3 Signs You Need To Trust More

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Hey loves,

I know the collective energy has been really intense lately!

Many of us are coming full circle with something big in our lives…

Something SO big, that is impacting the very core of your heart!

The truth is… we all – in some way – need to let go of what is blocking us from trusting our heart (and inner knowing).


Because when we trust our heart and LIVE it… we live a life of inspired action and authenticity because we are making choices based on what we know to be true on an inner-soul level.

But, when we don’t…we see life through the filters of our mind… only to react emotionally to our situation based on traumas from our past.

For example:

Consider the scenario in this video by my friend Jay Shetty…

Can you imagine?

More importantly… can you RELATE?

Because the woman in this video is demonstrating what happens when you don’t trust your heart… and instead, you chase patterns of your past and live in fear they will happen over and over again.

If you are like MOST people in the world today… you’re someone who has suffered with trust issues from traumatic relationships young or old. And this trauma continues to affect you long after the relationship has ended.

(Side note: This means it doesn’t have to be only a romantic relationship. Trust issues can happen from dealing with a hardship family, a failed friendship, or any intimate (heart) connection that gone sour.)

So what if you DO end up like the woman in this video?

How do you KNOW if you have trust issues from past fears and projections?…

Or if you are having perfectly valid intuitions that someone is deceiving you?

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference…

So here are three signs that you’re probably playing the same old “I can’t trust this” tape in your head, over and over again.

  1. You clam up when big issues or feelings come up.  Instead… FEEL with a melted open nervous system. This will help you pass the old feelings much faster than suffering through keeping closed and the energy stuck and stagnant. Feelings come and feelings go.
  2. You’re triggered and you don’t know why. This means you are bypassing your internal somatic sensory system. You must go into your heart to fully understand why your mind (and knee jerk reactions) behave the way they do so that you can rewire and “update new information” into your nervous system.
  3. You push others away.  This can seem like less disappointment than allowing them to hurt you but the truth is blocking yourself off to feeling pain and experiencing sadness also blocks you off from extraordinary joy and being able to see the beauty. Not receiving gifts or compliments or gets upset when others do things for them “in the wrong way” or just simply feels unsatisfied or not good enough.

If you notice any of these signs happening within or around you, this is a message that you must start open your heart.

It’s time to begin to trust from a place of inner knowing instead of your past history and fear.


By walking your talk… and refusing to walk any other way.

Of course there’s the possibility that someone is not be straight with you…

But if you find yourself – more often than not – being unable to trust, and wanting to do everything yourself, for example in your relationships…

Then remember, YOU are likely the common denominator.

In other words, if you are afraid of someone deceiving you, it’s a deeply rooted projection of you being deceitful to others.

Therefore, if you are afraid someone is constantly lying to you… accusing them of lying to you to their face… or even straight up calling them a liar (even when their “deception” is smaller than a white lie)… or even blowing up like dynamite the moment you sniff out anything but truth…

It means you are hiding your OWN deception and hiding behind self righteous behavior.

Especially… if it happens OFTEN.

If so you must look deep within you and feel into the first memory of where these trust disconnections come from. This is the root of where you must begin so you can see yourself from the whole, and stop projecting illusions onto the reality outside of you.


This will never happen if you are walking your talk 100%. So ONLY say what you mean, and give other people a break!

What is it like when we live what we know and being being truth instead of rationalizing and overthinking it?

This is what I call “soul embodiment”. The total commitment to living your truth.

Yes just being SOUL and this is where self love in action is SO powerful because self love helps us LIVE, FEEL, and TRUST what we already know. It’s helps us take inspired action which means to take action from a felt, awake place.

We must LIVE and embody our what we know at a heart level.

No matter who you are, this new chapter in life that is awaiting you to walk the talk. Speak less, think less and feel and make more love more.

And it starts soon as you make that solemn promise to yourself…

You’ll be surprised how quickly everyone starts being completely honest with you 🙂

With Love and Light,

Crystal Aryana

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P.P.S. Jay Shetty used to be a monk but wanted to help wake up the masses though 

doing his videos.  He’s truly amazing, and his video work is very powerful.  

Here’s a picture of Jay and I from earlier this May. He’s a remarkable guy!

I hope you enjoyed his video. Let me know in the comments below!

Angel Adams

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  • Roxanne Zangari says:

    This was an awesome read and video from Jay!

  • Heather Carr says:

    Hello Lovely Crystal~

    First of all, so happy you got to meet Jay Shetty! He’s awesome!

    Great post! Love everything you’ve said here! I’ve absolutely gone through all of this and continue to do so. I agree the more present we are-soul embodied-the more authentic we are and can feel through to healing these common issues.

    I’m so happy to see all this content from you! You’re cranking out so much awesomeness, I’m still catching up! I love your newsletter you just sent, too!


  • Jackie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful insight! I have been ashamed of my behaviour with someone I have come to love very much and this has helped me see why I react in negative ways and push people away. I am really grateful!

  • Lueeza says:

    For me….my husband didn’t trust me…each year i was accused of having an affair!!…yet i stayed on trying to make my marriage work. I left him like 3 times prior, but kept going back coz I loved him(or i thought i did) and we had a child together who loved his father dearly. Well it has been 4yrs now am separated and going through divorce. I finally got up and moved out. I took nothing only the clothes I was wearing and started again. I deserved better and I also realised that all the years I blamed myself, I wasted my time analysing something that wasn’t my fault. His issues had to do only with how he felt and that projected on our marriage. In my liberation, I found the beauty in being alone. I discovered ME. I started to let go of my past relationship and marriage in layers….not everything was smooth sailing coz i had moments of grief. I soldiered on. However I prayed one day that i didn’t want to be alone and I want LOVE to come find me. It’s true be careful what you wish for….coz an ole love of mine found me after 30yrs!!!….and we are still talking to this day since Jan 30th 2018. The base of our topic is HEALING. His & mine and we realised that we have mirrored each other in our relationships with other people, every heartache, every betrayal, every joy, every event, every peace and every achievement. He buys me gifts and all he wants is positive energy. ME?….am just happy he found me. I am just going to enjoy this moment given and give myself the time to be ME, LOVE ME, HEAL ME before i step into another relationship. Because my new partner & I -We deserve that.

  • Patti Sinclair says:

    Thank you for I totally see what was going on with my last relationship, I am willing to just go for it and allow myself to trust him with all my heart. I do hope we can look at renewing our love for one another and finally move forward to reach love so grand it’ll sound like a straight up fairytale.

  • Carlene Greenlee says:

    Good video
    Good reminders, simply verbalized, easy to comprehend – they make sense

  • Caitlyn says:

    Thank you for your help. This guy was from my past. He’s one of the guy I was dating but he had never considered me as his girlfriend. Even now after all these years I never knew I would love him again and I told him about it. He told me I’m just a friend to him. I never cared who he was seeing or talking to because I didn’t love him back then. Lately, I start to love him I just don’t know why. I know he’s not the one for me I think I should let him go. Yes, my past did hurt me a lot I don’t trust any guys, any guy that I start to have feelings for and I loved cheated on me. I have relationship block. All of my relationships start out so great then a female friends or an ex starts coming back into their life.

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