Kellie says:

    In the past I’ve always had recurring dreams or ones that would relate to each other, and for the past few weeks I’ve been watching them slowly come true. But there are a few haters around me that don’t believe what’s happening with me and want to stack it up to a big story and the guy I just got together with is not who I say he is but he’s trying to play me for a fool……I think these haters are just watching too much of dateline and other over dramatic crime shows

  • Darrell says:

    Definately feels as though change and new beginnings are on the horizon. Since summer of last year, I began seeing 9:11 on every digital clock. Day and night. My life has gone through a complete reset it seems in every facet. Today , I dont see 9:11 as much as I see 11:11. This normally occurs when I’m talking or messaging someone. I’ve also had a random stranger ( mailman I’ve never seen before or since) pray for me. Other times I see on clocks are 4:11, 7:11 and 3:11

    • I’ve gone through period like this Darell. Sound like you are going through a significant change my friend. Keep up the good work! You might start to listen to what thoughts or what’s being said when those numbers appear 😉

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Thank you wholeheartedly for the reading which encourages me to go on with the story of many lives I am working on at the moment. All straightened out in a well balanced true value of our worldly existence. Tarot and all fronts do show It’s turning point. Specially this week and indeed, clean and clear up before entering the new era we’ll all go for. Again a big thanks to you Jonathan.

  • Hi I desperately need help in my life. I feel so blocked and stuck.and just feel surrounded by jealousy and negativity.like nothing I do ever comes out good for me.im a good person n dont deserve all this hardship n heartache!! Heres my current situation.in January I fell in love with austin.in August 2019 we became friends got close we helped each other thru some real difficult moments we were just really good friends with benefits all was very good he was everything I ever wanted in a man but always had the gut feeling that he too loved me but was not being completely honest with me on who was really in his life.he acted real secretive all the time well by January I had fallen hard for him.he didnt want At first a relationship so when I backed off n didnt pursue him n went on with my life he suddenly discovered he loved me supposedly and pursued me and started a relationship with me and we dated til may 2020 but in all those months I discovered he wasnt who I thought who I had fallen in love with he became jealous,rude,disrespectful to a point,possesive,and controlling,all of sudden he wanted to change everything about me I mean everything all of sudden I wasnt good enough being me! Very hurtful and just heartbreaking that nothing I did was ever good enough in his eyes,I never stopped feeling like he was still lying and being secretive about what he was really up to or who was in his life.one day we got in huge fight and he walked away from us.from me.i didnt chase him or go look for him but I was beyond devastated .3 weeks later I get in contact with his younger brother they are not blood brothers but grew up together.i just wanted to know who he was really with I just needed answers I find out hes been in jail since 3 days after we broke up.he got his 3rd DUI! So I put money for him at the jail cuz I know what it’s like to be in jail n not have nothing. And cuz I loved him even though he had hurt me so much! I had alot of fun that day just hanging out with his little brother felix who is nothing like austin we became friends then after a few weeks we slept together and we have been together ever since! He is amazing to me he doesnt judge me he likes me and accepts me for me.i can talk to him about anything without feeling judged or worry about him getting angry with me and blaming me or treating me like I’m lying austin always did that to me and felix has never and when we fight he likes to talk n work things out.felix these past months has been here for me thru good bad sad always having my back.so austin has been in jail for 3 months n had to do a 30 day rehab for awhile I took his calls from jail n rehab I continued to make sure he had money on his account felix knows all this but I soon realized I had to make a choice and it was simple I chose felix cuz he truly makes me happy and I can be just me always! I’ve tried to make austin understand that we are not together and that I don’t want to be with him in a week when he gets done with rehab now he doeant know Bout felix and I but I have told him many times that I don’t want to be with him he insists hes different n that hes sorry for the way he treated me and begs for another chance says he gonna show me soon the love he has for me I tell him I’m not interested anymore but he refuses to take no for an answer.he will be out of rehab in a week I truly dont want to be with him cuz now I think back n realize how unhappy I was n how shitty his behaviors made me feel all the time n how I was never good enough couldn’t be myself around Austin ever.i want to build a life with felix he makes me feel truly happy n complete happiness I’ve honestly never felt before in the past I thought I was happy with other people but now I realize I really wasnt and what i feel and have with felix truly is happiness and for once i feel loved by someone he might not say it yet but he shows me with actions that he too loves me! My dilemma is how do i get austin to accept that it’s over without having to fight with him I don’t want to hurt him by telling him that I’m with his little brother now.i just want him to let me go n move on.i also want to know if everything I feel n think about felix is accurate and if he was truly the right choice for me does he want a future with me or am I just his fun for the moment I havent exactly been good at reading men in my past I never see their true colors or intentions until it’s too late I hope that’s not the case with felix .I just need to know what the future has for felix and I what he thinks and feels in his heart about me.was felix the right choice?what is it that blocks me from moving forward and what is blocking felix from moving forward too.i noticed he hesitant a little about us moving forward with relationship n taking it to next level I feel he has alot of fears about taking it there with me I just want to know what and why and how I can help him overcome all that unnecessary fear he has caused my past heartaches and betrayal from his past .please help me I feel sooo stuck!!

    • Thank you for sharing Linda. I am always a proponent for honesty, even if it’s hard. The truth is, it’s your choice to be with someone else, and if Austin is unwilling to accept this, then it’s important for you to create really strong boundaries -maybe even stop talking to him all together. Otherwise he could push and pull and fight and tare at you for much longer than you would want. Simpler perhaps, to tell him you are merely no longer available and need time away from him. Ask him to respect this boundary, and leave him be to deal with his own stuff. I know it sounds harsh, but that’s part of you standing up for what you need, and giving him an opportunity to do his own work on himself if he so chooses. Good Luck 🙂

  • kimberly anderson says:

    The past mpnth I have been seeing the umbers 808 every where I go…..
    Shopping my change $8.08
    Gas my change $8.08
    Being behind vehicles 808 on license plates
    Getting to work 8:08
    I know someone is screaming at me to notice something but what???

    • Hey Kimberly,
      I always recommend starting to notice what you are thinking about when numbers like this show up, or what is happening around you. You might bring a small notebook with you so you can journal for 3 or 4 mins when you see this number. See what comes out when you write. 8 in numerology has to do with success, financial gain, and deep wisdom and leadership. The number 808 also adds up to a 7, which has to do with spiritual alignment. Could be that there is a new calling that is arriving in your life that is more spiritually aligned with your life plan. Blessings 🙂

  • Kimberly says:

    Good Evening, I’m currently seeing this guy it’ll be a year on the 20th of this month he’s much younger than myself, I’ve fallen in love with him but I’ve also tried to break it off several times he’s with someone else but he’s telling me they’re having problems and he wants to leave her but he doesn’t want to get into nothing serious as in another relationship. Our chemistry is awesome I love our conversations I feel like he’s my twin flame I think he really likes me too but he’s afraid of getting hurt just my opinion or maybe I’m just being naive I’m just trying to understand these feelings and this situation he’s an Aries and I’m a Leo I’m very open for advice thanks in advance

    • Hey Kimberly,

      Those big feelings can be very confusing. Sometimes they are related to big energy like twin flames and soul mates, however often those big feelings are because the situation is replicating something deep from our childhood – or both. The real question will be how you two are with each other when, or if, he becomes available. My advice is to keep turning that big sensation of love back towards yourself. I know that’s pretty challenging, but the more you let that love you feel nourish yourself, and ground you in your own power, the less likely you’ll be pulled off center, which ultimately is the best way you can show up in any relationship, even this one.

  • Christine Mazur says:

    I support change my life past I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing Aidan told me that I’m supposed to be some important mission in life plus I’ll be very lucky !When how and what I’m supposed to be doing Aidan was telling me it’s all in my numbers 1-11-9-4-4

    • Hey Christine,
      I’m not a numerologist, but I can say that from my experience that you’ll find out what you’re supposed to be doing by going inward. No body, not even psychics like myself, are truly going to be able to tell you your purpose. We can point you in the right direction, but you’re going to have to get out there and see for yourself.

  • Desirae says:

    Over the last 6 months I been dealing with alot, my girlfriend cheated on me with our landlord. I forgave her she claims we are still together, but last sunday I messaged her and she messaged me back at 635pm saying she was busy and i haven’t heard from her since, and its not like her to not tell me what is going on or anything, im really worried, i don’t know if shes ignoring me cuz she found someone else or what the reasoning is, we talked every day just fine and for the past 8 almost 9 days shes been ignoring me not answering my calls or texts. I just dont know what to do. I dont know if shes okay or anything, Im stuck, im inlove with her like crazy id do anything for her truly but at the same time im hurting im depressed and don’t know what to do, please help me if you can. I would appreciate it alot.

    • Hey Desirae,
      This sounds like a very challenging situation. I’m sorry. If you know people who know your GF – family, friends, etc. I would get in contact with them and find out if she’s ok or not. If it turns out she’s ghosting you, then I highly recommend you come back to yourself, process this really awful loss, and not set yourself up for another round with her. Definitely make sure she is in fact ok, but then it’s really important that you decide if you’re willing to go through cheating, disappearing without letting you know, and likely worse if things continue, or if you’re ready to let her go, and bring some focus on healing yourself so your next relationship can be much better. Harsh, but let’s not pull the punches when it comes to our hearts and lives. Blessings.

  • Norma Sandy says:


  • Maioka says:

    I decided to take the first step in owning my own business. I have done all I could to make it possible including turning in my car for a free one from family. Reduced my bills to pay off my debt to give myself better life. I resonate with these cards and feel like they prove I am on the right path. My dreams? Snakes. They always mean watch out for me. I even had a dream a little boy was standing kneeling over me with a handful of black snakes.

    • Maioka,

      Congratulations on taking the courageous steps you have taken! way to go. Snakes are primordial power symbols. They are a mix of danger and potential. The child is likely an aspect of your inner child asking you to face some of the demons that still hold you back. The snake that is transformed becomes wisdom and power. You may be afraid of welding your true power, like many of us. You can take time and ask the snake what it has to teach you, what it needs from you, see what happens 🙂

  • Norma Sandy says:

    I read what you say.
    I’m going through a hard time.
    Got a divorce this year from a man that I have dated for 13 years.
    He would kick me out then bag me back.
    Only to repeat it all over again.
    Then we married only for
    Him to chock me until I passed out.
    Yes he want to jail.
    But I’m still very m much in love with him.
    Now I’m homeless and my poor dog don’t know what’s going on.
    So where do you see me
    In the next few week.
    I found myself texting him
    But acting like I’m texting someone else.
    We can’t talk because he can’t be within 500 feet of me.
    Help me understand where I want wrong .
    Your friend
    Norma Sandy

  • Srimathi says:

    Tell me about my love life..

    • Norma Sandy says:

      I’m so massed up in the head.
      I been in love
      With someone for 13 years
      He has pushed me away then bring me back.
      We married for only 3 mounts
      Then he put his hands around my neck and chocked me until I passed out.
      Way to I still want to be with him.
      He’s made me homeless

      • Norma,

        You need to let him go. He’s put you in what sounds like multiple dangerous situations. This is not ok. Period. Find support in your community, there are help lines, community therapists, and find friends who love you and want the best for you. He has you ‘hooked’ with a mixture of survival trauma and obsession. Consider this an addiction that you must quit or it will kill you. Take your life in your hands, choose to love yourself over this guy. IF he is in fact worth being with, it’s quite clear that you cannot be with him in the state you are currently in. You need to heal yourself first. Period.

    • You’ll have to grab a private with me for that love.

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