A Break From The Past | Weekly Tarot Reading | 01/24 – 01/30

By January 23, 2021 Tarot Cards

Hello Tarot Family, 

This is Jonathan, with your Weekly Reading. 

This week has some obstacles I really want you to know about, but not to worry, the reading ends on a very positive note. 

Your first card is the Six of Cups, which means it’s time to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. Spend time with your kids, or your inner child. Let yourself lighten up and have some fun.

That being said, the Six of Cups can also be a card of reminiscing about the past. This can be sweet and fun, but be careful not to get lost in your mind and memories. 

I say this because your second card, the Eight of Cups, is all about the kind of thinking that traps you in a victim mentality and makes you feel small. 

It’s possible you are thinking too much about an old romance, or cycling in your mind about the troubles in your current love life. This is the kind of thing that can make you feel stuck.

However, the cloudy storm of over-thinking is about to break, and the sun will shine through. Your third card this week is filled with love, connection, and reconciliation. 

The Two of Cups is a fantastic final card, but let’s take a look at what comes prior to this welcome relief. 

#1: Six of Cups | Sweet and Simple

Have you been over working or worrying too much lately? The Six of Cups is an indication that it is time to take a break from ‘adulting’ and let yourself enjoy simple pleasures for a while. 

As you can see in the card image, there are two children, safe within the walls of a castle, who are sharing and playing with one another. This represents the innocence of childhood and heartfelt connections. 

You might find yourself reminiscing on childhood or teenage memories, or reconnecting with people from your past this week. If you had a troublesome childhood, this is a good sign  something from that time is beginning to lift, and a sense of ease is on its way. 

If you have children, this card is a reminder to connect with them on their level. 

Let yourself be lighthearted and imaginative. Even if you don’t have children, take your inner child on a playdate. Ask yourself what the sweet child within you would most like to do, and find some time to engage fully with this part of yourself.

The Six of Cups is also a card of connection and communion. The two children on the card are sharing with each other equally, and enjoying one another without expectations.

You may find that your relationships and connections feel light, and full of sweet intimacy. If you’re in a relationship right now, make ample room to be a goofball with your special person. 

If you’re single, you could find yourself meeting someone who seems familiar, and makes you feel truly comfortable. 

While traditionally this card is described as ‘pleasure,’ and can indicate togetherness, or even sexual union, it can also lead to a stuck place if you indulge too much in your memories from the past. 

As you’ll see in your next card, even sweet memories from the past can pull you out of the present and leave you feeling trapped. 

#2: Eight of Swords | Prison of the Mind

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling trapped by your thinking, or getting so stuck you just don’t know what to do? Sometimes your desire for something different, or for a different time in life can become your own prison. 

The Eight of Swords is the ultimate mental hell. The woman on the card is bound and blindfolded, and clearly having a terrible time. You would think she could find her way out using one of the eight swords that surround her, but instead she remains seemingly trapped. 

When the Eight of Swords is drawn, it’s a sign you could find yourself feeling utterly stuck, hopeless, and incapable of facing the challenges of life. However, you’ve been here before, and you’ve made your way out before as well, so don’t despair. 

More than anything, this is a warning card in your reading today. Your first card is an emotionally powerful card that wants you to enjoy, remember sweet memories, and return to a sense of innocence. 

However if you get in your head about what used to be, or you lose appreciation for your current circumstances by wishing you were somewhere else, you will find yourself struggling and fighting. 

Luckily there are some clues in this card that can help you avoid getting lost in a mind prison, or to find your way out if you end up getting stuck. 

The first clue is the water beneath the trapped woman. This stands out because the suit of swords is related to the element of air. The little bit of water is a reminder to get in touch with your emotions, to feel what you’re feeling, regardless of how uncomfortable it might be.

You won’t be able to get out of this by thinking about it, you must express and move your emotions. 

The second clue is that the woman is tied up, but there are swords around her which could easily cut her loose. Releasing your emotions is key, but it’s also important to be precise in your thinking. 

Your mind will be active one way or another. So each moment you can remember to do so, point your attention towards what is beautiful around you and in your life. 

You might affirm supportive thoughts such as: I am loved, I am supported, I am guided, I am uplifted. 

It might not seem true in the moment, but if you repeat them, at the very least they will keep your mind from returning to mental woes about the past.

If you find yourself in a negative space, remember it will pass. There is always a dawn after the night. Your next card is exactly the kind of dawn that you have been waiting for. 

#3: Two of Cups | Unifying Love

Are you ready for a reconciliation? Could your life use some peace and joy? After the storm at the beginning of the week, there will be a stillness and sense of renewal. 

The Two of Cups arrives in a reading when compassion, generosity, and partnership are about to come into your life. This can be an internal sense of unity, where all of the struggle is dropped and what is left is the warm loving energy at your core. 

It can also foretell a kind of relationship seen on the face of the card. Both individuals are gazing into one another’s eyes, and sharing their cup with the other. 

This is the kind of relationship where you are seen as the beautiful person you are. You feel supported, and authentically want to support the person you are with. This is a love that heals old wounds, and is founded on respect. 

Considering our previous two cards, it’s possible you have some challenging memories and experiences that are still haunting you. But not to fear, there is a good chance you will finally start to let these things go, and begin to feel a sense of wholeness again. 

In Western Alchemy, this card represents conunctio, which is Latin for unity. However what comes prior to deep resolution and revitalization, is seperatio, separation. 

Sometimes things need to be pulled apart and mashed around, before they can come back together. 

This isn’t always easy, but it’s quite natural. Ultimately, there could be a resolution with a loved one, or lover. Or perhaps, you may be forgiving yourself in such a way that you fall madly in love with yourself again. 

Either way, this is a sign of a truly powerful coming together. 

Doing Your Part

This is a classic Tarot set where we see innocence turn to turmoil, and then a transformation into clarity and peace. However the Tarot doesn’t just tell you what is going to happen, it asks you to grow. 

Without your participation, and your willingness to learn from the process, make new choices, and take responsibility, your life will stay the same. You have more power than you might think. 

So remember, your first card is a reminder to lighten your load, spend some time with the sweet child inside of you, and let yourself enjoy the natural pleasures of life.

However, this card can easily turn into melancholy, and hoping for something that has already passed. 

In order to avoid the trap of the Eight of Cups, your second card, stay with your emotions and maintain a close watch on where your mind is getting stuck. 

You can help this process by finding ways to let your emotions out safely, and by focusing on the beauty around you. Take a walk, listen to the birds, and remember the ways in which you are blessed. 

Your last card, the Two of Cups, is an epic love card. Whether you are in a relationship that is ready for some mending, or single and ready for a new love, this card oozes potential romance. 

However, as you’ve heard me say before, a great and sustainable romance starts from within. 

The union this card is talking about could be you loving you. You showing up for you. Whatever the case may be, when the sun starts shining, let that warmth into every single cell. 

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What is your favorite memory from childhood to think about? When you find yourself trapped, what are the thoughts you are usually having? Write to me on our blog, I would love to hear from you. 

P.P.S. If you’re struggling in your relationships, or you just feel like nothing is working out for you, we can take a look together during a private session. Sign up here to reserve a spot.

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Tammy Jackson says:

    Dearest Jonathan

    You have so much clarity with your soul , the energies within you and around you. I am working with true grit to be in this engaged place with my inner child/soul/higher self on a daily basis. Recovering from repressed childhood memories of severe trauma that have been “exposing’ themselves with the help of Divinity is bringing me to my knees for weekly “shatterings” to truly learn humility is about self-respect, healthy self-reverence and self-integrity. I read your article when it came out and here I was guided to come back tonight on the full moon to just read the comments and your responses. You truly are gifted and reading through all of these comments has helped me piece together the last week to make more sense of the patterns so I can actively embody and manifest those changes that I have been praying for years about. Spirit has been showing me soooooo much and they keep telling me that I am right on target. To trust them and my abilities. That I am gifted beyond all that I can see and even imagine from the place I currently sit and “see” from. The more I heal and release through profound self- forgiveness and move outwards with it, as guided by my soul/higher self and my Divine guidance team, the more I open to receive all that I AM… I am desiring to share that this week was really excruciatingly painful feeling like my guts were being ripped out through my nose (last night especially). The body/mind/spirit pain expressing itself was so intense I felt like I wanted to die rather than live with this pain anymore – not in a suicidal way – but from the soul level my spirit screaming at me that it CAN NOT LIVE with being suffocated by the past pain that as a protective fortress to keep me safe that was a result of Stockholm Syndrome brainwashing. I also felt like I was dying and came to understand today the truth to that – I am literally dying on many levels, especially energetically to move to a higher vibration. The density is washing itself through expressing as I do my best to witness “the sanctity of my sacredness” as I coined. That traumatised inner child releasing all that she was programmed to hold onto for survival. Now as the consciously aware adult I am loving and reparenting her in all the ways she needs. This is an exhausting and exhilarating process as I have come to see that she is the demons that used to feel external and are really within me. Over the last few days I have come to see those demons rise and dissolve into the innocent child (shadow side rising to be pulled apart and mashed about) that is now increasingly trusting and having faith in adult Tammy to protect and love her the way she needs. The shame and fear that have suffocated her is the pain (of that pulling apart and mashing about process) being released to make space for love. I have doggedly sought my purpose in this life to the point of sacrificing/betraying those inner most needs of my child only to be shown yesterday that my true purpose is really to unconditionally love and accept me the way I am in NOW. To let go of the shame, fear, anger, etc. that have held me prisoner through programming that is slowly working its way into my consciousness and then I am actively making changes with daily to the best of my ability. I notice the patterns of doubt and uncertainty of the mind as you mentioned earlier are ways for my inner child to grasp control when she is afraid. These are my signal along with body pain to meet these inner child needs ASAP or face the repercussion of them growing in intensity. Gratefully I am slowly getting better with all the practise the Universe is providing – have to laugh or I would pull out my hair at the irony and paradox of it all. Actually I choose to laugh as it is a release in and of itself and so healing activating the body’s natural pharmacy of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine etc. to counter all the inflammation from releasing shame, sorrow, anguish, fear, etc. I appreciate more and more how intricately we are all so interconnected and it is only shame, fear etc. at the base of the shadow that keep us feeling alone. My most value lesson has been that if the only thing I learn in this lifetime is how to gently, compassionately, radically and ruthlessly love and forgive myself then I have indeed fulfilled my purpose and have a life fulfilled. As I AM the change I seek and it all starts from the inside out within me.

    • Wow Tammy, thank you for the beautiful and deep share. You have so much wisdom, and it’s clear that you are walking the path. May you continue to find the joy and laughter within the growth. Sending love and blessings. Thank you — J

      • Tammy Jackson says:

        Funny how I turned off my computer when I wrote the above comment to only realise that I forgot to do the one thing I started with as my intention – to thank you. I was going to go back on then but Spirit guided me to just wait . As usual there was a reason that I am back here now leaving this reply so that I can see your response and reread mine to confirm/self-validate all that I have accomplished to lessen the grip of doubt/uncertainty. That I am right on target!!! I am also sharing my comment and this link for a friend in hopes it will be helpfull for her in some way. We are all so intricately interconnected and it is just a matter of being with that energy. Sounds soooo simple yet is often the most challenging to BE… especially not to do the being. So in closing I AM expressing my sincerest appreciation for all that you ARE/BE/DO Jonathan. May you continue to walk the red road from the inside out….

  • Annette says:

    Every card is exact ally in que, I feel I am taking all the right ways to healing. My favourite childhood memory….When I was a child Christmas was special, big present opening Christmas morning n a brunch with my Nan being thear & other family. After the day Mum And Dad would pack us up, with a family holiday somewhere in our North Island anyway, It’s something whear traditional family get together are a thing in the past. How the times change.

  • zemkael says:

    dear Jonathan your reading is amazing i have a big respect for ur talent GOD bless you my friend thank u.

  • Megan Meow says:

    This is hitting home, I’ve been trying to embrace my inner child, I hear her wanting to be expressed. But when she comes the light is swamped in a dark traumatic past, where I can hardly remember my innocence. How do I let go of all the sadness and hate that happened long ago? The minds prison has had a serious hold on my being for too long, and I have sought so long to love myself again.

    • Hey Megan, thanks for reaching out. One method of working with this inner vision of your child, swamped in the minds attachment to dark past stuff, is to call on protectors to enter that space. In other words, if you have a relationship with Angels or sacred beings – you can also call on archetypal figures such as superman or the Warrior – or even relatives or living people. Ask them to come with you when you approach your child. Then, hold the child, hold them through the challenge and their fear. Be with them until they feel safe, and the fog begins to clear. This could take time, and the more you are willing to be in conversation with, and be a guardian for your inner child, the more they will trust they can emerge in a healthy way. Sending love

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Hello Jonathan, while following the path of life I am on, with this reading I feel matters always come on the right place at the right time. Guided and directed by taking the actions. One matter is not clear yet. While writing a script I did come across a load of letters from a deceased dear one -my legal guardian- and the content is telling and confirming me a lot about my childhood which confirms my path of life as I am on. So I’ll take all as it comes and do go into a more relax mode, thinking of me and as I do pass the various episodes I already wrote about. Almost done and time to close of. So actually although deceased persons influence can still play an important role to the views as developed in the school of life. All till the time is ripe to close of and go on on life’s path. Wished to share this with you and again say thank you for your readings…..

    • Hey Henri, thank you for sharing. It sounds like you are following the clues, and exploring your life in a powerful way. I personally don’t think we land in the family, circumstances, or genetic line by accident. We also are born into a culture and circumstance in a destined sort of way, I think. It’s then a matter of what is it that has been given, that our eternal self has chosen to take up in this life. Not that we have to mentally figure it out, but are we willing to meet these things, grow with them, and evolve the larger context of life on this planet. Thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful to hear from you.

  • Janice K says:

    Hi Johnathan,
    Thank you for your incredible insight! I have had other readings occasionally that are somewhat accurate in a general sort of way, but not tapped in to what I have been struggling with for quite sometime, like this reading! And I, too like Antonia, would like to know how you can do a reading that applies to all whom have commented? I feel almost word for word, what the cards described. I’m stuck in grief & depression over my mom’s death almost 3 yrs. ago, ( not virus related) she was 98, but I was her 24/7 caregiver for the past 12 yrs. & Losing my mom has left me lost, then this past year I lost 2 very close friends that I’ve known since I was 12. My first love, & boyfriend, & his mom, both to cancer, within a month of each other. Finding out about their deaths, rekindled more feelings of grief, hopelessness, & loss of purpose & direction. I’m 60, but I don’t look or feel it. That’s a plus I guess! Lol! But, non of that matters when I have been out of the job market for year’s, w/ caring for my mom. I feel like I’m in mourning for the life I never really got to have. I was a single mom when I was young & when my daughter was grown & on her own, my mom’s health / age caused her to not be able to live alone. I went from being a caregiving parent to a caregiver daughter! So yeah I’m living on memories of a past unrequited love & remembrances of family that are no longer here. Hopefully, I will work through it, but it’s hard not to think, what’s it all for? Thanks again for the insight, & for listening! Writing this has been some what cathartic for me.

    • Hi Janice. I’m so glad you got to tell your story a little bit here. Sometimes that can be incredibly powerful… You might even consider finding a way to bring it ALL out, via journal, story, or speaking with someone. All that said, it sounds to me like you are engaging your life in a profound way. You may or may not get a mentally clear answer to ‘why’ or what’s it all for, but I think we are all a part of a larger evolution process of the ‘soul of the world.’ As for how these readings come about, well, I’ve spent a good deal of time working with teachers, meditating alone in the mountains, and attuning to what is my own stuff, and what is the larger fluctuations of energy happening at a collective level. Ultimately, I do my best to listen to what it is that the people who will potentially be reading the articles most need to hear, and then attempt to express it. Luckily, there are very natural and human experiences and fluctuations that are universal. If I can tap into what’s happening on a larger scale, then I have those fluctuations in my own experience that I can reference and reflect. It’s not a perfect science, but an art form. I don’t claim universal or objective ‘knowing,’ but a willingness to listen and bring my perspective forward. Sending love.

  • Suzan Molomo says:

    Hi Jonathan
    My childhood memories that kept me happy are when I would switch on the radio and just loose myself to dance without caring who is watching and for a shy person,at that point I would not feel shy at all.

  • Salo says:

    Thank you graciously.

    Today I most definitely plan to reconnect with my inner child…and reconnect with my friends.
    Best childhood memories…at the seaside…days spent with my siblings, mom and dad…sitting around the bonfire…dad and brothers fishing…while I collect shells…or run to and fro with the waves. The very best years of my life!

    I am truly inspired by your reading…the negatives with the positives and will do my best to make it work for me.

  • KERA FENTON says:

    Your reading is amazing, I don’t understand why I always think about the past, I does try so hard to take it out my head but it will go and just come back, yes my past does make me feel like I’m not good enough or I can’t do nothing good, but I does always cut it short and remind myself, I’m very worthy, I been trying to find my true self but I believe I need to try harder, I wouldn’t give up because I have to be strong for my three beautiful children

    • Hi Kera, thank you so much for sharing. I believe you when you say you won’t give up for your children’s sake. The past is a seductive distraction from the present. Loving yourself more now, as I see you understand, is how the past is released and the truly beautiful being you are now can come more forward. Sending love.

  • Leonora Obed says:

    I absolutely love this reading! It resonates so much with what is currently happening in my life that it feels like a psychic reading! It resonates and hits the jugular. I am touched. Tomorrow I’m taking a break from adulting and will write and paint, no coincidence that a snowstorm is coming! “Permission” from Mother Nature. My favorite childhood memory is story-telling with dad, when he read aloud books and food shopping with mom. I also cherish memories of Mom accompanying me on trick or treating through different neighborhoods with the children in our apartment block! We were the real-life Sesame Street. It’s why Halloween is my favorite holiday—lots of fun and creativity. I keep my Halloween decorations up all year. Mom and dad even commissioned a friend to make me a bear costume with felted feet, I’ve kept that precious costume! Whenever I feel down I wear my Spirit Hoods Panda bear coat, with ears! There’s something about a bear suit that heals like nothing else. I’m so grateful for this reading—my dad is in the hospital, getting chemo for pancreatic cancer, I’m healing, too, and excited about new opportunities. I took a walk in the village of my artistic tribe, and I feel the same joy I felt when discovering enchanted neighborhoods with mom on Halloween.

    • Leonora, I love this! thank you so much for sharing. Your memories of halloween are lovely, and the Nature Permission is a powerful yes to your inner child. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m a big fan of Bears and their power, maybe there is something there for you to look into. What grounded, resilient, wise and nurturing beings they are. Thanks for saying hi 🙂

  • Maria carolina says:

    Dear Jonathan – may say these last 2 readings are amazing, thank you! You said: Sometimes things need to be pulled apart and mashed around, before they can come back …. Or perhaps, you may be forgiving yourself in such a way that you fall madly in love with yourself again.
    Well, tomorrow is the closure of my divorce! Finally one full year, now is definitely the new chapter or book! I am very happy,because legally I am back to myself, of course with a load of learnings! But more time for me with me, reconnecting with lovely people around me that have been a blessing!! Thank you

    • Hey Maria, thanks for saying hi 🙂 What a powerful threshold you have crossed with the finish of your divorce! congratulations, and I’m so happy you can be with your beautiful self, and open in new and exciting ways. Blessings

  • Sheila says:

    Your tarot card reading was right on the money. I’m trying really hard to leave my past behind and finally meet someone to spend the rest of my life with. My fiancé the love of my life died 23 years ago. It’s so hard to loose someone like that . Just last night I was driving and crying and yelling asking him ( why did you leave me ? I’m in my own hell) Thank goodness he didn’t answer me . I know it’s time . Thank you for your insight.

    • Hi Shiela, thank you for sharing. What a powerful event in your life. One of my dear friends and colleagues lost her fiancé in a plane crash when they were both in their early 20’s. She is now doing research and her doctoral dissertation on grief and loss from an archetypal perspective. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and this amazing growing that you are doing.

  • Lenora says:

    I would like to have a personal reading with you but I don’t do PayPal. Is there any other way I can paid you?

  • Julie Bellar says:

    My favorite memory is playing in the tree roots of the lake we lived on that had dried up…. I walked in and out of the roots and branches playing as if I was a hobbit and the entire lake was my own private world. I felt transported to a magical world full of possibilities and adventure. When I feel trapped I began to panic like a caged animal. My mind goes into fight or flight. I will usually do anything to get over that feeling

    • Hey Julie, what a powerful memory. I love the image of you in the tree roots exploring the magic of nature. Yes, I understand the caged animal feeling. Those deep and powerful roots from your childhood might have a message as to how to unlock those moments of feeling trapped. Sending love.

  • Antonia Fthenakis says:

    I’m so curious to know the context of your being when you pull these cards. Are you meditating on the vibe of the week or on connecting to the individuals who receive this post? Just curious. Thank you for sharing however it is received. . .

    • Bliss says:

      Also wondering! They are always so accurate, how is he so connected to the Universe in that way? It’s amazing!

    • Hi Antonia, thank you for asking. I am meditating, and then I put my attention on those who will potentially read the article. There is a collective energy associated with this potential group. I draw the cards from that space, and then trust that the right cues and the right images will inform my words as I write. It’s always my own lens and perspective, but I do my best to listen to what is transpersonal and let that lead my direction. Thanks for asking 🙂

  • Anastacia Persaud says:

    Good night i am pleased to meet you, my thought is that i worry a lot because things are not adding up for me and on the other hand i am not making the right decision but i know that there is always hope if i keep trying thank you for your weekly advice and reading

    • My pleasure Anastacia. Sometimes we just can’t know if things are adding up, or if we are making the right decisions. Honestly, I think it’s often the ongoing questioning and uncertainty of the mind, that clouds our intuitive ability to trust life and our direction. Sending love

  • Diana says:

    You are amazing. I don’t understand how you read my inside, but your words are very close to my reality. THANKS,

    • Dotlyn Graham says:

      Hi Jonathan you are so right you are my most favour tartar reader every things you said is un target, itryely feet stuck with a lover from the past because of the way we break up actually we dident have up we were turn apart without closure I sacrifice my love for him to protect his life and could tell him I cried for 2 month ,I still love him and he love me ,I dont know how to move on I feel stuck ,I’m married to some one who dosent love me so that s what makes it so hard ,I tried so hard to not think about him but I just cant it’s like I leave a big chunk of my heart behind

      • Hi Dotlyn, thank you for sharing. that sounds like a challenging situation, and I feel for you and your heart. I sometimes remind myself, particularly if I feel like something shouldn’t have happened, or should have happened a different way, that God or Life or the Divine doesn’t make mistakes. We can’t honestly know how something would have turned out differently were it to happen the way we think it should have. Rather, what’s available is now and how we choose to engage our lives in this moment. Sometimes I recommend that people turn the memories of a great love, or unavailable lover, into the imagination that they truly are. What we imagine may not be the actuality of a thing, so leaning towards allowing it to be an imagination can help. In other words have conversation with the imagined lover, make love with them, dance with them, but rather than reaching for the actual person, let it all come alive in your fantasy. Let the person go. If it’s meant to be, it will happen, otherwise play in your mind until you feel content, but ultimately make the love about your internal union. Sending love

    • My pleasure Diana 😉 I have an inside not unlike other people, so it’s relatively familiar territory if you know what I mean. Sending love.

  • Jamie says:

    I loved reading my three tarot cards made so much since. I was feeling down today and this reading made me smile. When I was a child I remember having family get togethers with all my cousins I miss those days.

  • Anna Lanahan says:

    You’re right on my beautiful friend thank you from deep in my soul I do feel you

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