11 Ways to Self-Regulate When You’re Stressed, Angry, or Feel Unsafe: Part One

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Art by Sam Cannon

Hello love, how are you?

This blog post is also Part 1 of this 2 part series in which we are going over all kinds of things like…

11 ways to self-regulate when you’re stressed, angry, triggered, overwhelmed, hurting, anxious, numb, stuck, disconnected, or feel unsafe…

In other words, how to find your power when you think you’ve lost it.

Especially in the crazy world we live in today, trauma and anxiety can make you think you have no power when you really do, within.

Obviously, your power isn’t in material objects, in other people or in the status you carry.

Your power is your ability to remember who you are in a world that has summoned mass amnesia.

In a place that has made you forget that the very substance of your soul is the most important thing, you could ever attempt to know…

Your power is learning exactly who you are.

All of you, light and dark, knowing it.

It’s understanding traumas you’ve been through and even the depth, contrast, nuance, fragility, and beauty you’ve seen.

It’s recollecting and remembering every molecular structure that creates the consciousness that is you…

And then embodying you, without apology.

That is your power.

It’s never what you have, it’s what is inside of you, all along.

This is why we must step out of the mind and into the body.

The body is a gateway to our power within.

This is why, for example, we must learn to self-regulate on a body level, guiding our nervous system back to authenticity, “zero point” and “What Is” so that we are able to create new habits and pathways.

And why staying in your body through heightened intensity is also part of what unlocks your hidden truth, authenticity, and inner power.

Yes. Knowing yourself, your boundaries, and being grounded in your body is where it’s at these days as the world gets weirder and weirder…

So I’ll be sharing some exercises in the video below that will help you find your power to move forward on new paths regardless of what’s happening on the external…

As well as, simple ways to build new neural pathways in your heart, brain, and nervous system…

Now in the video, if you started watching it already, notice I don’t go through and read this blog post out.

I only walk through the self-regulation exercises in the video and will share the rest of the 11 ways to self-regulate in part two.

But first I’ll review what’s been coming up for me lately (mini Soul update!)

Yeah what a time, y’all.

You know it.

There’s a rumbling afoot, from the ground to your bones to the heavens.

It’s only getting weirder in the world. Yet you can’t do anything about the macro. That’s happening with or without you…

Yet your self-agency IN your own energy is something you can have power within.

Yeahh love…..what a time of surrendering what was, accepting what is now, and CREATING what must be!

I feel like we’re walking in between worlds right now…

All in all, I feel humanity is still in a sort of turning point: TRUTH is surfacing in all ways.

Yet we need more people who are telling the Truth.

I imagine you’ve been seeing the disruptions, attacks, power plays, hidden shadows in more plain sight for a while. “Inner ghosts” surfacing unlike ever.

And it’s all needing to be acknowledged, grieved, and birthed into something new.

Also not to get too deep into Astrology but it’s worth mentioning that Pluto is returning to the US for the first time since 1776…what wild times we’re in. (Pluto rules death and rebirth, influencing the end and beginning of new karmic cycles and usually ends empires by transferring power, eliminating what has been imbalanced and toxic. Pluto rules things like personal power and how we use it).

Taurus is also officially positioned in the North node and Scorpio in the South Node so it’s also been huge re-evaluate and reset since January.

And now once again, all planets are direct and out of their retrograde shadow giving us the urge to take the LEAP!

2022 and beyond is definitely a time when transparency, right relationship within, authenticity, and openness are going to be critical.

I’ve also been noticing so much more “completion” is happening.

Yet surrendering old illusions must come first.

Whatever veils that restricted your evolution need to be released.

It’s time to stop living life at a minimum.

The old co-dependant, outgrown or incongruent soulless way of living is ready to die out.

And this must happen before a new path, reality, and narrative can form.

So yeah, everything feels like it’s dying, composting, being uprooted, coming up for review, or a complete reset.

It’s also been super emotional.

Whatever you’ve been holding onto unnecessarily I bet you are finding the courage to finally set it down.

Or, you’d be well served too.

Speaking of that, I went full STOP for a bit.

I was SO sick with a terrible stomach bug guys. No keeping fluids down, still breastfeeding.

Uggh, intense reset for me. There’s also lots going on with the Family. I’ve been in a cocoon with my baby (she is taking her first steps!) <3

Also THANK YOU to many who reached out to me about my Mom finding the right doctor for surgery.

Thank you for praying she finds a skilled enough surgeon who knows they can help her which has been difficult. I’ll share more soon.

Also, has anyone else been having crazy dreams the past month? Holy, wow.

I feel we’re all moving through some crazy resistance and also massive change.

And I know on some level we’re facing psychological and spiritual warfare around us; whether in our own families, communities, or from upon the world stage.

Amongst all the attacks, gaslighting, division, shaming, blame, fighting, and denial we’re all seeing happen (through the controlled narrative and matrix).

It’s never BEEN A BETTER TIME to own who you are and move forward from wherever you are.

It’s only going to happen through love as truth and truth as love, embodied.

And we have to keep holding the line…

Freedom, baby.

Truth, that is FREE to be spoken…out loud!

Too many people in the world don’t want to see the ugly or the wound, who don’t want to hear or speak the truth.

Yet WE are the ones we are waiting for.

Moving humanity forward.

Starting within our own physical body and state of BEING (connected to the unified field).

Regulating ‘undigested truth’ on a body level and transforming it into your power is the most direct way to access your own “alchemical magick” so to say…

You DO have the power within you to rise above any obstacle when creating in the NOW of your own anchored being.

Just like the concept of body level awareness and being present on a body level (parasympathetic nervous response; healing state) is how you create new neural pathways in your brain and heart.

Even just simply knowing yourself, your boundaries, your roots. Knowing a sense of yourself that defines and discerns your own personal happiness, desires and knows your own integrity, self-care and needs from the rest of the universe.

Or checking out your own mental stuff; inquiring and noticing your own pathologies and behaviors without ridicule or judgment.

Feeling worthy of doing the difficult real work as well as being worthy of your authentic heart desires.

Not blurring your own clarity or authenticity for someone else.

Yes, your authenticity is key.

And so is walking your talk because our walks are becoming more visible than ever and it’s time to operate our life in a way that is consistent with the values we express.

Closing the gap between what we say we value and our own actions.

In other words, embodying your own authenticity is so important to integrate your shadow and the “subconscious blocks” getting in your way.

And your parasympathetic nervous system is what it takes to *live anything you’ve learned* or to not resist What Is as you create something new.

This is why acknowledging “BODY LEVEL TRUTH just as it is” is the KEY to creating any new way of being.

Seeing life from your own eyeballs.

Owning authenticity and trusting yourself enough to be radically honest.

In the ways your physical body needs you, real-time,

In the way self-parenting needs you.

The way feeling safe in your body and boundaries needs you.

The way the inner children in you, need.

The way grief needs you.


So that you can arise through whatever life patterns that keep repeating and breakthrough into embodied action: when you are present and regulated.

This is key.

To create something new, we must go to the root.

Same for healing trauma on a body level. Meeting the truth. Meeting “zero point” or meeting what ACTUALLY IS from a body level state.

Your unprocessed memories in your fascia, endocrine, and nervous system are stored like a living Akashic record throughout your body.

Meaning your body’s “nervous system memory” or your implicit memory and your amygdala doesn’t have a nuanced sense of time.

So your body-level perspective can’t distinguish between past and present when a body memory is activated.

Also, your amygdala signals in real-time, making the body memories feel just as real now as they were when the original incident occurred.

This is why we must self-regulate, especially when we’ve been through trauma or pain or shock in the past.

It’s the only way to integrate the subconscious or aka – “heal” and make the unconscious, conscious.

And when we reparent the inner child, we repattern the nervous system.

And I know the past few months, so many are more exhausted than ever…just with it all!

Especially those who know their souls reincarnated here for this time period (freedom fighters). I know many are so tired of what they’re seeing on the world stage or in their communities.

Many times, I’ve had the deep desire to express a fraction of the idiosyncratic experiencing and layers of irony so many are enduring right now.

Yet I want to be helpful, not just amused, angry or saying the obvious.

All in all, it’s not us who must change a gaslit or delusional society…yet it is us who will forge our own awakenings into being pillars of a new beginning.

And it all comes back to love.

Love is in fact the answer. Love, that we fully embody.

Love lived as embodied truth in our actions.

Love met in our true soul level YES and also owning our true NO.

Love, as we regulate trauma.




Not the romantic fairytale love that paints the most ultimate energy, solution, and truth as a novelty gimmick.

Not the ridiculous parody that passes for love in our society — the fluffy, shallow codependency and attachment, hearts, flowers n’ infatuation but LOVE as the most powerful force on the planet.

Love as pure connection.

The very fabric of the Universe, the makeup of our cells, and the atoms that make up the very matter of all known reality.

The literal, measurable, high-frequency force that has the ability to transform everything we’ve ever known, in an instant.

The frequency by which we remember that we are all connected.

The energy that dissolves agendas, illusions of separateness, and builds bridges.

The essence by which compassion is birthed. Being able to see each other “outside of the mind.”

And it is and always will be, the answer.

We are the ones we search for.

And we must lean in through the uncomfortable if we want the real stuff.

Be willing to witness the friggin’ truth instead of stew in a cozy layer of collectively intermeshed denial…

THIS is our way home to a new paradigm.

And of course, through leaning in, we’re often stripped of what we thought we most needed or most wanted from someone or something else.

Yet what we’re GIFTED is also gradually revealed too, on a delicacy so profound it can make you realize the precipice of life upon which you stand.

Vision drops down from your head to your heart.

The fractals of living, breathing, experiential awareness become more present…

And after being less numbed and distracted, you become the witness.

This death; being stripped, leads you to see things anew.

Your Aliveness.

Your real priorities.

Alignment with what matters.

Showing you, embarking you on a grand calling-in, the calling back of all your power.

The many fragments of you that have been submerged in spaces of wounding and schism connecting.

You maybe even learn yourself enough, to put your own oxygen mask on, first.

Maybe giving a little humor where you can, as you move deeper in raw humanity.

As you straight up FACE THE TRUTH:::

Own every part of you back home.

Ya know, we’re all just drunk when running from ourselves, our own self-love, the truth, our own pain, our own fears…

Like it’s crazy to me how the fear of dying is literally blocking and erasing our ability to live.

Our power is within us all along.

Our power (and beauty) emanates from being authentic within…

Where we are most free.

Where our truest agency is found.

Remembering the imprint of our own vessel.

Remembering our re-entry into the tunnel of our own inner-sourced vehicle.

Because we are each here to become our own authorities.

Own our unique gifts, our authenticity, purpose, voice, and truth…


Free of fooling, gaslighting, abandoning, or blindfolding ourselves.

Free of being the victim.

Realizing ultimately NO one can ultimately take your power away.

We truly only can give our power away.


We are wading into unprecedented times of FACING THE TRUTH.

What was once hidden, is now never been so obvious.

Are we staying collapsed and helpless or are we taking care of ourselves, and taking care of business?

Inner child work, as a mature adult?

Remembering who you are, to the point of no longer being available to be gaslight or oppressed?

Where you can no longer be manipulated, shamed, bribed, or confused to question your own reality?

Where to stop abandoning your own self-care and love within, or principles, morals, or values?

Even “death” of whatever sort, allowing it to be grieved?

Yesss. FULL ON embodied ownership.

Because again, we can’t forge a new path or create something new until we learn to create from what is or “zero point” meaning from the presence of your body intelligence.

Whether it’s externally in life or rewiring the nervous system, we have to stop bypassing “what is” on a physical body level. And be WITH it as we move forward into something new.

Yet here’s the thing.

In order to stop bypassing our own power within…

We gotta STOP TRYING TO GET RID of the shadow or the truth or the thing we don’t want to face.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’ve spent in the past on “healing trauma” I’ve learned you can’t fix trauma.

So if I can’t “fix” my shadow how can I begin to let myself understand HOW it can be my superpower?

In other words, If I can’t close my “sensory gate” then dang it, OPEN ME WIDER.

Dilate me like a cervix so that I may BE the birth canal.

Let me be a doorway so that a new way of being can emerge.

No more bypassing. No more trying to get rid of; resisting what is as if it isn’t.

No more “trying to heal” or be positive. No more shiny objects.

Really just BEING WITH whatever is light and dark and facing with all my heart so I can mulch it down, compost it and use it for good now.

This reminds me of something a gentleman asked me last week inside one of my closed containers.

And it fits today’s self-regulate video:

He asked on a self-regulation post I published:

“Why must I be in my body and witness my shadow equally to the light in order to self regulate and heal? What if I don’t want to deal with it? I don’t like my past or trauma, so my aim is to be more positive, I’m ready for more positivity in my life.”

I replied on my post to his comment:

You own it all equally to be whole with yourself and you self-regulate your knee-jerk reactions to expand your window of tolerance (heightened sensation or experience) so you can witness a deeper truth/life experience that goes beyond the original scope of the trauma or pain to begin with.

And we must be with what is. Whatever is meaning whatever is authentic from a body level perspective because we can’t bypass or ignore “the what is” that’s currently existing presently in your body, sensory and nervous system.

Meaning, we don’t integrate or heal on a mental level. We heal trauma on a body level.

We can only claim lost power from what was once too painful, too shocking, or too overwhelming on a body and nervous system level.

When trauma is trapped, it’s in your fascia and tissues …your vagus, nervous, soma, and your whole body knows it; your brain tries to make sense of it.

Your body, nervous system, and amygdala do not recognize the difference between physical or emotional danger; that’s why your heart may physically hurt during heartbreak.

And to release trauma trapped in the body (only looping external manifestations in your life on repeat) you first have to address what your body is actually experiencing, just as it is.

Meaning the body is the key to the mind. False positivity cannot work.

From a body-level perspective, we must stop denying what is.

We must go from clench to “receiving “

Without allowing a parasympathetic response, we can’t actually create new neural pathways in our brain and heart or aka “integrate or heal.”

So in other words, we must exist WITH, what is.

This is why in order to change without so much resistance we must first REGULATE ourselves.

Meaning calming the body’s response to the old reality, frequency, or trauma, shifting from danger/alert to a relaxed/controlled parasympathetic state.

This is the state of being that allows you to rewire your subconscious in the NOW and create new neural pathways and connecting points.

And then from “HERE” you are able to build anything new instead of recycling the past.

This means the only way forward is to stop denying, trying “to get rid of feelings or even negativity” and stop trying to feel better…


You stop wanting to feel something else other than what you truly authentically feel. And you allow yourself to be authentic.

Even friends with all that’s going on this past year have asked me lately in my situation “how do you keep going through what you are going through and still keep going?”

I let myself BE BROKEN.

I let the feelings crack me open to my own truth and aliveness instead of letting these broken pieces calcify.

I realize when I find myself in death or ruin and trying to claw my way out of it, it only draws out the miserable process, delaying the inevitable.

Creating an enemy of the process.

If you’re going to have to die and be reborn anyways, lean into the ruin.

Bury yourself in the dirt. Rage, cry, feel the earth shift from the sheer power of your emotions.

Die unto yourself.


Your ruin can be used as fuel for the next thing, and the sooner you allow it to happen and make peace with what is the sooner you can build and create like the Phoenix you are…

This also reminds me of something one of my friends wrote a couple of weeks back. His name is Jeff Foster.

Something like “we don’t heal our feelings, our feelings heal us.”

Meaning we don’t ever “get over or rid of” a feeling.

We can’t manipulate it with our hands or squash it or delete it or fix it.

All that stuff is coming from the mind—not the body, being, or heart, he says.

Instead of using these subtle forms of bypassing and gaslighting ourselves, we can just instead be in the body….really, just living.

Because when we are instead in the body “just living.”

We stop trying to get something or get somewhere. Or be something.

We can even let go of ‘letting go’

Instead, we can BE present.

We can just exist in our simple presence.

“Our non-resistant being and attention.”

Our in-the-body love.

And the best part of being HERE is the original block or what was once “the problem” …

What was once the terrible enemy, pain, resistance, or block to our own freedom and sovereignty…is no longer “a bad guy”…

No longer “something wrong.”

It’s no longer a threat.

It’s just an unwanted child.

And like Jeff says, here you are now, its guardian, its protector, its loving parent, its Home.

Know that your own ability to regulate yourself and touch with love your own pain and suffering is in itself a shamanic act, as it brings real healing to yourself and all of humanity.

You got this love.

I believe in you.

Okay start the video below and start using these exercises to find your power!

11 ways to self-regulate when you’re stressed, angry, or feel unsafe:

I’ll see you in part two.

Love you,

Crystal Aryana

ShortHand Exercise Notes From “Practice Video” For Hearing Impaired:


This is just one good way to create new pathways in your nervous system and body.

Like I mentioned in the video I am just walking through the straw man example of these practices and going to keep it as simple as possible to begin.

Note: If I was really triggered and feeling emotions and not just re-enacting the practice I would be going much slower and taking my time and also customizing what I need.

In the video, I’m just showing you one example of what this practice might look like. Yet really I’m just showing you a simple structure so that you can fill in the rest as you build it into your own practice and make it your own.

Okay, this first simple exercise is about going into an energy (whatever you are truly feeling in the moment) by amplifying its expression with your whole body and then doing the exact OPPOSITE.

For example in the video I mentioned, if you’re feeling contracted, afraid, closed and your heart feels caved in, your shoulders are slumped forward and you are feeling really collapsed.

Don’t fight or resist what is. Be WITH it and flow. Notice how it feels in your body when you go with and into the feeling by exaggerating it.

As you can see in the video, here I am fully going into the contraction and giving myself space to really be with it and feel it.

Make sure you give yourself space to really be with it, to feel it, and be present with how it feels in your body

Your breath is a self-healing tool as your breath embraces the sensations of contact, touch, of temperature and pressure, hardness, or softness, whatever they are….

Simply bathe those points of contact with awareness. Inviting them to simply be felt and known and held, just as they are.

Stay here for as long as you’d like.

Then do the exact OPPOSITE!

As you can see in the opposite HERE my body is opening, expanding, I’m opening my ribcage, I can feel my breath and my lungs…my heart feels more available, I’m feeling tone and potency in my body.

My feet are planted on the earth, my legs feel strong and I’m allowing myself to be seen and IN my power.

Go slow and notice what is coming up for you…

It may feel awkward or fake or feel good, doesn’t matter. There’s no right or wrong.

And if you feel it’s silly keep in mind that just putting your body physically into different places and postures is going to shift your subtle energy internally and bubble up insights and wisdom. Especially as you get used to practicing and having a place “to go to” when stuff hits the fan.

Now repeat and go back into the first awareness, sensation, and body position you started with… just noticing.

Back and forth, slowly. And then noticing again.

What is coming up for you when going into the opposite expression? Does it feel uncomfortable? Itchy? Challenging? Foreign? Easy? Yummy? Sad? Irritating? Silly?

Keep going back and forth between exaggerating the energy you started with and then doing the opposite in your body posture.

Make sure to pay attention to your breath, movement impulses, and emotions that arise, and to stay within your window of tolerance, meaning don’t force anything. Just trust and flow.

Also, your voice is a powerful tool always so voice out anything if you need to.

Bring the unconscious out of the background pulling strings and bring it out right in front of you consciously. The more we do this with our unconscious insights, the more power we instantly have to redirect the imprinted pattern and energy.

So be sure to voice out what you are feeling and notice your tone. Your tone matters. Notice if your voice tries to go higher when you speak something out loud

Higher usually means you are trying to please, sound “nice” or good, or in other words not being truthful with yourself or others.

Point your voice toward your belly or womb Yoni/hara. Keep your voice low, raw, and guttural like a Woman birthing a baby naturally. This is where your raw power, self-honesty, and truth lives.

Also, patterns lose their unconscious grip on you when you bring it out of unconsciousness. These small sensory details make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Okay, for the next couple of practices remember to go slow, breathe into each space for a while and just simply be with it until you notice and change in your state.

Then keep going WITH the experience like you are receiving intelligent intel. Simply keep noticing what feels different before and after the exercises.

Trust yourself and what is showing up for you.

Practice 2: Compassionate Self Hold

Stated pretty simply and it’s just that.

It may be hard for some to understand, but those with trauma or PTSD can suffer real states of anxiety, terror, immobility, nervousness, internal chaos, mental chaos and overwhelm that they cannot figure out how to escape.

This exercise is an “escape,” or a road out, without bypassing per se.

The main goal of these regulation exercises besides calming your nervous system and bringing yourSelf back into your body is to simply develop more body awareness and train your nervous system to remember what normal is like. An anchor.

You also begin to feel your body as a container and get a sense of having boundaries.

As well as slowly beginning to feel skilled and empowered through regulating/knowing yourself and how to expand your awareness and experience outside of the bubble of your trauma.

Easy Compassionate Self Hold Ideas:

hand on the back of the head and/or side to side of the head.

left (your receiving) hand over the heart and your right (giving) hand over the low belly.

I personally love holding my head when I’m thinking too much or have too much work to do but I don’t know where to begin and my head is spinning.

Obviously, this compassionate hold can be any position you like; you can hold any part of your body that needs more stillness, presence, and extra love and care.

Yet the key here is fully staying WITH it until you notice your state of being has shifted or something is coming up for you to be witnessed and seen.

Your authenticity and lived truth are more important than anything else here.

Just being with, listening, and trusting to give yourself what you need. Make sure to bring your awareness to the skin-to-skin contact you are making and the warmth it generates.

These are the little sensory aspects that will greatly help you over time as you allow yourself to surrender the mind and drop into your body’s presence and field.

Move through different spots and holds and pick one that feels best to you!

Okay, another very simple practice is…

Practice 3: Compassionate Self Hug

Again stated pretty simply yet more deeply this practice is about truly allowing yourself to really be and feel held by YOU.

It’s also overtime helping you feel your body as a safe container as well as getting a sense of having your own boundaries.

Slow and deep pressured arm squeezes also help to bring calm to your nervous system.

While sitting in a supportive chair or lying on the bed take a moment and notice your overall experience.

If sitting, move your feet and your body until you really feel connected to the ground. Feel your back and bottom on the chair, noticing how the chair supports you.

If lying down, feel your body get heavier and heavier with each breath as you allow the bed or chair to fully support you.

Adjust until you feel your comfort spot.

Embrace just a couple of moments of really enjoying the comfort of being supported by the bed or chair or if you are standing take a moment of just feeling stabilized by the ground.

And simply embrace yourself into a full-body hug. Again bring your awareness to the skin-to-skin contact you are making and the warmth it is generating.

Take as long as you need.

Another variation that resets your somatic into a parasympathetic response like you can see in my video is to cross your arms like a hug and put your hands into your armpits and squeeze your body. Now rock side to side.

After about 2-5 minutes you will feel a trickling in of new calming sensations.

Practice 4: Feel Safe Now Orientation:

This is another practice and just one way you could use if you are feeling disconnected, anxious, or overwhelmed as these five steps can be very helpful during periods of anxiety or panic.

Before starting this exercise, pay attention to your breathing. Slow, deep, long breaths.

Once you find your breath, orient yourself to your environment by looking every which way around you, slowly moving your neck and head in all directions around the room. This is immediately signaling to your brain stem to know if you are safe or not.

While doing this engage all five senses by naming five things you see, four things you can feel, three things you hear, two things you smell, and one thing you taste, bringing you back into your body.

Name five things you see around you. It could be a cup, a spot on the ceiling, a tree, or anything in your surroundings.
Acknowledge four things you can touch. Maybe your hair, a pillow, or the ground under your feet.
Listen to three things you hear yet instead of listening to your own thoughts or sounds from your body like your stomach growling, focus on external noises. A child laughing, someone driving a car nearby, a clock ticking, or a dog barking.
Identify two things you can smell. Maybe you can still smell the coffee from breakfast or in your office you can smell the pencil, or lying down you can smell the clean pillow or a soap smell or the breeze coming through the window.
Lastly, grasp one thing you can taste. What do your lips or the inside of your mouth taste like—gum, coffee, or the onion burrito from lunch?

End this exercise with long, deep breaths. With these steps, you will be able to get the most out of whatever moment you are in and be able to focus on what you need to do next.

Easy Practice 5: Body Containment

This is the space between identifying an emotion and being able to stay with the heightened sensation in your body that it brings for a short period of time.

Meaning containment is your ability to hold a sensation and emotion inside of your body vessel without sending you into dysregulation.

Over time, slowly expand your period of time per session.

This shows you your boundaries and ultimately helps you create more space inside of yourself so there is room to be with what you truly feel which in turn increases your window of tolerance.

This is all about feeling whatever comes up for you all the way, in brief periods of time.

This can include awareness of sensations in different parts of the body as they arise or dominate for a while, and then change over the course of a moment or over the course of an entire sitting or multiple sittings.

You may notice sensations such as pain in your knee, or in the lower back, a headache or perhaps notice subtle nuances of ease, comfort, and pleasure within the body.

Sensations might include feelings of pressure and temperature at the points of contact on your body with the bed or floor…

Maybe tingling, itching, pulsations, aching, throbbing, a breeze from the air, warmth or coolness anywhere in the body, the possibilities are endless…

And allow whatever you are moving through to bubble up. Take 2 minutes at first.

Really this is just a more organic way to simply pull out the red carpet for whatever sensations are arising in this moment and embrace them just as they are, wherever they are, beneath the colorations of our likes and dislikes and our expectations for how things should be but aren’t.

You are really cultivating an exquisite intimacy with your bodyscape as you expand your window of tolerance, even breathing through the discomfort.

Stress and trauma shrink your window of tolerance and capacity to know your power and to create in the moment.

This is to help you stay in your window and know what this is. You don’t need an overwhelmingly long practice to make a huge difference.

Ultimately you are creating space inside yourself, deepening the vessel of your body so there’s enough room for all of what you are feeling.

Simply: Sit, stand, dance, or lay down when things are feeling intense and allow yourself to be your own container for what is.

Some therapists may interpret the “body containment” exercise as a way of imagining a container of your choosing and putting whatever it distressing you into that container.

Yet I find this is somewhat bypassing the embracing of what is.

The point of this practice is not to contain your emotions or stuff them away for later but to give yourself a safe structure to fully witness and feel that is short and that you know has an ending; like a two-minute practice.

And once you walk into this safe container, training yourself as an anchor point, to be very intimate and honest with whatever is.

I find the deeper and slower my breath the more room my breath creates in my body to freely feel.

Okay, that’s it for this video, my friends!

Check out the next video where I show you some very cool points on your body to again make you feel calm and relaxed as well as the ancient sounds that have been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and Taoists to heal mental, emotional, and health issues on an organ level.

***Note: I had a talk-typo at the end of the practice video: Your liver stores anger yet also stores love. Your kidneys store fear yet also store hope.

More in the next video…

Love you!

Crystal Aryana

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  • cyn says:

    Hello, my name is Cynthia . My family and close friends call me Cyn . you all my call me Cyn if you like. A smile from me to you all. any how im not use to leaving a comment or replying .but something in me says it is as important to share as it is to receive . give and take as its said . some one shared that you some how know when we are in need of coming back to self or need to remember our true self and what that means to us . you remind us of how powerful we truly are and how or when we come back to self (love) we find our selves in our power that has no weight of judgment ,denial ,anger , hate, lies , envy and so on . as power in love is weightless transparent free and formless . any how i just wanted to say thank you and i’ve been here with you for about almost 2 years now and this site you and o
    your tribe family have helped me grow and find the courage to find my self again and truly love my self enen if i had to learn to love me lol

  • Brittney Dix says:

    love life.

  • Sarah B says:

    Dang, thank you so very much! I look forward to part 2 and you just showed me much of what I am seeing when it comes to making boundaries from an authenticity. Also “our walk” is being seen more than ever and you are right when it comes to getting real and facing our own narcissism and pathologies within, I am going through the same messages. I feel the energy of misusing power is so spot on too. I love your blog posts lady even if I have to wait In between them, please keep it up lady! Thanks for being such an important part of my journey since 2017. Just keep writing!

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi my love
    In response to you’re last email I wanna thank you for the insight you shared
    The self regulation tips and tricks are working
    Try it after reading you’re post and watch the video my energy level is going up

    Love it ❤
    Thanks for sharing my love
    The world need people like you !! And yes you deserve every bit of love and compassion cause I can relate to what you wrote in you’re last email

    Yes my dear we are living in a crazy world where everything will be turned upside down alot of things will be exposed and my guess is for a better world So all we need is onconditional love ❤

    For 2 years now I’m living a life like a hermit,.going through spiritual experience witch can be kwite challenging,.. but we also need to be thankful for all that we learn to have a smoother transformation so yes and I accept all the changes it will bring in to my life

    I wish you and you’re family all the love in the world,I’ll pray that you’re mother vind the right surgeon and you and Isabella get well
    You’re in my hart !! Stay save my love

  • Ted Pladson says:

    Hello Young Lady … You are an inspiration to this old fuck, who’s lost himself somewhere somehow back in the shadows of time and his mind, wandering aimlessly, recklessly thru life, just existing but not living.. Using all the BULLSHIT falling down as justification to remain empty, to wonder souless thru each day, growing more distant from myself each moment..the face in the mirror with the hollow eyes, someone I no longer recognize, to walk into battle unprepared for the fight, my sword has been tarnished, my days turn to night….the toxic beach that is now this world, like sand to wet skin it must be unfurled, you cant wipe it off , your towels been tattered, the Master Mind Fuck going on, the madness preached and sewn in hem, The Lunatics are finally running the Asylum.
    With the dawn of kings and angels gone, Test tube babies born in a jar, Nuclear warheads pointed at all, As history gets removed from the pages, erased from the Eons, replaced with contagious, All one can do is wonder… the first drop of blood to hit the earth.. the last ..Has mankinds race been run ? The fall of Rome, Heironymous Bosch, the frozen lake that speaks in tongue , just pondering has our race been run… Minnesota February cold, searching for myself again..
    Your words are so much more than letters, Inspiration comes from many places, dont ever believe or question your heart, what you are doing Matters more than ever … You make me realize what I’ve always known (what we’ve always known).. everyone knows, you can feel it.. Now its time to reveal it. To live it and love it and be it.. Thanks for coming out of nowhere with your words of a sage, from the bottom of your heart, the only place where words ever are heavy and relevant, You’re absolutely right, we all must stand naked, in front of the world, the mirror and the sacred. Our scars to be worn like Pleadius belt, three in a row, healed but felt… Thank You
    Its Time to be like Peter Pan, to find my soul and stitch it … You’re the coolest 😉

  • Kristi says:

    This is poignantly written and speaks volumes in my life right now, finding my power! Thank you Crystal for this confirmation, I know what I need to do. You always seem to show up with a new blog post exactly when I need you. Thank you for being here for me!

    • Gerda says:

      Thank kristi , thank you for video, the feeling I getting is feet safe and relax and my joints cracking in to place . Also had a another birthday and I now sixty years old . is like getting my body back I only did few minutes of this and I can feel it working already Thank you love kristi

      • Gerda says:

        I feeling safe and relaxed I meant say I am sixty one years old not sixty..I love these exes they great and easy to do epically at my age. love you to helps me helps also I am pleased that you are recovering from your illness.kristi

  • Walter says:

    Hi, my name is Walter Skipper 50 yo from Nz and I’m very grateful for this email as thank you for making me love myself again. I’m feeling better already as I’m a gifted singer so apparently there’s a note missing in the do re mi siequence and I’m trying to find the missing note.This is very powerful and I enjoy you very much so much that you’re making me fall in love with you because you’re healing me. I’m a fan now and continue to support you and grateful you do it for free. I’m here for you and thank you so much. Walter xxx

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