5 Steps To Raise Your Vibration And Manifest More

By June 24, 2019 Career & Wealth

Don’t you wish you could have more energy all day long? Enough energy to achieve your goals, live your dreams and go to bed feeling abundant every day?

Unfortunately, for most of us, that just isn’t the case. Especially after a long day of running errands, working, and handling your responsibilities… only to crash on the couch and wonder if it’s worth it at all.

Low energy levels run rampant in our culture, as everyone keeps pushing themselves harder, only to burn out faster, and NOT get what they want in the long term.

But it’s usually not for reasons you might think!

When you have low energy it means there some aspect of what you are doing, saying and thinking that is out of alignment with who you really are at an authentic core level.

You see, when it comes to energy and abundance, it all boils down to alignment. So if you’re not in alignment with your core authentic self, your energy begins to chip away, and your POTENTIAL for energy withers away each day.

Just think about it…

Your most natural state (as a baby) is abundance, and in order for you to get back to that natural state, it’s essential to go to the very core of who you are.

This is the root cause of why you have a drop of frequency in the first place as you age and go through life conditioning.

However… being in full alignment with who you are on a heart frequency soul level – given the lifetime of old survival patterns and trauma you’ve been through – your most authentic truths might not always be easily accessible or visible.

(Hint: If you remember from my last energy update, a message came through for you that you cannot keep creating the new from the “old hall of mirrors” as this is creating from a place of duality and fear, instead of non duality, inner wholeness, and new “blank slate” creation.)

You must start from a blank slate, from a higher vibration than where the problem first occurred.

This means changing your frequency like a radio station as you first raise your vibration to match what you physically want to land, so that – just like a car radio – you are able to fully understand, recognize BE and RECEIVE what you are looking for.

And there are SO many ways to do this! They key is repetition and consistency, even when it’s effortless.

For example:

A small shift can be as simple as making it a habit to walk barefoot on the grass. Sometimes an intentional barefoot walk can change your entire day, just by grounding your energy to the Earth!

Or, for an even bigger raise in vibration… there’s a simple little exercise you can do, that can make a big impact in a pinch.

So if you ever need to raise your frequency quickly —here’s a quick exercise you offer yourself anywhere.

Step 1: Preparation

Okay love—sit in a comfortable place “Indian style” with your spine straight up, and your butt cheek bones fully sitting on the floor.

You are going to do a simple qigong breathing exercise that I think is going to light you up and give you more of the energy you are craving ..

So in a quiet place, with your spine as straight as comfortable, let your breath come and go naturally.

Allow yourself to breath all the way in and breath all the way out —you’ll feel short of breath for the first couple minutes on your out breath.

Balance your “in and out” breath evenly, and keep slowing down…

Be consistent in your breath and now once you are a little more present in your body, on your inhale —grow and extend your spine.

Literally feel and you breath and fill all the little crevices that need air that you are literally growing and stretching your spine.

Step 2: Awareness

Readjust your body position as need be to allow your body to spread and melt open on your out breath and rise in and straighten tall on your in breath.

Sit up from your root (pelvis/butt) like a tree reaching the tips of its branches towards the sky, and feel yourself getting taller and taller.

To do this, tip forward to where your “sitting bones” fully meet the floor. Feel the front core of your body also touching the floor.

Bring your awareness and heart energy to the space of your root, about 2 inches below your belly button.

Bring your awareness here and slowly feel yourself settling in here; zoom in and just be and trust whatever shows up just as it is.

Feel yourself settling more as you are opening your lower abdomen and even in the (sacral Chakra) softening your ability to feel here in this space —zooming in breathing in and out and taking your time.

Just simply be with and feel. This naturally opens up the area more.

As you feel yourself dropping in deeper through staying in your breath the whole time, allow your breath to fill your root and then follow up your spine and you straighten in on your inhale breath and you extend and making yourself taller.

Step 3: Visualization

The next step is to integrate your creative right brain mind (Source energy follows creative, aligned intent).

Imagine a small flickering flame, like a birthday candle in a dark room.

Breath slowly and deeply for about five minutes, zooming in on the flickering flame in your mind.

When you are ready, imagine you are sitting on top of the most flammable substance in the world —let’s say some sort of gas, maybe hydrogen.

As you breathe in now, imagine sucking up as much gas vapor like a conscious running stream through your nose, straight into your lowest Dan tian center (your lower belly, below navel area), imagining sucking in this fuel with every breath as it’s on it’s way to meet your flame.

Now when you feel the fuel source ignite the flame- truly slow down and FEEL the flame of ignite —just like fire would, as it takes over…

Spontaneous flow. Go with it. And feel it move through and over your whole body from the inside out … each breath in and out.

Now when you fully feel this energy catalyzing, you can also choose to move into traveling that energy up the spine more intently, simply by stretching your hands out wide to the sides and reaching and circling them up over your head, and bringing them back down in the center (the same motion as if you were doing sun salutations in yoga and opening and raising your arms to greet the sun).

Repeat this process.

When you are feeling the energy deeper, bring the flame up your front mid-line, and rest your palms face up, and with your fingers overlapping comfortably.

Step 4: Fire Breathing

Now, it’s time to shift your breath:

With your arms above your head, with your palms facing up and your fingers locked together, you are going to shift into a simple “fire breathing” technique.

So with your palms face up, belly relaxed and soft, begin to take short breaths, in and out rapidly (like you were racing to blow up a balloon with very short, potent breaths) for 1 min at a time. It will sound like you are sniffing.

These are quick, powerful, short little breaths. You want to make them short, potent, even and rhythmic.

Keep your belly soft and “flowing open” as much as possible, and you will have an easier time staying in the flow, going deeper.

You can relax your being with a few long breaths with your focus on the embers that are glowing inside you with your arms down to rest as you glow with your fire inside you.

After a min, breath in the gas to your belly through short breaths as you increase the flame up your front midline (or your back spine) and feel the fire now completely taking over..

Allow your pelvis to freely move and shake if it will (it will with practice as your awareness for dormant kundalini inside you grows)

Pull your tummy in and out with each breath and find a dance where your lower section pulses on its own.

As you breath and stay connected you’ll notice yourself get pretty energized from the inside out as fire energy engulfs you as you continue to increase with your breath…

Yet even if you feel spontaneous movement or energy pulsing or shaking stay with your breath and keep it shallow—almost at the top of your nose, yet going all the way in to your sacral chakra, like a loop.

See the flames traveling through your pelvis and bursting out, traveling and breathing through your legs, taking over your back, shoulders, arms, neck and face to the very top of your head and above and outward …

Once your body is fully ignited and covered with this energy from the Sun and the core of your life-force, you’ll feel lit up and this fire raging through you filling you with more life-force energy …keep your fire breathing going. Keep this going as long as you wish.

Step 5: Closing

Finally to close, move from the rooted floor cross legs position, bringing your feet flat to the floor and sitting in “frog position.” Hold your hands in prayer position, while resting your elbows on top of your knees.

Now, change your breathing from fire breath into a long and slow breath again. Fully let go here in this position (this is an ancient goddess position for opening root/sacral chakra for releasing and magic).

Once your feel the shift in your root, open your arms with your elbows still resting on top of your knees in frog position and feet flat on the floor.

Allow yourself to feel the energy shift deeper with all this new energy and ground into your root chakra in this position as you ground your energy bio field into the physical molten orange core of the earth.

Straighten your spine and simply sit with this fire roaring through you and be with it in stillness, recognizing your own soul and inner sun.

Sit with this fire as long as you need to, and remember to write down as insights that Spirit sends you.

This Fire Breathing exercise can reset your energy field and start raising your vibration as early as the first time you use it.

However, like I said, to get the most benefit, this really is a daily process of repatterning your frequency, so the more consistently you do this, the better your results.

But, you know what?

If you want to raise your vibration, it’s good to first know WHAT your vibration level is to begin with.

That’s why I recommend you try this.

It’s a 60 second quiz that measures your vibration, and gives you a jumpstart from there, so you can finally get in alignment with your real desires, and draw the abundance you want into your life.

(Note: This quiz focuses on financial abundance but it can be used as a gauge for any abundance in any and all areas of your life.)

If you’re feeling lack in your life, are tired of the struggle, and want to turn it all around, then this will be the most critical assessment you take this year.

Take this Money Vibration quiz, it’s free.

I look forward to hearing about your results <3

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. There are only 7 questions in this quiz. Short, yet provocative…

Answer them with the first response that comes from your gut. And be HONEST! It’s completely confidential, and the more truthful your response, the more helpful your results.

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