2021: A Triumphant Year Of Change

By December 30, 2020 Astrology

Dear Friends,

After the trials and tribulations of 2020, you’re probably feeling ready for a big shift, if not in your personal life, then most certainly in the world at large. 

The restrictions set in place over the past year, have probably helped you see what is working for you, and what isn’t, loud and clear. 

With most of the world staying at home, relationships were feeling the pressure. Those who could, moved to less crowded or more financially practical environments, and unemployment caused many to take a look at the long term sustainability of their jobs.

While it’s been an uncomfortable year, and devastating for some, the difficulties you’ve faced have created a necessary pause for a major pivot to take place in your life. 

The hard work, duty, and karma of 2020 is mostly complete, marked by the transition of Saturn and Jupiter out of Capricorn and into Aquarius.

Looking ahead, 2021 is shaping up to be just as transformational as 2020, but in a MUCH more positive and exciting way.

You can expect light speed progress and change over the next year and beyond. This is because in 2021 there will be several major transits in air signs. 

Under the influence of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, the upcoming planetary events will facilitate breakthroughs in technology, big picture solutions, and quantum leaps in how we process information. 

It’s a wonderful time to be alive! Let’s take a deeper look at the changes on the horizon and what it means for you.

A New Paradigm

On December 21st 2020, we experienced an incredibly rare Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, right as they entered the sign of Aquarius. This cosmic event was the first step into a new phase of progress, invention, and innovation. 

Expect these positive shifts to continue, because the Aquarian energy is going to become a lot stronger this February. This is due to the upcoming convergence of SIX planets in the sign of Aquarius during the February 11th new moon. 

This special new moon will echo the celestial events of 1962, when seven planets entered Aquarius during a solar eclipse, ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

This powerful event shifted the world toward environmentalism, space exploration, and the breaking of old social norms that no longer served the progress of humanity. 

It will be fascinating to see what kind of changes the next wave of Aquarius energy brings. 

One thing is for sure, there will be some challenges ahead as the old ways are replaced with new opportunities.

Growing Pains

One big theme for 2021 will be the ongoing square between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. They will meet three times in the year ahead, on February 14, June 14, and December 24th.  

A role reversal is at hand this year, because Saturn, which is normally conservative will be in the progressive sign of Aquarius, and Uranus, which is normally progressive, will be in the stable, grounded earth sign of Taurus.  

This combination will cause tension as old structures are cleared out for better ways. This will be especially true if your Sun, Rising or Moon sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

While this isn’t the most fun transit, it is very important, because it will allow the new advancements brought on by our collective shift into Aquarius to become stable and lasting.

With so many planets in Aquarius, so long as you’ve laid the groundwork for your success, you could find yourself rising to new heights in 2021. 

Shoot For The Stars

Get ready to launch your big ideas this spring! From March 28th to May 6th, the planets will be aligned to help your ideas, inventions, or writing take off with great success.

A harmonious aspect between Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius will be responsible for this exciting time.

This spring will be a perfect time to achieve your dreams, just make sure you’ve worked out the practical details ahead of time.

Eclipse season will guide your aim in 2021, inviting you to shoot for the stars when it comes to having new experiences, learning new technologies, and traveling.

The Gemini / Sagittarius eclipses will take place on May 26th, June 10th, November 19th, and December 4th, filling 2021 with several opportunities for you to find your own path and voice in this new paradigm.

Don’t worry, 2021 isn’t just about advancement and freedom… there will be plenty of opportunities for fun, love and connection. 

In fact, a rare meeting of Venus and Mars will be setting the stage for exciting romantic possibilities over the next two years.

The Summer Of Love

We can only hope that social interaction will be on the table again this summer, because it’s definitely one you’ll want to enjoy.

On July 13th, the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars, are meeting in the heavens for the first time in two years. 

These planets have been rendezvousing in the humble sign of Virgo since 2015. However, Virgo isn’t the sexiest sign, and in relationships it expresses love through constructive criticism and seeking improvement.

Necessary, but kind of irritating… right?

Well, you can look forward to a big shift in love, because this summer, Mars and Venus will be meeting in the generous, fiery sign of Leo. 

Talk about sparks flying! This conjunction might bring exactly what you need to reignite the passion in your relationship. 

If you’re single, a summer romance could turn out to create a lasting flame, and if it does, your connection will be forged in the noble, affectionate, and playful energy of Leo. 

As you can see, 2021 is packed with lots of powerful astrological events. There are several more transits happening in the year ahead that I didn’t have time to tell you about.

Stay tuned, and we’ll explore the challenges and possibilities of the year ahead as these transits get closer.

Remember, you play an essential part in the unfolding of your destiny. While the planets can help show the way, it’s equally important to take action on the cosmic opportunities in your life.

I’m looking forward to connecting again in 2021 🙂

Enjoy the new year! 

With Hope For The Future,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. What is your biggest intention for 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to TarotReadingDaily.com, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Dawne says:

    Firstly, a note to dear Agnes. You have inspired me tonight, Agnes! I too, am one of the “oldies” having turned eighty on Christmas Day. Like you, I also feel I am young at heart. The comments are wonderful and it would be so great if we could all visit and hear each other’s story. If I could ask for something special this year it would be for two things The first would be to regain my ability to walk without a walker which I have been on now for six years as a result of spinal stenosis and secondly, to accomplish the completion and publication of my first book,entitled “Trapper’s Daughter, Mountie’s Wife”. God Bless each of you.

    • Thanks for your comment Dawne and Happy Birthday! Here’s to good health and literary accomplishments! I hope you enjoy the New Year and drink in the pleasure of each moment. Kindest regards

  • Dawne says:

    Just left a comment but it has disappeared from the screen

  • Miyen says:

    Thanks for your companionship and your good energy, all year! A big hug! Namaste

  • Jesse Loya says:

    I am always reassured about life and this journey when I read your work. It always seems to be just what I need, right when I need it. Thank you so much for your gifts.

  • Amanda says:

    My # 1 intention is to “level-Up”… way up and to find the true purpose of my mission here on Earth.
    Surprisingly 2020 has actually been a good year for me:) It appears that whenever things are bad for
    most of the population ( think 911) it turns out to be positive for me. Ironic… isn’t it? Anyway, I have
    done a lot of work on myself and am READY to reap the benefits and the blessings of the Universe!
    With gratitude and my best wishes for explosive new year! May we restore peace, joy and serenity
    to the World.

  • Christy says:

    2021 I want success in all of areas… Happiness will waiting for me!!! Thank you Luna and Happy New year 2021 and thank you so much for the Reading

  • WANDA REEDER says:

    2021 I will be focusing and taking better care of myself on the health front ….loving up on my “other” and bringing positivity to the relationship…ahh what a great teacher!

  • Agnes says:

    Sound like a great year ahead according to the reading of My Aquarian Calendar…Too bad that I am (will be) 96 this coming Feb. 15th…Wonder if I will make it…I doubt if I will get to experience any of the highlights of the season, but it is fun “reading” what would be in store if I were younger!!

    By the way, do you have any secrets for an old in years, yet young in spirit and mind…what do the stars say about that?? I am still fairly “active”…thanks to my Creator…Thank you ….Best wishes on your readings !

    • You have done God proud. I very much appreciate you. I hope you get a taste of the great shifts to come, a much better place awaits you. Thank you.

    • Hi Agnes, what a treasure you are. My prayer is you will enjoy 2021 healthy and strong, and be around as long as you desire. Practicing chi gung can increase longevity and health, if that’s the kind of secret you’re asking about. I’m sure you’ve got some secrets to youthfulness and wisdom we could all benefit from too 🙂

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