12 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Hello dear Goddess,

How’ve you been? Taking care of your inner divinity lately?

If you have read my past few energy updates, you know that 2019 is about ending the DISTRACTIONS and diving into self love and self care.

That’s why, today is all about how to love yourself, and how you can start the year off with the best self care possible.

If you have been working toward building something the last few years and you have not gotten victory yet – THIS IS YOUR YEAR.

However it’s not going to happen from an exhausted “full” cup that’s always running around and taking care of everyone else.

YOUR YEAR is solely going to manifest through SELF LOVE and doing the work within your own magical cauldron.

Actualizing, embodying and applying what you have learned about your heart, soul and inner worthiness recently.

Because I bet too many days you come home after 6, exhausted from work, stressed over a task or assignment, feet hurting..makeup smeared and more FULL with the stress of the day and week than you are with your own body sensations, emotions, ideas, and self love.

At this point, self care is the last thing on your mind.

However, we, as women of the modern generation, have SO much “birthing” opportunity to understand our true gifts, take our power back and seize the day in our purpose and passions … in society, our careers, our relationships and lives – now more than ever!

But even with all the advancements around women’s rights, personal development and personal empowerment, too many women I know lack the true inner esteem, confidence, courage, and power within they are really capable of.

We have forgotten how magical and powerful we are, and that we are innately – already whole.

It’s like our kundalini (or life force) has dimmed down amongst the life of too much traffic, work texts, fear of missing out and late night fast food.

During these moments, what is truly missed, is the notion that we, as living, breathing, infinite beings are already full of possibilities we have not discovered yet …

That we are already whole. ALREADY worthy …

That we have within us the energy of the Divine Feminine (Shakti) creative female energy that is filled with higher knowing and already existing inner wisdom.

We give away power throughout the day –co depending, bypassing reality, distracting ourselves, not standing up for ourselves, not doing the inner work and lose we lose depth and opportunities.

However – that cosmic energy… this source of power… exists insides of us. And it’s just waiting to be unleashed.

Every woman at heart knows that deep down within her beautiful self rests an inner goddess.

Yet you often quick to forget about this inner power in the hustle bustle of a broken world.

So today, it’s time to take your power BACK; to reclaim the powerful kundalini energy you’ve been forced by society to ignore.

For me, it’s always been through different types of yoga. The spark to your kundalini fire.

When your kundalini “life force” energy is on high, you feel on fire, juicy, magnetic, and truly alive – perhaps for the very first time or since you were a little girl.

And when your body can conduct the full power of your kundalini energy, the more you feel connected to everything around you, because you become even more connected to your soul.

That’s where the practice of Yoga comes in.

Yoga – true yoga is SO much more than postures on the floor.

It’s a life changing practice that can refuel your kundalini energy, and change the way you see the world. Through yoga, you slow your somatic “body energy” down to your very essence along with your breath …

You begin to discover your authentic core as you remember who you truly are beyond your mind, and tap into your source energy – your true potential.

Here are 12 ways to unleash your inner goddess with simple yoga practice:

1. Radiance

Imagine a goddess, and what do you see? Power. Confidence. Inner radiance pouring outward. A mere glance from a goddess can send shivers down someone’s spine as they realize who they are looking at (a multi dimensional being who knows herself).

In yoga, we embrace this energy with poses that open our hearts such as Camel pose, Cobra and Back bends, Extended Side Angle, and Warrior I or II. These poses remind us of our heart and source nature, and brings this hidden power to the surface.

2. Elegance

Even when you’ve been set in a pose for hours, sweating bullets with frizzy hair in a ponytail, we feel beautiful when doing yoga. This internal elegance pours outward and makes us beautiful even when we feel like a hot mess. Even when you feel like all hope is lost, the Chaturanga pose can lift your spirits, give you a spurt of sexiness, and boost your personal power so you feel on fire with life.

3. Self Regeneration

When practicing yoga, you connect with your inner divinity; the regenerative, undying, consistent stream of source – that eternal part of our souls that exudes beauty, courage, confidence and emerges the new – even if the world is telling you otherwise. It’s not about judgement or “mind” with yoga, it’s more about a subtle sense of energy that reminds you just how radiant you really are.

4. Detoxification

The longer you practice, the more you sweat, and the more your body expels toxins. But yoga also detoxifies you in another way, by giving you clarity of mind. You’ll find your perspective on life changes because you’ve tuned into your inner world in a brand new way. Not to mention, your body feels amazing, giving you the confidence to also remove the toxic people and situations in your life.

5. Self Expression

Have you ever found yourself singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs while driving or in the shower? When this happens, you are totally feeling the flow of life, and your inner goddess is bursting at the seams. She wants to come play with the world! Well, this is the exact same self expression you feel through yoga. The more you practice, the more you are ready to become your true goddess form, and meet the world head on.

6. Personal Power

A goddess is strong from the inside out, physically, mentally and spiritually. Yoga helps us cultivate this power. When this inner power is expressed outward, you become unstoppable. In yoga, this feeling comes often – especially when we finally “get” a difficult pose, like Scorpion or Side Crow, for the very first time. These small victories, after trying and working on them for a while, give you a major sense of personal achievement, knowing that our mind and body have leveled up.

7. Presence

As you become more aware of your body and the sensations within you, you begin to have more subtle awareness beyond the mind as yoga brings you intensely into the moment. This presence then radiates outward, where everyone in the room can feel you. Even your simple presence and improved posture will be noticed, as people will gravitate toward you and listen to you more closely. Poses such as Downward Dog and Tree can align your spine and strengthen your back so you stand taller – like the goddess you truly are.

8. Stability

The middle way of the heart is where we heal the mind. If we want mental balance we must heal the body and live it. Some days we eat our salads and go to yoga. Other days, we eat cupcakes and do not want to put pants on. It’s called balance. Yoga helps us find the sweet spot of the space “in between” thoughts, ideas, feelings and slow down to the presence of our hearts, the now creating moment – a state where we respond instead of react, so we maintain a middle ground of utmost possibility and empower ourselves to EMBODY the goddess we truly are.

9. Positivity

The more you practice yoga, the less you find yourself saying things like “I can’t” or “no way” or “It’s not possible.” This happens naturally as you incrementally challenge yourself, and succeed. As a result, you become a much more positive person overall. You are more open to opportunities and see the possibility in things that once made you turn away. Soon enough, your negative limits are shattered and you realize the infinity that you are within.

10. Resilience

Each day, we find ourselves fighting through battles, overcoming obstacles, and facing our fears of the unknown. It can be scary to push forward when we don’t know the answer, and have to do it anyway. In yoga, we encounter the unknown each step of the way. This makes us resilient off the mat when facing the unknown, and more comfortable with not knowing what will happen next.

11. Vulnerability (Be flawsome!)

Like I always say, vulnerability is power, especially when embracing your raw truth and expressing it to the world, whether they like it or not. When you find yourself deep in a pose, dripping sweat and ready to quit, you are vulnerable. But you are STRONG in your vulnerability. You may fall out of posture, you may mess up a sequence – but you get right back to it and show yourself how powerful you truly are. PERFECT as you already are, whole RIGHT NOW. Yoga reminds us to accept ourselves for who we really are, flaws and all.

12. Alignment with Nature

A goddess walks through time with Mother Earth on her side. Even just laying on the grass and connecting with our planet can help bring out the goddess within. The same with yoga, the moment you connect with the mat beneath you. We breathe in rhythm with the Universe. We are mindful of our connection. We are at ease with the world around us, and allow Mother Nature to embrace our hearts, filling us with her love. And we never walk through our “normal” lives the same way again.

By practicing yoga, these 12 things unfold and begin to happen automatically.

As a natural born goddess, this is just a matter of reconnecting, and remembering who you really are.

And, through yoga, you can quicken the process, find your bliss, and indulge in the radiant, magnetic, kundalini energy that’s been hidden (and perhaps smothered) for most of your life.

However, most women shy away from yoga practice, thinking things like “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know what studio to go to” or a million other excuses, because they think that getting started is too hard.

When, in truth…

It’s never been easier to practice yoga than now.

You don’t need to block off days at a time. You don’t need to spend hours searching for the “right” teacher. You don’t even have to learn the lingo (or feel awkward in a class of people who have been doing this half their lives).

Thanks to the internet, you can now get a full yoga practice right in the privacy of your own home, so you can allow all 12 ways to unleash your inner goddess to happen for you, without anyone knowing.

That’s why I recommend this.

It’s a quick video that walks you through getting started with your yoga practice so you can get transform your body and mind as you align with soul.

Because, remember:

This is your year and it’s time to get aligned with taking care of yourself.

No more distractions. It’s time to dive in.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. Once you get the basics down from this video, you’ll find a whole world of yoga practice opens up for you. I personally study Ashtanga yoga, but it took me a long time to find it.

I wish this video was around when I started <3

P.P.S. What has your experience been with yoga? Have you ever tried it? Let me know in a comment below!

Crystal Aryana

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  • Joyce Marie leamon hensley says:

    No I don’t do yoga. I had 2 back surgery. And never take care of myself. And you talk about me coming home from work I haven’t worked for 17 years .been sick for 3 years .they found skin cancer and I go Wed to have it cut out .I wish I had a true soul mate at 70 I don’t think it’s going to happen I only weight 101 and i should weigh 130 I have so much hanging skin no one would me .

    • Sasha louise says:

      I truly sympathise with what you are going through..Trust me you don’t need Aman in your life I thought I did for the longest time,but I have been treated appoulingly.
      All you need is to remember that the most important being in the whole universe, God loves you exactly as you are no matter what you look like and regardless of how you feel about yourself,and he will always love and want you…
      Sending you love and light Sasha x

  • Michelle Plamondon says:

    I have done yoga in the past and thought of goingback. It helped then and was a great experience.

  • Sandy whitmore says:

    I have just recently bought the yoga burn . But not had time as yet to do much ..this year is MY year to shine . New job new routines ..
    Much love . Sandy.

  • you reading says since I was a little girl LOL I am a man not a women

  • Betty says:

    Hey Crystal,
    Just wanted to say “Thanks” for the last read here about Yoga. Also, while I admire those who are able to do yoga I just don’t have the physical ability or stability to hold such positions. So I invented my own form of yoga, I go outside talk a short walk and end up at the river or lake, depending on direction of the walk. Then as I arrive I begin a state of mind that clears the negative poison that this world produces on an everyday basis. For me that’s how I yoga, I can’t think of anything more cleansing then water, and relaxing. Just wondering if I get the same affect as you get with yoga, does it count still?
    I look forward to all your emails and blogs. Thank you again, I appreciate your thoughts, advice, and insights…

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